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    Rating: 18+ (strong language, strong violence, drug use)
    Main Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way
    Summary: Frank, a troubled teen headed down a road of self-destruction, meets the Way brothers. Will their friendship help Frank, or is it too late?
    Genre: Drama, Horror, Hurt, Tragedy

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    Chapter One

    Chapter One

    "This is the last time, I promise," I thought, gripping the silver blade in between my pointer finger and thumb.

    "f**k, who am I kidding," I whispered, gliding the sharp point against my wrist, slicing it clean open. I sat and stared for a moment, watching as the blood slowly oozed out of it. Little rivers of red run against my pale white wrist, before dripping onto the floor, leaving little puddles on my hardwood floor.

    Just then, I heard my mother coming towards my room. She knocked twice, then pushed my door open.

    "H-hey mom," I stammered, covering my wrist with my right hand. I managed a weak smile at her.

    She glanced at my wrist, and I silently prayed that the blood hadn't covered my hand yet. "Time for dinner, sweetheart. Go wash up."

    I exhaled as she left my room, and I studied my wrist. A perfectly straight cut, not very deep. It would probably take a week to heal up completely.

    I cupped my hand under my wrist and peeked my head out from my room. Scanning left and right, I made sure nobody was in the hallway. Feeling the coast was clear, I quickly walked across the hallway to the bathroom, kicking the door closed when I was inside.

    I turned the faucet on and slid my wrist under the cold water. Instantly, an intense stinging sensation hit my wrist, and I gasped, pulling my arm close to me.

    Bracing myself, I slowly slid my wrist under the water a second time. I grabbed a washcloth from beside the sink, pumping soap onto it. I started gently scrubbing the open wound, watching as the bleeding slowly came to a stop.

    Just then, my mother knocked on the door, making me jump. "What's taking so long sweetie?"

    "Oh, sorry, I had to use the bathroom. Be out in a second!" I pulled open the medicine cabinet and grabbed two bandages. I stuck them carefully over the cut, making sure not to get the adhesive over any other cut in the process of healing.

    After I finished tending to the cut, I pulled my sleeves down and walked to the dining room, where my mother patiently sat alone waiting for me. "Dad's not home again?" I asked, sitting down to a bowl of salad. It was the only vegetarian thing my mother had agreed to cook. I grabbed a baked potato and salted it.

    My mother just shook her head in response to my question. My father never seemed to be home for dinner anymore, and when he was, he constantly fought with my mother, and myself when I tried to stick up for her, and he reeked of booze.

    Neither my mother or I really spoke during dinner, and after helping her clean up, I ran up to my room and grabbed my pack of cigarettes and my lighter.

    "Mom, I'm going for a walk!" I yelled as I closed the door. I faintly heard her acknowledge me as I walked down the steps.

    The nightly walk to the park was always uneventful, and tonight was no different. I walked over to the two swings and sat down on one of them, pulling my pack out of my pocket and lighting a cigarette. I inhaled, and smiled as the nicotene coursed through my body. I sat in silence for five minutes, blowing smoke rings.

    I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, and I turned, staring face to face with a man who looked not much older than me. He sat down on the swing next to me and pulled out a pack himself. He patted his pockets before turning to me.

    "Hey man, got a light?" He asked, his voice distinct.

    "Yeah, sure," I responded, handing him my favorite Zippo.

    He turned the lighter around in his hands, admiring the ace of spades design. "This is sweet bro. The name's Gerard." He stuck out his free hand as he lit his cigarette.

    "Frank," I shook his hand, before taking back my prized lighter. "I've never seen you around here before."

    Gerard pointed off into the distance. "Just moved in a couple streets that way."

    "Ahh," I took another pull of my cigarette. "You in high school?"

    "Senior, second year." he responded. He kicked his feet before continuing. "Graduating in June, hopefully." He laughed quietly.

    "Sweet, I'm a sophomore," I told him. He just smiled. "So, uh, what do you wanna do after you hopefully graduate?"

    "Art school," he told me, standing up and stomping out his cigarette. He pulled out his cell phone and looked at the time. "I really gotta go now, Frank. But thanks for the light."

    I stood up and nodded my head. "Yeah, no problem. I'll probably see you on the bus tomorrow morning."

    "poop, you still take the bus?" I nodded in embarassment. "Well, we can't have that, can we? Listen, give me your number, and I'll call you in the morning and ask for your address. I would ask for it now but my memory is complete poop."

    "Thanks!" I took his phone and punched my number in. I saved it and handed it back to him. "I'll give you a tour of the school if we get there early enough."

    "That'd be great." He smiled at me. "I have a brother, Mikey, in your grade. Maybe you guys'll have classes together."

    "Maybe!" I replied, sticking my hand out. "I'll see you tomorrow."

    He pulled me into a bro-hug. "See you tomorrow kid."

    I walked back to my house in silence. I hadn't had a friend since fifth grade. As soon as I entered middle school, everyone started to hate me. I was constantly bullied, and it had led to me hating myself. I still did.

    I walked past my mom, saying a quick good night before running up the stairs and stripping down to my boxers. I crawled into bed, plugged my phone in, and made sure the sound was all the way up. I was expecting a wake up call bright and early tomorrow morning.
  3. Oh wow i really like this!!!!!! Hehe Gerard seems like the kind of macho man character. His family situation seems a bit sad too. I shall continue to read cant wait to see how it goes from here :)
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    Great start :)
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    Chapter Two

    The faint buzzing of my alarm clock echoed in my mind, scaring away the nightmare I was having. I was used to the nightmares at this point; they were an every night thing.

    The buzzing got louder, and I swung my arm around, searching for the snooze button. I heard a thud, and my eyes shot open. I looked next to my bed, where an empty glass, once containing water, lay on my floor. The unmistakable shine of water was in a puddle next to it.

    “f**k,” I mumbled, sliding out of bed, careful not to place my feet directly in the puddle. I shuffled over to the mound of dirty clothes on the floor, sifting through it before sighing and walking to my dresser.

    I opened the drawers, grabbed my favorite pair of black skinny jeans, clean for once, and a red V-neck. Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I grabbed a pair of boxers and made my way to the bathroom.

    I closed the door and locked it, stripping off my black and red plaid pajama pants. They were my favorite pair. I kicked off my boxers as I turned the shower faucet on, making the water scalding hot. I stepped in, and a bolt of pain shot through my body.

    “What the hell?!” I looked down at my thighs, and remembered why it stung so much.

    Just then, my mother knocked on the bathroom door. “Everything okay in there, Frank?”

    I grunted in reassurance, grabbing the shampoo and washing my bed head. I washed my body and stepped out of the shower, shaking out my long hair as I wrapped a towel around my waist. I grabbed my dirty clothes in my left hand, making sure to cover the self-inflected wounds. I returned to my room and dried my body off.

    My cell phone started ringing as I tried to shimmy my wet body into my too-tight jeans. I dove across my room onto my bed, reaching for my phone with my jeans stuck around my thighs.

    “Hullo?” I answered, flipping my wet hair out of my face.

    “Frank!” a distinct voice replied. “It’s Gerard. Mikes just got out of the shower, we should be there in twenty minutes or so.”

    I glanced at my bedside clock. 6:37. I had to hurry and finish getting ready, and fast. “poop, alright.”

    I gave him my address and hung up, quickly shimmying my jeans all the way up, putting my red and black studded belt on. I threw my V-neck on and plugged in my hair straightener. My mom bought me a wet straightener, so I could quickly do my hair and still be at school on time. I straightened my hair in fifteen minutes, a new record for me.

    Reaching for my black eyeliner, I heard a car horn. I quickly swiped the pencil under each of my eyes, leaving faint black streaks. I glanced in the mirror one last time as I grabbed my backpack, swooping my hair out of my face, just the way I liked it.

    “Hey mom, I’m getting a ride to school from my friend today, don’t worry about rushing!” I yelled, stepping outside.

    I heard her reply from the bathroom, “All right honey, have a good day!”

    I glanced at the black Honda sitting in my driveway, where Gerard had a small smirk across his face. “Forgetting something?” he said, sticking his head out the window.

    I glanced down, my face growing red with embarrassment. “Right... shoes… I’ll be right back!”

    I grabbed my black converse from the hall closet, shutting the door behind me as I walked to the car. Gerard pointed to the passenger door, and I got in, slamming the door shut behind me.

    “poop, sorry,” I quickly apologized. Way to go, Frank, embarrassing yourself in front of your new friends.

    “Nah dude, it’s all good. We’re from Jersey, that’s how we do poop,” Gerard looked at me and smiled. He gestured to the back seat. “This is the one and only Mikey Way, my favorite little brother.” He tousled his hair.

    Mikey grimaced and pushed Gerard’s hand away. “I’m your only brother, Dillhole. You must be Frank.”

    I shook his hand as Gerard looked at me expectantly.

    I looked back in confusion. “Yes?”

    He nodded to my seatbelt, and I instantly got the message. I heard the belt click as he pulled the car out of the driveway.

    Gerard looked in the rearview. “Well, Mikey Way, welcome to your first day at a new school.”
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    Love it. Poor Frank, what a morning, lol.
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    Chapter Three

    The ride to the school was uneventful, and before I knew it, we had pulled up to the large stone building. The school was old, and somehow, some of the teachers looked even older.

    “Well, here it is,” I stated, pointing Gerard to an empty parking spot. He pulled in, and I opened the door, flipping my hair out of my eyes. “Belleville High School.”

    I heard Mikey and Gerard get out of the car behind me, and my hand immediately went to my wrist. I always did this around new people, trying to hide the real me. I felt Mikey’s eyes glance down to my wrist, and I quickly moved it behind me.

    I cleared my throat. “So, we still have 30 minutes until first period. Ready for your grand tour?”

    Gerard and Mikey nodded as I led them through the large doors at the front of the school, entering a whirlwind of conversations. I walked down the narrow hallway, trying to slide past the different groups of students. Nobody at Belleville really liked me, besides a few other social outcasts. I saw one of them, my good friend Ray, alone at his locker, and I went to greet him.

    “Ray,” I nodded to him. “This is Gerard and Mikey. They’re new here.”

    Ray just glanced at them, before turning back to his open locker. Standing 6’1, Ray was a man of few words. His quiet self made it easy to talk to him about problems, and he was the social circle’s therapist of sorts.

    Mikey looked away, nerves obvious as he took a step closer to his brother. I said goodbye to Ray and I led the brothers to their lockers, Mikey’s only two away from mine.

    “Mikey, this is your locker,” I stated, pointing to a blue locker. “Mine is two away from yours. Let me see your schedule.”

    He handed over a crumpled white piece of paper, and I smoothed it out on his locker door.

    “Sweet, we have homeroom together,” I scanned his schedule. “And lunch and gym! I’ll take you to all your other classes today though.”

    I led Mikey to our homeroom class, and walked Gerard to his locker, two hallways away from mine.

    “So Frank,” Gerard looked at me as we were walking. “Tell me about yourself.”

    I paused, trying to form words in my head and not sound like a complete idiot. “Well, I’m pretty much a loser. I feel bad that you met me before the popular kids, because you basically committed social suicide. I get bullied a lot, and my dad’s never home. I c-”

    I stopped myself, my face turning bright red. Nobody knows anything about me. I don’t get too close to anyone, what was I doing?

    Gerard stood in front of his locker. “You what?”

    “I.. can’t believe we’re friends,” I recovered quickly, letting myself regain composure.

    “Oh, yeah, me too,” Gerard pulled his hands behind his back. “Listen, I can probably find my class from here. You should get to homeroom. The bell’s gonna ring soon, right?”

    I glanced at my phone clock. “Oh, yeah. Alright. I think we have music and lunch together. I’ll see you then.”

    I turned on my heels, breathing quickly. Why did he pull his arms behind his back? What was he hiding?

    The ringing of the first period warning bell shook me from my thoughts, and I quickened the pace to homeroom. I slid in just as the first period bell rang, and took the seat next to Mikey.

    “Good Morning, class,” a petite, very attractive black haired woman walked in. “Welcome to your first day of Algebra Two.”

    I turned to Mikey, who had a smile plastered across his face. This was going to be a good year.
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    Please update your chapter index within 24 hours or your fic will be locked.
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    Sorry about that! I just updated it. c:

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