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    Title: Keep Running

    Rating: 15+ (Mild Language, Adult situations, ect.)

    Main Characters: Party Poison, Fun Ghoul, Jet Star, Kobra Kid, Gracie, Psycho Cat (OC), Dream Catcher (OFC)

    Summary: In a world full of Zone-runners and draculoids, Dream Catcher and her twin brother some how managed to make a pretty fair life--that is, until Dream comes across a distraught motorbaby named Gracie, and they end up meeting with the killjoys, and get off on the wrong foot. what happens when they have to team up to save the one person that they all love?

    Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Humor, Romance (in the future), ect.

    (My first MCR fan-fiction... But certainly not my first time writing.)

    Chapter Index:
    Chapter one - Page one
    Chapter two -Page one
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    Chapter one - Anonymous Motorbaby

    Chapter One

    Anonymous Motorbaby

    The warm morning air hit me fast as I hung out the window of my trans-am, my brother Psycho Cat driving with that stupid smirk he always had on his face. I smiled wide, laughing and listening to the silky smooth voice of Dr. Death Defying. He played a new song, and I screamed my happiness at the desert, my words being carried away by the wind. I wanted to dance, I wanted to shout! I yelled louder, and Psycat stomped on the breaks, turning the wheel immediately. My heart throbbed and I held on to the door. We went into a full 360, both of us laughing hysterically. This is how it was, the both of us doing crazy poop all day, killing dracs, and scavenging food. I loved my life; I wouldn’t change it for the world! I looked to Psycho Cat and smiled, punching his arm. “I could’ve been ghosted, butthole!” I laughed. He shrugged.

    Psycat soon pulled into the driveway of an abandoned looking house, turning off the car. I jumped out the window and tumbled on the ground before standing up and facing my twin brother, dusting myself off. He chuckled.

    “Klutz” He muttered, shaking his head and smirking. I rolled my eyes. We walked to the broken door, taking out our ray guns. Psycat stood next to the door as I opened it swiftly, pointing my gun. The door opened half way and collapsed in a cloud of sand, dust, and splinters. We carefully walked in, and once we realized the coast was clear, we scavenged as much power pup and water we could find. We also found two batteries, which was a plus. They looked new, so it looked like someone was here not too long ago… Plus the chairs were thrown around and things looked out of place.

    “I’ma go check the rest of the rooms, cat. I’ll be back” I spoke, feeling like there was somebody in the house. I kept my ray gun in hand and slowly crept up the stairs. I walked into the hallway and kicked open the first door. Bathroom. I turned and kept walking, kicking open another door, pointing my gun in. Empty. Suddenly, I heard a small groan and shuffling. I turned and faced the last room. I slowly walked towards it, and took a deep breath. I heard another noise, and I knew something HAD to be in there. I calmed myself and kicked it open, pointing my gun and yelling, “DON’T MOVE!” I opened my eyes and saw a wide-eyed motorbaby. She looked to be pretty young. She looked like she was crying for a while. Her eyes were red and puffy, and her huge curly hair stuck out in all directions. I lowered my gun, surprised. She ran to me and hugged me, as if her life depended on it. I hesitantly hugged her back, dropping my ray gun. She started to cry again. “Shh, it’s okay…” I soothed, rubbing her back. I was confused, but I knew I had to help her.
    Short, Yes, but The next chapter is longer, I promise :)
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    This sounds pretty good I think I'll stay around and read this one...I love me some killjoys haha
  4. Woah nicely written! In gunna be sticking with this one too. Haven't seen the killjoys make an appearance around here in a while. Sounds really interesting :D
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    Thanks guys! I might post the second chapter today if I have nothing to do :)
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    Chapter Two - Hate

    Chapter Two


    As soon as she calmed down, Psycho Cat and I sat with her around the table, waiting for her to be ready to talk. She sighed and looked into her hands, then looked up at us.

    “I think my crew forgot me. We came here last night, and I woke up this morning and they were gone. I got so s-scared…” She looked back down, and looked back up, her eyes full of anger. “Those losers probably went to go get more supplies without me! And then forgot that I was here! They always take so long, but not this long.” She sighed. “I thought you guys were dracs since you were knocking stuff down and going through everything, and I tried to find one of the guys ray guns and I couldn’t, so my freak out got bigger.” I nodded and scoffed at her crew. Who f**king leaves a little girl by herself in a place like this?

    “They sound like complete idiots” Psycho Cat commented, fluttering his hands dramatically. He took the words right out of my mouth.

    “Yeah they do.” I agreed. I shook my head.

    “Oh don’t worry, we’ll just wait here till they come back and I’ll let them have it!” She yelled in that tiny voice of hers. “At least I have protection now.” She growled. Cat and I exchanged amused looks, before he started cracking up. I giggled a bit. Cat has no self-control sometimes, so he kinda flopped on the floor and laughed his heart out. The girl looked at him, then at me and started giggling. “What are your names anyways?” She asked.

    “I’m Dream Catcher, and that insane dumbass down there is my brother Psycho Cat. You can guess why we call him that.” I smirked. He shot up, letting his laughter subside.

    “I am not that crazy!” He chuckled, his eyes bugging out of his head. He clamped onto me and hugged my shoulders.

    “Sure, bro. Believe that” I shrugged him off. The little girl looked amused. “So what’s your name?” I asked.

    “Gracie. The idiots didn’t give me a zone-runner name yet.” She sighed. Suddenly, the sound of a car pulling up grabbed my attention. We all walked to the window, and it was another trans-am, parked next to us. They had a huge spider painted on top of their car. Four guys got out and eyeballed my car, pulling out there ray guns. I rushed everyone back to the dining room and we sat back at the table. “Let’s just stare at them as they walk in!” Gracie giggled. Psycat giggled a bit and had that stupid crazy grin on his face. I stared at the open door way, and they all ran through the door. First, it was the red haired one. He had on a party mask and he looked… shiny. He stopped immediately and stared at us, dumb founded. The next to run in was a short guy with long hair. He ran right into the back of Red Head, and fell back a bit. I heard Psycat snicker a bit. The next two came in simultaneously, one with blond hair and the next with poufy hair. I’ll have to admit, they all looked pretty f**king shiny, but it doesn’t excuse them from leaving this girl. She crossed her arms and cleared her throat. Her sass made me smile a bit. She was adorable!

    “Gracie! We are so sorry for being late!” The short one spoke up. She rolled her eyes.

    “Who are they?” The red head spoke, pointing his gun at us, making me a bit angry. He said it as if we weren’t in the room.

    “I’m Dream Catcher and this is my brother Psycho Cat. We came here in search of supplies and found Gracie here, crying. So we decided to stick around.” I explained my voice full of attitude.

    “Well you can go now, were here.” The red head spat, annoyed. I stood up and walked to him, getting in his face.

    “I wouldn’t speak to me like that if I were you, Little Annie.” I poked him in the chest. “At least I didn’t forget a f**king little girl in the middle of the zones!” I spoke, my voice thick with venom. He looked surprised, but soon furrowed his eyebrows and had a look of anger plastered across his face. God this dude had a thick head. I felt like ghosting him right there. I admit, I get angry easily, but this dude just pushed me to the edge.

    “I didn’t forget her, dumbass! We just went to get supplies and came back. So you can get the f**k out now.” He grabbed my arm, and I pushed his hand away.

    “Don’t f**king touch me!” I spat, pulling my ray gun out. My brother came up and pulled me back, and the blonde haired kid pulled Raggedy Anne away. I shook him off and turned to Gracie. She looked apologetic. Curly hair and shorty were next to her, looking dumb founded.

    “Don’t fight!” Gracie begged. She came up to me and grabbed my hand. “She’s my friend! She’s shiny! Trust me!” Gracie begged. I put an arm around her small shoulders, smiling at her compliment. Psycat stood at my side, grinning.

    “I guess we got off on the wrong foot… I’m sorry for her rudeness. I’m Psycho Cat and this is my twin sister Dream Catcher. Nice to meet you all.” He stuck his hand out to curly, trying to start over. He shook his hand and smiled at my brothers modesty.

    “I’m Jetstar” He spoke, “And This is Fun Ghoul (he pointed to the short guy), Kobra Kid (He pointed to Blondie), and Party Poison.” Party Poison pushed Kobra Kid away, folding his arms and looking away. “Kobra and Party are brothers” He said half enthusiastically. I’m happy he’s at least trying.
    Uh-oh, dizzayum! (I kinda don't like how this chapter came out -.-)
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    By the way guys, this is my picture of Dream and Psycat. (Ignore the crappyness of the ghosted drac in the background ^^; I tried lol)

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    Great chapter! Be careful about double or triple posting you can get your thread locked...if you have more to add just use the edit button :)
  9. Aww that was a good chapter. Poor Gracie, but I did think the image of them all sitting around the table waiting for them was funny. It's like when you sneak out and you come back and the parents are waiting 0.o

    But be careful when you post! The edit button is your friend

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