Hopeless Hearts [GW/OFC]

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    This is my...second solo fic, third fic all together on here.
    Hope you enjoy it. :]

    Pairing: Gerard Way and OFC
    Rating: PG-13, but I'll post a warning at the beginning of the post if it goes over that rating...

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    Chapter One
    Gerard's POV

    Just keep running, I told myself as I sprinted down the sidewalk and made a sharp turn down an alley way. I tripped and fell behind a couple of trashcans lined up beside a brick wall, scraping my arms and face against the wet pavement. I pulled myself into a sitting position and held my breath, hoping they wouldn’t find me.

    “Where’d he go?!” One shouted angrily.

    “I swear I saw him run down here!” Another said.

    I heard their heavy footsteps make their way down the alley, passing the trashcans I used for my hiding spot.

    “He’s not here, Johnny.” One of the cronies called.

    Johnny Danford, the kid who had been torturing me for four years, wasn’t going to stop at anything to find me and beat the living piss out of me since I managed to escape my daily beating from him and his cronies.

    He was a typical jock, always picking on the ‘outcasts’ of school, like me. His cronies, my nickname for his friends, followed his every move and went on beating-sprees when Johnny couldn’t personally be there.

    “Go down further!” Johnny ordered, anger seething through his voice.

    I heard more footsteps rush passed me to go further down the dark alley.

    I took in a deep breath and held my legs close to my chest, trying to make myself as small as possible. My heart was pounding against my ribcage rapidly, making it harder for me to breathe quietly.

    “I know you’re here, Way. You couldn’t have gone too far.” Johnny’s voice echoed through my head.

    I closed my eyes and tried to imagine I was in a better, safer place with my friends.

    “Okay, we searched, and he’s too fat to hide behind anything, so he’s not here.” The words that were being said hurt me so much, but I ignored them, just to save myself a beating.

    “We’ll get him tomorrow in school.” Johnny growled. After another minute I heard them make their way out of the alley.

    I took in deep breaths; somewhat glad I didn’t get caught, but also extremely terrified about tomorrow at school.

    I stood up from behind the trashcans and licked my lips, tasting blood. I brushed off my black jeans and cautiously walked out of the alley and onto the sidewalk. Luckily, Johnny and his cronies were gone.

    I made my way home slowly, the chilly Jersey air whipping my hair around and making my cheeks sting with coldness. It made me feel somewhat relieved, but there was still tomorrow. The rain had finally lightened up a bit, but my clothes were drenched from running out of school and all the way passed my neighbourhood in the storm.

    I reached my house and unlocked the door, greeted by the aroma of spaghetti sauce.

    “Gerard, is that you?” My mother called from the kitchen, probably cooking dinner.

    “Yeah, it’s me.” I answered back.

    “Good. I thought you were going to miss dinner. You do know it’s five, right? You’re usually home by four.” My mother came into the living room to see me. She gasped when she saw my split lip and scraped up chin.

    “Gerard, what happened?” She asked, her worried expression making me feel bad.

    “I just tripped and fell on my way home.” I sighed as she placed her warm hand on my cold cheek to examine my chin and lip.

    “Usually Mikey’s the clumsy one…” She said to herself as she walked back into the kitchen.

    I thanked God for her not questioning me more and sprinted up the stairs to my room to get changed into clean clothes and ready for dinner.


    The next day in school I tried to hide myself at all costs, even if it meant diving into a trashcan or heading into the bathroom whenever I saw Johnny or his cronies.

    I was heading to my eighth period class (my last class) when I heard someone shouting from somewhere.

    I glanced at the row of lockers to my right, realizing the shouting was coming from there.

    I walked closer and could finally hear exactly what the person was yelling.

    “GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE!” I figured out someone was inside the locker.

    “GERARD? GERARD, IS THAT YOU?! HELP ME!” They yelled at me.

    Then I realized who that voice was coming from.

    I quickly opened up the locker door and a person sprung out at me, both of us falling to the floor. I stood up quickly and helped the person up, too.

    “Thanks, man.” Frank Iero, one of my best friends, said as he dusted his pants off and straightened his tie. He picked up his messenger bag and gave me a worried look.

    “Johnny Danford?” I asked.


    “That’s the third time this week, Frank.” I sighed as we headed to our last class together.

    “I know. Believe me, I put up a fight.” He stated proudly, and that’s when I noticed the skin around his left eye turning a purple colour, and there was dried blood splattered on his bottom lip.

    “It was great. I gave him a bloody nose! But he’s looking for you, Gerard.” Frank said as he played with his lip ring.

    “I figured.” I groaned.

    “You can keep hiding from him, I mean, it’s not that hard.” Frank tried to cheer me up.

    But sooner or later I’d have to face Johnny.


    I sat on the stone steps to the school entrance, listening to my iPod as I waited for Mikey and Frank’s marching band meeting to end. It was a lot warmer than last night, and the tree rooted conveniently in front of me was shading me from the sun.

    I was so lost in my music that I didn’t even notice someone sitting directly across from me on the step. I looked over and noticed it was a girl; a cheerleader. She was crying her eyes out and I could see her dark make-up rubbing off on the palms of her hands. Her face was hidden from her long, black hair.

    Let’s not get involved with her, I thought to myself and went back to listening to the Misfits.

    I subconsciously kept sneaking glances at her every few minutes, and the one time I was looking at her, she was looking back at me. I flinched slightly and caught sight of her sparkling, blue eyes. I quickly averted my gaze back down to my iPod, hoping she didn’t get upset.

    “Hey,” She said loudly, “What are you listening to?”

    I looked up at her with a surprised expression. “Nothing you would like.” I muttered.

    “Give me a shot.” She smiled warmly, even though her eye make-up was messed up and her eyes were bloodshot.

    I instinctively let my guard down and flashed the screen on my iPod.

    “The Misfits? They’re pretty good.” She nodded approvingly.

    I raised my eyebrows at her reaction. Most girls would say ‘Who are they?’

    “Yeah, they’re pretty amazing.” I rolled my eyes.

    “What else do you have on there?” The girl kept pestering me. Didn’t she know I could get a smack down if I was caught talking to her?

    I finally handed over my iPod completely, causing her to smile in satisfaction. She scrolled through my ‘Artists’ as I watched her from a distance.

    “By the way, I’m Marie.” She said, not taking her eyes off of my iPod.

    “Gerard.” I answered, just to be polite.

    After a few minutes of silence, and realizing maybe I wouldn’t get the poop beaten out of me, I decided to ask her some questions.

    “Aren’t you supposed to be at practice?” I asked, rather annoyed.

    “Yeah, but—well, I told them I had to go to the bathroom.” She stammered.

    “Why were you crying?” I blurted out. I could feel my cheeks flush, and I lowered my head. It was really out of place for me to ask her that, since it was none of my business.

    “Boyfriend problems.” She sighed, cupping her hands around her face, not even bothered by my question.

    Typical, I made sure to say that in my head.

    “I know what you’re thinking; typical little girl problem, right?” Marie gave me an amused look.

    I shrugged in response. It was weird how she had basically read my mind.

    She laughed; I don’t know if it was more to herself or towards me.

    “Yeah, it is pretty typical, I guess.” Now she was talking to herself.

    Once I was sure we were done talking, I put my earbuds back in my ears and the sound of the Misfits filled my head.

    I don’t know how long it had been, but Marie was still sitting across the step from me, her head bent low and her cell phone pressed against her ear. I checked my cell phone, realizing it was close to five.

    I hated marching band meetings with a passion; I wished Mikey or Frank could drive.

    “No, please…don’t make me do this.” I overheard Marie talking into her cell phone. “Tomorrow…I promise.” Her voice was shaking, and she looked like she was going to burst into tears again.

    She snapped her phone shut abruptly and stood up, smoothing down her blue and white cheerleading mini-skirt and straightening out her uniform shirt. She looked down at me, her eyes filled with pain and shame.

    “It was nice meeting you, Gerard.” She said quietly before walking back into school.

    I stared down at my iPod, wondering what could have made her so upset.

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    ‘Gerard Way and Marie Myers: Secret Friends or Secret Affair?’ Which one sounds worse?” I heard a sarcastic remark from behind me. I looked up to see Frank and my brother, Mikey, standing next to me on the step.

    “What are you talking about?” I glared at my brother as I stood up. I shrugged on my messenger bag and shoved my iPod in my coat pocket.

    “Do you know who Marie Myers is?” Mikey asked me.

    “I do now.” I responded shortly and we walked towards my car.

    “If you would have been caught talking to her, it would’ve be all over the school newspaper, and you would’ve gotten the poop beaten out of you.” Mikey explained as he opened up the passenger side door of my silver car. I ignored what he said as I got into the driver’s seat and looked for my car keys in my bag.

    “You need to get this car f**king cleaned.” Frank interjected while jumping into the backseat.

    “Shut up, Frank.” I snapped as I turned the car on and waited for it to heat up before pulling out of the school parking lot and driving to Frank’s house.

    “Now, what were you saying about Marie?” I glanced at Mikey.

    “She’s Danford’s girlfriend!” He yelped, and I slammed the breaks on.

    “What?!” I looked at him, wide-eyed and in shock.

    A car gave a loud beep from behind us, then swerved around us and kept driving.

    “Drive!” Mikey yelled at me.

    I just looked at the wheel in front of me, not caring if I had stopped in the middle of the road.

    I was screwed.
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    Alexis..... I'm your first reader. XD

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    i absolutely love this one. more soon?
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    this sounds really good.
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    I love this! I wonder what happened between her and her boyfriend...more soon please.
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    Thank you, everyone! I loooove the comments. :]
    Here's the next chapter.

    Chapter Two
    Gerard’s POV

    The next day in school wasn’t eventful, thank God. I had managed to avoid Johnny all day.

    At lunch, Mikey decided to tell Ray I had talked to Marie.

    “You talked to Marie Myers without getting beat up?” Ray gave me an awe-struck look.

    “I’m just that amazing.” I said sardonically and sat down next to him with my lunch.

    “So, Gerard, do you think she’s ho—”

    “I suggest we not talk about her unless we want something very bad to happen to all of us.” I cut him off and pointed my eyes in the direction of Marie’s lunch table that was unusually close to ours.

    “Think fast, Iero!” Someone shouted.

    All of a sudden, a sandwich flew through the air and hit the side of Frank’s face. Frank blinked and picked up the sandwich, examining it for a second before looking over at me. I shook my head, irritated by the whole scene and everyone laughing at us.

    Why did this happen to us everyday?


    Another marching band meeting.

    God, this was getting old.

    I was sat on the stairs from yesterday, listening to my iPod again.

    The cool breeze was grazing my skin gently and the sun was hidden behind clouds.

    Perfect, I sighed pleasantly and wrote down an answer in my notebook for my Trigonometry homework.

    “Look who it is! It’s Gerald Way.” A familiar voice sneered. I looked up to see four tall figures in front of me.

    Johnny and his cronies.

    “I can’t believe we didn’t think of finding you here. By yourself.” He yanked me up by my coat sleeve and held me in place.

    “Get the f**k off of me.” I growled, ripping my arm away from his grasp and turned my back to him.

    “Ooh, feisty. But I don’t tolerate that kind of behaviour.” Johnny snapped and grabbed my collar. He spun me around and held out his fist, getting ready to punch me.

    I groaned in pain as his knuckles collided with my right cheek. I backed away, covering my cheek with my hand.

    “You thought you could run from us, Way?” Johnny’s voice was distant and mocking.

    “Well, I tried.” I replied curtly.

    Just for talking back, I was punched in the stomach. I collapsed to my knees, holding my stomach tightly.

    “You’re pathetic, Way. You’ll never be anything.” I heard him and his cronies laughing.

    I lowered my head and tried to block out what he had said, but the words cut through me like a knife. He was always going to be right; I would never make it in life.

    “Johnny?” I heard a distressed voice call.

    I looked up and saw Marie standing on the very first step, her blue eyes glimmering with unshed tears. She had one hand buried in her hair and another covering her mouth. I lowered my head again; embarrassed that she had to see me like this.

    I waited for her to start laughing, but it never came.

    “Gerard?” She questioned, but I didn’t lift my head up.

    “You know him?” Johnny asked.

    “Yes, I do. And don’t you come any closer, Johnny. Why did you do this to him?” Marie’s voice quivered.

    “I was just setting him straight, babe.” Johnny answered, and I swear if I wasn’t too weak, I would have kicked him in his face.

    “You don’t need to set him straight; you’re the one who needs to be set straight! We’re over, Johnny!” Marie cried out.

    “You can’t do this to me!” He yelled back.

    “I just did! Get out of my sight!” Marie shrieked, and I heard the heavy footsteps of Johnny and his cronies leave.

    I just sat there on my knees, my arms wrapped tightly around my stomach still, taking in everything that had just happened.

    “Gerard?” Marie whispered, her hand gliding up my back and resting on the back of my neck gently.

    I looked up at her and she slid her hand to cup my right cheek, but I flinched away since it was beginning to bruise.

    “I’m sorry.” She said, barely audible.

    “Not your fault.” I responded, finally unwrapping my hands from around my stomach and sitting on my heels.

    I stared at Marie for a moment, who had successfully held back her tears all through yelling at her boyfriend. Erm, ex-boyfriend. She was kneeling in front of me, biting her lip. She knotted her fingers together and kept her eyes on them, like she was afraid to look at me. She was nervous for some odd reason.

    “Are you okay?” I asked politely.

    “I’m okay.” She nodded and finally our eyes met.

    “I—well…thanks.” I stuttered, blushing slightly.

    “For what?” Marie looked at me oddly.

    “If you wouldn’t have showed up, then I would have surely been dead.” I explained, looking around for my iPod. I finally found it, noticing it had gotten a few nicks from me dropping it on the cement.

    “Oh. Well, you’re welcome, I guess.” Marie smiled timidly. I couldn’t help but giggle at her shyness.

    “Did you just giggle?” She gave me a smirk.


    “What? No.” I shook my head.

    “Yes, you did! Gerard, you giggle!” Marie laughed softly.

    I bushed violently and bit my lip.

    “It’s okay,” She leaned into me a little bit, “It was cute.” As she looked into my eyes, I could see that she was hiding something.

    She stared at me a second longer before standing up and brushing off her skirt. “Bye, Gerard.” She turned around to head back to her practice.

    I sighed and was about to blast my music until I heard a loud yelp.

    “Gerard! Were you about to f**king kiss her?!” Mikey yelled loudly, probably loud enough for the people around school to hear. I glared at him intensely as Frank just snickered quietly.

    “Could you say it any louder, Mikey?” I said sarcastically as we all headed towards my car to leave school.
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    A/N: There's a part in here that's related to a scene in the I'm Not Okay video. :]

    Chapter Three
    Gerard’s POV

    The next day before eighth period class, Frank and I were ambushed.

    “I wasn’t finished with you yesterday, Way. You’re lucky my girlfriend came along to save your sorry butt.” Johnny scowled and held up his hockey stick threateningly. His three other friends surrounded us, making it impossible for us to make a run for it.

    “Ex.” I said under my breath.

    “What, you’re gonna beat us with those things? C’mon, man, that’s just pathetic.” Frank rolled his eyes.

    “Frank!” I glared at him.

    “And you know what; we could sue you if you touched us with those damn things!” Frank kept running his mouth, oblivious to the fact that he was making Johnny and his cronies angry.

    “He has a point…” Johnny said to himself, causing me to raise my eyebrows. “Okay, Way, it’s gonna be us against you and your loser friends, after school. Come prepared.” He said before he and his friends took off down the hall.

    “FRANK!” I yelled and smacked him in the head.

    “What?! I didn’t do anything!” He whined, rubbing his head.

    We continued on our way down the hall to our last class, and before we actually got inside the room I stopped him.

    “You and your big mouth got us into a fight after school!” I said angrily.

    “Well, I’m sorry for speaking my mind, Gerard.” He answered and crossed his arms.

    I glared at him as we entered the classroom and took our seats next to each other, refusing to speak to one another.


    “Damnit, Frank, why do you have to get us into this poop?” Mikey growled as he twirled his croquet stick in his hand.

    Frank had been sitting in the grass, his croquet stick lying next to him and his aviators covering his eyes. He hadn’t said a word to us since the time we got down to the football field.

    “Frank…” I sighed and kneeled down next to him, “Look, I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have blamed this on you.” I gave in and apologized. I couldn’t stand not talking to him.

    “No, it is his fault! Remember last time he said something?” Mikey reminded me.

    I got the chills just thinking about it.

    “Yeah, whatever.” Frank huffed and crossed his arms stubbornly.

    Ray had been silent the whole time, just listening to us arguing. I threw my hands up in defeat and picked up my croquet stick, messing around with it and whacking the balls aimlessly around the grass. After a few minutes, Frank stood up and decided to join me.

    “Okay, I’ll admit it; I do open my mouth at the wrong time. But hell, we can take them! These things are heavy!” He said and swung his croquet stick around.

    We all burst into laughter, finally the tension was lifted.

    “Ready for a beat down?” Someone asked in a mocking tone from behind us.

    We all turned around to see Johnny and three of his friends, fully equipped with hockey sticks and lacrosse sticks.

    Frank stood up next to me and took off his aviators, and then shoved them in his pants pocket.

    “Let’s just get this over with.” I rolled my eyes. Johnny had a straight face, but his eyes were full of joy and revenge. I narrowed my eyes at him as Mikey, Ray, and Frank joined my side, holding their croquets sticks. We stood in front of Johnny and his friends, getting ready to charge.

    A part of me was scared out of my mind, but the other part wanted to prove to him that we weren’t afraid of him.

    We broke out in a run towards each other simultaneously, using our ‘weapons’ as shields to block ourselves. As soon as we were about to crash into each other, someone stopped us.

    “Oh, my God! Stop this, all of you!” Marie’s voice made everyone halt only inches away from each other.

    We put down our sticks and I watched Johnny walk over to her, his cronies following behind him. Marie crossed her arms and glared at him as he came closer.

    “Marie, baby, I can explain—”

    “No, you don’t have to explain anything. And don’t f**king call me baby; I’m not your girlfriend anymore!” She yelled in his face

    “But, Marie, please—” Johnny grabbed her forearm, but she reacted quickly.

    “Get the f**k off of me.” She said through clenched teeth as she yanked her arm out of his grip.

    Johnny stared at her, awe-struck and confused. He was enraged with Marie not giving him the attention he wanted, like every other girl did. He was about to say something but stopped himself, then stomped away from Marie, his cronies quickly going after him.

    Marie turned to look at me, a faint smile gracing her lips. She walked over to us and stood in front of me, her eyes shining with happiness.

    “Croquet sticks?” She raised her eyebrows.

    “We couldn’t think of anything else.” I smiled sheepishly.

    She let out a soft giggle and glanced at the guys. “Care to introduce me to your friends?” She implied.

    “Oh, right. The one with the glasses is my brother, Mikey, The one with the lip ring is Frank Iero, and the one with the ‘fro is Ray Toro,” I pointed to each of them as I said their name, “Guys, this is Marie.”

    “We know that.” Frank answered smartly.

    I turned around to glare at him, only to receive an innocent look from him.

    “Nice to meet you guys.” Marie said, sounding like she truly meant it. They all gave her a smile in return, sending a relieved feeling through me. They liked each other.

    We all decided to walk to the parking lot to head home after that awkward event.

    It was Ray’s turn to take Mikey and Frank home (even though Mikey lived with me, I made him go home with Ray sometimes when I wanted to stay after school longer). They waved goodbye before getting into his black pick up truck and driving out of the parking lot.

    “They seem nicer than Johnny’s friends.” Marie looked up at me.

    “Well, they’re not bullies.” I responded, my voice evident with annoyance.

    I leaned on the hood of my car with my arms crossed, staring at a spot on the ground. I waited for her to say something, but she seemed to be zoning out.

    “Marie, shouldn’t you be at practice?” I questioned finally, causing her to snap out of her daze.

    “Uh, yeah. But I don’t want to go back.” She said timidly.

    “Come on, I’ll take you home.” I offered, hoping she’d say yes.

    “Are you sure? You really don’t have to.” She assured me, but I insisted. She finally gave in and hurriedly ran back inside of school and came back out with her backpack and gym bag in a minute.

    Thank God Ray took home Mikey and Frank.

    I opened up the passenger side door for her, and she took a seat, setting her bags on the floor.

    “Such a gentleman.” She commented and closed the door.

    Oh, honey, you don’t know the real me, I said to myself as I opened up the driver’s side door and sat inside my car. I started it up and drove out of the parking lot.

    “So, directions to your house?” I asked.

    She quickly gave me directions and we drove in silence for a few minutes before I put in my Misfits CD and turned the volume up. I couldn’t help but laugh as we both sang along to the songs. It surprised me, but it was a good surprise.

    I finally pulled into Marie’s driveway and parked the car so she could get out. She grabbed her backpack and gym bag and smiled at me. “Thanks, Gerard. I really appreciate your driving me home. I think I would’ve murdered myself before practice was over.” She said.

    “Why are you a cheerleader if you don’t like it?” I questioned curiously.

    Marie bit her lip, and turned away from me. “It’s a long story.” She stated before opening the car door.

    “Bye, Gerard.” She sighed and slammed the door shut.

    I watched her walk up the pathway to her front door. I pulled out of the driveway and drove towards my house, which wasn’t far away from hers.

    I parked on the curb in front of my house and sat in my car for a minute, thinking about Marie.

    What is she hiding from me?
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    That was great.
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