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    Chapter 1= below
    chapter 2&3&4= page 1
    chapter 5&6= page 2
    chapter 7= page 4
    chapter 8= page 6
    chapter 9& 10= page 7
    chapter 11&12= page 8
    chapter 13= page 9
    chapter 14= page 10
    chapter 15= page 12
    chapter 16= page 14
    chapter 17= page 17
    chapter 18= page 18
    chapter 19= page 21
    chapter 20= page 22
    chapter 21(parts 1&2)= page 26
    chapter 22= page 27
    chapter 23= page 28
    chapter 24= page 30
    chapter 25= page 33
    chapter 26= page 35
    chapter 27= page 36
    chapter 28=page 37
    chapter 29=page 38

    Hey, this is my first fan fiction, I hope you like it and comment:). It's based off a dream i had once.

    Chapter one

    “Do we have to go, why can’t I just stay here?†Maddy moaned at her mum. She had just been informed that they – they being Maddy, her mum and Logan her little brother – were moving to New Jersey all because her mum ‘couldn’t live here anymore.’ It was always like this. Her mum would ‘fall in love’ with a place, see another place she liked more and move all over again. Maddy gave up trying to make friends, if she wanted to she could but it would only make the Goodbyes harder.

    “Well it’s not like you have any friends here so you won’t miss any-one.†Her mother replied.

    “I only don’t have friends because I choose not to being that we move every 4 months.†Logan walked into the battle zone and piped up “So we’re leaving again huh, I’ll go pack.†Maddy glared at her little brother. He was five, almost six, years younger than her and a royal pain. She stormed off upstairs and jammed her possessions into one suitcase before picking up her laptop and saying goodbye to her room. Saying goodbye to her room had become a tradition now that she had no friends to say goodbye to. She would have stayed behind long ago except for two key things: she wasn’t old enough and she had no-where to stay anyway so she continued the torture of travelling with her mother.

    The journey there was torture; she really wasn’t looking forward to this. There would be a new school, new people, new bullies and still no friends not to mention having to hang round with my brother’s friends because her mother didn’t want her daughter to become ‘anti-social’. Maddy sighed and buried her nose back into her book, thinking the same thought she always thought ‘I wonder if this one will last, maybe just once we will able to stay. If we do stay for a year then I’ll start to make friends...if it’s not too long of being a loner in the corner.’

    The next day was spent unpacking, and Maddy’s mother arranging schooling arrangements. Not that unpacking took all day, Maddy and Logan were used to it by now and so it was all done by lunch. Maddy took a wonder outside, see if she could see any local shops and grab some lunch. When she turned around she found that her sheep of a brother was following she shook her head and shouted back to him “Hey squirt can you not go off on your own, it’s not like I’m your baby sitter.â€
    She already knew he would continue to follow her but she didn’t care. As she walked into the first shop she came to a boy walked out, straight into Maddy. “Oh, I’m so sorry,†he said then after looking up he added “Hey, you new here?†Maddy blushed, people normally just ignored her because she never introduced herself or tried to fit in, but before she got a chance to reply Logan piped up “Yeh we are, My name’s Logan, she’s Maddy, but she hardly talks. She doesn’t make friends because we move around a lot.â€

    “That’s not entirely true, I don’t make friends because the goodbyes are too hard, I learnt this in England, but you wouldn’t remember that Logan, you were too young.†Maddy said, trying to defend herself.

    “Well my name’s Gerard, I hope I’ll see you guys around and I hope you won’t think that making friends with me is too hard.†Gerard said, a friendly smile on his lips, before walking away. ‘Man he’s hot’ Maddy thought before mentally slapping herself, falling in love was an even worse idea, that’s what she learnt in England.
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    OEEW it's good xD
    Me likes it
    Update please! x)
  3. fullmetalnin

    fullmetalnin New Member

    Chapter Two
    Maddy walked into the class room, she hated first days of school, there were always so many people’s names to learn, and every-one tries to be your friend, the one thing she didn’t need. When she walked in she saw that the guy from yesterday was there, sat in the back corner on his own, now if she could only remember his name...George? No, Gerald? No...Gerard, this was it, Gerard. She heard the teacher cough, “I’m sorry, I missed that, what did you say again?” Maddy asked.

    “I said perhaps you would like to sit next to Mr. Way, he’s the one sat in the corner by his own.” Maddy nodded her head and walked over to where Gerard was sat. As she sat down she said “Hey again.”

    “Well we meet again,” Gerard laughed, “Perhaps fate is trying to tell you that you need a friend.” He said a sparkle in his eye. Maddy laughed, making people turn around and making Maddy blush. “So what you got first lesson?” She asked, desperate for him to have the same as her, desperate for some-one to talk to for a change.

    “Ummm...” he said, pulling a time table from his bag “Double art, you have a cute laugh by the way.” Maddy smiled, no-one had ever said her laugh was cute, but that was probably because she’d never really laughed around people. It felt weird being able to talk to some-one, and just to have a friend again. She smiled and said “Maybe you’re right, since I have double art next too.”

    That day was the best first day of school she’d had in a long time, and she’d had all but two lessons with Gerard, he was really good at art. At the end of the day Maddy saw Gerard out by the front entrance and walked over to him, but before she could say anything a girl walked past and said “Oh look, the looser has a friend, never knew you knew that there were such things Gerard,” before turning and walking away. Maddy started after her but was stopped by Gerard “Just leave it, she’s not worth it,” he said before climbing into his car and adding “You want a lift home?” Maddy grinned and was just about to accept when she realised something was missing and so she said “I would love a ride home, but I got to wait for Logan,” pulling a face when she said her brother’s name.

    “That’s okay I gotta wait for Mikey anyway, speaking of the devils here they come now.” Gerard replied.

    “Maddy, Maddy, Maddy,” Logan yelled running over to her “I would like you to meet Mikey, he’s my new best friend.” Logan looked up to see Gerard sitting the car yelling for Mikey to hurry up, and Logan added “I didn’t think you did ‘friends’.” Maddy just shook her head and gestured for Logan to get in the car explaining that Gerard was giving them a lift home.

    “That must have been the best car journey I’ve been on,” Maddy said “Do you guys wanna come in, mum won’t be home yet.”

    “I would say yes, but I got to get back to my grandmother Helena, See ya tomorrow,” He smiled, ‘God his smile is so wonderful’ Maddy thought to herself as Gerard drove down the road.
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    xstarlessxeyesx On This Dark Day...

    OMG i love this story!!!
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    Addicted to it! xD
    Another update..?
    Pretty please? xO
  6. xstarlessxeyesx

    xstarlessxeyesx On This Dark Day...

    yes.. please..
    i like this stroy A LOT!!!!!!!
  7. fullmetalnin

    fullmetalnin New Member

    Chapter 3
    The door bell rang and Maddy was sent to answer it – ‘it’s not even going to be for me’ she thought. On the other side of the door were a group of four boys that said that they were from her school, not that Maddy recognised them. The guy stood at the front was the only one who appeared to know how to speak, “Hey, you’re the new kid right? Could you come out for like a sec?”
    Maddy’s head whirred, no she didn’t want to, and if she did it wouldn’t be with them, they reminded her of her father. With that in mind she replied “I would, but I got to help mum out with some things, sorry.” As she went to close the door the boy at the front forced his foot in the way and dragged Maddy out by her hair. Where she ended up she didn’t notice, but it was in a wood somewhere. When they got there the boy let go of her hair and slammed her down on the floor. ‘I did not do three years of kick boxing for nothing,’ Maddy thought to herself as she got up. The boy sneered “Don’t you like our ‘welcome to the school’ present?” The boys behind him laughed, but stayed back, it was like they were little obedient dogs. The first boy threw a punch at Maddy, but she blocked it, and so he threw several more punches which Maddy blocked once again, each time with a smile. It was then the boy called for backup. How long they stood there beating Maddy up she didn’t know, but when they finished she could hardly stand, “That’s what you get for fighting back,” the boy shouted back as he walked away from Maddy. Once she was sure they were gone Maddy picked a direction and staggered that way, until she found a house. She knocked twice then couldn’t stand anymore and collapsed on the door step.
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    Lenore Inked and Sexy Staff Member

    Aaaw so sad x(
    Good update though x)
    Me wants more! xD
  9. fullmetalnin

    fullmetalnin New Member

    Chapter four

    Sarah’s (Maddy’s mum) point of view.

    Sarah looked up from cutting the carrots, Maddy should have been back from answering the door by now. She put the knife down and walked to the door. When she saw it wide open Sarah scowled, ‘Maddy hates leaving doors open,’ she thought to herself. As she looked around she couldn’t see Maddy anywhere, it was kind of worrying, and especially as she knew Maddy wouldn’t go out, not without telling her first. Okay so they had issues, but so did every mother and daughter, but that didn’t mean Sarah didn’t care for Maddy. “Maddy?†She called expecting her to come down from upstairs, but she didn’t. Sarah was contemplating phoning Maddy’s mobile when the phone rang...

    Maddy’s point of view.

    Maddy looked up to see a guy stood over her, a worried look on his face. He picked her up and carried her into the house where he put her down on the couch. “Mum,†he yelled towards a room just to the side of them, a woman appeared saying “yes what is –†she stopped mid-sentence when she saw Maddy and said instead “Oh my god, what happened to this poor girl?â€

    “I don’t know mum, but she needs band aids, can you go get some?†The boy asked before turning to Maddy and saying “You got any-one you need to call? Who did this to you anyway? Why?â€

    “Yes, I need to call my mum, I don’t know and because I’m new here,†Maddy replied, answering all his questions in one go, while taking the phone off him. She dialled the number from her mobile phone book and waited for her mum to answer the phone. “Hey, mum it’s me, yes I know that I shouldn’t have left the house, I’m sorry, I’ll be home soon, I promise. Love you too, bye.†The boy sat opposite heard half the conversation, but could tell that her mum was worried. “You want a lift back home once you’re all patched up; I mean I’m not going to be driving, mum will, but I’ll be sitting in the back screaming directions.†Maddy laughed, “Yeah, please, I can’t tell you exactly where I live, but it’s the same street as Gerard, do you know him?â€

    “Mikey’s big brother, yeah I know him, we’ll drop you off at the top if that’s okay?†The boy replied.

    “My name’s Maddy by the way, Maddy Jones. And you are?â€

    “Frank Iero.â€

    Soon enough Maddy had been patched up and was walking through the door for her mother to pounce on her. When Sarah let Maddy go she saw the bruises on Maddy’s face “What happened?†She asked a slight panic in her voice.

    “Oh, this,†Maddy answered “It’s nothing, I fell. Don’t worry about tea for me, I’m just gunna go and write." When Maddy got up to her room she sat down on the desk and began to draw, it was only a rough outline but she could see who it was. She had just finished going round the lines in black ink when she fell asleep on the paper.
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    It's gooooooooood
    An update would be nice x)
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    xstarlessxeyesx On This Dark Day...

    omg.. Frank SAVES THE DAY!!!
    that was a really good chapter more please?
  12. fullmetalnin

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    I'm in the middle of writing chapter 5...i'm a bit stuck at the moment though...I'll update soo...I promise
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    Thank you! <3
    Can't wait x)
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    Becca Lady of Sorrows

    i is loving the story,but boys ganging up on a girl, the tight f**kers.update soon?
  15. fullmetalnin

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    Hey, sorry it took a while and that it's not long nor that good but yeh...chapter 5...

    Chapter 5 – The next morning’s car journey.
    Maddy woke up to her alarm blaring out Iron Maiden. She reached across to turn it off, but her hand only hit air. A groan escaped her lips as she dragged herself up and across the room to her bed and turned the alarm off. It was only after this that she realised that there was something stuck to her face. She knew what it was before she even peeled it off, the drawing she was working on the night before. She placed the drawing on the bed and shuffled into her bathroom, where she could see the imprint of the drawing on her face. Sighing she began to wash it off, and managed to do so without too much trouble, except in the places where her bruises lay. As she looked at herself in the mirror she reached for her eye liner, and started to apply it when she poked herself in the eye “poop!” she yelled, but not loud enough for downstairs to hear, the last thing she needed this morning was a lecture on language from her mother. She finished off her eyeliner and grabbed the first two items of clothing that entered her hand – which was a Metallica t-shirt and a pair of black jeans. With these on she trundled downstairs, brushing her hair as she went and grabbed herself a cup of coffee and stole a waffle off Logan’s plate, ignoring his whining. Just as they were about to leave for the bus there was a knock at the door, as Maddy opened it she saw the black hair and brown/green eyes of Gerard. “Hey, um, I was wondering if you wanted a lift to school,” he said, lifting a bit of his hair out of his eyes. Maddy didn’t need any time to ponder, she always hated the school buses and so she said “Yeah sure, just a minute,” then turning her back to the door she yelled “Logan you’ve got five seconds to get here or you can get the bus on your own.” She laughed when she saw Logan round the corner, his coat on shoulder and his hair a mess. It was then that Gerard noticed that she was covered in bruises his face wore that of worry when he asked “What happened to you?” Maddy looked at Gerard in the eye, she wanted to lie to him, she wanted to tell him that she fell like she did to her mother, but she knew that Frank would probably tell Mikey who would tell Gerard and so she pointed to her face and said “This? Some guys wanted to ‘welcome me to the school’ as they put it, don’t worry, I’ve had worse.” She smiled then added “Don’t we need to get to school?”

    “Oh yeh, I got to pick up one of Mikey’s friends, Frankie, hope you don’t mind sitting in the front with me.” Gerard grinned before hoping into the car, waiting for Maddy to do so. As soon as the passenger door was closed Gerard sped off towards the direction that Maddy had come from the night before ‘I wonder if it’s the same person, I’m sure I’ll be able to tell...I never forget a face’ Maddy thought to herself, not that she had to ponder too long because she realised they had come to a stop and the car door had just been closed, as she turned around Gerard, without taking his eyes off the road, started to say “Maddy this is Frankie...” but was interrupted by Frankie saying “I know Gee, I found her on my door step yesterday, bruised and bleeding, you alright now? You looked pretty bad yesterday.”

    “Yeh, thanks, I don’t think I’d be here now if it hadn’t been for you, I would have been in hospital.”

    Before they realised they were parked and getting out of the car to go to homeroom. Frankie, Logan and Mikey went off in one direction – being that they were in the same place for registration while Maddy and Gerard went in the opposite.
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    Me likes it alot xD
    Update ..? x)
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    i like.i like alot
    dont put yourself down it is good.
    in my story ive got shorter chapters than this.lol
    update as soon as you can
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    Sorry guys, an even shorter chapeter...after this one I won't be able to update 'til Monday...sorry

    Chapter 6 – the truth behind the reasons of having lockers

    “Madeline Jones?†the teacher called

    “Here, um, can I be Maddy please?†Maddy answered

    “No, you are called by your name in my class, not a nickname.†Maddy sighed; she hated her proper name, more than she hated this subject...English. It was made worse by two factors: 1. Gerard wasn’t in it, for some reason Maddy was top English set and 2. She had to sit next to the blond girl who had had a go at Gerard the day before. Maddy knew people were waiting for her to say something, but she didn’t she just sat there, not saying a word throughout the whole lesson, no matter how many times some-one tried to talk to her.

    Maddy was glad when the lesson finally ended, or at least she was until she got out of the classroom. The boys from last night were there, and didn’t look happy. One of them piped up “Hey, um, David didn’t we beat her to a pulp already?†They guy at the front hushed him saying “We aren’t going to beat her to a pulp, just show her what lockers are really for. Maddy turned and ran, but she tripped and twisted her ankle, she tried to push herself up but the four boys were already upon her. Two grabbed her two arms while the third walked behind them and leader – presumably David – walked in front of them, checking each locker to see if any were unlocked. Eventually they found one and stuffed Maddy in it. Locking it and laughing as they walked away.

    After what seemed like forever voices came towards the locked, a scraping in the keyhole and suddenly there was light...
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    xO How rude
  20. fullmetalnin

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    She'll get her revenge soon enough...you'll see
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