It's Fun To Fake Romance

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    It's Fun To Fake Romance
    Rating: 15+
    Characters: Gerard Way, OFC
    Disclaimer: I don't own any of the members of MCR or Avenged Sevenfold. This story is completly fictional.
    Summary: Gerard meets Gina, a girl working at the same company as him. They soon fall for each other and start up and affair. Gerard leave his current girlfriend for Gina, but then must quickly leave for My Chemical Romance. Will there love survive? Or will it fall?
    Index: Page 1; Ch. 1
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    My legs shook as I walked by his desk. He sat hunched over drawing, he hid his hazel eyes behind a curtain of black bangs. His flanel shirt hung loosly around his large body, he wasn't fat, but he wasn't skinny. I watched curiously as he scribbled notes and then would return to drawing a monkey of some sort. I sat myself on the edge of his desk, rocking back and forth watching him. He had on a tight pair of blue jeans and black boots, he was humming a song I didn't recognize. I turned slightly, looking at a picture of him and a little blonde girl, his arm was around her waist and they were both smiling. Oh, how I wished I was that girl, in his loving arms, smiling, just being with him.

    "Wattcha doin' Gee-na?" I heard his harmonous voice call casually, adding emphasis on my name. I turned quickly, embarassed that he caught me looking threw his things.

    "Oh, nothing, just got bored... wattcha drawin' Ger-ard?" I asked turning to look at his face laughing lighty. He was smiling at me, his pencil tucked behind his ear, with a lock of his black hair.

    "Promise not to tell." he giggled, sticking out his pinkie. I wrapped my pinkie around his, smiling back.

    "Promise." I chuckled, looking over his shoudler.

    "Breakfast Monkey." he laughed showing me his drawing. It was amazing, he smiled up at me, proud of his work.

    "Nice." I smiled back, turning to walk away.

    "Wait." He grabbed my arm, my heart fluttered at his touch.

    "Hm?" I turned back looking at him, pretending he had no affect on me.

    "Wanna have lunch with me?" he pleaded looking up in to my eyes, I felt as if he was looking in to my soul, searching for something deeper within me. I had to look away, but I still answered.

    "Sure." I replied, he stood up, dropping my hand and grabbed his torn leather jacket, throwing it over his shoudlers. I watched him out of the corner of my eye, he was so strange, mysterious, but I loved it. He walked and talked with so much confidence, but yet, he knew he had none. Just by looking in to his eyes, you could see no one believed in him. He need someone, someone like me.
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    I love this so far.


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    I love it so far. They already sound cute together.

    Looking forward to more.
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    This is great so far!

    They already sound like a cute couple and they're not even together yet xD.

    I can't wait for more :)
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    Aw, sounds sweet. :) I love it
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    I really like this already.
    Great start.
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    Chapter 2

    We walked down the street together in the cold winter weather. Snow started to drop silently from the sky, little, fluffly, white flakes sprinkled across our heads and blew across our faces.

    "So, when are ya gonna show 'em your new cartoon?" I asked, tilting my head and looking at Gerard. He looked back smiling, the small flakes of snow sticking to his black hair.

    "Not sure... hopefully soon...once I get a story line started." he turned back to looking at the sideway, the wind blowing aganist us.

    We finally made it to McDonalds where we huddled at the back of the line. The door was held open by people waiting to get inside during the lunch rush. Wind blew traces of snow across the tiled floor as we slowly made our way to the front of the line. The cashier smiled up at Gerard, blushing as she asked what he wanted.

    "Hm... I'm thinkin' coffee...burger and we could share fries?" he smiled turning to me. "My treat, might I add."

    "Thanks.. I'm thinkin' I'm gonna get the same." he smiled, taking his wallet out of his back pocket and pulling out a twenty. He handed it to the cashier as she handed us our bag of food, giving me a dirty look. I rolled my eyes without Gerard seeing and followed behind him to a little booth. He sat down across from me, taking out of food and handing me mine.

    "So," he took a bite out of a french fry, "what exactly do you do? I mean, we are like best friends and known each other for what... a year now... but what do you do over there in the 'real world'" he spoke, taking another fry. I sipped my coffee before answering.

    "Same as you... I draw cartoons, pitch my ideas and usually get declined." I laughed taking a fry out of Gerards fingers and eatting it. He opened his mouth pretending he was shocked and took another fry, throwing it at me.

    "I want to know more about my bestest friend." he laughed, "So, full name, age, background...spill it." he leaned backwards crossing his arms.

    "Gina Marie Beckem. Twenty years old, grew up over in Jersey, older sister.... Katelyn. You?" I asked. I jumped as he leaned back forward, his foot brushing aganist my leg.

    "Gerard Arthur Way. Twenty-one years old, Jersey, younger brother...Mikey. Anything else?" he smirked, leaning back again.

    "Part of Jersey? Favorite band? Girlfriend?" I asked leaning closer to him.

    "Belleville. Too many, but I do like Iron Maiden. Girlfriend...not sure... I might." he winked leaning closer to me, "Why do you ask?"

    "Cause... maybe.. I'm interested" we both leaned closer to each other, just as the cashier from before walked by, pretending to trip, spilling soda all over me. I jumped up, screaming, Gerard jumped up grabbing my hand.

    "What the f**k!" he yelled at the girl. She blushed, batting her eyes.

    "Ooop, it was an accident." she giggled, starring at Gerard.

    "Well.. and accident... well thats different." I looked at Gerard in shock, he winked, picking up our fries. He 'dropped' them on the cashiers head smiling, "Ooop, it was an accident." he laughed, taking my hand in his and walking out of the place.
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    These two are just so cute together.

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