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    The environment she was in. She loved it. Everything all around her was pure bliss. Everyone was jumping around, spilling beer on their neighbor, but they were all too drunk to care. Different kinds of music blared from every corner to satisfy each one of the guests. On the couch in the middle of everyone sat Nicole, silently sipping on a beer. She wasn't sure what number that one was. She'd lost count, which put her in a bad situation. There came a churning sensation in her stomach. With no reaction, she set down the red plastic cup and walked over to the bathroom.

    Most everyone had a personality when they were drunk. The silent ones fell wild, the wild ones got even wilder, some fell silent. Nicole didn't fit into any of those categories. All she felt was that feeling in her stomach when she drank too much. Not to mention she popped a few pills that were passed around in the process.

    The wait for the bathroom had shortened. Nicole stood next in line with her hands in her hoodie, tossing her waist length chocolate hair behind her until the next guy walked out of the bathroom, wiping the corners of his mouth when he looked at her. He licked the dryness off his lips and smiled at her. She just shook her head and pushed the bathroom door open behind him.

    The room was quiet, muffled by the voices outside as soon as Nicole closed and locked the door. There were some candles lit, making the bathroom seem dim and romantic. The only person in there was her. Everyone outside was partying and having a good time. She was just standing there, staring at herself in the mirror. Of course, she felt no special than she never was. She was just a girl standing there about five foot two. Her pure black hoodie stood complementary in front of her reflection. Then there was her hair that matched along with it. She decided to run her fingers through it and become tangled into it. Since she was a baby, she'd never cut it, but that night, she was too intoxicated to give a f**k.

    There in the cracked open drawer glowed somewhat through the inside, revealed a pair of scissors that caught her eye. Someone must have used to it cut themselves or some poop before her, because the blade was red with blood. She stared at herself in the mirror with tired eyes, and then she ran the blade under the faucet water running. Her hair was the next to get wet to make the cutting seem easier. Before she put the blade against it, she ran her fingers through it one last time, landing them just at her shoulders. A smirk played on her lips to herself in the mirror as she began to cut. Pieces of hair fell against her bare ankles, making her shiver and regret wearing black capris and low tops. It was a freaky feeling like no other, having to feel her past years of growth falling to her feet.

    When it was all over, she picked up the chunks of hair off the floor along with the scissors and set them in the sink. Once again, she ran her fingers through it, turning her neck to the side to see if it was okay. Her eyes closed, eyelashes tickling the bags under her eyes before she opened them again. Suddenly she felt sick, holding her stomach. She shoved the pieces hanging in front of her ears behind them and ran over to the peach toilet in the corner of the room. Her arms encircled the porcelain, purging whatever she had that night into the bowl.

    The door opened in the meantime, and there came footsteps. Nicole turned her head, looking at the pair of shoes beside her. Her lips rubbed against the fabric of her hoodie, leaving a stain against the sleeve. She looked down into the bowl again.


    Arms wrapped around her, stroking her sides. Then they rested, stroking gently up and down at her back. It made her puke even more.

    "Please, stop," she begged weakly.

    "When are you going to stop, Manning?"

    Even drunk, Nicole knew that voice. She memorized his slur, she knew the way his lip ring hit against his teeth when he talked. It disgusted her.

    "What the f**k do you want, Iero?" she spit a chunk hanging off her lip. There was a chuckle coming from the boy named Frank beside her, and she caught hazel eyes staring at her when she turned her neck to look at him.

    "I called your parents," he admitted, "They'll pick us up soon."

    She was too out of it to care. All she did was fall backwards into Frank's arms. They just sat there on the tiled floor in the corner of the candlelit bathroom, staring at the ceiling.


    Nicole blinked her eyes opened to notice that she was in the car on the way home. Her mother and father both sat up front, her father driving. Beside her sat Frank and then her brother, passed out against the other window. Frank was wide awake, trying to set a good example even though he was even a bit drunk as well. Nicole pushed herself up and cleared her throat. It caught her mother's attention and she turned to her front the passenger seat.

    "This has been the third time this past two weeks, Nikki."

    Nicole nodded, not even caring that her mother called her by her little kid name. She rubbed her eyes with her hoodie sleeves over her hand. The taste of leftovers lingered in her mouth. She opened and closed it with disgust and then leaned against the window again.
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    "At least I didn't ride home with someone worse off than me."

    "You shouldn't have gone at all!"

    Nicole rubbed her eyes again and stared off at the bright headlights passing their opposite way. Though it hurt to look at them she continued and followed them until they'd fully driven by. Frank's hand fell loosely on her knee. She looked at him even though it was dark and they could barely see anything. She moved her knee to make it fall and left a gap between them as she scooted to the window the closest she could.

    When the car came to a stop in front of a small rancher house surrounded by a mess of woods and patchy grass. Nicole was the first to stumble out of the car before everyone else and walk up to the front door. She took the key chain hanging from her side belt loop and unlocked the door with her house key. Once inside, she walked down the hallway to her right and opened the door at the end.

    The room was just nothing but darkness. Careful not to step on anything, she moved across the room and turned on the night light near her bed. Okay, so she was afraid of being in the dark alone, big deal. Nicole tossed her bed sheets open to her comfortable queen size bed, and then she sat on the edge to take off her shoes. Double knotting wasn't a good option that night. Her judgment was so off, she couldn't think straight to untie a knot in the middle of the night.

    "f**k," she groaned, snatching the scissors from her nearby sewing kit drawer on the floor and snipping the laces off. She quickly threw the shoes off and cuddled herself into her bed, though feeling an annoying all-nighter migraine coming on.

    Nicole found herself balancing against the walls of the hallway later that morning. Her arms were stretched to reach the walls and she just stood there, staring at the shiny hardwood floor. It took her a minute to focus, but once she understand where she was, she looked up again and continued walking down the hall.

    There was the sound of the blender whirring in the kitchen. Nicole wanted to shoot whoever was in there because it was disturbing her recovering hangover. It was coming back to her. She groaned and fell against the doorframe of the kitchen. Then she noticed who was making such a racket. It turned out to be Frank making smoothies. The sound of grinding ice and fruit together was not a good awakening. Weakly, Nicole walked over and sat at the stool near the counter where Frank was.

    The boy was mysterious. He just sat there, resting his chin on his fists and staring at the blender until the ice barely made a sound. Then he stood up straight, checked the blender and poured the thick smoothie into a cup. He'd already made two. Then he turned to face her. She pretended not to notice and stare at his reflection in the toaster. He wiped the black hair out of his face and walked over, knocking on the counter. To Nicole, it was ten times louder than normal. She groaned and knocked back even though it hurt.

    "Want anything?" he asked in a low mumble. Then he sat beside her and folded his arms. Nicole shook her head. The thought of food in her mouth made the taste in her mouth bitter. Frank sighed and then touched her hair. She'd completely forgotten about it. Hell, she barely remembered touching it the night before. Frank sat up and went over to the drawer to where the scissors were. Then he walked back over and snipped some of the long ends off. She'd missed a couple of pieces. And the fact over Frank even touching her didn't seem to bother her. On a normal basis, it would, but she was so worn out to care.

    Once Frank had put the scissors away, he'd walked over to the other counter and got the smoothies. Then he brought them over and placed a dark pink one in front of Nicole. He began sipping on his yellow one silently.

    "What the hell," she mumbled, shrugging and taking a sip. It turned out not to be half bad, considering it was strawberry. She looked at Frank and pointed at his drink.

    "What do you have?"

    "Pineapple," he gulped down another sip and handed it to her. She took it and had a sip. Then, just in the moment, she decided to mixed the two together, mixing the two cups together until they looked about even. Frank was staring at her with a small smile on his face. She looked at him, not even smirking back but he didn't seem to care. They were both so weak and worn that they didn't care what they were doing at that moment.

    "Nicole Manning!"

    Their silence was ruined by the loud echoing of Nicole's mother standing at the frame of the kitchen behind them. Nicole turned to face the furious red hue on her mother's cheeks as she walked over and ran her fingers through her daughter's new hair.

    "What happened?"

    Nicole shrugged, "I don't remember."

    "Where is your hair?!" she yelled, catching view of the pieces of hair Frank threw in the trashcan earlier. Her daughter sighed and rubbed the tip of her nose.

    "Probably back at Ren's place."

    Her mom sighed deeply in disappointment. She loved Nicole's hair. She never wanted her to cut it, but when the time came, she chose the wrong way to cut it: when she was drunk. But her mother was too busy to care.

    "I' to go to work," she forgave her daughter instantly and kissed the top of her head, "Change your clothes, please, and Frank, your mom called to check in last night, I forgot to tell you."

    Frank scratched the cartilage of his ear as he politely drank his smoothie and nodded. Nicole's mom zipped by him, grabbing her keys and opening the door.

    "Wake up Connor in an hour please, I'll call later."

    "Bye," she mumbled tiredly and took another sip of her smoothie. Then she just stared at the swirls in the cup when her mother closed the door shut. Frank walked over and removed the cup from her hand, smiling.

    "You heard your mom. Go change your clothes, stinky."

    "Don't call me stinky," she whined, standing up and stumbling against the wall. Frank caught her before she busted her head open. He held and walked with her down the hall and into her room. By that time, she was standing straight in the middle of her room. Frank was standing at her door timidly with his hand around the doorknob.

    "Get dressed, or maybe you want to shower first."

    "God, Frank, you're not my dad," she groaned and closed her door on him. She came back soon after with a pile of fresh clothes in her hand on the way to the bathroom. Frank had disappeared from the hallway and was, again, making more smoothies. The blending down sharpened through her ears and caught in her brain. Quickly, she ran into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

    When she turned around, she noticed a big change in herself from the night before until then. Her hair was shorter and the color still hadn't caught up to her face yet. The clothes she had on were stained with probably puke and whoever knows what. Nicole sighed, annoyed and threw her hoodie off and onto the floor. Then she removed all of her clothes once she turned the hot water on. She switched on the shower and quickly stepped in, just standing there and leaning against the wall for a while. The pressure beat down on her just right to wake her body up and feel warmth all around her. She rubbed her eyes with her watery fingers and cleaned all the crusts out of her eyes. Then she finally took some shampoo and soap and starting cleaning all of the remains of the party from last night off of her. Her hair no longer fell at her waist, which was a big change for her. When she turned around, she expected a long chunk of hair to flow and catch up behind her, but there was nothing. She reached over her shoulder and pulled her hair to place it curved on her collarbone. She found herself staring at the wall and expecting to see a reflection of some sort in a wet wall. Without turning the shower off, she lifted herself out of the tub and walked over to the steamed mirror. She wiped the condensation off of it and found herself staring at a completely different girl from the night before.

    When she was drunk, she felt as if she was a girl living on the edge. While sober, she was just some girl that cut off her hair It was no big deal, but what had she done?
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    Too focused, on herself, the bathroom door opened and Frank's body appeared in the room. Nicole gasped and turned around to actually see that he was there. When he noticed that she wasn't in the running shower like she was supposed to be, his eyes grew wide.

    "What the f**k?!" Nicole yelled, reaching for a towel hanging off the edge of the toilet, "Get out!"

    Frank covered his eyes timidly, his face growing red from both the steam in the room and the embarrassment of seeing Nicole naked in front of a mirror so he could see her front as well. Nicole continued to yell as she jumped back in the shower and closed the curtain, breathless and panting for air in the closed up room.

    "I'm sorry!" he yelled once she was inside. She just sighed of irritation and closed her eyes in shame.

    "Out! Please!"

    There was the sound of a loud door slam. After a few minutes, Nicole calmed herself, still closing her eyes and thinking of before. When she got to thinking of it, Frank would have probably been more embarrassed than her.

    Quickly, after finishing off washing herself, Nicole stepped out of the shower, turning it off that time, and wrapped a towel around her. She turned collected her clothes and put them on. Then she brushed her wet hair down and opened the bathroom door to let in some cool air. At first, she hesitated walking out into the hallway, because Frank could be right there, but it turned out being her brother waiting with clothes in his hands.

    "Did you use up all the hot water?"

    Nicole walked by him while shaking her head. There was a door slam after her as she walked down the hallway to the kitchen, expecting Frank to be there, but he wasn't. When she checked the other rooms, he wasn't there either. She wasn't surprised. Frank always ran off somewhere, but he'd always be back.


    It was the next day that Nicole had fully gotten over her hangover. She stood outside by herself, walking along the wood line bordering the house like a picture frame. It was very light and sunny outside for a Sunday in her town. Usually it was prone to rain or storm. But that day was different. She had her dark jeans on and a thin fabric hooded sweater. Her hair was blowing over her face in the breeze, but she didn't seem to notice or push it away.

    Her mother had gotten over her hair. She just took it as a sign of teen rebellion over the fact that she and her dad were going on a cruise over winter break instead of spending it with Nicole and Conner. They could both care less. They would have the entire house to themselves. It meant that Conner was bringing over party buddies every night and getting drunk. Possibly, Nicole would join in that, too.

    "Hey, Manning!"

    Nicole didn't bother to look. She knew that voice. Maybe her brother was on the deck or something because for surely she thought that Frank would not be calling for her. But then she felt something at her ankle. At first, she thought there was a leave or something, but then it began to bite at her foot. Nicole jumped to the side and found a puppy trotting to catch up and continue to her foot again. Nicole looked up at Frank running over to her with a bright blue leash in his hand grinning. Once he caught up with her, he slowed down and scooped up the little black and white puppy under his arm.

    "Didn't you hear me warn you?"

    Nicole shook her head and continued to stare at the puppy. Frank nudged it against her face, making little noises until she took it out of his arms and held it.

    "Who's this little puppy?"

    "I haven't found a name for him yet," Frank replied, "I just got him."

    She arched an eyebrow, "Don't tell me you stole him."

    "No! I got him from a nice old breeder lady down the street. I'm not all that bad."

    She noticed the wink in his glance and rolled her eyes, putting the dog to the ground. Frank reached over and clipped the leash to the puppy's collar. They continued walking to the side of the house.

    "So are you sober?"

    Nicole pushed him playfully and shoved her hands into her jean pockets.

    "I am."

    "Good," he grinned, "So am I."

    "You want a medal?" she held her smile and looked into his eyes. His eyebrows raised and he shrugged, stopping so his dog could sniff around for a bit. Nicole brushed her hand through her hair and leaned against the side of the house.

    It was a very closed end of the house. Not much was there. It was just a block of siding with no windows, so no one could watch and there were acres of trees to the side. It was Nicole's favorite area of the house. It felt so closed, so private.

    Frank was sitting Indian style in the grass, just watching his puppy jump around in the tall blades of grass. Nicole took a breath and sat down beside him, rubbing her knee against his unexpectedly. It sent him to scoot a bit to where she was going to sit and she fell onto his lap. She jumped a bit and then fell to her side on a patch of grass. The puppy pounce on her and started biting her hair in little nips.


    Frank chuckled, picking up the dog and setting it on his lap to where Nicole would have been. Instead, she sat up, brushing leaves out of her hair and glaring at the dog.

    "You can't be mad at that face, can you?" Frank cooed, looking at the dog and placing him on her lap, still holding the leash. Nicole sighed, exhausted already with the creature and Frank both.


    "Look, if you're still holding a grudge about the shower thing, I completely understand."

    "Well, duh! You saw me naked," she felt herself grow red, "Why--Why were you in there anyway?"

    "I thought it was your brother."

    "You thought Conner was standing in front of the mirror?"

    "No, I thought your brother would be in the shower and that I was just going to use the bathroom and flush the toilet while he was in the shower like I usually do as a joke."

    Nicole was still glaring, "What kind of stupid joke is that?"

    "To wake his butt up and take me home," he shrugged, "But I ended up running instead. I'm sorry."

    "For the fourth time," she mumbled. Frank heard her.

    "Well, I never expected someone to be out of a shower while it was running, so it was basically some of your fault here."

    "But you'd play the stupid joke on me!"

    "Well I didn't expect you to take my advice on the shower, I was just joking!'

    "It's common sense for me to take a shower after a party. You should know that."

    "Well, sorry," he sighed and stood up when she stood up. They both measured up to each other. Frank was slightly taller by maybe an inch. Their faces were just barely touching. Nicole looked away to avoid him. She saw Frank adjusting his hand in the dog leash as they just both stood there.

    "Hey, Nicole, do you ever think..."

    "Think what?" she folded her arms and looked at him.

    He shrugged, "Do you ever think we'll ever get into any serious arguments rather than something stupid?"

    It brought a smirk on her face and she shrugged, playfully pushing him, but Frank held her wrist to his chest and pulled her closer. His lips crashed into hers for a brief second, and then pulled away. Nicole pushed him, sending him backwards just barely missing the puppy behind him. Then they both starred. The sky had grown with clouds, so there was rain expected soon. There came two called from opposite sides of the house.



    One call was to Nicole from her mother and the other was from Conner to Frank. They both couldn't move. They just stared a minute. Frank's look was shy, scared. Nicole's face was filled with shocked and a big glare held in her eyes. Once there came a second call from each sides, Nicole was the first to walk away. She knew that after that, Frank would be gone. But this time it was longer than usual.
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    It had been a month since Nicole had seen Frank. Maybe she should have thought to have changed that. It had been a month since she had kissed Frank. And it had also been a month since Nicole's best friend, Ren, forgave her for leaving a huge clump of long hair in her bathroom sink. Now that Thanksgiving break had been over, it was time for winter break. Exams were finished and it was just the day before the official break. Also, it was the day before Nicole and Conner's parents were going to leave for the cruise.

    Nicole walked the halls of school, not picking up her feet, as she slowly approached the exit door to a winter wonderland of white and ice. Too bad the roads had been salted and sanded enough so they wouldn't have an extra day of vacation.

    She adjusted her light messenger bag and stood against the wall for a minute so she could call her brother to pick her up. Luckily, her teachers hadn't assigned any homework over the break, so she was free from work or anything school related.

    Conner wasn't answering his phone, so she was growing anxious to get home even faster than she expected. That was when her friend, Ren ran into her before going outside into the school parking lot.

    Ren was the party girl. She had long red hair and big green eyes. The girl had a new boy every other week, and it was always one of the boys at her parties. That was how she hooked up with guys. Her parents were never home, so she had a party most weekends. Now that it was break, she would have more reason to have a party every single night. Nicole and Ren's parents were friends since they both could remember, and they were going on the same cruise together. Just because their parents were friends, didn't mean that the girls were best friends. They were more of just someone to sit by at lunch or in a class.

    "Oh, hey, Nicole!"

    Nicole turned, "Hey, Ren."

    "Your brother not answering again?"

    "No," Nicole shook her head, "Probably with Claudia."

    Claudia was Conner's new girlfriend. He seemed to be more obsessed with her than picking up his own sister from school. It only took five minutes!

    "Oh, well have a nice Christmas!"

    Nicole saw that Ren was headed out the door, but before she could call her friend back to give her a ride, she was long gone. Maybe she wouldn't consider a girl like Ren much of a friend anymore. All she did was throw worthless parties that f**ked Nicole up so much with the pills and booze.

    Instead of calling Conner and wasting her cell phone minutes, Nicole zipped up her hoodie and walked outside. Hopefully it would be a quick walk since she was headed just for home and nowhere else.

    She walked out the door into the cold and began walking. Her converses already catching the cold underneath her socks. For a minute, she stood there, pigeon toed just staring into the road in front of her. There was no traffic at all, but she just stood at the other end of the crosswalk separating her neighborhood from the school.

    "What are you doing, Manning?"

    Nicole sighed, white air breathing out of her mouth as she turned around and saw Frank on his bike riding up next to her. He was wearing a big Eskimo jacket and black gloves, something she should have bought months ago when the cold weather started. All she had on was a hoodie to keep her warm.

    Frank stopped beside her and smirked, stepping off the pedals to keep the bike steady.

    "Need a ride, honey?"

    She shook her head, "Not from you."

    "Are you still mad about that kiss thing?"

    "Kiss thing?" she repeated, "That wasn't a kiss and it certainly wasn't a thing. I don't know what you're talking about."

    "Whatever," he replied in a Valley Girl voice and cleared his throat. Then he got on his pedals again as Nicole started walking across the street. He began to ride in circles beside her.

    "It's an easier ride. Plus it'll get you home faster."

    "You were going my way?" she turned to look at him. He nodded.

    "I needed to return Conner his Cds."

    "Oh, he'll enjoy them after a month."

    Frank sighed, "I ran because I needed to get some stuff done at home. Plus, I had a new dog, you know."

    "Speaking of the devil," she looked at him. He glared and then it fell into a smile as he touched her chin with his thumb. Nicole looked away and then wiped the hair off her face. Frank bit the metal ring hanging off the side of his lip and took off his Eskimo coat. He had a bright red hoodie on underneath.


    Without questions, she took it and put it on. It fit her almost, just slightly bigger. She smiled and looked at him.

    "How about that ride?"

    Frank flashed his teeth at her and then scooted up some in his bike seat.

    "Hop on, little lady."

    Nicole grabbed onto his shoulders as she stepped on the pegs of the back of the bike. Frank began to ride the bike slowly and then picking up speed when he noticed that Nicole had her balance. The visions of the houses went by quickly. Frank did an occasional circle to stop the ride from being too short. Once they reached the stop sign on the way to her house, Frank turned to her.

    "So what are you doing tonight?"

    Nicole shrugged, "Going to some show with my brother."

    "Sounds fun," Frank nodded and stared off at the cars still passing by. Then he turned to her again.

    "You going to get drunk?"

    Nicole shrugged, "Whatever happens."

    Before Frank could respond, the bike started moving and he rode towards Nicole's house. It was a nice neighborhood. The houses were all white with navy shutters. Some houses had trees and others had rose bushes. Sometimes there would be both. Nicole didn't think much of it. But the snow drew leading lines toward them. By the time Nicole's mind caught up with her, Frank had stopped the bike in the shoveled driveway. Conner must have gotten something done that day.

    Nicole stepped off the pegs, still holding onto Frank's shoulders. Once her feet were stable on the icy driveway, she let go and looked at Frank.

    He was smiling, holding onto the hand bars as he walked his bike to the closed garage. Nicole walked with him, shoving her hands into the jacket she was still wearing and feeling a cold breeze blow her hair out of her face.

    "I'm buying you a scooter one day."

    "Why?" her face scrunched up. She could barely keep balance on the bike, why a stupid scooter?

    Frank was smiling, then wiped the hair out of his face with his gloved hands.
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    "So we can ride down the street together during the evening sunset."

    Her eyebrow raised at his witty sarcasm, and then she pulled out her key to the nearby front door. Frank followed her. She hoped he was cautious because she was prone to falling backwards in the ice every winter.

    There were a few icy steps, but Frank showed no impatience standing behind her. Nicole felt like an idiot clenching the railing and placing two feet on each step until she reached the top. Once she was home free, she quickly walked over and stuck the key into the lock. Frank stood beside her, wiping his red nose from the cold. It made Nicole smile. He looked at her, his bottom lip lowering to show some of his teeth inside his mouth.

    "Something funny?"

    "You're all red, Frank."

    "Shut up," he turned even redder than before, this time from the warmth in his cheeks. It made Nicole smile as she pushed open the door and rubbed her shoes across the welcome mat before walking into the front room. It was sort of pointless since she took them off at the door to dry and then continued by taking off Frank's coat and her hoodie. Frank did the same and rested those on top of the pile of jackets already forming on the big blue couch that no one used.

    When Nicole turned around, she bumped into Frank. He cleared his throat and held both her shoulders to move her out of the way so he could get to the kitchen. All she could do was scoff and turn around as he walked away from her.

    "Is that all you do is make smoothies in our kitchen?"

    "Not exactly," he grinned, turning around at the doorframe of the room. Nicole's eyebrow raised and he just chuckled.

    "I might make a sandwich."

    She rolled her eyes and rested herself on the couch. Her hair fell over her eyes and she closed them tight in order to get some sleep for the beginning of the upcoming winter break.

    Nicole mumbled to herself as she woke up with the feeling of something beside her. Instead of opening her eyes, she just kept them closed so she could see if she had anymore sleep left in her. There was suddenly the sound of a small yelp beside her. When she ignored it, she faced the feeling of a tongue running over her cheek a few times.

    "What the--" when she opened her eyes, the small familiar black and white puppy she once knew had grown a medium size and was laying beside her. His head was placed between his paws and his tail wagged as he looked at her. She held a hand forward and pet the puppy gently. He yelped and began to play bite her hand.

    "Hey, you," she smiled and sat up to play with the dog on the couch. He got up too and pounced in her lap, resting curled up with his chin on her knee.

    A small note caught the corner of her tired eyes. It was taped to the armrest of the couch. When she picked it up and read it, she realized that it was from her mother. Her parents had left and said goodbye without even waking her. The feeling made her angry, but she continued to act calm with the puppy in her lap.

    The window in front of her showed that it had been hours past as she slept. It was at least close to six. Nicole cleared her throat and lifted the dog out of her lap. She carried him into the kitchen and found Frank sitting at the bar counter with his head down and a smoothie in his hand. He used his other arm as a pillow to cushion his head, and by his elbow was an empty plate with a few leftover bread crusts.

    Nicole smirked and set down the dog quietly. It trotted over to Frank's feet and rested by them. Nicole walked over and took the plate to set it in the sink. It probably wouldn't be cleaned until a few weeks later before her parents would come home. Then she walked over and sat across from Frank. She took the smoothie, which was still cold and took a sip of it. Peach.

    She set the beverage down and rested her chin on her hands beneath her to be at level with Frank's face. The air exhaled from his nose was trailed to her. It tickled every little invisible hair on her face, making her upper lip curl into a soft smile.


    Too focused on him, she noticed Frank had opened his eyes in response to the calling of his name. Nicole blinked and they stared at each other for a moment. Then they both stood up off the counter and looked at Connor in the kitchen doorway.

    He was leaning against the frame, his black hair curling to his jawbone as he chewed on a piece of gum. For weeks, he'd been trying to cut off smoking for Claudia. Claudia was the petite, blue eyed brunette standing beside him.

    Connor twirled the keys in his hand and stepped around the little dog pouncing at his untied shoelaces. He sat on the bar stool beside his sister and grabbed the laces at his feet.

    "You ready?"

    "Ready for what?" Nicole cleared her throat. Her brother looked at her in annoyance.

    "The show. We've got a show to go to," he struggled to concentrate as the dog bounced around, so he picked him up and handed him to Frank across the counter, "Put him up and get the f**k ready! We're late."

    "Fine, Con, fine," Frank mumbled, rubbing the red indention on his face and carrying the puppy to the back hallway. Nicole decided to follow since it was the same way to her bedroom. She caught up with him as he closed the door to the bathroom.

    "What are you doing?"

    He shoved his hands into his hoodie pockets and shrugged, "Spot's food and water is in there, and that's the best place to keep him when I'm here."

    "Spot?" she chuckled, "He doesn't have a spot on him."

    "So?" he smirked and walked by her. His scent was of fruit from smoothies and a fresh light scent of cologne that trailed behind him when Nicole continued to go to her room.

    Quickly, she found a pair of black pants that clung tightly to her legs, almost like tights, to put on. She used those whenever she knew she would probably get drunk and trip all over pant legs. Then she grabbed a hoodie, matching the tightness of the pants and slipped that on. She took one look in her mirror and ran her fingers through her hair like a brush. After weeks, she still hadn't gotten used to its shortness. Sure, it had grown a little, but for some reason she missed the long silky hair falling to her waist. Then again, she didn't miss those episodes when she was over the toilet and had no one to hold it back.

    Nicole waved it off and ran down the hallway, took her house keys, and headed out the door where they were all waiting in the car. Connor was just starting the car as she ran outside and opened the door behind the passenger. Frank was sitting on the opposite side, ready to fall asleep again since the drive downtown was almost an hour. She slid herself in and slammed the door. Then she shoved her hands in the small pockets of the tight hoodie and closed her eyes.


    "Hey, you two, wake up!"

    Nicole refused opening her eyes. She knew it'd be the last couple minutes that she had for a good nap that evening. Then the rest of the night she would be drunk and partying without stopping. Then there would be the headache and the hang over to get through. Once that would be done, it would all just start over like clockwork. Her eyes pressed shut one last time and then opened to see her brother climbing out of the driver's seat.

    "Get the f**k up!"

    "Fine!" Nicole yelled back and looked down at who was making her stay there.

    Frank was just sitting up after falling in his sleep onto her lap. She didn't really mind it since it didn't wake her before. They both got up and out of the car. Nicole leaned against the car, stretching and moving her toes around in her shoes before meeting up with Frank at the back of the car. Her brother and Claudia were way ahead of them as they were walking towards the club.

    From the corner of her eye, Nicole spotted Frank lighting a cigarette. His cheeks puffing in for a few seconds and then going back into shape as he exhaled the smoke out. He noticed she was looking and offered her a drag, but she shook her head.

    "I don't smoke."

    "Oh," he nodded and took a puff, "Goody girl."

    "No, I'd rather damage my liver than get lung cancer."

    "I don't even see the difference," he shrugged and flicked the ashes off the end of the cigarette as he began to walk ahead of her quickly. She sped up as well and grabbed his shoulder.

    "Where do you think you're going so fast?"
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    He looked at her and grinned, "I need to do something with some friends I know. I'll see you later."

    "Pot?" she continued to walk behind him. Then he stopped in front of her and turned.

    "No, I'm a good boy."

    With that, he turned back around and jogged off inside the club. Nicole's eyebrows lowered and then she exhaled, revealing the white air escaping her mouth gracefully. Maybe she could take up smoking just to see the smoke come out of her mouth. It was seducing and sexy, just as the boy leaning against the brick wall of the alley beside the club did it. His black hair draped over his eyes and the length fell just at his jaw line. He wasn't skinny nor fat, just average. As she focused on his features, his light colored eyes pointed to hers. He dropped the cigarette on the sidewalk and stepped on it. His tongue ran over his upper lip in and out just once for her to see and he winked. It made her blush and shake her head. The guy just shrugged and walked inside the club just as Frank did.

    When the doors opened and the club crowded, Nicole had to push her way through the groups of people to get to the bar. She only found that they were carding people and checking age, so she just stood there outside of the bar area in the back of the crowd. The first band hadn't even started yet and people were already getting restless and starting pits everywhere.

    Frank, still in his noticeable red hoodie, was pushed right in front of Nicole. He grabbed her into a hug as he slammed her against the wall accidentally. Her back felt numb against the inside brick wall as she pushed Frank off of her to massage it.

    "Frank, what the f**k?!"

    "Sorry. The crowd's really hurtful," he tried to smirk and make it better, but the expression on Nicole's face showed him otherwise.

    "I'm sorry."

    She sighed, knowing nothing would make it better anyhow.


    Frank took her hand and led her to the bar only she jerked it away and turned him around to face her.

    "They're carding people."

    "Easy," he waved her off and walked over to where Connor and Claudia were standing. Nicole's eyes squinted so she could spy what was up. Frank walked over casually, leaned at the bar, and began talking to her brother. Connor reached in his pocket and took out his pack of cigarettes. Frank reached over to grab them, but his hand slipped and made the pack fall to the floor. Nicole's brother made a restless face and bent over to pick them up. Frank then made a quick move and grabbed the two beer bottles for Connor and Claudia and ran over with them over to Nicole.

    "Take these," he handed her the bottles. She took them. They were both pretty full and chilled, but before she could take a sip, Frank pushed her toward a corner that led to the stairs, but they just hid under them where no one went to. He grabbed his bottle and let her keep hers.

    "Happy, now?"

    Nicole couldn't help but keep the smile on her face as she watched him slide down the wall to the floor Indian style. He took a gulp of his beer and patted the floor beside him softly. She responded by switching the bottle to her other hand and sitting down beside him. Their knees brushed softly against each other's.

    Nicole tucked her hair behind her ears and took her beer and had the first sip. Beer really wasn't her beverage of choice, but it was better than nothing. The first cool sips were the best anyway. She found herself gulping down the entire bottle in a matter of seconds before Frank had said a word to her. He stared at her as she smiled at him in satisfaction and threw the glass bottle aside. It rolled away into a dark corner somewhere. Frank extended his hand that was holding his beer.

    "Want the rest of mine?"

    "Oh," she took it, "Thank you."

    "Sure," he nodded and watched her gulp that one down. His eyebrows raised, impressed and then began to laugh. It disturbed Nicole's chugging and she turned to see what he was laughing about.


    "Nothing," he smiled, "I better go."

    "No, where are you going?" she grabbed the hem of Frank's shirt as he stood up. He took her wrist to help her up as well. She landed balanced on her feet, but ended up falling over against his chest. He picked her back up and held her shoulders to keep her straight.

    "I got to go meet up with some guys."

    "They're not drug dealers are they?" she asked bluntly. Frank smiled and shook his head at the floor.

    "No, I promise, they're not. I'll see you later. Go find your brother."

    Frank let go over Nicole's shoulders and she felt like she had a part of her stolen. Even though she only had two beers, her balance was off that night. She had to hold onto the wall a few times to regain the weight of herself. Once that happened, her brother ran into her.

    "poop, Nicole, you scared the poop out of me, where were you?" he grabbed her arm and led her to the bar. She continued to stumble over her feet until she landed against a stool beside Claudia. Connor grabbed his sister's chin to face him.

    "Have you been drinking."

    She nodded and let out a light hiccup before she sat herself on the stool. Connor was rolling his eyes and he turned to face the stage. A new band was coming on. Since her brother wasn't watching, Nicole did a bar scan and found another lone beer beside her. She took that and drank it down before its owner came over and realized it was empty. They bought another and walked off with it. Nicole's eyelids were getting heavy as she shook her head to keep herself awake. There came a loud noise in front of her.

    Guitars and drums beat in her head wildly as she opened her eyes and stared at the band playing in front of her. Then the singer kicked in with a light and screechy voice. People began jumping around and pushing each other in the crowd by the stage. Luckily, she'd stayed in the back.

    A bright red spot caught her eye up on stage. It was Frank and his unbelievably red hoodie. He jumped and rolled around on the floor and then got up in time to scream into the microphone. The singer put his arm around him. He happened to be the guy giving her sexual gestures outside before the show started. The image remained in her head as she tried to shake it away. Then, she just decided to lay her head down until everything ended.

    It felt like a long while until Nicole's weak neck decided to lift her heavy head. Then she felt a light push at her side and found Connor trying to get her off the bar stool. She looked around and noticed that everything had disappeared; the band, people, and everything else was gone. Connor continued to lift her out of the seat, but she refused and pushed him away.

    "I'm not stupid, Con," she mumbled and stood up on her own. Her feet gave out for a minute and she tripped over herself. She grabbed the bar counter just before she hit it.

    "Where's Frank?"

    "He'll find us, now come on," her brother took her arm and held it firmly until they reached to the doors. She pull her arm away and fell out of the doors and onto the sidewalk. Claudia and Connor followed until they were both outside. The only sources of light out there were the clubs still open and the bright streetlights above their heads.

    "We're going to go get the car and bring it around. You stay right here," Connor said with a sense of seriousness like she was a dog. Nicole fell against the streetlight pole and watched as the couple disappeared around the corner.

    Nicole held herself to keep warm. Her sweater felt like nothing against her arms, so she hugged herself tighter and tighter until she couldn't feel. The air escaping her mouth was a pale while that matched the color of the leftover snow on the patch of grass beside her. Redness covered her cheeks and nose as she felt colder. But then there was a sudden soft acoustic playing out of nowhere. Her eyes scanned the area around her. Then they fell on the streetlight just past the alley nearby.

    Frank stood there, still in his red hoodie. The hood was over his head as he looked down to tune the acoustic strapped over his shoulder. Once he got it right, he began to play a small unfamiliar song. The black haired boy walked over carrying a beer. Frank stopped playing just enough to take a couple sips of beer and give it back to his friend. He plucked at the strings as they talked quietly so nobody heard.

    The black haired boy nodded and began to walk in her direction. She looked down at the ground until he walked by at a normal pace. When she thought he walked around the corner, she looked up. He was standing right at the sidewalk just a couple feet away. His tired eyes stared at her and scanned her up and down. He sniffled and looked at her.

    "How's it going?"

    "Fine," she said with a clogged throat. The guy nodded and finally walked away. She sighed and closed her eyes. The acoustic guitar began to play near her. Once again, she opened her eyes and looked up. Frank was right up against her, looking down to meet her eyes.

    "Good night?"

    She shook her head, "Not until I'm in my bed."

    "No," he cleared his throat, "Did you have a good night?"

    "Oh," she nodded her head in return.

    Frank nodded back and looked down at the guitar as he played. He really didn't need to. It was just that silence when nobody talked. A young looking boy with glasses walked by. His Eskimo coat hood was over his head as he listened to his CD player. He tapped Frank's shoulder and high-fived him and continued walking.

    "Awesome night, Frank!"

    "You, too, Mikey!" he smiled and shook his head, "That boy is so drunk off liquor, it isn't even funny anymore."

    "You know him?" she asked. Frank nodded.


    "Ah," she replied and stared at him until he looked at her, "You looked great tonight, Frank."

    "Nah," he shook his head. Nicole let out a giggle and a hiccup. Frank looked at her with an eyebrow raised. She smiled.

    "I'm not drunk."
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    "Neither am I," he slid his guitar strap so his guitar was on his back. His hands buried inside the pockets of his hoodie as he scraped his shoes across the sidewalk. Nicole unzipped the front of his sweater and slipped her hands inside around his waist. It felt so warm there, that she wouldn't let go when he budged. Their foreheads connected. Somehow, it felt a little warmer. Frank's lips brushed up Nicole's forehead as he looked up and over to the corner.

    "We better go find your brother and Claudia."

    "Why?" she whined inside, but asked quietly as their warmth's connection broke apart and they both began to walk towards where the car was parked. Of course, the windows were steamed and the car was the only vehicle solitary in the parking lot. Frank beat his hand on the back window and the moving around inside stopped. The doors unlocked and Frank opened the door for Nicole to get in. She rolled her eyes and slid herself in enough so Frank could do so, too. Connor and Claudia were both red-faced in the front seats.

    "Have yourself a few drinks, Con?" Frank asked before the car started. Connor turned around to glare at the both of them.

    "Unfortunately, no."

    Nicole paid no mind to it and leaned against the door. Frank had taken off his guitar and laid it across where Nicole's feet were and rested on his door as well. The car started, and Nicole finally drifted off to sleep.

    Somehow, Nicole had found her way to the bed the night before and then woke herself up around four in the morning to find her room still scattered with darkness. It was a rainy day out. Once she'd changed out of her clothes she'd worn all night, she put on some pajama bottoms and a tight white t-shirt. It felt so close to her skin, it was like another thin layer of skin. She refused to look at her hair and continued to walk down the hallway and into the living room. Frank was stretched all over the couch. One leg was rested on the end table and the other fell on the floor, causing Nicole to almost trip over it, but she covered her mouth just incase she screamed. Slowly, she made it to the other couch and curled up there. It was right near the backdoor so she could stare at the rain falling. All she needed was music. Then a familiar tune ran through her mind, but she couldn't put her finger on it. Instead, she just hugged herself to keep warm and closed her eyes tightly.

    Before she even started shivering, a warm blanket was tossed over her and the recliner chair was pulled out in front of her. There was movement beside her and some blanket adjustments. She opened her eyes to find Frank laying beside her now. His eyes were staring right into hers. She found her muscles react and she turned around not facing him. Instead, she stared at the wall. Yes, a wall was much better than the awkward moment she was having with Frank.

    There was a tap on her shoulder.

    "Good morning, early bird."

    "f**k off," she was smiling, though her tone was serious. Frank could tell, too. He was snickering.

    "Manning, you know you like me."

    "You're the worst friend my brother's ever had. I mean, look who you're cheating on him with."

    "I'm in here because Claudia is in there, and believe me, these thunderstorms are the worst when being alone."

    She could tell he was telling the truth by the shiver in his voice. She shifted and turned around to look at him.

    "I have a nightlight."

    He grinned, "Well good for you."

    "Indeed," she nodded, "So what happened last night?"

    He shrugged, closing his eyes out of tiredness. Nicole did the same and she started to doze off, but then she stood up and threw the blanket back to Frank.

    "I'm going back to bed."

    Before he could say anything, Nicole walked down the hallway and back into her room, closing and locking the door behind her. Her whole body just pressed against the door as she listened for a sound of any movement. She let out a sigh when she didn't. It was unknown to herself why she was acting this way. Every chance she got closer to Frank, one of them would interrupt. This time it was her and her heart was racing. Why had she done it? She found herself listening past a door anyway.

    As she was in deep though, a loud knock came from the other side of her door. It was only loud because she had her ear pressed up against it.


    She jumped from where she was standing and tip toed over to her bed. Once she was under the covers, the door creaked open. Even though she had her eyes closed, she could still feel his every movement around her room towards her bed. Then there was a shifting on the mattress and something laying across the top of her feet that made her jump up to see Frank resting there.

    "What are you doing?"

    He sat up with a small grin on his face that she could only see in the nightlight.

    "I knew I'd wake you. I mean you just got to bed..."

    "You didn't answer my question," she folded her arms and gave him a glare. He shrugged and climbed over to the opposite side where she was laying and put the covers over him. She could feel his leg brush across hers and then their feet connected, playing a small game of footsies underneath the covers as they talked.

    "Do you like me, Manning?" Frank didn't look at Nicole, but she looked at him. His focus was just all in the raised sheets where their feet were together.

    "Are you drunk, Iero?" her eyebrow raised.

    He looked at her and shook her head, completely serious. She leaned down and balanced herself up by her elbows. He noticed and did the same, now looking at her.

    "I'm serious, Nicole."

    "What are you doing in here anyway?" she asked, covering herself with the covers and then turning to face the wall. The movement behind her continued as Frank copied her and then began to trace his finger down her hipbone. He had known from the day they met not to do that, and it annoyed her like hell.

    "Frank, stop," she mumbled with the covers over her mouth as she closed her eyes. His fingers moved her hair from behind her ears and he placed his lips on her cartilage.

    "Are you hiding from me?"

    She shook her head and turned around, causing Frank to lean backwards and fall down off the bed, causing a big thump on her floor. Quickly, she turned back around to pretend not to realize what she had done. Then she couldn't help but smile when she heard him laughing on the floor.

    "Oh, embrace what you've done, Nicole Manning. Embrace it!"

    She opened her mouth and let out her best laugh. Then she turned around to lean over the edge of her bed to see him holding his stomach to control his loud laughing. Nicole finally gave into her silent treatment and extended her hand to help him up even though he could fully get up on his own. Instead, he got up and slid back into bed next to her. They continued to laugh and smile at each other.

    "I knew I would do something crazy enough to you."

    Frank scoffed, "Right. I'm fine, thanks for worrying."

    "No problem," Nicole smiled, taking some sheets and cuddling up into them. He did the same and they both sighed comfortably as they stared up at the ceiling.

    "I want us to get closer this break," he whispered, "I know your brother too much and I can tell he'll be with Claudia a lot."

    Her eyes shifted and she moved to her side, still facing him as he continued to ramble.

    "I just found you to be the lonely type. When I found you in that bathroom with your hair cut just hit me like a person who just needs someone. We have a lot in common. You run things, and I run from things..."

    Although Frank was telling her biography, Nicole found herself closing her eyes and continuing to listen until she fell asleep. His arms wrapped around her, but she felt it and pulled away from him. Instead, he just ran his hand up and down her back slowly. He shifted beside her and felt so close to her, that his warmness sent a shiver through her like no other.


    Nicole's eyes opened later that morning, finding herself alone in bed and Frank nowhere to be found in her room. She knew he'd run away fast enough once she was warming up to him. It became a sudden pattern. She started to hate it.

    Her feet walked her down the hall and into the kitchen where Frank had still yet to be found. Instead of worrying, she reached over on the counter and found some bread for toast. She took out two pieces and placed them down in the toaster. Then she felt a cold nudge on her ankle. When she looked down, she saw Spot sitting at her feet, wagging his tail and looking up at her like a little angel. Nicole crossed her legs as she sat down on the cold kitchen floor to pet him. His nose brushed across her hand each time she stopped.

    The door from the garage to the kitchen opened beside her. Frank walked in, looking directly down at her and smiling weakly. He must have been tired. Nicole stood up and placed her hands on her hips.

    "Where have you been?"

    "Nowhere," he wiped his nose and looked at her, "You want to go out for some coffee or something?"

    She looked down at what she was wearing and did a twirl for him.

    "Do I look like I want to go out?"

    He did the same, revealing his dark blue pajama bottoms and gray shirt.

    "Do I?"

    Nicole smiled and watched as Frank reached for his and her hoodies. He put on his and helped her put on hers. Once they had their shoes on, they were out the door.

    It was freezing out, but they managed anyway on their feet. There was the smell of snow in the air. Nicole absolutely loved snow on Christmas morning, which would be the next day. Frank seemed to despise the cold weather as he hugged himself tightly, stepping over the cracks in the sidewalk.

    "Excited about Christmas?" he stopped the silence. Nicole looked at him and shrugged.

    "My parents aren't home. My brother would rather spend it with his girlfriend and where does that leave me?"
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    Frank grinned and wrapped his warm arms around her as they walked. He didn't say anything. He just continued walking for a couple of minutes until they were at the coffee shop. Being the gentleman that he was, Frank opened the door for her to go in first. Then he followed her afterwards and walked over to the front to order their coffee.

    Nicole stayed behind because he had ordered her coffee before. Instead, she sat at a table and two chairs in beside a front window. Shortly after, Frank joined her as he waited for their coffee. He rubbed his hands together and continued to look at her until she noticed.

    "What?" she laughed and felt her cheeks go red. His eyebrow raised and nudged her knee.

    "You do realize that we're both in our pajamas in public?"

    She chuckled and nodded, "Yes."

    "You make me feel like a fool, Manning."

    They stopped for a moment as an employee walked over with their hot Styrofoam cups of coffee. Nicole didn't even care that she was going to burn her tongue. She took the drink and sipped it lightly, letting the hot liquid settle in her mouth until it was cooled down enough to go down her throat safely.

    "So what are you doing the rest of break?" Frank watched as Nicole put her cup down.

    She shrugged and looked at him. He was just smiling nicely at her, waiting for an answer in words. Then he sighed and took a sip of his own coffee.

    "Good stuff."

    "Good stuff?" she laughed, "This is coffee, Iero, not stuff."

    "Well excuse me," he grinned and continued to look outside at the weather. It had worsened somewhat. The clouds were getting fluffy full of snow and the sky wasn't blue, but it was gray. Nicole couldn't wait. She clenched her coffee cup in excitement for real wintry weather.

    "Do you like snow?"

    He shrugged, "It's all right for this time of year, I guess."

    "Well definitely," she jumped in her seat, "It's the only good thing about my Christmas' anymore. It's all about laying in the snow and looking up at the sky, waiting for flakes to fall on my face."

    "No snow angels? Just laying there?"

    "Yeah," she nodded and took a sip of her coffee. Frank's eyebrow raised, and he copied her.

    "Don't you have other friends to be with rather than me?" she asked curiously. The boy in front of her just shrugged and clenched his lips together.

    "They're all right sometimes. Other times, they just give me a headache."

    "At least you have friends," she stopped herself quickly and cleared her throat. Frank gave her a scowl and then scoffed.

    "Be quiet, Nicole. You have friends."

    "Have you seen me with anybody else all break?"

    He paused, "No, but you're always at that Ren girl's house."

    "She throws the good parties," she retorted, "and she's friendly to me because I help out."

    "So I'm your only friend?" he asked, looking dead straight serious into her eyes.

    She mimicked him and didn't blink, "You're the closest I've got."

    "Tell you what, let's get out of here," Frank stood up and walked over to the counter. He left Nicole back at the table, still looking outside until he was ready to go. When he was, he took the cup from her hand and threw it away. Before she could protest, he waved the frappuccino at her. Like a dog, she obeyed and stood up, following properly until they exited the coffee shop. Then she jumped on his back and reached for it. Frank let out a loud laugh as he grabbed onto one of her leg with one hand and gave her the coffee with the other hand so he could hold her other legs to give her a piggy back ride on the way home.

    "You're a fun girl, Nicole," Frank laughed, taking the drink from her and taking a sip for himself. Nicole's arms wrapped around his neck and her free leg tightened so she wouldn't fall.

    "You're a boring guy, Frank," she said back and let out a girly giggle as rested her head on the back of his neck and sighed. His scent was of soap and nothing else. He wore no fancy cologne or body spray. It was just him and Dove soap.

    After a while, Frank offered the rest of the coffee to Nicole, but she shook her head. He sighed and threw it in the next trashcan over. Then he wrapped his arm around her leg to keep her up on his back.

    "Iced coffee in the winter. What was I thinking?"

    Nicole laughed and let go of herself to stand by Frank as he was walking. He shoved his hands into his pockets and looked straight forward instead of at her. So to distract him, she walked in front of him and faced him as she walked backwards. His eyebrow raised and he tried to get by her, but she refused.

    "Where do you disappear to, Iero?"

    He shrugged and before he could answer, his cell phone rang loudly from his pocket. Nicole grabbed his hand before he could reach to it and looked at him.

    "I'm serious."

    "It could be anyone calling me, Manning. Let go," he said sternly before pushing her hand out of the way to answer it. She rolled her eyes and continued to walk down the sidewalk alone. Frank's talking continued behind her, but Nicole refused them to catch up. So when she started running, they faded. Obviously, he had no time for her, because they were never heard when she returned home minutes later, breathless.


    "Merry Christmas Eve, everybody!" Ren Myers giggled loudly as she stumbled and slurred all over people in her skimpy new Santa's Helper costume for her annual Christmas party. She walked through groups of boys who followed with coyote whistles behind her as she passed one by one a beer from the six pack she was holding. It was the only amount her small anorexic figure could lift.

    Followed behind her like a shadow, it was Nicole. She stumbled around, trying to follow the girl in front of her as she wore a Santa hat and a red velvet tank top and a black miniskirt. For once, she felt attractive even when Ren wasn't looking. She would open each beet bottle and take a sip. To keep it even, she would sip from each of them. Of course, Ren and everyone else were so plastered that it wouldn't really be noticed.

    As they both managed to get threw the crowd of boys and into the kitchen, Nicole dropped the cases onto the kitchen floor and ran to the nearest sink. She felt the chunks start to rise up in her throat and made it just in time to purge into it. Every bit of alcohol and whatever food she had that night was spilled out in front of her as she coughed and retched more and more. When it finally calmed down, Ren decided, for once, to stumble over and be a friend.

    "Oh my god, Nikki, are you all right?" she lifted her hair from her face and then let out a loud squeak when one of the drunks passed by, giving her a loud smack on her behind. Then all she was focusing on was the fact that she was probably going to bang him that night, so she trotted willingly over to him. Nicole was left alone, wiping the bits from her mouth and searching for a clean napkin anywhere around her. Throwing off the red and white Santa hat, she wiped her tongue and around her mouth with a cloth she found in the drawer beside the sink. Finally, she got back straight on her feet and lurked around the room for another drink.

    She was not in a great mood. Frank had left that morning. He'd left her. She hadn't seen him all day. If he said that they would get closer, then where was he? Obviously somewhere else probably getting drunk with his band.

    Speaking of his band, she spotted a familiar face standing off to the side of the kitchen. His hazel eyes watching As the guys flocked over to Ren to admire her body and pointless stories of model shoots and impossible Playboy shoots. They were impossible because she was underage.

    But back to the guy. She knew him from somewhere. Surely, she had. He had those black locks and untamed sideburns. There were red rings around his eyes from drugs and beer seemed to slid into his mouth perfectly as he drank it in deep gulps. He must have recognized her, too, because the next thing she knew, he was walking up to her.

    "I know you," he grinned and extended his beer free hand, "I'm Gerard."

    Nicole skipped his hand and went straight for the beer. She took the red cup from his hand and took a swig. His eyebrow raised as he smiled wider, watching her place the cup firmly back into his hand.

    "Your name?"
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    "Nicole," she looked back his him. His smile was full of small yellow teeth from smoking. Obviously, he was a lot older than her, but she didn't care. He was part of Frank's band. Maybe the guy knew about where he was.

    "Are you in school still?" he leaned against the counter beside her.

    She nodded, "How old are you?"

    "Twenty-six," he replied simply, "You?"

    "Eighteen," she leaned on the counter the same as he was, only popping out her hip more. He seemed to be an immediate reader of body language. His arm snacked around her waist and he bent down a little to the level of her ear.

    "You want to go somewhere more private and do a couple lines?"

    Her heart was racing. Then she looked at him. Those hazel beauties were filled with lust and hunger as he pulled at the bottom of her shirt.

    "Maybe a couple more other things."

    "Thanks but no thanks, Gerard," Frank interrupted their little connection and came between them. His hand grabbed the beer from Gerard's hand and poured it down the sink.

    "I'm taking her home. Give me your keys and walk home."

    Gerard's eyes directed at Nicole. She turned red and looked down then up again as she watched him dig into his pocket and give Frank his keys without question. Then he patted his bandmate's back.

    "This guy saves my life, I tell you," he chuckled and turned to walk off.

    Frank turned to Nicole. He was gorgeous as usual in a white shirt and dark torn jeans with a matching torn jean jacket. He had white framed sunglasses on top of his head even though it was not at all light outside.

    "Don't ever let me catch you alone with that guy again," he wiped his nose and took her hand to lead her outside. His other hand held car keys.

    "I didn't know you drove."

    "It's your brother's car," he continued to walk and step over the people on the ground with her, "He told me you were going to be here."

    "Oh, sorry he had to tell you that," she mumbled and followed him. Her vision wasn't too good that she suddenly found herself in Ren's backyard. Frank was still walking though, and he threw the door open the to the indoor built in pool and hot tub. Nicole was stumbling on her heels until Frank stopped. She heard the whir of the hot tub be turned on suddenly and she whirled around to look for where the sound was coming from.

    Arms wrapped around her waist and she was lifted off the floor and onto the edge of the bubbling tub of hot water under her.

    "Frank, what the f**k are you doing!" she yelled and slapped him until he let go of her. His hands moved down to her thighs to hold her.

    "Do you think that getting drunk and talking to strangers is a smart thing to do?" he stared at her sternly in her eyes. She pushed his hands, but they gripped tighter.

    "I'm serious, Manning!"

    "f**k off, Iero!"

    He let go of her, causing her to fall backwards into the tub. It wasn't as hot as her mind exaggerated it to be, but it was enough to wake her up. Quickly, she swam to the surface and stared at him. Only the waves of the water reflected his angry face. She looked up at him innocently.


    "I'm sorry, but this is for your own damn good. You're a minor--"

    "I'm not a minor! I'm eighteen--"

    "But you're not old enough to drink," he sighed and rubbed his hand in his hair, "Don't f**king do this when you're young. It screws you up!"

    Nicole sighed and shook her head. Her mind still wasn't coordinated right. Then she did only what she thought was right to do: make it fun for her. She slid over in the hot tub to where Frank was leaning and pulled him in with her. If it was her in the hot tub, she had to have somebody with her.

    When Frank reached back to the surface, he stared back at Nicole with his face dripping wet. Her lips clenched together as did her muscles to wait for him to yell. All he did was just sit there. Then his arms pulled her closer and the next thing they both knew, they were making out in Ren's hot tub. Their lips sloppily moved around and their tongues connected several times. They got stronger every minute. Of course, Nicole barely controlled herself. She found her drunk mind in total control as she reached for the bottom of her shirt to pull off, but Frank stopped her.

    "Nicole, no," he shook his head and stood up. She put her shirt back down as she stared up at him. All he did was take her hand and a few towels after they'd gotten out of the water. He wrapped two around her and then one around himself. It quickly fell off his shoulder as he grabbed her hand and walked her quickly out of the backyard to the car parked right in front of the house against the curb. Frank opened the door for her to slide in and ran behind the car over to the driver's side. Then before he started the car, he looked down and twirled the keys in his hand. Nicole reached over and picked out a key.

    "It's this one."

    "I know," he whispered and then looked at her, "Nicole?"

    Her eyebrows lowered, "Yeah?"

    "I'm glad you're okay," he quickly said, making himself look strong as he sniffled and wiped his nose without looking at her anymore, "and I'm sorry I'm such a jerk. That's it."

    She shook her head, "I'm sorry I'm a drunk witch."

    He extended his hand and turned her chin to look at him. His finger wiped away a small wet strand of hair away from her face. Their eyes met for a moment. His were scared and worried, like he'd been crying. Their mouths connected, doing nothing but just sit there for a few seconds like they were confused. Then the flash of blue lights and sirens pulling into Ren's driveway were reflected off the rearview mirror and distracted them.

    "poop," he said aloud and started the car. Then he shifted gears and drove out of the area. They didn't speak for the rest of the night.


    Christmas wasn't much for that year. All the presents had been wrapped and placed under the tree from Nicole's parents before they left. Conner had only opened one of his out of pure curiosity if they bought him a new car, but it ended up being clothes. Go figure.

    Nicole had waited patiently for her gifts since she didn't really ask for anything important. As she tiptoed down the hallway from her room in her pajamas that morning, she walked over to the tree just where Frank was sleeping in the recliner. He was bundled up in blankets, facing the window where snow had piled up outside just over night.

    She got on her knees and picked out her first present, which was of course shaped like a clothing box. The wrapping paper was sealed tightly and without a wrinkle like it was freshly made.

    Her attention was interrupted by Claudia and Conner giggling together as they ran into the room. Claudia sat on her knees beside Nicole and clapped her hands.

    "Okay, give me my present!" she smiled at Conner. He laughed and pulled the small box from his pocket. His girlfriend's eyes lit up brightly. Nicole could see the joy in her eyes as she held the box as if it were a piece from heaven.


    "It's not what you think, but I thought you'd like it," for once Nicole's brother was anxious to watch her open it. Claudia slowly opened the box and a small squeak came from her throat. Nicole leaned over and saw the small but beautiful diamond ring that made the girl gasp and immediately put it on. She reached over and grabbed her boyfriend's chin to look at her.
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    "I love you."

    He chuckled, "I love you, too," he leaned in and kissed her. Before Nicole was about to kindly throw up with joy in front of them, she sighed and took the box and herself out of the room so they could have private time together.

    Instead of going back to her room, Nicole opened the front door and stepped outside into the white blanket of a front yard. She sat on the top of the porch and continued to caress her hand over the white rectangular present. Small flakes began to fall over the box, but it didn't matter to her. She breathed in the scent of winter and looking up at the sky. Her cheeks were turning red and she was starting to shiver, but nothing mattered to her at that moment. It was so peaceful and calm outside that she felt like not going back in.

    "Nicole, what are you doing out here?" she heard a chuckle from behind her and then a jacket drape over her shoulders. Frank, still dressed in his pajama bottoms, a t-shirt, and socks, sat down on the same step she was sitting on and smiled at her.

    "It's nice and warm inside."

    "I think Claudia and Conner wanted to be alone."

    "Right," he nodded, "Which is why you left me in there with them during their little love fest?"

    She laughed and continued to hold the box on her lap, "Sorry."

    Frank's eyes directed at the present and he pointed at it.

    "Who's that from?"

    "I don't know yet," she smiled and picked at the wrapping paper on the corner of the box, "I haven't looked yet."

    "Well, then, let's see," he took the box and helped her tear the paper off. His was priceless, like a five year old on Christmas. Except, he was a twenty-two year old on Christmas.

    When the box was unwrapped, Nicole opened the top of the box and moved her hand through the tissue paper, a pink rose appeared in front of her.

    "Wow," she picked it up carefully. The stem was so long and perfectly green. The rose was so healthy and vibrantly pink that it made her ignore the snow all around her. There was a small card attached to it, turning out to be Frank's name signed under the word "From:". She eyed at Frank, who was smiling at her from ear to ear.

    "Merry Christmas, Nicole," he kissed her cheek softly and let his lips linger there until he replaced them with his forehead leaning against the spot. Nicole turned her head, causing him to look at her. She began to feel hot on her cheeks and looked down as she smiled.

    "Thanks, Frank."

    Frank chuckled and took her hand to pull her close. His lips met hers in a small kiss and then stopped for a minute to look at her. Then his hands moved around her waist and pulled her closer so practically both of them could fit into the Eskimo jacket Frank had placed at her shoulders earlier. Their kissed continued with light tongue touching and tight lip sucking. Nicole placed the rose and box to the side to hold around his neck as they kissed and then pressed their foreheads together just to look at each other.

    Instead of just sitting there when there was a bundle of snow right in front of her, Nicole laughed and separated from Frank to fall in the snow, facing the sky. He responded by doing the same by resting behind her and laying on his back so the tops of their heads connected. Nicole was smiling wide and giddy as she just looked up at the gray Christmas sky. Snowflakes fell on her eyelashes and into her mouth, giving the wonderful waste of ice in her mouth.

    "You're adorable when you're happy," Frank said in the silence. Nicole shrugged and let out a laugh.

    "It's the snow, I guess."

    "No," she felt his head shake over hers, "I think you're just happy."

    She sighed and sat up, making him sit up, too. Then she got back up on her feet and brushed all of the snow crystals off of her.

    "Where are you going?" he stood up beside her. She started walking towards the door.

    "I think I'm going back to bed."

    "Can I come?" she heard from behind her. Without looking at him, she nodded and then heard his footsteps behind her as she made her way inside and into her room again. Frank closed the door for her and let loud a silent yawn. Nicole walked over to her drawer and grabbed a warm, dry pair of pajama bottoms. She slipped them off and put on the new ones. There was a whistle behind her as she tied the waist tight. She turned around and saw Frank lying on her bed, looking at her with his big hazel eyes.

    "Shut up Frank," she pushed him as she opened the sheets and got into bed. He did the same and rested his head on his arm. Nicole had already closed her eyes, but she felt his stare upon her. It was burning, like he wanted something. She avoided it, though, feeling tiredness overcome her. Then she felt something snake around her waist. Instead of overreacting, she turned around to make it fall off of her.

    "I'm going to sleep, Frank."

    "Okay," he muttered back and scooted closer and continued what he did behind. Tiredly, Nicole sighed and moved it with her hand.

    "Stop it."


    "I said stop!" she yelled, still not facing him in bed. He let out a loud growl filled with anger as he continued to do it, forcefully.

    "Nicole, I just want to hold you. Why won't you let me hold you!"

    "Get away from me!" she sat up in bed to face him. Frank opened his side of the sheets and got out of her bed.

    "Fine," he stepped into his shoes, "I'm leaving."

    "Good, you need to for the thousandth time in my f**king life!"

    "You know what, I think this time is for good!" he yelled, "And I can't f**king wait!"

    "Then f**king go!" she mocked him.

    He looked at her and stomped his feet over to the edge of the bed where she was sitting, "And do you know what I do the entire time that I'm gone, do you?"

    She fell backwards when she thought he was about to hurt her. The look in his eyes convinced her that. They were fierce, like an evil lion about to attack its prey. His eyes were dark and strained to look at her and he bent over no more than an inch from her face.

    "I get f**king high, so f**king high, that I forget everything about my problems. Do you know what my problem has been these couple of months?"

    Nicole tried to remember, but she was too scared to even think. Frank swallowed and breathed out.

    "You. I don't want to f**king deal with your pathetic 'don't hold me' poop. It's getting old. If you're going to be immature about it, then I'm not going to deal with it."

    He grabbed his coat and the box with the pink rose in it fell on the floor. Instead of handling it gently, he kicked the box as he walked out and slammed the door shut.


    "f**k, god damn it!" Frank screamed and slammed the door down to the cold garage where all of the instruments spread around. There was a pair of guitars, a drum set, a bass and a microphone stand all left alone. It was freezing in there, but it didn't phase him. All he did was pick his acoustic guitar from behind an amp cabinet and plopped himself down on the couch. He set the guitar in his lap and pulled up the seat cushion where a Ziploc bag lay. He took out one of the rolled up papers and lit it up in his mouth. He took his index and thumb fingers and pulled it out of his mouth once he took a deep hit.
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    As he sat back and took it all in, he continued to think about her smile, the smell of her hair, the smallness of her waist, and everything else about her. It took him such a long time to think about everything, he forgot about the pressure building up in his throat. He let it out in hard coughs that lasted quite a long time.

    "f**king hell!" he coughed out and began to cry as he refused to take another hit. Instead, he leaned over and clenched his head tightly. He couldn't forget about her. No matter how hard he tried, he continued to think about her. The more it happened, the more tears he shed and his breathing became short as he sobbed louder.

    He rested on his back on the couch and just stared up at the ceiling, feeling dead and useless on a Christmas day. Then he took his guitar and rested it over his stomach. His hands positioned and he began to play until he fell asleep.


    "Nicole did you get all of the food?" Conner walked in holding three grocery bags from his car. Nicole was getting out bowls for chips and cutting boards for vegetable trays.

    They'd been setting up all day for the New Year's Eve party. It gave Nicole something to keep her mind off of Frank. He'd been gone since Christmas, but she filled her hours in with sleep and a new cold that came along short after he left. That morning, she was giddy that it was gone and was able to help out with the party.

    "Nicole!" her brother yelled in her ear. She cringed and adjusted the strap of her shirt that fell off her shoulder


    "Did you get all the food?" he set down the bags on the counter and pulled out jars of dip and bags of chips.

    "Yes," she replied, aggravated that he was treating the event like it was the Grammy's or something. Then she folded all of the left over grocery bags that Conner brought in for some last minute items for the party. The house was filled with balloons and streamers. It was very corny, but it happened every year even when their parents were around.

    Nicole walked out of the room, down the hallway, and into her room where she was about to change. There were only two hours left before people would start to arrive. She'd gotten her hair the way she'd wanted it for the night: flipped out and simple. She put on the black dress pants and the white long sleeved collar shirt and black vest she'd been planning to wear for weeks. It made her look very professional, which was right for the occasion. That night, she was to meet some of Conner's older friends and some complete strangers. She needed anyone to keep her mind off of things, but a simple pink rose in a vase on her dresser brought everything back. She couldn't help but touch its delicate petals for the millionth time that day.

    Nicole slipped on her black boots and tied them tightly. Then she heard a door open and some loud talking come from her brother down the hall. Quietly, she opened her door and stepped down the hall with caution. Her hair fell over her shoulder as she peeked around the corner to see Frank removing his hoodie and throwing it on the couch beside him. He looked handsome, wearing a shirt with camouflage print and jeans with holes in them.

    "So where have you been, man?" Conner pounded fists with him and closed the front door. Frank laughed lightly and shrugged.

    "Have you ever been high for five days, man? I'm talking f**king stoned as hell."

    "Can't say I have."

    Frank shook his head and laughed, "Well it's the best. I need to go piss. I'll see you in a minute."

    Nicole's heart skipped as she stopped breathing just to quietly go down the hallway just as she did before. She finally exhaled out when she closed her door and sat on her neatly made bed. Then when she heard a knock at her door, she stood up and brushed herself off as she faced the mirror.

    "Come in!"

    Frank walked in quietly, causing Nicole to turn to her side. She pretended to examine her figure as he walked over and faced his side to the mirror to look at himself as well. They both stood there. She was in front of him, looking down at her outfit. She heard him breath quietly as his eyes stared at hers in the mirror.

    "You look great," he whispered into her ear, his lip brushing just over the cartilage. She shook her head and looked down. His lips slyly moved down to her neck as they touched. Her feet moved and she jumped away.

    "No, Frank."


    "What are you doing?" she sighed and began to feel herself turn red. Frank his hands up at he shrugged and sat on the edge of her bed.

    "Just saying hello to my friend Nicole, what are you doing?"

    "Telling you to get out of the room, Frank, now go," she pointed at the door and scowled at him. He stood up and stared at her to make sure. She kept the same look on her face as she watched him maneuver over to the door. He grabbed the doorknob and then turned to look at her.

    "Good luck tonight. I'm not going to be there to catch you."

    "Get out, Frank," her voice shook. All he did was obey her and close the door softly behind him.

    It took Nicole a couple hours to calm down, but when she did, it was right when people started to arrive. Ren, of course, was the first to be greeted by her.

    "Nicole!" she ran over to Nicole once she was out of the hallway. She was absolutely stunning with her rainbow sequin dress for the party occasion. Her matching stilettos clapped against the hard floor until she made it across the room to her.

    "Your house is great, Nicole."

    "Thanks," she nodded and then from the corner of her eye, she saw Frank sipping on a bottle of beer across the room talking to Claudia. Ren let out a girly giggle and made Nicole focus back on her.

    "Your brother has some interesting looking friends. I'm glad I came."

    "Well, I'm glad I invited you. Let's get a drink," she grabbed her friend for the night's arm and pulled her over to the kitchen where beers and drink mixers were. Nicole decided on a few shots of vodka and a bottle of beer right then. Ren gave her an impressed look as she gulped down shot after shot for two straight minutes.

    "Are you all right?"
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    "I'm peachy," Nicole replied sarcastically as she let the bitter liquid burn down her throat. She begged for it to kick in smoothly as she took her beer and walked around. Ren followed her like a five year old. She was suddenly so interested in the quiet girl she once knew. That night, Nicole was a different person. For once, she was expressing her anger.

    It was an hour into the party. More people began to pile in until it was suddenly hard to move around anywhere. The body heat was so intense that people were passing out everywhere. Nicole was pushed out onto the deck, drunk as hell, and looking up at the stars. Very few people were out there. It was just her, the stars, and the occasional pre-fireworks show either way. She had drunken tunnel vision.

    "This is so f**ked up," she laughed at herself until she started coughing her lung out. Then that was continued with giggles.

    The stars looked so much like city lights above her. Her vision was brighter than usual, making everything seem so exaggerated in color and light.

    "Manning, Manny, Man, Manning," she heard a laugh come from out of nowhere. Her feet shifted around until she saw Frank standing there at the end of the back porch. He was sitting backwards on the wooden steps facing her, There were about four beer bottles around him. He was holding one of them as if he was dangling fish in front of a cat. Nicole walked over and bent to his level until she finally grasped hold of the beer.

    "What the f**k are you doing?" Frank forced himself up. It was too fast to gain knowledge of, so he tripped down a step, "What are you doing, Manning?"

    "Drinking beer," she laughed and took a swig. The drunken guy stepped carefully up the steps until he was back at normal level with her and snatched the beer bottle away. Nicole glared and pushed him, but he continued to drink his beer while laughing at her. He fell backwards against the house. She stumbled over to him and pressed herself against his body. Their faces barely touched.

    "Why do you play me, Iero?" she mumbled. Frank sighed, his breath smelling of bitter alcohol.

    "I'm scared," he whispered back, "Manning?"


    "I want to touch you," he gulped, "I want to."

    "You're so f**king drunk," she let out a laugh, but it was soon interrupted by Frank's lips sloppily kissing on hers. His tongue ran over her lip and then entered her mouth forcefully. When he let go, his eyes stared into hers.

    "f**k that and f**k me."


    Their backs rolled across the wall as they wrestled each other in the room anxiously. Their lips and teeth crashed into each other's a few times and ended up finally in Nicole's dark room. Before she could turn on a light, Frank's hand stopped her and made her ignore it.

    "We don't need light," he mumbled between kisses and moved her to the bed. It was all so gentle. Despite him being drunk, Nicole found his touch so gentle around her as they kissed each other. His hands moved through her hair. Their silhouettes traced around each other as they moved to the head of the bed. Nicole was on top of Frank as they continued kissing. His hands stayed there, cupping her face passionately.

    He moved her, holding her until he as then on top of her, breathless until his lips continued onto hers. She felt his hands moved down to her waist, making the opening to her pants flip open to show her matching black girl boxers underneath. Frank groaned at just the touch of them. Nicole smiled into their kiss, also feeling a slight bit dizzy, but she ignored it as his gentle touch moved down her shirt and vest just to unbutton them. His lips trailed down until they felt the touch of her black lace bra.

    "Nicole, you're so wonderful," he chuckled above her. He must have been looking up at her because he leaned down forward to kiss her again. His upper torso felt naked to her. He must have taken off his shirt. The feel of his chest and back was soft and exotically new to her. She must have felt something too new to her against her thigh, because she felt a sickness come to her. That wasn't new, though. She pushed forward, and Frank was out of the way for her to grab the small trash can by her bed to purge into. It was a disgusting bitter taste like no other before. She coughed and removed everything out before she got back to Frank, but she was too weak to even get up anymore. Instead, his arms moved around her to pick her up, but she stopped him.

    "No, Frank."

    But he didn't listen. His lips pressed against her neck and trailed down her back so he could pull the shirt off of her as he distracted her. Suddenly, she felt a sensation come over her that wasn't good. It was a strength but not a strength to continue on with Frank. She sat up, turned on the nearby desk light, and stared at him.

    "Frank, stop."

    He had a grin on his face, "Now you're awake."

    He laughed and continued kissing her down, trying to remove her shirt and vest away from her. Nicole closed her eyes and shook her head.

    "Frank, stop. This isn't right."

    "It's f**king right, now shut up," he was muffled by her neck. She moved her shoulder and then when he was facing her to refuse again, she struck her hand across his face.

    "Frank, f**king stop it!"

    His eyes were filled with shock as if she'd pointed a gun at him. Nicole was panting and burning up.

    "I don't think this is right. We're drunk, Frank--"

    The look of annoyance spread over his face as he found his shirt laying beside him. Instead of putting it on nicely, he threw it on inside out. He hopped off the bed and stumbled over to the door with his shoes in his hands.

    "I'm f**king tired of this--"

    "Can't we ever settle anything without you walking away?" she said loudly as he opened the door and walked out. When he heard the words, he walked back in fast and almost ran into her on the bed.

    "Can't we f**king settle anything without you getting freaked out over something stupid?"

    She, then, looked at him as if he'd shot her with that gun she pointed at him. She wanted to chase him after he left her for the millionth time, but she couldn't find it in her legs to move.


    Frank stomped down the hall and over to the front room where everyone sat watching the New Year's Eve event at Times Square in front of the TV. It was only ten more minutes until everything would happen: a new year and a new Frank. He wouldn't deal with Nicole's poop anymore. She'd broke his heart too many times over stupid things.

    "Frank, right?" he heard a girl's voice beside him as his eyes fixated on the bright colors of the TV set. He turned and looked at her. She was a tall, skinny girl with red hair. He'd once met her before, but he'd been to many of her parties: Ren.

    "I'm Ren," she smiled, extending her hand, "I couldn't help but to notice you were alone..."

    He smirked and nodded, but he ignored her hand and stepped backwards.

    "Sorry, I don't want to get into this tonight."

    Without seeing her reaction, Frank walked over to the front door and opened it to the freezing cold outside. He didn't care. He had grabbed his hoodie before and put it on himself before he got out there. The bass from the music inside was muffled where he was. Some people were just getting there, slamming the car doors to their "borrowed" parents' cars. The alarms beeped as they turned them on and walked to the garage entrance to the house. Frank wanted to feel sorry for Conner in the morning. He was going to be everyone's witch in the morning and have to clean.

    Instead of taking his bike, Frank continued to walk down the driveway and into the neighborhood. Nobody was out that night. It was like a ghost town. He needed some time to sober up, so he shoved his hands into his pockets and walked slowly down the sidewalk.

    He thought about how much he hurt her and she hurt him. Either way, they were both even. The way she treated him was just the way she ran away, just not literally. He didn't want to admit that to her, but he knew it was true. He wanted to forgive her, but he wanted to be angry and he wanted to run. It was just who he had been for the past few weeks.

    It was all a lie what he told Conner about being high for five days. The truth was that he'd been crying for five days. It was a vent for him. The reaction to when he last got high had caused him not to do it for a while, maybe never again. He didn't like the feeling of bursting into tears every time he lit up. Especially, he didn't want to burst into tears because of her.


    Nicole held her head as she sat in her room. She suddenly had gotten a headache from all of the loud music and yelling going out outside of her room. She'd moved from her bed to the floor with her knees pulled against her chest. Her room was still lit brightly by the light she turned on earlier. It was all because of Frank,

    She couldn't believe what she'd done to him. How could she have been so stupid to make him run away at the perfect time? Her mind didn't work right. She was so drunk going on sober that everything was mixed up. Her stomach hurt and there was a nasty taste in her mouth. Her shirt was still unbuttoned and warm with his touch. She had to stop thinking about him. He'd be back wouldn't he? It was just how Frank was, but it wasn't worth their friendship. Of course, their friendship was then on the rocks. It was gone. Kaput.

    Her bedroom door creaked open, but she didn't care to look who it was. Instead, she just curled up and closed her eyes.

    "Oh, sorry. I didn't know this room was being used. Are you with somebody?"

    The familiarity of the voice caused her to look up and see Gerard, Frank's bandmate standing there at the door. She shook her head and he tilted his head curiously.

    "Are you all right?"

    "No," her voice shook with her head, "I'm not."

    "Can I come in?" he opened the door more. She nodded and sniffled, making herself less tense than before as she watched him walk into the room and sit on her bed by the desk.
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    "What are you doing in here all alone?"

    "What else is there to do?" she fake smiled and got up to sit on the bed with him. He let out a laugh and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a small bag with a substance that she'd never seen full on before. It was cocaine, snow, blow, powder, whatever. She'd only seen it in movies.

    Gerard pulled out a razor and a dollar. He looked at her with a grin of his small teeth and brushed away one of his long black hairs.

    "You want to?"

    She shrugged and watched him cut it up into small lines on one of her school folders. It was rested on his lap. His face and eyes were fixated with concentration.

    "It's not coke," he wiped the razor to taste it, "It's just some pills I crushed up, but you want to anyway?"

    Nicole took the rolled up dollar from Gerard's hand and look at him. His hand began to stroke her back.

    "Go on. It's okay."

    She nodded innocently and closed one nostril with her finger and then put the dollar in her other. Her back bent down close to Gerard's lap and then without warning, she breathed in deeply through her nose, feeling the white crystals dance around in her head. She closed her eyes and began to freak out. Her muscles clenched and she couldn't move.

    "Just take it in, Nikki," he whispered seductively and his hands moved to the crotch of her jeans, "Come on."

    "Oh god," she barely whispered and tried to get the substance out of her nostril, "Oh god, get it out!"


    "Oh my god," she began to cry out of control as she tried breathing it out. Gerard stood up, knocking the magazine off his knees and getting down on them to look at Nicole bent over.


    All she kept repeating was her cries and yells. Gerard tried touching her and seeing what was the matter, but she wouldn't let him.

    "Someone call an ambulance!" Gerard yelled over the other yells of the countdown to midnight. Nicole's heart was racing and beating against her chest as she sobbed loudly and failed to get whatever was stuck up her nose out. It began to bleed and she began to feel week. Gerard was freaking out and still yelling, but no one would pay any mind. All that was last hear by Nicole was the constant yells and cheers at the landing of the new year.


    As Frank was still walking down the road opposite the direction of where he came from, he continued to keep his head down to think. It was so cold out, as if his toes were going to freeze off. His breath could be seen in front of him as white air. He wanted to go back yet he didn't. There was just too much noise in his head; sounds of sirens and yells coming from inside the houses filled the streets as soon as midnight struck. One of those sirens came closer and suddenly sped by him, knocking him down on the sidewalk as it struck and overwhelmed him.

    His eyes widened as he saw it drive into the driveway far down the street where he'd come from. Suddenly, he felt his feet jump in midair and race back to that house. He could barely breathe, and he cursed himself for smoking so much. Forcing his legs to take him faster, he ran down the sidewalk as if he was being chased for his life. The louder he grunted and groaned in pain, the more pressure he fought himself to go faster until he couldn't bear to stop himself.

    Frank tripped on the curb as he turned and stopped to the side of the Manning driveway to spy a bunch of people crowded around the emergency vehicle and someone being rolled on a stretcher. Conner was pushing through the groups of people to get to it and finally talked to a paramedic. The next thing he knew, Conner was jumping inside the ambulance. Frank was busy catching his breath to see who was in there with Conner when it passed. Instead, he walked, holding the cramp at the side of his stomach until the pain lessened. Many guests he'd seen at the party all began to exit the driveway, leaving their cars there until the morning would come. He continued on, though, making his way to the garage entrance and finding himself in the most quietest room of the Manning house he'd seen. There were still some party lingers, but they whispered quietly and followed Frank's eyes as he walked across the room.

    His hand gripped the doorframe to the trashed living room. There were streamers all around and some confetti on the floor. The TV in the room was of some New Year's movie special going on. He seemed to pay no mind to it as he made his way past the mess and down the hall back to Nicole's room. Claudia was walking around frantically, holding a bag and stuffing clothes into it.

    "Claudia?" he scratched his head, handing her a striped sweater sitting folded on the bed. The girl digging in Nicole's drawer jumped when she saw him and then let out a sigh.

    "God, Frank, you scared me," she gulped and then took the sweater, "Where have you been?"

    "I had to take a walk," his eyes followed her feet to help make the bed he was once in with Nicole. Claudia wiped the hair out of her face and the runny makeup. Frank tilted his head curiously.

    "What's going on?"

    She stopped, her face turning white when she looked at him, "You don't know?"

    His heart stopped and he shook his head.

    "Nicole got taken to the hospital, Frank. Something happened."

    There was a pause between them.


    "She hooked up with some guy. I don't know who he was, but he got her to do some bad poop and now everything's a mess."

    "poop," he muttered and then kicked a stray folder on the floor, "poop!"

    "Frank, stop," Claudia shook her head and then put the bag over her shoulder as she walked out of the room. Frank followed her down to the front den and stopped when she turned around.

    "You can't come."

    His eyebrows narrowed, "Why?"

    "Conner's going to f**king kill you when he sees you, Frank!"

    "Why me?"

    "Because he knows what you and Nicole have been up to," she sighed, "Don't you think he'd be the least bit curious to why she ended up to this?"

    "But it's not my fault!" he yelled and grabbed her arm just as she was about to walk away.

    "Please, Claudia. I have to see her. You don't know what we've been up to, but I'm telling you it's nothing to do with drugs. You've got to believe me."

    Conner's girlfriend sighed and stared into his eyes to make sure he wasn't lying. Frank swallowed with anticipation, and his heart rate rose when she let out an understanding sigh.

    "All right, but don't blame me when he kicks your butt. Come on."


    "You're going too slow. Go faster," Frank was sweating his skin off as he rode in the car with Claudia. The heat was running on high and he was starting to feel lightheaded. He didn't care, though, because all he wanted to do was get to the hospital. The only thing in his way was Claudia's granny driving.

    "I'm going as fast as I can, Frank--"

    "We'll you're going to slow!"

    "Shut up, Frank! Do you want us to get pulled. Then we won't be able to get to the hospital--"
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    "Just drive f**king faster!" he yelled as loud as he could and then suddenly silenced, pressing his head against the glass window. He kept his eyes closed until he felt it slow down even more. When he raised his head to see where they were, they were right at the entrance of the hospital. Quickly, he unbuckled the seatbelt and opened the door while the vehicle was still moving. Claudia was yelling for him to come back, but he really didn't listen. All he knew was that he was going to find Nicole no matter what. Even if he had to kill Conner to get by him.

    Frank tripped over his feet several times until he saw Conner standing at the mid section of the hall where the waiting rooms were. He slowed up his pace as he passed a doctor and a nurse conversing together. Then he started going faster and faster and finally past Conner. He thought he'd be home free to find her room, but he then felt a strong grip on his shoulder. Forced to step backwards, almost falling on his back, he caught himself facing Conner.

    Nicole's brother's face was red with fury to match the eyes he'd been crying with. His hair was a mess of strings falling down his face and he gritted his teeth, trying to hold in his yells.

    "You can't go in, Iero."


    "Don't act all buddy to me, you f**ker," he said tensely, "All these years I've taken you in."

    Frank paused and looked up at Conner as soon as he was pushed backwards almost into a chair. He gripped the armrest and leaned forward to keep his balance, but Conner didn't stop. The collar of his shirt was then gripped and then thrown to the opposite of the hall where he'd been before. Frank threw his fist quickly at him before he fell. There was the feel of blood crawling between his fingers afterwards. When he got up, Conner grabbed both his shoulders and pushed him down. Before he could make his next move, Claudia's shouts came running down the hall.

    "Conner, stop it! Stop it!"

    Her voice came near. Frank opened his eyes to see his friend pulled off of him. Then, it was his chance to move. He quickly got up to face the both of them. Claudia was holding Conner. They both sat on the floor. She cradled her boyfriend back and forth as he cried in her arms.

    "Go, Frank," she sighed and petted Conner's hair gently, revealing the ring he'd given her for Christmas. It made Frank's heart drop. He gulped it down and sighed weakly. She continued to shout at him.

    "Frank, just go! Four doors down!"

    He nodded and tripped over his feet once again as he quickly made it four doors down the lonely hallway. Not even doctors were running around. When he finally reached Nicole's room, he had to strengthen himself. He ran his hands through his hair and straightened his shirt. He let out a deep breath before he placed his hand on the doorknob and turned it. Once he was in the room, he pressed his forehead on the door before turning around and looking at her. His eyes widened.

    The room was dark, only lit by the white light above Nicole's bed. Underneath that light was her, resting in the bed peacefully. Though she looked it, it didn't stop Frank from feeling pain for her. As he walked closer, he noticed that she was wearing a hospital gown. Her hair was messed with tangles and there were bloodstains on underneath her nose. Frank grabbed a tissue from beside the bed and wiped it off for her. It was a wonder why no one had done it before. Before he removed his hand from her face, he gently caressed down her cheek and sighed deeply and shakily. He found himself falling down on his knees, leaving his hand to drop on hers. He gripped it tightly and rubbed it. She shouldn't' have been like this. It was like she was being held hostage by tubes and IVs everywhere. His eyes scanned the room at charts, the curtained window and the machines going on. The room was like a bad dream. He never expected Nicole to be in this situation, only himself.

    When he let go of her hand, he wiped the corner of his mouth and stood up. He walked over to the window and uncovered it. The lights of the city lit upon his face like it was Vegas. But no, it was only the clubs they'd been to get drunk, the alleys they found themselves cuddling in, the streetlights they'd stood under. It all made his heartbeat rise and his breathing shorten. He looked back at her. Her eyes were closed gently into her sleep and her head was turned towards the window. Frank walked back over to her and sat on his knees again. He leaned forward and rubbed his nose with hers. Then he shifted his head and kissed her upper lip gently. He wiped the stray hairs away from her face and used his fingers as a brush to make it look nicer.

    "You're not supposed to end up like this, Nicole," he tried to smile and pretend it was fine, like she was conscious. To make himself better, he slid himself into the hospital bed with her. His arms wrapped around her frail body and he held her close. It was strange not seeing her react to him touching her and it was strange not seeing her react to something she hated. His legs curled up at the end of the bed, and he got comfortable beside her.

    "Nicole," he whispered, pressing his nose against hers, "Please wake up."

    She showed nothing on her face to reassure him that she was going to be okay. Instead, she just lay there, making Frank want to cry. He did, and when he did, he held her even closer to him as he sobbed himself to sleep.

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    Frank practically jumped up at the calling of his name, hoping it was Nicole, but it wasn't. She'd barely moved since he'd fallen asleep. The look of the room was brighter, more alive than earlier that morning. There were flowers in a vase beside him. They were vibrant pinks and purples. He'd never seen such pink tulips in his life. Before he could reach out and touch them, someone cleared their throat in front of the bed. He looked up and realized that everyone was in the room. A doctors, a nurse, Conner, Claudia, and then the familiar faces of Nicole's parents all stood in front of them. Her dad didn't look happy with him as he crossed his arms over his chest. He was a big burly man with a mustache and a tropical shirt on from the cruise. They'd must have come home early.

    "Frank, you need to leave," Nicole's mother whispered, "I'm sorry, but I can't allow you in the room at this time."

    "Mrs. Manning--"

    "Frank, please." she pointed at the door. Frank gulped down the morning taste in his mouth and looked at Nicole. He slipped himself out of his bed and turned back to lean down and kiss Nicole on her cheek once more. Then he found himself scowling a everyone else in the room.

    "Just so you know, I had nothing to do with this--"

    "I don't care, Iero," the father said sternly as he watched as the doctor and nurse handled his daughter with a check up. Frank's eyes followed them as well, but Nicole's dad grabbed his jaw to face him.

    "Don't you dare touch my daughter again. Do you hear me?"

    "No, sir," he shook his head. He was faced with shocked eyes.

    "I know you're not deaf, Iero--"

    "I know I'm not, sir," he kept his anger down, "But I'm not leaving your daughter alone."

    "Just get out!" Conner pushed him outside of the room. Claudia ran over before he could do any damage and took her boyfriend by the shoulders.

    "Conner, calm down," she sighed in annoyance and looked at Frank, "You need a ride to Conner's? I know your bike's still there."

    "No," Frank shook his head and backed away from the room. Conner thrusted himself forward, but was refused by his girlfriend.

    "Good, because you're never going anywhere near my sister or my house ever again! Do you hear me straight, Iero?"

    He stuck his hands in his jacket pockets and to seal his tears, he began to run down the hospital hall until he couldn't anymore and he was breathless. Once he pressed the button to the elevator for the ground floor, he ignored the calls of anyone else wanting the elevator. Instead, he pressed the other button to close the doors faster. Once no one was in that little room, he let the tears flow down his cheeks freely. Just like the stains running down his face, he fell down to the floor and clenched his hands into fists. He ran them over his eyes to clear the tears and stood up once the doors had opened. Acting like nothing happened, he quickly made way to the exit doors and outside. The weather was cold and a small breeze blew by his moist cheeks. His feet stomped sternly on the ground one by one as he walked strongly with his back straight and chest puffed out. When he checked his watch, he realized how late in the morning it was. It was close to one in the afternoon, and he had a show to do, so he took a different turn from the city block.

    It took him a while until he finally reached the small alley he was looking for, but he walked into it and found the back way to the club. The door was unlocked, so he opened it and walked to the nearest room he could find. It was a small storage closet for spare amps and cords. He pulled the string above him to turn on the light bulb hanging on the ceiling. Once he could see, he walked over to the old dresser in front of him and dug around in the drawers. It was a nasty, unsanitary dresser. No wonder they'd put it there in the first place. It was full of old beer bottles and rodent droppings. Instead, he just threw out those drawers and dumped them all across the floor just to find what he was looking for. His hand moved across the bottom of the wood and finally found the sandwich bag of heaven he'd once hidden a couple days before for a time like that.

    He spread the items across the top of the dresser. Carefully taking care of his drug, he acted as if it was something sacred to him. Of course, he hadn't touched it in days. He rolled the paper and sealed the bag of the rest for later. Then he got out his lighter and finally got to taste the feel of what he'd been begging for all morning. The substance stung his throat, causing him to let out a few coughs as he pressed his back against the door of the closet. He looked at himself through the stained, cracked and dirty mirror, and he didn't like what he saw. Instead of reacting, he slid down to the floor and closed his eyes.


    Instead of going to the show like he'd promised, Frank found himself on the floor of his own bedroom. He just lay there on his back, stoned and out of it. His eyelids were too heavy to open and all he could ever think about was Nicole. Her smile just reflected out of his mind every few minutes, making him smoke a blunt every time he saw it. His throat burned and his hair was greasy. It was six o' clock that same night. The band's performance was about an hour before. He knew he'd be getting into a lot of trouble for it, but he really didn't care.

    It hurt to sit up, so Frank just opened his eyes barely and stared up at the ceiling. The early winter sunset was about to end into darkness. The neighborhood streetlights were all coming on and people were getting home from work. His room was dark, filled with no light but from the window.

    His bedroom door opened unexpectedly right in front of him. Gerard in his torn leather jacket and stringy hair walked in. He could recognize the sound from the tacky boots he wore. The band mate walked into the room and picked up an empty water bottle from the desk beside the door. He looked into it to check if anything was left in it. Frank swallowed and continued to look up.

    "What are you doing here?"

    "What are you not doing at the club an hour ago?" Gerard replied, turning on the ceiling light. Frank sat up to protect his burning eyes and got back up on his feet for the first time that evening.

    "It doesn't matter," he mumbled and walked over to his nightstand, "How was it?

    "Ray had to cut his solos."

    "Sorry for him," he said unenthused as he rolled another joint, licking the ends of the paper and folding it. There came a sigh from his friend behind him. He avoided it and decided to sit on his bed as he searched his pockets for his lighter. It was nowhere to be found, so his mind began to play paranoid tricks on him.

    "poop, where is it?" he sat up and circled around, "Where the f**k is it?"

    His hands felt all around his nightstand, dropping everything on the floor and causing a water glass to break on the floor. It didn't phase him as he just ran around the room, digging under clothes and emptying the trash. By the time he'd checked everywhere, his room was a pathetic mess he'd have to remember to clean. Then he heard a clicking that made him look toward Gerard. He was just standing there at the door like he'd always been, clicking his lighter with the vibrant flame that made Frank hungry for his drug even more.

    "Give me it," he breathed out desperately.

    "Not until you tell me what's wrong."

    "That will ruin my buzz. Now given me my f**king lighter god damn it!"

    "You'll get your lighter," Gerard said as he made his way to the edge of the bed where Frank was, continuing to click the lighter on and off. Frank knew his friend was teasing him, but he needed that lighter so much, it hurt in his gut.

    "Gerard, please."

    "Nope," he shook his head and held it in his pocket, "Tell me."
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    Frank sighed and rubbed the back of his neck as he looked down, "It's Nicole..."

    "Sorry, I don't speak mumble."

    "It's Nicole Manning, okay?" he yelled, standing up in front of his friend, "Now give me my f**king lighter!"

    "Is this Frank in love? I think so!" Gerard laughed with a big grin, but he still refused the lighter. Frank was beginning to get impatient. His mind started wandering as he stumbled back and forth across the room.

    "She's in the hospital and it's my fault...or partially. I don't know, but I ditched her, and she met some guy at her party and--"

    Gerard's eyebrow raised, "Wait, who is this girl?"

    Frank stopped and stared at his friend, "You've met her quite a few times, Gerard."

    Gerard's eyes went from low to wide as he suddenly looked like he came into realization of something. Frank stepped forward, curious of his friend's thoughts.

    "You have met her."

    "I know. I remember," he said shakily, causing Frank to become more worried something was up.

    "Were you at the party last night?"

    There was a pause between them. Gerard looked up at him innocently and put his hands up.

    "I swear I didn't mean to, Frank. I'm so sorry, but she had it coming."


    "The chick drank, popped pills, did crazy poop at Ren's house. She had it coming for her. Don't say you don't know about her. If you're so f**king in love with her, you should have known that, Frank."

    He stood there in shock, suddenly not wanting his lighter or anything at that moment. But then something came over him. It was something that made him grab the nearest pillow and tackle Gerard with it. He jumped on Gerard, holding the pillow over his friend's face. He grunted and fought with him as they both fell onto the floor. Gerard yelled under the pillow and tried pushing Frank off of him, but for some reason he continued to grip his legs around him.

    "I hate you! I hope you f**king die!" Frank yelled, sobbing and pushing the pillow harder on his friend. Then, he felt himself become terrible and weak. That feeling in his gut became worse, so he fell on the floor, panting hard and whimpering in pain. Gerard threw the pillow off of him and stood up.

    "You're f**king crazy, man!"

    Frank couldn't comprehend what Gerard was saying. His ears were plugged, and he could barely breath from crying. He could feel the color flowing away from his face and all down to his stomach where everything else was. It was the feeling of wanting to puke, but instead, he just let it all out in tears.

    Gerard got on his knees and put his hand over Frank's forehead. His hand was cold, but felt so good against his burning skin.

    "You're sick, man," Gerard said quietly, "You need some help, right now."

    All he could do was nod in the middle of his sobs and sit up, holding his tight chest. Gerard put hid arms around him and let out a big sigh.

    "You need to get out of this, Frank. We need to get that marijuana out of you."

    Frank sobbed on his friends shoulder and nodded in agreement, finally coming to realization of his problem.


    Nicole stood in the middle of her room. It had changed since almost four months before. Everything had been redecorated from the furniture to the curtains. Things had been rearranged and her dresser was cleaned off. She got up from sitting on the new soft white carpet over to the familiar vase that held a certain flower months before. Of course, it was long gone, but that vase brought back so much in a matter of two seconds.

    After waking up two days after New Year's, she soon went into rehab. She had finally come to admit her problem to drinking, pill popping, and everything else. Once she was cleared of everything and clean, it was time to get back home to her regular life again. Of course, it wasn't regular. Everything had changed. Her hair was layered and chopped to her neck. That day it was pulled back into a ponytail because of the warm weather. Her clothes and room were different and her rose was gone.

    At the mention or even thought of Frank made her mind wander. He hadn't visited her at any time during hospital or rehab. From the words said to her by her parents, he ran from them. They told him not to see her anymore. She had to get to that point where she would be sitting in a phone booth at the rehab center waiting to dial his number to realize that she wasn't going to see him anymore. The doctor's and her parents told her that he was the reason for all of it, but it really wasn't. It wasn't anyone's but her own. Still, the thought of Frank made her hurt inside. She wasn't sure if it was out of anger or pain. Either way, it still had a dreadful effect on her.

    Nicole started feeling lightheaded, so she opened the window to let in some spring sun and coolness. She sat on the window frame and let one foot dangle outside. There was a small light breeze that blew by her face as she looked down and cleaned the dirt from under her fingernails.


    Nicole looked out her window in the direction of her front yard to see a familiar face that made her heart leap. He was just standing there with a gray hood over his head and a backpack strapped on his back. She got up from the window frame and lifted herself back into her room to lean over the edge. He was walking over toward the window willingly.

    "Do you mind helping a guy out?"

    She didn't speak. All she did was clear her throat and adjust her small ponytail on the back of her head. Frank continued.

    "I left my bike here back in December. Mind if you get it out of the shed for me?"

    Without speaking once again, Nicole walked quickly out of her room, down the hallway and over to the front door. When she opened it, she met face to face with Frank standing there, holding the straps of his backpack as he held a nice grin on his face. Nicole acted like he ignored it and walked past him and over to the shed by the garage. Frank was walking slowly behind her and finally met up with her as she was searching for the key. It wasn't in its regular space where it had been before. Her parents must have moved it.
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    "It's under the frog right here," Frank leaned down and picked up the heavy stone frog and got the key from under it. When he stood up, the gray hood fell off of his head, revealing his normally styled hair. It was same as before, only washed and less greasy. He gave the key to her without another word. She looked at him curiously.

    "Why didn't you just get your bike by yourself?"

    He began to blush, "So I could talk to you."

    Nicole gulped and turned to the door again to open it. The shed was cleaned and warmer than outside. The only item put aside was Frank's familiar bike. She walked over and kicked the stand so it would move better and rolled it over to Frank, who was still standing outside.

    When she got out there, she looked up and found him standing on a small object: a razor scooter. Her head tilted curiously at first, but when he looked up, she pretended like she didn't notice and gave the bike to him.

    "I guess you better leave now," she cleared her throat and began to walk. She was suddenly stopped by Frank grabbed her arm and walking over to her.

    "I'm sorry, Nicole," he whispered, "I'm sorry for what I did to you, but your attitude didn't help either. We were both screwed up."

    Nicole nodded, "I'm sorry, too."

    "See, that's a good thing now. You see it?" he said happy, grabbing both her hands together and having a huge grin on his face with his eyebrows raised. She found the look funny and let out a laugh.


    "We're both sober," he said simply, "We're both clean and we have no stupid poop between us...just this space."

    Nicole looked down at the open gap between them. Her steps were slow and cautious as she lifted one foot forward and then the other, closer to him. Frank was biting his lip nervously as they just both faced each other. She was nervous, too. Her heart was fluttering and her skin felt tight against her body.

    "I really like you, still, Frank."

    "Me, too," he said closely, leaning in and kissing her softly, "I missed you so much."

    "I missed you, too," she agreed, her voice shaking. Frank kissed her again and pressed his forehead against hers.

    "Don't cry. You don't need to."

    She nodded and looked at him. He grinned, showing teeth, and he picked up his bike and rolled her scooter over to her.

    "Want to go for a ride with me, little lady?"

    Nicole laughed and took the handles to the scooter. She mounted it and began to roll in circles around him.

    "Come on, Frank!"

    Frank got up on his bike and noticed that Nicole had already rolled halfway down the driveway. He quickly caught up on his bike and finally lined up with her. They turned out of the driveway and zigzagged each other down the neighborhood street.
  19. That's really good.
    there's more, right?
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    I haven't read it all 'cause i'm off to bed now but it is great so far as the third on love it
    I'll read the rest tomorrow :roll:
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