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    Title: I'll Follow you into the Dark [Frerard]
    Rating: 18+ for drugs, violence, sexual content, language

    Disclaimer: This is completely fiction.

    Main Characters: Frank, Gerard, Ray, Bob, Mikey (sometimes others)

    Summary: Gerard struggles with depression while trying to keep a band together.

    Genre: Romance, Dark Fiction, Tragedy

    Every chapter title will be named after a song that I recommend listening to, because it will coincide with the story.

    Chapter Index:
    Chapter One-Three::page One
    Chapter Four and Five::page Two
    Chapter Six and Seven::page Three
    Chapter Eight and Nine::page Four
    Chapter Ten - Twelve :: Page Five
    Chapter Thirteen :: Page Six
    Chapter Fourteen and Fifteen :: Page Seven
    Chapter Sixteen and Seventeen :: Page Eight
    Chapter Eighteen - Twenty :: Page Nine


    Chapter One: “I’ll follow you into the Dark” – Death Cab for Cutie
    “Gerard? Are you okay?” I looked up to see Frank’s shocked face looking down at me, and I was overcome with shame.

    “Frankie… go away I don’t want you to see me like this, not you,” I told him; I covered my wet face into the palms of my hands and made myself even smaller. I was l sitting against a brick wall in an alley not too far from the grimy club we had just performed in. Frank knelt down in front of me and removed my hands from my face and I fought with him so I could stay covered, but he won.

    “What the hell is going on?” he asked. His eyes were wide and worried, and I didn’t want his pity it made me feel pathetic.

    “Frank, please, just….” I stood up suddenly and tried to walk away from him, further into the alley, I could hear him following me and I turned around, “FRANK!” I yelled at him, he stopped, but continued to stare at me with those pitiful eyes. “Let me be,” I told him. He didn’t say anything and as I walked deeper into the shadows away from him and anyone else that might stumble across me.

    I didn’t like treating my best friend with such disdain, but everyone was making me angry now of days, and I just snapped. I should be greeting my fans who looked at me like I was their hero, saving their lives. I couldn’t help them tonight; I couldn’t look into their adoring eyes, because I knew I wasn’t a hero. I couldn’t save them when I myself was drowning in alcohol and self hate. I dropped again once I was far enough to hide from everything.

    “Lookie here Dusty, we got a new little friend…” I glanced up and saw two bigger men dressed in ripped and dirty clothes. The shadowy alley obscured my view of their faces. The bigger of the two, I’m assuming his name was ‘Dusty’, gave me a toothy grin and pulled a syringe from his arm. They both sauntered over to me looking at me with dark eyes.

    I stood up and quickly said, “I don’t want any trouble, I’m just going to go…”

    “Not so fast, pretty boy,” said the smaller of the two, although he was at least twice my size. “Stay awhile, get comfortable,” he said moving his hands elaborately.

    “I really think I should go,” I replied, fear creeping inside me; I knew that I was in trouble.

    “What not good enough for us?” he asked, “With your fancy clothes and fancy makeup?” As he got closer to me I took a few steps back, until I was pressed up against the cold bricks.

    “That’s not –“I began, but he punched me in my stomach and knocked the breath out of me, I leaned over gasping, tears prickling in the corners of my eyes. He grabbed my arm and twisted it behind me, forcing my frontal side against the brick wall as hard as he could. “Please,” I gasped. The other man searched my pockets removing my wallet. “Keep it, take everything, I don’t care,” I pleaded, struggling to get away.

    “Shut up, pretty boy,” he rasped into me neck, his hot breath making me sick. He twisted my arm tighter and I let out a scream making them both laugh. Then one of them started removing my pants and I was struck with the horror of what they were planning.

    “No… No,” I screamed out, “Let go of me,” I yelled.

    “Shut it.”

    “Help!” I cried out loudly, he punched me again, and I coughed up blood. They both took turns violating me from behind and I shook violently. After they finished I was dropped to the ground and they kicked me until I was broken and bleeding, crying silently to myself as they left, spitting on me as they walked by my used body.

    A/N:: This was my first fan-fiction so please tell me what you think of it! Thanks for reading.
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    oh no! not Gerard! that's so sad, im heart broken now!

    amazingly written and riddled with emotion...when's the next update?
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    Thanks Randi*Ranae! That means a lot.

    The second chapter will be posted later today. ^_^
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    Chapter two: “I Can Feel your Pain” – Manchester Orchestra

    I limped to the tour bus, tears streaking down my face and I stopped at the door. I was covered in blood and my own vomit, after puking up in disgust of what had happened. I heard voices from inside the bus and I recognized the voices of my band, my brothers, and I realized the fear inside was growing because I didn’t want them to see me like this. I held my breath as I opened the door. I stepped into the light and everyone grew silent.

    “Gerard?” gasped Mikey, the horror on his face made me wonder how bad I really looked. I could see Frank watching me from the corner of my eye, but I didn’t want to meet his gaze. “What happened?” Mikey asked.

    “I just fell,” I mumbled.

    “What the hell did you fall off of?” asked Ray, “Dude, you look like hell.”

    “I’ll be fine. I’m just going to go to sleep, alright?” I said, trying to make it seem like no big deal.

    “Gerard, you need to go to the hospital,” Mikey said seriously.

    “Just let me be, please,” I said. They all looked at me silently, exchanging glances. I made my way to the back and I was sure they saw me limping even though I tried to hide it.

    I breathed deeply as I tried to sit down on my bunk, a soft cry of pain escaping my lips as I did so. I leaned forward resting my head in my hands, sighing, tears prickling at my eyes but my pride made me hold them back. I felt uneasy and glanced up to see Frank watching me, the corners of my mouth turned down as I realized he was going to interrogate me.
    “What?” I asked him.

    “What happened after I left you?” he asked me.

    “Nothing, I just tripped,” I told him.

    “Gerard, you are covered in blood and can barely move,” he told me, as if I didn’t know. “I know you too well and you know me well enough to know I’m not going to drop this, I’m your best friend, so tell me what the f**k happened to you back there.”

    “I just ran into a couple of people…” I said quietly, “in the alley. They mugged me.”

    “Is that all they did?” he asked, hesitantly. I swallowed the lump forming in my throat and refused to make eye contact with him. I shook my head no, and I knew he understood what that meant. Frank sat on the bunk next to me and put his arm around my back, placing his hand on my shoulder. We stayed like that in silence and I let the tears fall freely. “Come on,” he said.


    “You are covered in dried blood,” he replied softly. He took my arm and wrapped his around my waist, lifting me up so he could help me walk to the bathroom. I slowly sat down on the tiny toilet flinching at the severe pain coursing through my body. I watched him as he grabbed a washcloth and soaked it in the sink water. He didn’t say anything; although I was sure he wanted to yell at me for running off. When he did finally looked at me I couldn’t read his expression.
    I looked away, ashamed again for many things, including how I treated him earlier. He lifted my chin and wiped off the blood and ruined makeup.

    “I should have stayed with you,” he told me. I looked up at him, did he really feel guilty? Before I could say anything he helped me take my shirt off slowly, even though he tried to be careful it hurt and I bit down on my tongue to keep quiet. The dark, deep purple bruises were already forming on my sides and my back was scratched up from the pavement, his horrified reaction played in his eyes as he took in the existent of my injuries.

    “It’s not your fault, I told you to leave. Besides if you followed me they would have just done the same to you.” I could see he didn’t feel any better about the situation, but he stayed silent focusing on wiping off the dirt and vomit. He pushed me forward lightly so he could reach my back, which was covered in dried blood and some gravel was lodged into my skin. I rested my forehead gently on him and closed my eyes as he pressed on the sore spots.
    Tears started falling again but Frank didn’t notice until I started shaking slightly. He paused and looked at me.

    “I’m sorry, am I hurting you?” he asked. I shook my head, embarrassed. I never liked showing my emotions in front of people and here I was weeping in front of Frank. He put his arms around me, awkwardly and I kept my head on his shoulder, hiding my face from him. A knock at the door startled us both.

    “Gerard, Frank?” Mikey’s voice asked, uncertainly, “Are you guys in there?”

    “Yeah,” Frank answered his voice steady.

    “Are you okay, Gerard?” he asked.

    I met Frank’s eyes and he kept my gaze and responded for me, “Yeah, Mikey, he’s fine, I’m just helping him out with the cuts…that he got from falling.”

    “Alright…” Mikey sounded hesitant, I knew he wanted me to tell him I wanted him in here too, but I didn’t want anyone else knowing what happened to me tonight. “Well if you need me…” he added awkwardly.

    “Thanks, Mikey,” I said weakly, I didn’t want to hurt my little brother.

    I put my hand on Frank’s shoulder; he took the hint and lifted me up. I used him as support as he took me back to my bunk. When we got there I looked at him uneasily, bending hurt so bad. Before I could protest Frank lifted me quickly and gently placed me on the bunk. I nodded thanks to him as he left, closing the curtain to give me privacy.
    That night I was in too much pain to fall asleep easily; instead I laid there replaying the awful events of my night over and over in my mind. I felt ashamed and angry, and as the night progressed I finally slipped off into a light sleep, haunted by unpleasant dreams.
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    awww! *finds them rapist bastards and sticks a metal pipe up their *** and kicks it soooooooooooo hard it flies out the ones mouth and into the others and out his *** yep serves them right*

    oh no, that's bad isn't it...oh well, numeral uno fan?!! Si?
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    baha! You get em' Ranae!! Show them that can't mess with Gerard Way!
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    Yes I like it, something fresh to read, will be following this story!
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    this is just awesome....
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    ||.: Chapter 3 – Hello – Evanescence :.||

    I awoke to a sore, stiff body and silently rejoiced that I had three days before we reached the next location on our tour. Hopefully that would be enough time to recover, at least enough to put on a good show for the kids. I sat up slightly in my bunk and groaned inwardly while turning on the little light, brightening up my small space, illuminating the pictures I had taped up of memories and people I didn’t want to forget.
    There was one of Mikey and our parents, our grandmother, some of the band… I paused and smiled at one especially old band picture. We were at Denny’s looking very young and innocent. It was taken a year or so before the fast pace music industry got a hold of us. If I went back to that moment and told them we would be opening for Avenged Sevenfold on tour I would have been laughed at. I always knew our band had something special, but the success was still overwhelming. I glanced at another picture, my stomach dropped as I looked at her face...

    “Gee are you up?” Ray asked from outside my bunk.

    “Yeah,” I replied, my voice dead.

    “We are stopping at a gas station,” he informed me. I turned off the light and stepped out of my bunk slowly, wincing as I was greeted with an unpleasant sting of pain.

    “You alright, dude?” Bob asked, coming out from the bathroom.

    “Yeah, yeah,” I replied. “I’m tired of these bunks.”

    “I’m there with you, man, but tonight is a hotel night,” he told me. That was probably the best news I’ve gotten in a while.

    “Warm showers!” I groaned with anticipation, Bob laughed at me as we headed out of the bus into the warm sun.

    Bob and I headed to the BP gas station together and I headed straight for the coffee machine. “Oh-My-God!” exclaimed a high pitched voice. I turned to see three teenage girls staring at me with wide eyes, I responded with a warm smile and they all broke into giggles. “Are-Are you Gerard Way?” one of them asked. She painted her face with dark eyeliner and her long black hair covered her like curtains.

    “Yes I am,” I replied kindly, “Are you a fan of My Chemical Romance?”

    “Are you kidding? It’s my- our favorite band! We were going to see you in New Jersey a couple weeks ago but the tickets were sold out,” she told me. She spoke fast and I could see her hands shaking from merely talking to me. I didn’t understand how I could affect a complete stranger so much. “Your music is so inspiring…” she went on, “you guys are the most influential strangers I’ve never met, well until now, you really helped me through some hard times.”

    “Thank you, that’s really the meaning of our band, you know,” I replied. “If you ladies think you can make it to the show in Columbus, Ohio, I could put your names on the list.”

    “Are you kidding? That show was sold out when we checked!” she said.

    “Ah, I can get you in the lawn,” I said, smiling reassuringly. I took the names of the three young women and thanked them as they thanked me before leaving. I would never get used to being looked up to like a role model. It made me feel like a hypocrite, because I was by no means someone that anyone should look up to. So many other people deserved that role.

    Before it was too dark we made it to a hotel 6 and decided to split up three rooms. Bob’s wife was coming down from Chicago so they got one to themselves, leaving Mikey with Ray and Frank with me.

    “I’m going for a walk,” I told Frank once we settled in.

    “Alone?” he asked. I nodded and he let me be as I left.

    The cool air was refreshing and I pulled out a fag and lit it, taking in a deep breath of the nicotine, trying to relax. All day the events of last night had been in my mind haunting me with visions I couldn’t forget. My hands started shaking again, “Damnit,” I cursed, trying to hold them still. I put my hand to my head as the memory of being thrown against a brick wall, just like the one I was leaning against now, hit me. It was like I could feel it happening all over again. I jumped away from the wall, shaking uncontrollably, gasping for air. I leaned over with my hands on my shins, trying to control myself and calm down.

    “How was the walk?” Frank asked, as I walked back into the room. He was watching Rocky Horror Picture Show.

    “Fine,” I replied shortly. I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. My hands were still trembling.
    ‘What the hell was that about?’ I looked up at my refection and jumped back, my heart pounding against my rib cage at an alarming rate. For a split second I could have sworn someone was standing behind me. I shook off the feeling of being watched as I stripped down and stepped into the shower, the uneasy feeling still lingering as my heart raced. At first the water stung my sores but the warmth felt so good on my sore muscles that I didn't mind.
    I took a long shower, more than I would have normally, trying to scrub everything off of me… the memories and the places where ‘they’ touched me. Anger crept up from within me, trying to escape. I settled down the urge to punch through the plastic tiles of the cheap shower.
    As I stepped out, shaking my long black hair, I saw a figure of a man on the other end of the bathroom … I yelled and slipped backwards, falling hard into the tub area.

    “Gah,” I moaned painfully, glancing back up to where I saw him. No one was there. I looked around the bathroom, but I was all alone. “I’m going crazy,” I muttered to myself.

    “Gerard?” Frank’s voice called, “Are… you okay?”

    “Uh yeah… slipped in the f**king shower,” I replied.

    “Way to go, Gee!” he replied, laughing. I walked out with the towel wrapped around me, he was still on his bed watching TV. When he saw me come out he started chuckling again.

    “Shut the f**k up,” I muttered. I had a thing for matching pajamas, and I pulled out a set from my bag and pulled them on, careful to avoid hitting the sore spots directly.

    “You look pretty bad,” Frank said, seriously.

    “Oh thanks, I might not be that pretty, but the kids love me,” I replied, winking.

    “How, uh… are you doing with… everything,” he asked awkwardly.

    “Fine,” I replied. I went to the small hotel refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of vodka and drank it straight up, just fine.

    A/N: Thanks for reading! And welcome new readers :D Knowing some people are actually reading this makes me do this >> :clap:
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    yay...loved it again! great work kerstyn!

    poor Gee, but so glad that the girls get to go to the concert in Ohio! yay for Gee!
  11. New reader
    i've just read it and all i can say is...W-O-W
    I really wanted to read something fresh because i got bored of all the other stories(no offence to the writers) because the writers haven't f**king updated in ages
    Now, lemme tell you my opinion 'bout the characters
    Gerard:I feel really sorry for him.:( But with Frank's little help, i'm sure he'll get better and i don't think he saw a ghost or something...i've got the impression that 'the man' was Frank and he didn't notice 'cause he was too tired or somethin.It depends if the door is near the end of the bathroom
    Frank:I really appreciate that he wants to help Gerard...I can't tell anything else 'bout him 'cause I don't know what he's thinking.You can write Frank's point of view too so the readers can tell their opinion 'bout him..but the first impression is a good one
    Bob, Mikey, Ray:I appreciate that they care about him, too:)
    The Gerardf**kers(B side of motherf**kers):I f**kin hate you...ugh.Why are you even living on this planet?To cause pain to people?To hurt people that are better than you?One word for you:_|_
    a.Good thins about this:1.I appreciate your work 2.I love the storyline
    b.Bad things about this story:None
    c.Feelings:Love(I love you for making me happy->Happiness)
    d.Advice:1.Do not forget about your work, 'cause are people that are appreciating it and they can get angry with you 2.Keep it up!<3
    EDIT:Isn't it Frerard?FRank +gERARD=FRERARD...just sayin
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    amazing update!!
    I really love this story!!!
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    Randi*Ranae: Thanks! It would be pretty sweet if they could hand out tickets ^_^ or if they came to Ohio since I'm just a small drive away.

    black_little_heart: Wow thanks a lot! :D It means a lot that you took the time to write all that. YAY long replies haha. Oh and I fixed my spelling error, thanks for pointing that up. No worries I plan on updating often. The next one will be posted early tomorrow, I'll post something at least every two days because I really enjoy writing this a lot.

    xxXXAlaNXXxx: Thanks! I hope you keep enjoying it ^_^

    Thanks for the encouragement! I'll update real soon. <3
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    your such an update TEASE!
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    ||.: Chapter 4 – The Bird and the Worm – The Used .:||

    “poop, poop, poop…” I muttered to myself as I ran through the darkness, my feet pounding on the pavement, but my footsteps weren’t the only ones echoing down the alleyway… I was being pursued. I made a quick glance back to see shadowy figures following me. Looking back was a mistake because it slowed me down considerably. I lost my lead and my legs began to burn in protest. Suddenly two hands grabbed me from behind and pulled me against a muscular chest. I fought to get away as hot breath tickled the back of my neck unpleasantly, a low raspy voice breathed, “Hello, pretty boy.”

    “Bad dream?”

    I looked over and saw a fully dressed Frank sitting on his bed, staring at me. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and replied, “Probably because some creepy f**k was watching me sleep.”

    “Well, if you want to talk about it,” Frank said awkwardly.

    “Oh well thanks Frankie, let’s have a moment and share our dreams,” I joked, batting my eyes while I mocked him.

    “Whatever witch, get up so we can get the f**k out of here,” Frank said, throwing the plastic hotel alarm clock at me as a rebuttal.


    The five of us developed as brothers on the road, being forced to spend so much time amongst one another. We had petty arguments, mostly revolving around eyeliner and the lack there of, but we truly enjoyed being in each others company. Right now we were all sitting in the front of the bus drinking coffee and discussing writing plans for our next album.

    “Ray! Give me something to work with,” Frank said, pulling out his guitar. Ray pulled out his guitar and together they sat improvising ideas for a new song.

    “Toss me one,” I asked Bob, who got up to get a can of beer.

    Apparently he took that as an invitation to come over and interrogate me. “So what’s the deal, man? I didn’t see Jessica around the other night.” My stomach dropped at her name, and both Frank and Mikey looked over, exchanging uneasy glances.

    “They broke up Bob,” Mikey answered for me, hesitantly.

    “Whoa, wait… what?” Ray stopped playing and looked at me, “Why didn’t you say anything? When did this happen?”

    “Worry about your own love lives,” I snapped. Ray went silent and looked back at his guitar.

    “Sorry…” Bob said uncomfortably.

    “It doesn’t matter,” I mumbled. I sat silently in my own thoughts remembering the face of the girl I was in love with. I was half tempted to get up and rip the picture I had taped up of her up in my bunk but I knew as soon as I did the reality of what happened would hit me. It was right before the show last night, I had asked her to marry me and she said no. Mikey and Frank calmed me down and I managed to get through the performance but right after I escaped the fans and hid in an alley way, which turned out to be the worst decision I’ve made in my entire life.

    “Let’s do something tonight,” Bob said suddenly, bringing me back to reality. “You can go out and find a new lady.”

    “I don’t really feel like it,” I said through my teeth.

    “Come on, you should get out and forget her,” he encouraged.

    “I’m not looking, alright,” I replied, anger rising within me. I felt like I was unable to control my emotions anymore and it was driving me crazy, and hurting the people I cared about most.

    “There’s something else we could do,” Ray chipped in. “I heard about this supposedly haunted place in Ohio called Hells Gates.” Mikey and I exchanged glances. We’ve both had supernatural experiences before so we didn’t doubt the possibility.

    “What’s the story?” Mikey asked.

    “A train crashed there years ago and lots of people burnt to death, if you go wait under the tracks you’re suppose to hear screaming.”

    “Yeah let’s go park our van in a tunnel…” Frankie said, laughing.

    “Well we could use Kaitlin’s car,” Bob suggested. His wife was following us to Ohio before heading back to their Chicago home. We all agreed to go to Hells gates once we got to the next Hotel.


    It was a little after dark when we left Kaitlin at the hotel, Bob dangling her keys. It was probably for the best when she decided to stay behind. Even though Frank and Mikey were both rather small it was still a tight squeeze for the three of us in the backseat.

    “Are you sure those directions are right, Ray?” I asked. He had printed up directions off a ghost hunting website before we had left.

    “I’m pretty sure,” he replied. We had been driving in the woods for at least an hour and knowing my luck we would probably get stranded and eaten by some wild animal. “Turn right up here, Bob,” Ray said. The roads started to become even more narrow and uneven. Suddenly Bob stopped and directly in front of us was the tunnel. I got a clear view from the middle seat, squished between Frank and Mikey. It was small, barely big enough for our tiny car, and covered in graffiti. Shrubs and weeds grew off the sides of the opening making it look very photogenic in my opinion. This scene might have been worth the drive just so I could go home and draw it.

    “What does that website say to do once you get here?” Bob asked.

    “It said after drive through the tunnel to keep going until you get to a white church, turn around and park in the middle.”

    “I’ll poop my pants if anything happens,” Mikey said.

    “It also said be careful because a Satanist gang hangs around here and throws rock's at cars, mainly on Halloween,” Ray added.

    “Great,” Mikey sighed.

    “Hey, Mikey, remember that time Gerard and I threw you in a lake because you were too scared to face the Latin-speaking Satanists on the third floor of that one hotel we stayed at?” Frank asked, I started laughing and Mikey made a scoffing sound.
    We drove through the tunnel, which proved to be just as tight fitting as it looked, covered with words like “Dick” and “f**kers” with random phone numbers and suggestive pictures. It seemed like a perfect place to start rumors about ghost, I thought with a small smile.
    We saw the white church ahead of us and it gave off a very eerie vibe, being the only building in the dark woods. We turned around and drove back in silence, Frank and I watching out the back of the car to make sure no one else was around. There was no sign of anyone. In fact, the woods seemed completely silent and dead. We parked in the middle of the bridge and Bob turned off the car.
    We all sat silently in the darkness waiting for something to happen. I had no expectations, guessing that this place got its start from a widely spread rumor.

    “Ray, stop playing with your door,” Mikey spat out.

    “I’m not doing anything,” he said, showing us his hands. I paled and straightened up. It sounded like someone was jiggling the door handle on his side of the car. “Even if the car is locked it would open from the inside,” he added his voice strained. Bob quickly started the car and turned on the headlights, the lights proved that no one was there. Fear grew inside of me and I felt like at any moment the men from the Alley would show up.

    “GO!” I screamed at Bob. He quickly hit the gas pedal and the car rocketed from the tunnel and he continued speeding until we reached a stop sign about a mile away.

    “It didn’t even take a minute for something to happen,” Frank said. “We should go back.”

    “What!” I yelled indignantly.

    “We imagined it!” Frank said, “We drove an hour out here for one minute under the f**king railroad? Come on, you pussies.”

    “Let’s go back,” Ray agreed.

    “Alright…” Bob said.

    “I don’t want to go back,” I whispered to Frank, panic written clearly in my eyes.

    “Don’t worry, nothings there,” he reassured me. Bob once again drove the way back.

    “Park at the very end this time,” Ray instructed. Bob obeyed and parked at the very edge of the tunnel. This time when he turned off the car he kept his foot on the break so a red glow illuminated our surroundings. Frank and Mikey kept an eye out as I sat silently, with a gut wrenching fear gripping my insides. Almost immediately the sound of the door handle started up again, as if someone was trying to get in.

    “Nothing’s there,” Mikey said quietly.

    “Should we leave?” Frank asked.

    “Just wait for a second,” Ray said. He was sitting far from his door and his hands were clearly visible. Suddenly a strong impact hit the side of the passenger’s door vibrating the entire car and causing a loud metal bang. We all started shouting and everything began happening really slowly, Ray was shouting at Bob to start the car, Mikey somehow slid on the floor the moment the impact hit the car, and I slid as far to the other side as possible squishing Frank against the door. He wrapped one arm around me and shouted at Bob to drive.

    “I’m trying,” he yelled back. The car failed to start twice, when it finally roared to life Bob pressed the gas pedal all the way down, but the car stayed in one place, tires squealing. “Something’s holding it back!” he yelled. Suddenly the car shot out like a bullet and we once again sped down the road. Ray yelled and pulled up his sleeve revealing his forearm which was growing bright red.

    “What is that from?” I asked. I vaguely noticed I was sitting on Frank’s lap and he unconsciously had his arm around me, we exchanged uneasy looks and I slid back into my seat.

    “I don’t know!” Ray yelled. Suddenly scratches appeared, getting deeper until blood trickled out.

    “Holy f**k!” Frank yelled.

    “I don’t know what that was. It felt like something was grabbing my arm!” It stopped bleeding and he reassured us the feeling was gone.

    “Great idea, Ray, let’s bother a f**king ghost,” I yelled. “Let’s go back so I can actually relax before our show tomorrow.”

    A/N: Sorry this was a long chapter… :shock:
  16. new reader:D love it:D i love how frank is but gerard kind of irritates me but i stand him for what happened to him D:
  17. yaaay..amazing
    I'm glad that you're enjoying this
    I love long chapters, so no prob
    I know that is pretty hard to write stories and i'll appreciate n love your work no matter what
    Love ya, girl
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    ||:.Chapter Five: This is How I Disappear – My Chemical Romance.:||

    “Are you still awake?” Frank asked breaking the peaceful silence in our shared dark hotel room. I debated responding, while lying in my bed, half wanting to pretend to be asleep so I could avoid a confrontation.

    “Yeah,” I replied after a while.

    “Have you tried to talk to Jessica?” He asked me, I remained silent thinking about my ex. I had in fact made an effort, possibly over doing it, trying to call her. I just wanted to hear her voice again. “I don’t want to force you to think about her, I was only wondering…”

    “I know, Frank,” I said interrupting him, my voice came out too harsh. “I’m sorry,” I said immediately, with regret. “I just don’t like thinking about her. Things are really hectic and I don’t want to deal with it all right now. I just want to focus on our music. Maybe once this tour is over I can just sit back and handle everything.”

    “I’m worried about you man, you’ve been… off,” Frankie said. I knew he would notice everything. He knew me, just like I knew him. I knew he had wanted to ask me about everything before now, but we didn’t have the kind of relationship where we could just sit and discuss our feelings. This was the way we did things, talking in separate beds in the darkness was equivalent to talking via texting or internet.

    “Well things seem overwhelming sometimes,” I admitted grudgingly, “But like I said I’m just focusing on my music.”

    “Well it gives you something to offer, I guess,” he said. He was right. This band has the ability to save lives because I put my whole heart into what I wrote, not afraid of what other people think. I wore my heart on my sleeve when it came to my music. I knew the fans needed to hear it as much as I needed to write it, our music was therapeutic.


    “Shut the f**k up,” Frank yelled. Mikey and I had been following Frank for over 30 minutes, walking around the areas of the hotel looking for a Starbucks or any coffee shop. The whole time I listened to Frank and Mikey bicker back and forth like an old married couple.

    I laughed at them adding, “Well Mikey, sure there was a hot pot of coffee waiting for us at the hotel, but you know how it is…” Frank grinned over at me.

    “I’m about ready to say ‘f**k the coffee, let’s just get to the show’” Mikey said, causing me to fake a surprised gasp.

    “Mikey! We never f**k coffee, need coffee,” I told him.

    “f**king coffee, no… Too hot, grape fruit… there’s a possibility,” Frank joked.

    “Are you saying you f**k fruit, Frankie,” I asked him, hitting his arm with my elbow.

    “If I did, at least I’d be getting action unlike some one I know,” he made a pointing glare at Mikey.

    “If you did it means you can’t get laid and also that you f**k fruit. Which is just weird… and I don’t know how PETF would feel about that,” Mikey said.

    “PETF?” Frank asked.

    “People for the Ethical Treatment of Fruits, I’m a proud member,” Mikey joked. I laughed.

    “You guys are f**king pansies that can’t stand a little walking,” Frank said. “Let’s just stop at a gas station on the way to the gig.” He looked so irritated at the failed attempt to get coffee that I busted out laughing. “What?” he asked annoyed.

    “Let’s just go,” I said, still laughing.

    When we finally got to the ‘MCR dressing room’ everyone had a warm cup of coffee, but we were all becoming impatient from the growing excitement, as tonight’s show approached. Ray had his guitar on and was pacing the room singing loudly as he warmed up. Frank and I had out our makeup, and I was painting my face white.

    “You guys have about 30 minutes before you need to get upstage,” said someone from the stage crew.

    “Alright thank you,” I said, applying a black streak across my eyes like a mask. I looked over to make sure Frank had finished putting black X’s over each eye before saying, “Let’s do some jumping jacks.” Bob let out a protesting groan.

    “I sit and hit drums, I don’t need to do f**king jumping jacks,” he complained, but he got up anyway and together we all jumped until we reached 50 and after our routine high fives we all headed upstage, nerves and excitement playing out on all of our expressions. The stage hand gave us the signal to go ahead.

    I walked out on stage, heart throbbing, and was greeted by cheers and a sea of faces. “How are you little bastards doing tonight?” I asked, receiving an encouraging, yet mind blowing, roar. I turned around dancing as the backup music started. “GO” I yelled into the microphone before turning around towards the kids.

    “To un-explain the unforgiveable, drain all the blood and GIVE the kids a show,” I jumped, pacing back and forth on the stage as I screamed the lyrics to ‘This is how I Disappear’. “And without you is how I disappear, And live my life alone forever now. And without you is how I disappear, and live my life alone forever now.” As I sang, Frank, once again crossed over into my stage area and I put my arm around his neck while he leaned against me.

    “Jump!” I yelled to the crowd and I watched them all began to jump in unison. It was like looking out into a sea of bobble heads. “And now, you wanna see how far down I can sink? Let me go, f**k!” as I started on the last verse Frank sunk down playing his guitar around my leg, biting my thigh. I was surprised, but it sent pleasant vibrations up my leg. Honestly with all the things I’ve seen him do on stage it really wasn’t that much of a shock, so I went with it and grabbed him by the hair, pushing him too me.


    After the show we were all full of energy and covered in sweat. As a result, we ran around in the cool night air, pouring ice and water on each other. Avenged Sevenfold was still performing and as a result our signing went by quickly. After a stop at Denny’s we went back to the hotel, splitting up our rooms like normal.

    “Tonight’s show… Holy poop,” Frank yelled. I was in the bathroom just out of the shower, but I could hear the euphoria in his voice.

    “I know! So many people, I never expected this much success,” I replied.

    “It’s still growing,” Frank added.

    “Yeah, it’s still growing, it’s just insane,” I agreed. “I mean I like our band, but damn you know.” I had just gotten out of the shower and my towel was securely wrapped around my waist. “I wish we could strap on a shower to the back of our bus.”

    “Yeah it’d be nice to be able to take a shower,” Frank said. I opened the door and he was leaning on the wall across from the door, his shirt off, waiting for his turn.

    “You don’t sweat as much as I do…” I said, presenting a reason for always being the first to shower.

    “Yeah you tend to stink more than all of us combined,” he told me, smiling. Why I was nervous?

    “Then stop complaining and get in the f**king shower,” I said. He didn’t move. I didn’t move. Swiftly and casually I leaned down and put my lips on his softly, a flood of emotions washed over me and I felt like I was stepping into a shower again. He kissed me back and I carefully placed my hands on his shoulders pulling him towards me, it seemed like it lasted longer than it did. He pushed me off and my stomach began to drop, the blood in my face drained as we stared at each other with wide eyes.

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