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    Rating: 15

    summary: Frank thinks hes pregnant

    Main Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way

    Genre: comedy drama

    Disclaimer: I own only the story line

    WARNING: This disses the whole creepy mpreg thing xD

    “Okay, Frank, what is it that is so vital that you had to awake me at 3 in the f**king morning and force me out in this f**king cold?” asked a grumpy Gerard, groggy from just waking up.
    “I have something very important to tell you” Frank said in a serious tone.
    “NO poop, Sherlock, it better be.” The singer warned, his eyes narrowing at his small, uncomfortable looking friend.
    Frank knew better than anyone that you shouldn’t wake a sleeping Gerard. The dark haired singer had been suffering with insomnia for the past year, and so far the problem had increased, unlike what the doctor had predicted 7 months previous to the current moment. Instead, the orange haired boy had forced him out of bed and outside the dark tour bus, both of them dressed in jeans and nothing more; just their blankets to keep their torsos from getting frost bite from the horrid late autumn night air.
    “Well, remember a few weeks ago…” Frank’s voice trailed off.
    “Well, actually I’m not quite sure I do. Thanks to the amount of LSD and coke I’ve snorted in the past 3 months, I doubt I can even remember what I had for breakfast this morning…” Gerard huffed
    “A can of lager and 3 fags”
    “Thanks dude”
    “And a blowjob from Ray”
    “f**k off; I haven’t snorted that much coke…”
    Frank laughed at his own comedy before going back to being serious and nervous.
    “Gerard… You know we had sex about 6 weeks ago?” he choked out.
    Gerard raised an uninterested eyebrow “Yep”
    Frank became silent again, and fiddled with his batman belt buckle awkwardly.
    “What’s wrong?” Gerard finally asked “Did little Frankie miss his period?”
    Gerard’s laugh filled the air, lightening the whole situation for himself, but making more frightening for Frank.
    “You could say that…” Frank rubbed the back of neck “God, you’re not going to believe this.”
    Frank couldn’t even look his friend in the eye. Just one night of drunken sex and now he’s in this situation? God must hate him…
    “But…” his voice trailed off again “but…”
    “But what Frank?” barked an agitated Gerard. His face softened as he looked properly at the frightened 20 year old “Frank have you got something?”
    “Kind of…”
    “You can be suggestion I gave you some disease…”
    “No, not that!” Frank panicked shaking his head franticly.
    “Gerard, please believe me when I say this, but… I think I’m pregnant”
    Gerard’s face was expressionless.
    “Right… So, you woke me up from the best sleep I’ve had compared to the last 3 months, to try and see if I’m gullible?”
    “I’m serious Gerard. I really think I might be”
    “I’ve got the symptoms! All of them, Gerard!”
    “Those symptoms in a man just mean he’s got a stomach bug.” Gerard sighed tiredly “I’m going back to bed now”
    “Gerard please, I’m not kidding-“
    “Then you stupid then.”
    “Fine! Look, I got Brian to book me an appointment with a doctor when we get back in Belleville tomorrow. I dare you to come and see that I am bloody right!”
    “Fine” Gerard shrugged “I love a good laugh…”

    The next day came shortly. Matt, the band’s drummer, got up at half 5 in the morning and started driving again. Ray got up from his bunk a little before 7, and Mikey followed half an hour later. Frank and Gerard remained in bed. Gerard had been awake since Frank had interrupted his sleep, and had spent 5 hours just lying there, dozing off every now and again but not actually sleeping, before giving up all together at 8.
    Frank got up at 10, 40 minutes before they arrived home. Ray dropped Gerard at his parent’s house, Matt at his girlfriends, and Frank and Mikey at their apartment building.
    Mikey went to his room to unpack his stuff, while Frank headed to the kitchen phone and phoned Gerard.
    “Hello?” came the woman’s voice from the other end
    “Hello Donna, it’s Frank here, may I speak to Gerard quickly”
    “Of course sweetie. Jesus, you’ve only been away from minutes and you’re already phoning each other!” giggled Gerard’s mother.
    Frank heard Donna call to Gerard, followed by Gerard calling back ‘coming now!’.
    The next thing Frank heard was a door slamming and Gerard mumbling to his mother ‘thanks’.
    “hey Gee”
    “yeah, I was wondering if you were still coming to the hospital with me today?”
    “Seriously Frank give up this joke, it’s a really bad one.”
    “So you’re not going?”
    “Of course not, Jesus! Look, if something is really wrong with you, then I’m here for you, but what you are suggestion it bull. Bye beb” Gerard put the phone down.
    Frank stood in his kitchen, staring at the receiver, before breaking down in tears. His knees gave in on him and he feel to the floor in tears. He pulled his knees under his chin, covered his face with his hands and wailed in sorrow over Gerard’s rejection of him and their possible baby.
    It wasn’t long until Mikey bounded into the room in fright.

    “What is it? What’s wrong? Why the hell are you crying?” he panicked.

    “Gerard…” Frank croaked
    “What about him…”
    “He won’t go to the hospital with me…” Frank sobbed. Mikey became silent, confused to why Frank would need Gerard with him to see a doctor. “It’s his bloody fault that I even need to go” Frank cried, falling on his side and hugging himself in a foetal position.
    Mikey stared at him. He racked his brains for what Frank could mean, but no sure answer came. The only one he could think of was the fact that Gerard had been a bit violent lately due to drugs, alcohol and lack of sleep. Had Gerard, his own big brother, beat up or hurt Frank, his best friend? It was the most logical idea there. Whatever it was, it had to be pretty bad to make someone like Frank Iero actually cry!
    Mikey helped Frank up, and took him to his bedroom and told him to lie down. He put on the CD player and put a Greenday CD on then left the room, closing the door behind him. Frank stuffed his head into his pillow and cried harder. Damn his hormones…

    Mikey picked up the telephone and punched in the number for his parent’s house.
    “Frank, stop callin-“bellowing Gerard’s voice down the phone
    “No, Gerard. This is Michael you bastard!”
    “Mikey, what the hell? Why are you pissed at me?”
    “I’m the one who’s asking the questions! Not you-“
    “Okay… Shesh”
    “Don’t you f**king dare get cocky with me! You know what? I’m not gunna ask questions; I’m going to give you one order and I want you to f**king follow it!” Mikey growled down the phone before raising his tone “Go to the hospital with Frank!”
    “For f**ks sake, Mikey! He’s lying, it isn’t even possible! You can’t seriously believe him!” argued Gerard, his blood boiled at his brother’s stupidity
    “What I can’t believe is that you’d that to him!” Mikey yelled back, even though he didn’t know exactly what ‘that’ was…
    The brothers carried on arguing until Mikey finally ended it by yelling loudly down the phone-
    “Go with Frankie to the bloody hospital and face what you’ve bloody well done you chicken!” and hanging up the phone…

    Frank hugged his pillow closer to him as he stretched his arm out and turned his clock round so he could read it. 11:57. He sighed and whipped away the tears from his eyes and got up. His doctor’s appointment was at half 12, so he guessed he better head of about then. I looked in the mirror and sighed, before digging through his suitcase for his make-up. He threw dirty t shirts and ripped jeans out of his bag until he came across his desired items- eyeliner and foundation. He wasn’t a big one for foundation, but if you want to save your dignity from the world by not letting them know you’ve just sobbed your f**king eyes out, you sort have to be prepared to use foundation.
    He put the foundation round his eyes and cheeks to hide the redness, and finished it off with the eyeliner. He took a deep breath, before digging about in his back pocket for his car keys. He opened his bedroom door and immediately came face to face with a very annoyed looking Gerard. Gerard held up his own car keys with his thumb and index finger.
    “Let’s go” he ordered.
    Gerard turned away from and head towards the door. He turned round half way to look at Frank, who was just standing there, unsure of what to do.
    “Come on!” Gerard said agitatedly.
    Frank shook himself before following Gerard out the door. Mikey watched them from the living room door. Mikey argued with himself mentally about whether he should sky on them or not. He decided not to joke to conclusions, and just stay home; even though curiosity was driving him crazy.

    “You happy now?! I’m playing your little game, ‘kay?” Gerard blurted half way through the drive to the hospital.
    “How many times do I have to tell you; it’s not a f**king game!”
    “Oh, come on, seriously?”
    Frank snorted at him and stared out the window. He’d never understand…

    20 minutes later, the two were in the waiting room for the doctor. Neither of them was speaking to each other and both had different emotions. Frank was frightened and worried, Gerard was just plain annoyed.
    “Frank Iero to Dr.Marsh’s office” yelled a lady through the speakers.
    Gerard and Frank got up from their seats and Frank led them to the office.
    “Hello Frank!” Greeted the doctor “what can I do for you today?”
    “I think I’m pregnant” Frank blurted out, taking a seat in front of Dr. Marsh.
    The doctor became silent and stared at him for a moment. “You mean you’ve been suffering with the same things a woman does when she is pregnant?”
    “Right, can you list them please?” Dr Marsh said, turning towards his computer
    “Sick in the mornings, either actually throwing up or just feeling ill around my abdomen area, headaches, the smell of toast makes me sick, I’ve been craving sugary substances, pain in my hips, hormones seem to be crazy since I’ve actually been crying, which is a rarity for me I can assure you.”
    “okay then.” The doctor grunted as he finished typing. “Can I take some of your blood please?”
    Frank nodded, and allowed the doctor to place him arm on a pillow, put a tightening strap round his forearm before getting out the needle.
    Gerard turned away from the sight as his stomach heaved. He’d always had a thing about needles…
    “Okay, thank you. If you and er-“
    “Gerard. Just a friend here for support” Gerard told him.
    The doctor nodded “would sit outside for a few minutes. I’m going to gives these to a nurse and they’ll do some tests quickly, is that alright”

    “of course!” Frank smiled.
    The two headed back out into the waiting area.
    “See. He believed me” Frank smirked
    “No… He believes something is wrong with you, not that your some kind of hermaphrodite…” Gerard stated with a sigh.
    “Oh, shut up…”
    The two only had to wait 10 minutes before the doctor called them back in.
    “Frank-“ the doctor began when they were back in his office “What did you think was wrong you?”
    “I think I’m pregnant.”
    “I can feel it”
    “Well…” the doctor sighed “I can safely say that you are very wrong indeed. Your blood is filled with drugs. All these symptoms are just from your drug abuse.”
    Frank stared at him before turning to Gerard. Gerard’s face was painted with a horrible grin before he burst out laughing.
    “You idiot!” he cackled “I can’t believe you-oh god- thought you were- poop…” he choked between his laughs,
    He stood up, still laughing and turned to his young friend “See you on tour! I really will knock you up…”

    This was writing because I had nothing better to do plsu Mpreg creeps me out. It's not great, I've written better I admit.

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