I swore that I'd never let you back in(Frikey)

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    I swore that I'd never let you back in,yet..here you are.(Frikey)

    *Tittle: I swore that I'd never let you back in(Frikey)
    *Rating: 15+(mild language, mild sexual mention) may change, depending on the way the story goes
    *Summary:really, i dont know where the story is going i just found this today i wrote it like mad long ago, and i dont really know what i was thinking at the time, but i think its something like, Frank is just a really bad guy, and always getts into trouble, and basically takes advatage of Mikey, because Mikey is such a nice, and loves frank so much, and is so easy going, to the point, where he is a bit of a push over, but one day he says he's had enough.
    *Genre: romance, honestly, I dont know what genre this would be...
    *Characters: Mikey Way, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Billie Joe Armstrong
    Disclaimer: i do not own any of the characters in this story, only the plot.
    Chapter Index
    Chapter one
    Chapter Two
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    Chapter one

    How did I get here? I let you back in after I swore to myself I wouldn’t. I thought to myself while aimlessly stroking Frankie’s hair, while he was curled up into a ball, using his balled up hand as a pillow against my chest.
    Your no good for me, but I keep letting you back in, keep letting you hurt me, I guess I’m just a pushover.

    “Mikey?” I tensed up at the sound of his soft voice calling my name. “Do you still love me?” he asked

    “Of course baby, I’ll always love you.” I answered. “good, because I have to tell you something. And I don’t think your gonna be a happy camper after I do tell you.”

    “Why, what did you do now? How much trouble, are you in?” I asked, and as soon as I did, he quickly hopped off my lap, and stood in front of me.

    “Why do you always assume, I’m in trouble?” he practically shouted.

    “Because you almost always are.” I said, keeping m voice calm as I could, I was always trying to avoid the fights, it seemed like he was always trying to bring them on.

    “That’s not true.”

    “Oh, it isn’t? Fine, then was is it? What do you need to tell me?” I asked with a look that said ‘I’m waiting’.

    Frankie looked to the ground, put his hands behind his back and started digging into the carpet with his foot, it almost made me forget what he was going to tell me. He looked so adorable, he looked like a little kid.

    “Well, I….I kinda…have to go to jail for a little while..” I swear my eyes might have popped out of my head, when he mentioned jail.

    “JAIL?!?! Jail Frankie?!?! What the f**k for!?”

    “Well, I kinda, might have, gotten in trouble for vandalism.” that was it, the final straw, the push, off the edge, I couldn’t do it anymore, he always needed one thing or the other, it was never enough to just hang out with his friends, he had to get in trouble too. I couldn’t do it, I had to end it, here, and now.

    I stood up, got close to him, raised my hand, point it at the door, and ushered the two most painful words I never wanted to have to say.

    “Get Out.”
  3. :O *claims number one fan spot* Me Gusta this stroy :3 Mikey, poor Mikey and Frank is a little trouble maker huh?? Jail....Get Out...Dramatic..I love it ..More???
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    even tho i have one reader, i feel it nessisary to tell you, that i will be updateing later tonight, sorry for the wait
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    Chapter two

    The second I spoke those words, he stopped speaking, stopped moving, I think he might have even stopped breathing! Then I saw the saddest site ever, he started crying, he looked like his whole world had just crumbled down to nothing.

    “No, Mikey, no, please no!! Don’t do this, don’t kick me out please! I love you, and I’m trying!” He pleaded, but when he saw I was unconvinced, he took a big step toward me, and spoke again. “But you know! You know how hard it is for me! Growing up with parents that could care less, I had no rules! I could do whatever, and get away with it! NO ONE CARED!!”

    He began sobbing, I could never stay mad at him when he cried, and now, he looked heartbroken, he looked like he might die, from not being able to breath, from sobbing so badly. The site, made me want to cry.

    But I knew I had to stay firm, I couldn’t let him get to me, not this time. So I closed my eyes, clenched my fist, and gritted my teeth, trying to look as tough as possible.


    Please!” He begged

    “No Frank! I’ve let too many things slide, and you think you can just bat your eyes, and I’ll let everything go!! Well, it’s not gonna work this time Frank!! I’m Done!!”

    “Mikey, you don’t understan-”

    “NO I do understand!! I understand perfectly, that getting into trouble, with your crack head-problem friends, is way more important to you then I am.” I said beginning to walk away.

    “NO MIKEY!!” Frank had NEVER yelled at me, for anything, so I was shocked,….and slightly scared.
    “They’re not more important then you. that’s why I got in trouble, I told them I couldn’t do anymore stupid things, and they set me up! They called the cops, before I even did anything..told ‘em everything!! They snitched on me!!!!! ….so,…I’m done with them.” frank said sincerely.

    I didn’t know what to think. My mind was telling me to kick him out. But my heart was telling me to believe him, to give him…one more chance.

    “Fine Frank, but this is the last time!”

    Before I could even finish my sentence, he was running over to me, and kissing me, momentarily, I forgot why I was mad at him, but reality snapped back to me, when he broke away from my lips.

    “Oh my! Thank you Mikey! I love you I love You, a thousand time, I LOOOOOOOOOVVEE YOOOUUU!!!!!” he said, as he squeezed his arms, around me.

    “I mean it Frank” I said, trying to be serious, even though, I was squished, with my arms caught between our bodies, and my finger in his face. “if you don’t clean up your act, and stop getting yourself into trouble, your gone! Got it?”

    “I gotts it! After this , I’m Clean! No more, I promise!” He said

    “Okay, I’ll hold you too that. Now come one, lets go to bed.” I said pulling him towards the bedroom.


    good, bad????fedback???
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    meow mixes!!! ok so i might start a new chapter soon i completely forgot about both my stories on heree, but i will start writeing again soon
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    ~new reader~
    i never normally read these type of fics BUT i really like it update more when you can :) i shall be reading on
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    Found this! And i already know how to start the next chapter!! Gonna start writing noww!!

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