Keep Your Blood Flowing (FRERARD Vampires)

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  1. Title: Keep Your Blood Flowing

    Summery: There is a old legend in Belleville. An old legend about a Vampire Love. But that legend and the story you are about to read are no Twilights...

    Cute little brunette Gerard is suddenly pulled in the dark world of blood, leather, screamo music... and love, when he stupidly befriends the strange child who moves to the neighborhood...

    Characters: Gerard W, Frank I, Billie Joe A, Tom & Bill K, Kitty (MSI), Jimmy Urine, Kat Von D, Ray T, Mikey W, (Other characters will be added as they appear or are revealed)

    Genre: Horror, Comedy, Romance

    Rating: 15
    Disclaimer: I Do not own anything but the storyline.

    WARNINGS: Swearing , rude and/or offensive phrases and gruesome scenes

    Chapter 1 // Desks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Page 1
    Chapter 2 // Legends ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Page 1
    Chapter 3 // Quizzative Students ~~~~~~~~~ Page 2
    Chapter 4 // Spying ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Page 2 :stealth: NEW :devil:
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  4. CHAPTER 1
    I tapped the keys. Nothing. I hit twice on my hand nothing. I scowled into my calculator, as if i had magic vision that would make it sudden start responding to my taps. Through out my ordeal of trying to make my bloody calculator work, my friend Billie Joe had sat there watching me, chewing his red school tie thoughtfully.
    "Bang it on the desk" He suggested, still with the spit soaken tie in his mouth.
    So that's what I did. BANG! BANG! BANG! ... No response. Bang! Bang! Bang! No response. Bang! Bang! Ba-
    "GERARD WAY! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF I BANGED YOU ON THE DESK?!" Bellowed Mr Woods, my maths teacher. The class burst out laughing, accept for my friend Ray, sitting next to me also, who was scowling at the desk. It seemed to me that he was either trying to work out why Mr Wood's comment was so funny, or he was constipated. When a smile spread acroos his face, I hoped it was my first idea. If not, I'm never sitting next to him again...
    "I GET IT!" He yelled triumphantly, making the class laugh again at his thickness. Billie Joe was laughing so hard he fell out of his chair!
    "Right you annoying lot! Stand up!"
    The whole class stood up to attention.
    "Way- Don't, I repeat, Don't! TAP you equipment on your desk. Armstrong- keep your ars eon yoru seat. Corn- Make you skirt longer, your not a lady of the night are you? Jennings- Get rid of that lipstick ,same reason. Terris, do your tie up..." He went round the class, picking on every child for one reason or another.
    I tucked my brown locks behind my ear and sighed. After Mr Woods had been round the whole class, he looked round smuggled.
    "Right class... I have been told we will be having a new kid joining the school in a few weeks... I expect you lot to welcome them and be nice. I don't tolerate bullying..." He said sternly.
    Well that was the biggest bit of bullshit I'd ever heard. I, myself, do not get bullied. I get picked on every now and again, but most of the time I'm just ignored. Billie Joe on the other hand...
    I hate to be him. I don't know why they bully Billie Joe, really. Well I do. He wears guyliner and black. He looks like a cross between my tired mother in the morning and a zombie.
    I bet this kid will be another popular. Spikey blonde hair, clothes from river island and Nike, tanned skin. Another arse hole, really. Another kid to throw paper balls at me and make fun of the fact that my mouth is crooked. Great!
    I am Gerard Arthur Way and I'm 14 years old. My parents are Donald and Donna Lee Way. My brother is Michael James 'Mikey' Way. My friends are Billie Joe, Ray, Bert, Lil Nixon and Lil Andy and Lil Oli (two of Mikey's friends I ended up befriending), and Alex Gaskarth, a 9 year old kid who seems to follow me everywhere. I'm not kidding! The kid is in love with me! Okay, maybe that's a bit far. He's just intrigued by my talent for singing.
    "Gerard! Please!!! PLEASE show me how to do Welcome to Paradise! Everytime I sing it it sounds wrong!"
    He'd bug for ages. It kind of cute in a way though...
    So... What do I look like?
    Brown hair, brown eyes, a f**king piggy nose (It doesn't matter how many times my mother calls it cute, it's piggy!), tanned-ish skin since I'm half italian, and erm...Oh yeah! i have this strange discolouration on my neck. Two dots, eachone about half a inch long. They look like scars, but I don't know where I could've got them from...
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  8. Chapter 2

    Thank you very much :')
    I sat on my bed, thinking. Just thinking nothing else. I ran fingers across the scars. No dis-colouring. No, strange moles! I don't know what they are! But they go down, like digs in the ground. Like bites.

    There isn't a day that goes by where I don't question them. Or anyone else for that matter. They don't bother me. I don't think of them as annoying or ugly as such, just rather intriguing. Wouldn't you be a bit inquisitive? I’m sure you would.

    There is an old legend that surrounds Belleville. One about vampires, Vampire Lovers to be precise. It is said that when a vampire child hits the age of one, they go out and look round for human children, between the ages of 1 month to a year. Then, they bite. They suck some blood, enough to make the child die. Before the baby’s beats its last beat, they inject the child with some venom. Wicked stuff! The baby then spends the next week … acting weird. Some go into comas. Some go in to a long, constant fit, shaking until saliva dribbles, no, explodes, out of their mouths. Some just, apparently, spend 1 week acting as if they were… possessed.
    Every year for 7 years, the vampire will come in the night, and bit the child again in the same place, reopening the cuts. Then, for some unknown reason, they stop coming. It’s thought to be because the child has enough venom.
    But, when the vampire hits 13 or 14, and some poor vampires, 15, they go back to their chosen one and bite them somewhere else. Sounds like horny teenagers giving each other love bites to me!
    Then comes the choice, the chosen one can give in to the vampire and become theirs, or they can resist. Some vampires will let them go willingly, others will fight for them. If they lose, there chosen one is forced to commit suicide or, bursts into sudden flames that can never be put out. The fire stops when the person takes their last, final breath.
    Sometimes the story ends there. Some others go on to say the vampire comes back and takes their body and either worships it or eats it.
    When my younger brother, Mikey, found out about this story, he was convinced that the marks on my neck were that of a vampire! He was 3, me 6. For the next year and half, Mikey would often spend the nights trying to protect me from ‘the wicked-id vamp-errrs’. When I turned 8, and he had had no luck in seeing one, he was happily convinced that he had scared them off. I let him think he had saved me, and thanked and congratulated him for keeping the vampires away.
    But I never believed it. Maybe I did for a second when I was 4. But only when I was four.

    If the story was true, and a vampire really had chosen me, I wouldn’t be stupid enough to decline to them when they tried to take me. I’d rather my life owned by a vampire and have it suck my blood, and maybe even become one, then burst into flames.
    My mum told me that the people who let the vampire’s take them were only seen on rare occasions, and mostly by family members. Family members apparently reported saying that the vampires treated them like royalty. If the girl is the vampire, the boy the chosen one, she’ll be his slave, as long as he feeds her with his loving blood. If it’s the other way round, the girl is treated like a princess and kept beautiful from every time her vampire bites her.
    I guess I kind of wish it was true. Who wouldn’t?
    “Why are all you songs so cheesey?!” Asked Mikey, wrinkling his nose at my recently written lyrics.
    “Go away, Michael! What gives you the right to come in here and go through my stuff and diss it? Nothing that’s what!” I yelled and pushed him out the room.
    Mikey looked at me, his bottom lip pushed out. He turned away from me and start crying, running down stairs calling for mum.
    “MUMMY!!! Gerard’s being horrible!!!” He sobbed.
    Great! Now mum’s going to have ago at me…
    I stumbled down the stairs lazily, not in the mood for a lecture from my mother about ‘being nice to your baby brother’.
    “Why is Michael crying?” She demanded, as soon as stepped in to the kitchen.
    My brother was cling as best as he could to my mother’s tight black dress. My mother stood tall, dyed blonde hair bouncing about her shoulders, one hand on her hip, other on Mikey’s head.
    I stared at her.
    “Well…?” She said impatiently.
    “I told him to get out my room because he called my lyrics cheesey…”
    My mother sighed.
    “Michael… Don’t make fun or your brothers lyrics… And Gerard-“ She turned to me scowling. “Don’t make your brother cry. No matter what he says…”
    Please comment!!!
    And Check my other stories :') Hope you enjoyed! Next chapter up tomorrow!
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    Anyways I really like this story, I love how you madde up the legend I have a feeling the new kid is Frankie and he's gonna be the vampy that chose Gerard...hmmmm...yup,b that's my theory, and imma stick to it, until I hear other wise!

    Update when you can chibi!...
  15. Chapter 3

    Chapter 3!

    "We have a new student joining the school sometime this week or early next week..." Announced Mr Wood in class the next day. "I expect you to be nice respectful students towards the new pupil."
    The class bubbled with questions about our new pupil.
    "Is it a boy or girl?"
    "Is it going to be another f**king popular or a nerd?"
    "Whats it's name?"
    "Has it got siblings joining the year below or above us?"
    "Who the f**k is it?!"
    "I think it's a boy!" Yelled Billie Joe. "I saw some people moving in at Noir Night Mansion! I only saw one kid and it was a boy!"
    "Lier! Who the hell would move into a haunted house?!" Argued David Green.
    "I saw the moving vans!" said Lisa, full of joy " BJ isn't lying about people moving in up there!"
    While all this comotion went on, Ray and I started to question about the new arrival between us.
    "If what Billie Joe is saying is true, maybe his a relative of a made scientist or something!" laughed Ray.
    "Well, I don't know about that, but HE, or she, since you never know with Billie Joe, might be the made scientist them selves!" I laughed.
    To be honest, I was abit creeped out. What kind of idiot would want to move up there?!
    Noir Night Mansion, also known as Noir Night Castle, Dracula's Daughter's Mansion/Castle, The Freaky Place, Castle Bad Weather, and simply The Haunted House, is a old building, obviously a mansion that looks a bit like a mini-castle. It's decades old, and it's some time mentioned in the legend I've told you about. In the legend, vampires lived there, in others vampire family would stay there at time when the family child would go bite a baby or come back for the-now-teenaged baby.
    There's loads of other poop that swims through ears about that place. Ghosts, knights, zombies, witches... Childish poop!
    "WIlliam and Thomas! Whya re you half an hour late for first period?!" Yelled Mr Wood, as Bill and Tom Kaulitz stepped through the class door.
    "Alarm, sir" The twins said in unison.
    "We're sorry sir" Appogised Bill, puffing up is mass of hair and pushing his bangs/fringe out of his eyes.
    "Detention. Both of you. For the whole of break!" demanded Mr Wood.
    As you can tell, the old bastered doesn't like people being late for his lessons. But thats the joyous Mr Wood for you...
    Bill and Tom took their normal seats next to Kitty and Kat, behind me, Billie Joe, Ray and Jimmy Urine. Not that Jimmy was sitting. It was half was through the lesson, and as usual Jimmy had jumped his was from table to table. He was currently flirting with a girl named Chantel, who seemed to be enjoying it.
    "What have we missed?" Asked Tom.
    "There's a new kid starting the school" Mumbled Kat in her deepish thick, but slightly sexy voice, fingering one of her many tattoos.
    "It's a boy! I saw him!" Yelled a still excited Billie Joe.
    "Hey, so did we!" Beamed Bill. "We saw him up there when we left the house. By the time we had to walk past the path that leads up to it, him and girl were sitting cross legged on the stone wall!"
    "They looked f**king creepy!" exclaimed Tom, butting in on hsi brother. " They both looked tired and looked practically anorexic!"
    "We walked past them, staring right at them, and they didn't even seem to notice! They just kept on staring into the distance!" Pointed out Bill.
    "Creepy... Maybe the house is being turned in to a mental asylum! They sound a bit mental!" said Ray.
    "Could be. But why I'm not sure if they would let a load of f**king crazy people walk round so freely like that!" I pointed out, yawning slightly.
    "Gee's right! I don't think they turned it into any kind of asylum..." Agreed kitty.
    "Agreed. The asylum thing is a bit much, Ray" Laughed Kat.
    "Anyway, how old was this chick?" Ray as the twins.
    "I dunno.... About 17?" SIghed Bill.
    "She was weird! Blonde hair that reached her bum, and she wore this blue swimming or ballet costume sort of thing..." Tom said, before chewing a lock of dreads.
    "Weird... What about the boy?" Asked KItty,
    "He had shoulder length black hair and he was small. Must have have been about 4 ft 10 or something." Said Bill
    "4 ft 10?! Well, he can't be out year! Maybe it's the girl. Maybe she just looks old for her age.." Argued Ray, sounding confussed.
    "Nope. It's defiantly him. I think he's just small. His face looks about 16. Plus he has tats..." Bill yawned again, before placing his head on the desk.
    "Hes got tattoos?!" I said as I yawned myself. God! Yawns are like infections... just spread!
    "Yeah! Kat, you'd love him! He sounds like you kind of man!" Teased Tom, poking her in the arm.
    She batted him away.
    "He sounds cool, but I'm not up for dating." She folded her tattooed arms.
    "The big question is-" Said Billie Joy, piping up after his logn absence of speech in the conversation. "WHY would anyone want to move THERE?!"
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  17. ThankS! I think this might become one of my best stories! Next chapter should be up in a few days. I can't update one of my other stories before this one x
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  19. Chapter 4

    "So... You doing anything tonight?" Asked Ray as boredem set on our walk home.
    "Nope... You?"
    "Did you watch that link I sent you?"
    "You yeah, Russel Howard? Awesome!"
    "I know! Like, the list of royal wedding stuff.." I said, before we turned to eachother, reading eachothers minds in seconds.
    "... And a royal wedding chicken ring!" We said in unison, repeating one of Russel Howards jokes from the episode.
    For a few minutes, we chatted about the Russel Howard, but the conversation soon died and we stuck back to an awkward silence.
    "Hey, Gee, I've got an idea!" Ray smiled evily at me and stopped in his tracks. "Let's go up to the Noir Mansion! See if the rumers are true!"
    "I dunno, dude... I got to get back home, Mikey will get worried if I don't get home soon..." I lied. Well, it was kind of true. Mikey would worry if I didn't come home-at all. Other wise my dorky little brother wouldn't even realise my absense thanks to something called Cartoon Network...
    "You WILL get home soon! We're just taking a different route then normal! It'll just make our walk last another 10, 15 minutes more. Go on, Gee, we need the exercise!" He smiled at me, poking me in my chubby stomach.
    I'm not fat. At least I hope I'm not. I used to be over weight, but I've dropped most of it now. Now my weight just keeps on going up and done between 9 stone and 12 stone. I guess that's alot. I don't care... Most of the time.
    "Are you calling me fat?!" Of course, this was not one of those times.
    "No dude, god! Stop acting like a self concious little girl!" Moaned Ray.
    I sighed with annoyence, gave in and grumbled a 'okay'
    "Great!" cheered Ray "If we walk up a bit, we can take the path up there!"
    "Or we could just take a short cut up the grass hill" I said pointing to the left of the walk way.
    It isn't that steep, by it can be hard work to climb. When you get to the top on the hill, we'll reach the road that leads to the mansion.
    Ray thought for a second before agreeing. For began to make our way on all fours up the hill.
    With the sweet smell of fresh grass and the sun beating down on me, I soon began to feel tired. I felt my legs and arm shake and beg for me to stop.
    "This is kind hard..." Mumbled Ray, obvious regretting ever suggestiong going to the mansion.
    "We're almost there.... Be a man, listen to your balls!" I laughed.
    "I don't about your balls, but mine are telling me to go to sleep!"
    "Weak-butt balls!" I cackled " Mine are true man-balls! There telling me to carry the f**k on to the top. A man never leaves a journey unfinished." I puffed, my breath getting caught in my throat as I spoke.
    "Stop talking about your none-existent manlyness." argued Ray.
    We pulled and rolled our selfs up on to the rocky road.
    "Walk in single file and stay close to the the montain wall, okay? The road is crumbling away at the end in some parts and, i don't know about you, but i dont fancy rolling head first back down the hill" I ordered. Ray meerly nodded and and took his place in front of me, his right shoulder pressed against the wall slightly.
    We carefully walled along the path, watching out for any stones or cracks incase we might fall. I couldn't help but notice the road getting slimmer and slimmer as we went. Not long later, we had out backs pressed against the rocky wall, arms spread out, and our feet sliding along the road. I gritted my teeth as the road became smaller then my feet. I took a quick look at Ray and noticed beads of sweat dripping down his face. It was long until I could beads rolling down my own face.
    "Th-the road-d-d i-is going to get b-bigger soon" stuttered Ray.
    "Hmm.. good" I mumbled.
    We carried on sliding and as Ray and forspoken, the road got bigger, and soon we we're walking comfortably again.
    "Remind me next time to NEVER agree to your ideas" sighed Ray.
    "Oh, f**k off! It's still quicker"
    10 minutes past, and the Noir Mansion soon came into view.
    "Right, You see the brick wall that surrounds the mansion's gardens?" said Ray
    "And you see the brushes near them?"
    "I'll stay close to the wall, your crawl under the bushes." He demanded.
    "Why do I get the bushes?!" I complained loudly
    "Quiet! We don't want them knowing we're here!" He whispered with annoyence "and it's because your small then me."
    "In height maybe, but round the middle your smaller!"
    "Stop complaining, you can fit! Anyway, it's not such a tight squeeze as you think..." He argued.
    "How do you know?"
    "Me and cousins came up here a few months ago." He replied flattly.
    "Yeah? Bushes can change alot in a month! You know, like, get bigger?! Maybe more thorn-ier" I complained.
    "Gerard, I don't think 'thorn-ier' is a word..."
    "Well it is now"
    "Shut up, not follow me. when you get to the boosh, go into it , K?" ordered Ray.
    "Why can't I just stand at the wall with you?"
    "Because we are more likely to get noticed. Trust me, it would be better if were in different places..."
    I sighed and once again agreed with him.
    "And tip-toe. Just in case. We don't want to get caught spying on them" Added Ray
    "We're not spying, my friend, we're just solving questions. There's a difference dude"
    We tiptoed up the road, getting closer to the bushes. I was about to quickly make a dash into them, when Ray stopped me.
    "What?" I whispered
    "Change of plan, we'll both go in. I've just realised that I will got caught if I'm just standing by the wall..."
    "You think? Seriously, you just realised?"
    "What do you mean? Minutes ago you wanted to be at the wall!"
    "Frankly, being up against a wall with the possibility of getting caught sounds alot nicer then hiding in a prickly blackberry bush!"
    We quarreled for some minutes, until we haulted our conversation as we heard the sound of voices that weren't our own.
    Me and Ray quickly dashed into the bushes, pushing away thorny braches and ducking under think branches.
    "Keep going! Theres a cave-like bit if you keep going!" Ray whispered to me.
    Yes, I had made the stupid decission to be infront of Ray, who just happened to be slightly stronger and have rougher and thicker hands then me.
    Sure enough, I found the 'cave' Ray had mentioned, and quickly crawled into it and hugged my knees to my chest. Ray followed. I held my breath and listened for the voices. I could still hear them. Looking through the the gaps in the bush, I could see the gate of the Noir Mansion. It was silver with splatters of orange rust with ivy twirling round and round the bars. At the top of the gate in equally silver and orange mental writting read "T e Bell ville Blac Ma sio ". I guess it originally read 'The Belleville Black Mansion', before many of the letters fell off. The voices grew louder, and as they did my ears began to pick up the sound of footsteps. More then one set of footsteps too. I watched as two strange looking characters appeared from behind the gate. I couldn't make out too much of their details due to the gate and ivy.
    "Oh brother, you should be more serious at times..." Same a slow, think, and so what deep feminine voice "This is a serious subject and you seem to think it's a game"
    The gate opened on it own, and the two people stepped on to the road and into our view.
    "Woah... the twins were right!" whispered Ray.
    And that they were. The 'creepy' girl fitted their discription perfectly. Long blonde hair and looked about seventeen. she obviously had changed her clothes since then, and was not sporting a tight black leopard and gold cleaves. Her body was thin and well formed with a brilliant posture. They way she stood made her give out a vibe of great pride, with dainty hands on her hips, feet together, shoulders back, and her head sitting perfectly in her pale neck. She was close to what me and Ray had expected.
    The boy, on the other hand, was not. Bill and Tom had told us three things about him. One, he was short, two he looked our age, three had black hair. Both of these were true, but I had been thinking of kid very different to this. Unlike the girl, he didn't have pride and perfection written all over him. Instead, he looked the oposite. His black hair was a mess around his neck, his eyes were black with messy eyeliner, and every bit of skin on show except his face was painted with colours. He wore a pair of ripped black jeans, a white t-shirt with unreadable writing on it and a black sport jacket with arms rolled up. He was also wearing a pair of red leather, maybe fake, fingerless gloves.
    "I am taking it seriously! I just plan to make it a little bit more fun! You know I get bored!" Argued the boy.
    "Frankie, I am serious! This isn't a game babe!" sighed the girl, her annoyence showing in her voice.
    "Defiantly strange, right Gee?" mumbled Ray
    "Yeah..." I mumbled back.
    I could get my eyes off the boy. There was something about him. I wouldn't say he was familiar, but something about caused me to find it difficult to take my eyes off him. It wasn't because I had a crush on him or anything like that, it was just... some kind of magnet.
    This kid was amazing! Tom was right, he did look a bit like a male Kat. As I carried on staring, I notices a metal ring in his lip. Nice! He's got tattoos AND peircings...
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