High School Where It All Begins

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  1. Awe.... This was so cute ^_^
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    Thanks guys glad you liked it!!! I wrote this chapter but edited it cause I thought of a better storyline instead. Hopefully the next chapter will make you laugh. THANKS GUYS !!!!! If there is anything you want to aske me I will gladly answer (not so much about whats going to happen;))

    Chapter Seventeen

    Mikey's POV

    Ugh, why am I so hot? Its winter and I am sweating. I grabbed my glasses, adjusted them on my face and glanced at my clock which revealed that it was six forty nine in the morning, which means I was due to get up for school in eleven minutes. I sat up and wiped the sweat off my forehead and reached for my drink, I chugged it down and went to go to the bathroom. Gerard was there clutching his stomach in pain, leaning on the bath tub opposite the toilet.

    “Gee you alright?” I asked and I could smell that he had been sick.

    “f**k no I feel like poop!” He shook his head and groaned, he looked tired and I noticed that he was sweating to, I grabbed a flannel off the towel rack wet it with cold water and went to wipe Gee’s face. He finally opened his eyes.


    “How long you felt like this?” I asked,

    “Since about four,”

    “You’re not going to school today.” I said with concern,

    “I’m gonna spew!” I moved out of his way and he did what he needed in the
    toilet, wow he really looked like poop.

    “Can you hold anything down?” I asked.

    “No not even a glass of water.” He sniffed and flushed the toilet, he came back to sit in front of me,

    “You don’t look much better Mike’s. You look really pale and sweaty, you okay?”” He said,

    “Gee you’re the one being sick and you’re asking if I am okay?” He smiled weakly, but he was right I was hot but I didn’t feel sick and hopefully I won’t.

    “Come on; let’s get you to the spare bedroom, closer to the bathroom than yours.” I helped him up and he was holding me tightly as I supported him when we walked to the bedroom. I helped him down on the bed.

    “I’ll go and get you a glass of water.” I got up and went to go to the kitchen,

    “Its fine you’re going to be late for school!” He shouted as I walked out of the room, god he needed to stop worrying about me and consider what’s wrong with him. I got a glass of water and walked back upstairs and he had fallen asleep, I stuck the glass on the desk next to him and let him catch up on it. So I went to get ready for school. It was eight o’clock by the time I had gotten ready and checked on Gee before I left to walk to school. I opened the door and froze where I was, apparently it snowed when we were sleeping, and a thin layer of snow covered the ground, looks like a need another layer of clothing so I grabbed my jacket and tackled my way to school. I slipped in some places not because I was clumsy just because it’s just the normal Mikey Way awkwardness. After about twenty minutes of walking I finally walked through the school gates, I cooled downed from this morning but I had started to feel queasy. Great this was not the best time to start feeling ill, so I brushed it off and went on as normal. I went straight to my locker to take off my coat, oh god I can’t brush this off I am starting to feel terrible. I stuck my head against the cold metal on my locker,

    “Mikey?” I felt a nudge on my shoulder. I looked up to see Ray standing in front of me; I pushed myself off the locker and felt dizzy.

    “Are you alright?” He asked, I shut my locker,

    “Yeah I am fine.” I turned around and started to walk but stupidly I wasn’t looking where I was going and bumped into Frank.

    “Gerard not in today?” He asked,

    “No he is really ill,” Was my answer,

    “You don’t look much better dude, you okay?” He asked concerned,

    “Yeah I’m fine.” They reluctantly let me walk to my first lesson, which seemed to f**king drag. It didn’t help that I seemed to feel worse throughout the day. I stayed in the library at break time to do some history homework, and then when it came to lunch tried to avoid people but Frank was concerned and stayed with me.

    “Maybe you should go home?” He said at the start of lunch, I shook my head and nearly gagged,

    “Bathroom now!” He shoved me into the boy’s toilets and to a cubicle wear I was sick until I was gagging and nothing was coming out, eyes watering like I had been crying. I stood up and looked at him apologetically.

    “It’s fine.” He handed me a strip of minty gum, I took it without hesitating. The bathroom door opened and I heard some familiar voices. The door to our cubicle was closed and we left it there to see what the dicks that tortured Gerard had to say.

    “I don’t think we should, its amazing that we found a school to take us in after what we did.” I heard the sound of Bradley.

    “Oh come on, he got us into trouble the stupid little emo, not our fault he decided he wanted to get himself drugged up and cut himself and all that.”

    “So we deserved it and I think he has had enough, and he looks like he can stand up for himself now. It’s really not fair guys you’re being pathetic!” Bradley said how they dare to say that about what they did to my brother was just disgusting.

    “Fine, come and see us when you’re not being so gay!” We heard a grunt like someone had hit another and then something fell on the floor. The door opened and the boys left for what I heard, I exchanged glances with Frank, who looked stunned. IF they think that they are going to put Gee what they put him through before then they had better look out! Still feeling dizzy I opened the door to walk out but stopped as Bradley was there sitting on the floor with a bleeding lip. He looked up as us and then looked back down.

    “So you think you’re going to torture my brother again?” I asked,

    “No I don’t think that and I am not going to try.” He licked the blood away from his lip, and looked up at us.

    “You were always the one to just tag along with them, why the sudden change of heart!” I spat out,

    “Because, I don’t want to it’s not fair,” He said,

    “Not fair he nearly tried to kill himself over a year and a half ago, over some stupid pathetic games your guys liked to play!” I shouted angrily,

    “I never did any of that, I just hung out with them like a lost dog.” He sounded sad,

    “Yeah you were never the one to do that stuff but still, you could have told someone you wouldn’t like it if you were being tortured!” I snarled,

    “I know but I didn’t and I’m sorry. Let’s just say if they knew all about me they would do the same to me.” He got up and wiped his lip with a paper towel.

    “What are you talking about?” I snapped, he adjusted himself so he was ready to leave,

    “Just make sure you know what they are planning, revenge probably. And let’s just say I thought your brother was good looking.” He looked at us both then walked out of the toilets. Oh my god did he just admit to us that he was gay? Or was this one of their little games. Back to reality I felt sick, and my mouth was dry.

    “I feel sick.” I thought aloud, grasping my stomach and leaning on a sink I exhaled.

    “Come on I’m gonna take you to the nurse and then home.” I felt a rush of nausea run up my body and I dashed to the toilet again and released my vomit.

    “How the f**ks are we sick at the same time?” I thought of Gerard being sick but he seemed much worse than me.

    “I’m gonna take you home, come on.” He reached down and grabbed me under the shoulders and pulled me up, and we made our way to the nurse to tell her we were going home, we told her and started walking,

    “Have you seen Alicia today?” He asked, breaking the silence. I shook my head to say no,

    “Want me to take you to see her? She is with Bob and Ray.” I nodded eagerly, he turned us around and we headed for the music room we hung in, we were greeted with Bob spinning Alicia on an office chair.

    “Bob stop it, you jack butt!” Bob just laughed but did what he was told,

    “Heeeeey Mikey, who you’re so pale you look dead! Vampire Mikey, careful Alicia he might suck your blood if you’re not cautious.” I rolled my eyes and sat down and put my head in my hands. I felt a hand on my leg and looked to see who it was it was Alicia.

    “I asked you if you were fine and you said yeah, don’t blame Ray.” I smiled at him,

    “In biology we are talking about the digestive system you know with food and all that.” I groaned at the sign of food, Bob did that on purpose, he laughed.

    “Come on, let’s get you home.”

    “Yeah and you can see Gerard, I’m sure he would like to see you.” I hugged Alicia, but didn’t kiss her.

    “You know Alicia if you want to bunk off last lesson, you can come with us.” I nodded eagerly,

    “Okay, I’ll come and keep you company then.” We got up too leave when Bob said,

    “Oh Mike’s, get on your laptop tonight and send me the video’s of us playing, since you guys aren’t going to be in for a while we can’t play in front of music teacher without a singer or a bass so just give him a video.” Oh yeah we were supposed to do that tomorrow, I agreed and we heeded for mine, I pulled out my key and opened the front door, I dropped my bag by the coat rack and headed upstairs to see Gee, he was in the bathroom again.

    “I wouldn’t go in the spare bedroom if I were you, already spewed in there.” He answered,

    “Beats being sick at school, oh and Bradley’s gay,” He jerked his head up to look at me,

    “Excuse me?” He looked shocked,

    “When I was vomiting in the schools bathroom, they came in and we were hidden so we stayed there and they were like ‘it’s not our fault he got drugged up and cut himself and that’ and that they wanted revenge I’m guessing. And Bradley refused and he got punched and then he was like ‘I’m sorry’ and before he left he said ‘let’s just say I think your brother is good looking’”

    “Wow, don’t make me sick. Is he really?” He asked,

    “Hey! Don’t go getting any ideas with this Bradley person.” Frank said clearly jealous for some reason, I snickered,

    “Eww no you don’t have to worry about that Frankie!” He said quickly, I gagged but nothing came up.

    “I think Mom gave us food poisoning.” We both laughed that time,

    “I’m going to bed, come with me?” I asked Alicia and she agreed, I walked into my bedroom and kicked off my shoe’s by the door and took off my hoodie and chucked it on my desk. Alicia walked over to me and felt my head,

    “You feel hot, if it helps take off your trousers and lie in bed with your boxers and shirt on. Trust me you will feel comfier.” I did what she said and got into bed, ugh hopefully I will feel better later.

    “Do you need anything?” She asked,

    “Your cuddles,” I pouted my lips, and she laughed. But pulled off her coat
    and shoe’s and joined me,

    “Take your glasses off and sleep, you will feel better.” She pulled my glasses off and placed them on the bed side table. I twined my fingers through hers and tried to relax, it worked cause the last thing I remembered was my head dropping onto Alicia’s shoulder.
  3. D: why are they both sick. I hope they feel better soon :(

    Great chapter by the way ;)
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    The story line was that Gee was going to have something wrong still debaiting weather not not to do it..... but i have a funny scene and it would be better if Gee was in it...... but I am still thinking NOTHING REALLY BAD !!!! You will all find out tomorrow what story line i choose. I am thinking the funny scene but we shall wait and see... look tomorrow it will be up I promise :ninja: AND I want every one to know I am over the moon that you guys think this is good THANK YOU again :tongue:
  5. ok:) I shall check it tomorrow
  6. Awwww... Haha this is making me spazz... The last part is reminding me of yesterday at my boy's house <3 So, Bradley's gay? WOOHOO. He admits it ;)
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    I Know XD He has confessed!!!

    Chapterr Eighteen

    Gerard’s POV

    Ugh what a week, Mikey and I had food poisoning from I don’t know what. Frank and Alicia and the guys would visit and we would practise our music so we were ready to play in front of the teacher. Thank f**k we are better, and Christmas is over. Everyone seemed to like my gifts, drawings for all of them, of their favourite pictures. Mind you being ill on Christmas meant we didn’t have to join in with the family poop, Mike’s and I hated Christmas with a passion. We were all sitting in the living room, when Mom phone from work at the hospital.

    “Hey Gerard, listen I need you to bring me some files from my office it’s really urgent you bring them, it’s for a patient I am looking after.” She commanded me,

    “Um yeah where are they in your office first Mom?” I asked, I really didn’t fell like going to the hospital.

    “On my desk the blue folder, when you arrive I will be at the maternity ward.” She told me making sure I got it.
    “Yeah, one thing I don’t get you work at the hospitals furthest away.” I grumbled, it was a twenty minute drive.

    “Well get a move on and you shall have the rest of the day to your selves!” With that the phone went dead.

    “Come on guys we are taking a trip to the hospital, Mom wants files.” I mumbled and walked out of the living room and into my Moms well organised office full of folder’s. I found what I was looking for and shoved on a jacket and some shoe’s.

    “Me and Bob will take my car, you take yours meet you there.” Ray said and walked out of the door and to his car. I found my keys and locked up when Mikey, Alicia and Frank went to my car.

    “Ugh I f**king hate hospitals, they have needles that poke you and what of we are walking through a corridor and a dead body comes flying out of a closet!” I spat out, the others just chuckled,

    “Doubt that very much Gee; see the dead bodies are kept in the morgue.” When we finally turned up at the poop hole and found a parking space. We got out and walked into the white building, even in the day it was still bright as.

    “Mom’s in the maternity ward.” I muttered and Mikey went to the elevator,

    “Nah I hate elevators I will meet you up there,” She turned for the stairs and me, Frankie, Ray, Mikey and Bob waited for the doors to open, when they did we entered and headed for the ward my mom was on. It stopped a floor up and a pregnant woman walked in, she couldn’t have been more that twenty five. The lift suddenly jolted and seemed to stop, we stayed in silence for a bit then Mikey jumped up and down,

    “Don’t do that.” Frank said nervously,

    “It’s not booting,” He did it again,

    “Stop it, it’s not good!” He snapped,

    “Why?” Mikey asked amused,

    “It just don’t wanna be in an elevator with you,” He said shrinking into the corner,

    “Does it scare you if I do this? I want to go to this floor and this floor...” Mikey started pressing all of the elevator buttons, Ray Bob and I just laughed,

    “STOP IT!” He panicked,

    “What you scared Frank? You’re scared...”

    “I just don’t want to be in a f**king elevator with you!” The lift suddenly jolted and went down fast but stopped causing us to fall on the floor.

    “f**k, The walls are going to close in and f**k its hot oh my god get me out of here I’m getting claustrophobic!” He panicked but took some deep breaths to calm himself. Out of nowhere there was a sound of water running on the floor,

    “Please tell me your waters did not just break.” I heard Ray say to the girl that was in the elevator with us,

    “Oh my god I think they just did!” She panicked and winced then grabbed her stomach, oh f**k this could not be happening, she started groaning,

    “Aren’t you supposed to go into like ten hours of pain before the kid says ‘hello I’m f**king coming out now’?!” Bob said worried,

    “We have to help her!” Mikey said to us all, she screamed.

    Mikey shouted, I turned to find the emergency button,

    “WHERE THE f**k IS IT?!” I fumbled with all the knobs on the wall,

    “HERE!” Mikey pressed it but it seemed to do nothing,

    “Pry the-PRY THR DOOR OPEN!” Bob muttered moving his hand side to side, Mikey and I tried nothing happened. The girl kept groaning and we turned to see Ray holding her hand, how the f**k could he stays so calm?

    “Where is the girl when you need her? She was sensible and took the stairs!” Frank quickly,

    “Oh my f**king god I am not due for another month this baby should not want to come out!” She was taking deep breaths like someone would do in the movies. The lights flickered and went out for five seconds and came back on.

    “Ha HA we should call the f**king elevator company and sue them!!” Mikey Tried to make a joke he did that sometimes in times like this, being successful we snickered a bit, before the girl like screamed,

    “Oh my god baby stay up there we are not ready for you yet!” Bob knelt down beside her and Ray,

    “Any one got signal on their phones?!” I shouted over the commotion,

    “I have one bar!” I grabbed the phone off Ray and dialled my Moms number,


    “What? Okay calm down. Ask her if she is having a contraction.” What the f**k she wants us to deliver the baby?!

    “What the f**k Mom I can’t do that the baby can’t come out here! Is there any other way we can stall it?!”

    “Put me on loud speaker I shall ask her, and there is someone coming to try and get you guys out now.” I stuck it on loud speaker and put it near the woman; my mom being a mid-wife was asking her loads of questions and told her how to handle it, we must have been in here for at least half an hour now.

    “Mom is anyone coming to get us out of here?!” Mikey shouted looking mortified, I’m sure i looked the same,

    “Calm down Michael we are doing what we can.”

    “Calm down?! Yeah this completely normal you know, It’s not every day we get stuck in a lift and a woman goes into labour so yeah I can defiantly keep calm at a time like this because I am f**king used to it!” Mikey shouted getting louder towards the end, the girl who said her name was Carla screamed as if it was time for the baby, oh poop no.

    “Wait baby just a few more minutes!” Frank said panicking,

    “How many centimetres are you Carla?” She asked her calmly,

    “I don’t know,” She answered gasping,

    “Okay, nevermind. Get one of my sons to help if you need it.” What the f**k did she just say?

    “HA go on Gerard be the mid-wife!” Mikey pushed me, toward sthe girl who was gasping on the floor.

    “Aw Mike’s I would love to, sadly your better at biology than me.” I stepped back and gestured him towards Carla.

    “You’re older Gee.” He answered, Oh poop I needed an answer,

    “You’re the straight one you should know what you are doing!” I grumbled,

    “No I’m not doing it!” He snapped and backed toward the doors,

    “Well I’m not either!”

    “Any way you need gloves and towels and water!” Mikey instructed,

    “Oh yeah Mikes let me look in the elevator gift shop!” I turned around and gestured with my hand and said,

    “OH LOOK THERE ISN’T ONE!” I said with high sarcasm, Mikey slapped my across the face, it seemed to make me calmer, so I slapped him back,

    “GUYS!! This is not helping Carla! If she is going to have the baby here she is going to need help, NOW STOP BICKERING!” We both turned to the dude with the afro and we put on a face that said ‘are you f**king serious?’ I pressed the emergency button and this time a bell went off so I pressed it repeatedly,

    “Ugh god, how would you guys react of I said I needed to push soon?” Carla said through gasps, Oh my god, she couldn’t be serious,

    “Oh my god! I banged on the elevator door and screamed for someone to help us, but all we got was the lights going off,

    “Come on guys we need to help her!” Bob said worriedly,

    “Ha yeah and say to our biology teacher ‘Hey Miss guess what we did in the holidays? What play at a gig? NO WE DELIVERED A f**kING BABY IN AN ELEVATOR’ “Mikey bellowed,

    “Yeah exactly that,” Someone suddenly collapsed in the corner,

    “Oh f**k what more?! Is the devil going to kill us one by one until we are all dead? Who was that?!” I stuck my hands out and felt someone in front of me,

    “It’s Mikey! I think it was Frank,” He answered as I felt the glasses on his face, I bent down by Frank and he suddenly seemed to sit up,

    “Ugh i told you I was claustrophobic!” He clung to me tightly scared out of his mind, The lights went back on and the lift started to move, we all got up and Mikey and I fell out of the lift, gasping for air

    “You guys okay?” A Man asked he seemed to be a nurse,

    “We’ll get back to you on that!” I whispered stunned, I stood up straight and the woman got rushed someplace else, Mom and Alicia approached us,

    “Files mother,” I gave her the files that she requested,

    “Did that just happen?” Mikey said, looking at me.

    “Uh huh,” I said nodding,

    “Anything else you would like mother? Some caviar maybe we should knit you a lovely woolly hat!” Mikey asked sarcastically,

    “No that’s it, you guys can go now, there’s something you can go tell your biology teacher.” She said, I re-called Mikey’s sarcasm in the elevator. She kissed me and Mikey on the cheek before she left us, we started to walk down the stairs and walked through the waiting room, it was empty apart from two people, I recognised one of them was Bradley, he had a bleeding nose and bruises everywhere, he spotted us and looked back down.

    “What happened to you?” I asked with an attitude,

    “I f-fell down the stairs,” He replied quickly,

    “No you didn’t,” The girl said, I remember it was the one Stephen had hit Krista was it?

    “You got beat up didn’t you?” I mumbled, he looked down and nodded, yes he had.

    “By your little gang was it?” He nodded again, I scoffed.

    “Why?” Mikey asked,

    “Because I refused to bully you,” He looked up at me, whoa maybe he was gay.

    “You stuck up for me? HA! You never did before why the sudden change of heart!?” I growled, he shrugged, I scoffed again.

    “Why did you stick up for me?” I asked curious for what he was going to say.

    “Because it’s wrong and. . . I-I am also gay; I have been since they first started.” He looked ashamed,

    “Even though I have stopped they won’t so look out.” He got called into the room and left.

    “Oh great I’m a target again?!” I kicked the waiting room chair angrily, and stormed off down the corridor and through the automatic doors, into the fresh air. Pathetic twats, if they start anything I will show them! Oh when school is back on I will show them! But being angry could lead to something much worse, I still remember I had drugs hidden in my room.
    Oh Gee's angry whats he gunna do XD
    Wierd chapter I know but.... I wanted to try and make a funny chapter..... soo feed back?
  8. Guess what! I'm not starting this one with an "AWWWWW." It's more of a WTF? Haha I absolutely loved this ^_^
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    Ahaa I know I just its definatly a WTF ?? kind of chapter........... Lol I just tried it out I had two options I chose this one.....
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    Thats just really random. It did make me laugh though. Gee. GET. RID. OF. THE. DRUGS. Great update though
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    Chapter Nineteen

    Gerard's POV

    “Hey my little sweets, your aunt and cousins are coming over today, so stop being so anti-social!”Mom commanded me and Mikey.
    Yeah ever since the incident at the hospital, about me being a target again I ain’t been so friendly towards anyone. And for a reason I don’t know so has
    Mikey. I looked up from my history work I was writing to give her an evil look. I f**king hated my cousin he would always get me down , I mean seriously
    ever since I came out and told the family I was gay he had hated me and didn’t want me apart of it. Plus it didn’t help that I was the only known gay in the family.

    “Don’t give me that look! Cheer up for goodness sake boys what’s up with you two these past few days?”Mom snapped at me and my brother, we were sitting at the dining room table scribbling down homework and poop with both of our laptops in front of us. I frowned and picked up my pan again and started to write the essay on Pearl harbour, Mikey just sighed. Mom tried to change the subject,

    “So how’s school?” She asked, not really interested.

    “We haven’t been its Christmas and new year break.” This time Mom sighed, ugh I feel so horrible to talking to everyone like this, but I am just a stupid depressed emo as everyone would say, I admit I am scared to what Damon and all would do to me when we get back to school. I just hide it and bottle things up, hideaway in my room sleep and never wake up. Yeah that’s how scared I am, I mean they did torture me in my previous school, and now they are in Bellville high.

    Giving up she claimed that she had to work for a couple of hours and left. It went even quieter than it was; all I could hear was mine and Mikey’s steady breathing, and the ticking of the clock, tick tock, tick tock. It really irritated me, I sat up and threw my pen down on my folder, I side looked at Mikey who was sitting a seat away from me, he looked at my pen then back to his work. I decided to log on to a social website that I had but never used, that’s if I could remember my password and user name. It took me a couple of tries and then I was finally logged on, I had twenty three friend requests, four being Ray, Bob, Alicia and Frankie. My Frankie I hadn’t seen him in three day’s or texted him, I missed him, I missed his touch his lips when he would kiss me, and he was perfect to me. I went through all of the requests and made myself online, and changed my display picture of the band on Halloween for Frankie’s birthday, I smiled seeing us dressed in blood and looked pale as ever.

    “Did you just smile?” Mikey said sounding shocked,

    “Did you just talk?” I mumbled, he frowned and came to see what I was doing,

    “Ah good times, Oh my god I forgot about that site.” He said and returned back to his work, a pop up showed on my computer while making a noise, saying that Bob wants to video chat. I accepted and then a load bang occurred, I noticed Ray and Frankie were also on web cam, the loud bang coming from Frankie cause after that all you could here is ‘f**k you witch!’

    “Oh is that Gerard’s name I see, get on camera, Way!” Frankie demanded, I wrote back slowly

    Gerardonoply WAY XD says – Well hello there, um no I but I will put the microphone on and bore you with silence, how ‘bout that?

    SuperBOBBryar says – So what’s up man? You and Mikey seem down these past few days? You still scarred for life about the incident at the hospital??

    Gerardonoply WAY XD says – Um yeah you could say that,

    Ray ‘AFRO’ TOROOOOO says – Oh fair enough then where’s your brother is he with you??

    I finally found the web cam button and turned it on, then angling my laptop towards a working Mikey, he froze and looked sideways and stuck his hand on the side of his face to hide it. The boys chatted I just tried to carry on with history. Mom came back; wow had it been that long? Mikey disappeared up stairs and I claimed that I had to log off from the boys. I went into the living room and flicked through the channels when the door bell rang. Great my cousin is here; Mom greeted them nicely and told Danny (my cousin) to sit in the living room with me, WHY? He entered and sat down furthest away from me, I didn’t say anything just stared at the TV.

    “Mikey here?” He asked, I nodded and pointed to the ceiling, he was upstairs.

    “Can you not f**king talk?!” He snapped, but not loudly for the others in the kitchen.

    “I can talk; just I don’t talk much to you.”

    “No, the real reason is, you’re a depressed emo that is anti-social to everyone.” Ouch that hurt,

    “What the f**k have I ever done to you?!” Grumbled frowning,

    “You dis-owned the family.” Oh my god when was he going to get over the fact that I am gay?

    “f**k off you pathetic bastard!” I growled, not putting up with this, he gave a harsh laugh.

    “Sometimes, I think everybody would be happier if you actually died. That Mikey didn’t save you.” Ouch that felt like I just got shot, tears built up in my eyes, I looked away from him.

    “No one would have to worry if you went back to drugs. Keep it off their minds; Mikey’s got a girlfriend right?? He would ditch you for her, its better off that way. And I bet your friends only put up with you cause of Mikey. Your worthless to everybody.”

    “Shut up!” I instructed him, was he right? Would it have been better if I wasn’t here? Was I worthless? My eyes were watering so bad that I couldn’t see correctly, I blinked causing a water fall down my face.

    “And now you cry like a girl.” He said, I got up and stormed down to my bedroom and slammed the door so hard I’m surprised it didn’t come off its hinges. I picked up my chair and threw it, then collapsed on my bet and went into a fit of sobs. Crying so much you hiccup and you feel sick to your stomach. Worthless, worthless was I worthless. Does everybody hate me? Maybe it would have been better if I had died. I was gasping and digging my nails into my upper arms, hard so that it drew blood. I got up and walked to my work draw and pulled out a sharpener blade, still sobbing and sat down beside my bed blocking myself from the view if someone walked in. I sniffled and took some deep breaths and then scraped the blade across my arm, it relaxed me a bit and took my mind off things so I did it again and again, there was no room left on my arm so I went for my leg. Cutting deeper and deeper every time, I finally stopped and dropped the blade beside me, and then looked at the damage I had done. I watched the red liquid pour over my arm, the cuts were deep, I couldn’t help myself. My door swung open, I didn’t even turn around to see who it was,

    “Gerard...” I recognised Mikey’s voice, it sounded wary. I didn’t answer. He suspected something, I heard him walk towards me. I heard him gasp and he knelt down beside me, grabbing a T-shirt from the floor then pressed it against my arm.

    “Gerard why did you do this?!” He said scared, looking down.

    “Don’t stop! I know what you think!”I pulled away from him and shifted so I was a bit further away from him, he moved forward again.

    “What are you talking about?! God this isn’t stopping!” He grabbed my arm again, only then he noticed my leg,

    “WHY DID YOU DO THIS?!” HE shouted sound worried,

    “BECAUSE, I WOULD BE BETTER OFF DEAD!” I shouted back, he looked at me with astonishment,

    “IM f**kING WORTH-less!” I shouted but my voice broke on the last word, I got up

    “Go away!” I Ran up the stairs, touching the walls and the door leaving blood all over them. I found myself in the bathroom next, door locked I looked at myself in the vanity cabinet mirror and I didn’t like the refection, I punched it causing it to shatter, I sobbed again, and I curled up in a ball behind the door.

    Mikey’s POV

    “Frank, please you got to help me!” I begged down the phone crying.

    “Whoa calm down Mikey, what’s the matter?!”

    “He’s done it again!! Frank please helps me talk to him please!!” I begged even harder he said he would be there right away, oh god Gee don’t do anything stupid.

    “Gerard, will you let me in please?” I asked but he still didn’t answer me. I sighed, but then something popped in my head, DANNY!!! He hated Gerard!!!

    “Gerard is this something Danny said?” Still no answer I bet it was, If only I was down stairs at the time he was there! Why didn’t I?? God am I that stupid?

    “Mikey!?” I heard Frank shout from downstairs, he ran upstairs and saw me by the door.

    “He’s not opening the door, and the cuts on his arm oh god, why wasn’t I downstairs when he was down there.” I blamed myself,

    “Listen to my Mike’s it’s not your fault, Ray and Bob are downstairs by the way they were at mine when you rang.” He knocked on the door,

    “Gerard, baby open the door?” Frank asked softly.

    “IS there any way we can get the door open?” I thought for a moment, but the door opened and Gerard walked out no longer covered in blood and down the stairs. I exchanged looks with Frank, we followed him. Turns out he was going to the kitchen for the first aid kit.

    “Frank do you and the guys hate me?? And Mikey are you going to ditch me?” He asked, pressing to anti septic liquid and winced.

    “No why would we hate you? And Mikey would never ditch you!” He slammed his fists down on the table, causing me to jump.

    “I’m worthless aren’t I?!” He got up and threw the kit in the cupboard again, just then his phone went off from the side top, he picked it up and looked at it, then threw it back down, and stormed out the room, I ran after him. He grabbed his hoodie and was nearly out the door, when I grabbed his arm, I know it would hurt him but I had to stop him.

    “OWWW SON OF A witch MIKEY, LET GO!” He jerked his arm back but Frank was there and grasped his waist, hearing all the shouting Ray and Bob came to see what was happening.

    “Come on come and take a walk with me!” Frank shoved him outside and followed him,

    “Don’t worry Mikes I got this!” He ran after a running Gerard, good thing he was faster than him. I shut the door, turned around and noticed the blood all over the banister, walls and the floor.

    “We will help.” Ray said noticing what I was looking at. I nodded, but then it just came to me, why did he chuck his phone? I stumbled my way into the kitchen and looked quickly. It was a message from an unknown number, it wrote ‘Hey gay boy can’t wait for school’ I got it now, everything bad seemed to be happening all at once, and for Gerard, why him?? Pissed off a kicked a chair over and went for some cleaning supplies in the cupboard to clean the red stains in the house before Mom came home from work.
  12. Awe.... Can I kill Danny? He's an butt. Just saying. He can just go die in a hole somewhere.
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    Ahh yeah, trust me Gee wll have his revenge
    Chapter Twenty

    Franks POV

    “Don’t worry Mikes I got this!” I said, as I shoved Gerard out of his house and into the cold snowy night. He made a run for it, so I lunged and grabbed him round the waist.

    “Don’t even f**king try, you are not going anywhere!” I exclaimed when we turned to go out the drive and he relaxed into my grip, but still grasped his waist so he couldn’t try anything. He sighed,

    “So want to explain what your break down was about?” I asked nervously, hoping it wouldn’t make him even more upset, he gulped

    “I-I have a cousin. And-and he d-doesn’t like me and umm...” He stuttered out, he took a deep breath. “Do you think I’m worthless? Would I be b-better off . . . dead?” He looked at me through sad eyes, what the f**k? What a sick f**king dick head, how could his cousin think that?

    “NO f**king hell no, Gerard. If he said that, that’s f**king wrong! Do not listen to him! And if that’s where you got that Mikey is going to ditch you, think again!! He is your brother he would never do that. And me, if I hated you I wouldn’t be f**king dating you!” I ranted, hugely pissed off at this person who I don’t even know, I wanted to punch something, for him hurting Gerard. He looked down,

    “Do you think so?” He asked unsure, god he was driving me crazy.

    “YES, get that into you cute head boy!” I tapped his head playfully, causing him to smile,

    “OH We has a smile!!” A gush a wind blew its icy cold breath our way, and I noticed Gerard shiver and I noticed that he was only in a hoodie.

    “Come on lets go back,” I turned to walk back, and slipped on the snowy ice on the floor, falling full pelt on my butt. I cursed, and Gerard laughed hysterically, clutching his stomach as he did.

    “Gerard Arthur Way! That is so not funny!” I pursed my lips together trying not to laugh, but being me I epically failed and joined in with the giggling. I steadily got up grabbing on a nearby lamp post for support,

    “Great I have a wet butt!” I moaned, brushing the snow off me.

    “Ha-ha snow sucks doesn’t it?” He hugged my tightly, I sighed in relief. “But yeah you are right; you have got a wet butt. Did you piss yourself?” He asked, I could tell he was smiling even though his chin was on my forehead.

    “Yeah, I just got so excited that you laughed, it sent chills down my spine.” I felt him shake with laughter, we pulled away from each other and walked back to his house hand in hand. We were at the front porch hurrying up the stairs when Gerard tripped and fell,

    “I’m okay, I’m just really tired I’m not paying attention to where I place my feet.” He explained his reason, he actually did look tired.

    “Okay, you can go to bed.” I helped him up, and then opened the door for him and I led him to his bedroom. He immediately got into bed, I protested.

    “You should change out of those clothes, they have blood all over them. You would be more comfortable in your pyjamas.” I spotted them behind his pillow so I got them out.

    “No to tired.”He moaned into the pillow I could hardly hear, I chuckled.

    “Just put your P J’s on pleeeaase.” He just answered with a grunt into the pillow; I guess that was a no. I pulled the covers off him playfully; he just pulled them back on. Oh this is war; I dropped the pyjamas on the bed and pinned him down, a leg either side of his hips. This time he pulled the pillow away,

    “Stop being such a stubborn bastard and just put your sexy pyjamas on!” I chuckled out; he just pouted and hit me with a pillow.

    “Arms up!” I lifted the hem of his hoodie over his head, and then tried to get his shirt off but he refused., I knew he was self-conscious but I had actually seem him topless before, heck actually only in boxers.

    “If I keep tickling you, would you let me get your shirt off?” I went and brushed my fingers over his side, he jerked away from it with a high pitched noise. I smiled and did it some more over his body,

    “Will you get changed now?” I asked,

    “OKAY OKAY YES I WILL!” He shouted, still laughing, he pulled my wrists causing me to quickly bend down and pushed me off and rolled so it was now him pinning me. Smiling satisfied, he bent down and kissed me I parted my mouth dreamily, letting him explore with slow, long strokes of his tongue He pulled away, but whispered into my ear,

    “Sorry, I would do a lot more if I didn’t feel I was going to fall asleep on you.” I chuckled, and tried to sit up and he moved down from my waist and off the bed. I sat up with tingling lips where his had touched mine. I watched him get dressed, and I saw the damage he had done. It scared me that he actually could do a thing like that; when he started his life must have been pretty f**ked up. But I do wonder what goes through that head of his. He finished getting into the outfit I demanded he wore.

    “Happy now?” He jumps back onto the bed and under the cover closing his eyes.

    “Yep!” I mused, he smiled with closed eyes. God this boy could easily take my breath away! When he sing’s when he touches me basically everything. I just watched him like a stalker, not even taking my eyes off him. I heard his breath more heavily and he turned over, I knew he was asleep, so I’d better let him and I thought about his brother. I turned off his light and shut to door and walked upstairs to Mikey’s room. I peeked in through the door and saw him leaning over writing something in a folder, so I decided to give him a fright, I pushed the door opened along with a loud ‘AH’ and he jumped forward onto his desk knocking everything over in the process. He looked at my eyes wide panting,

    “You trying to f**king kill me?!”

    “No I was trying to scare you though.”

    “Well would you like a round of applause? IT WORKED; you scared the living poop out of me!” He exclaimed, placing his hand over his chest, I giggled.

    “Oh man that was priceless!” I clapped my hands together once then, helped him pick up everything he had knocked over. He just rolled his eyes,

    “So is he okay?” He asked once we were done picking up all his pencils, pens, and other stuff up.

    “Yeah I think so; he was tired so he is asleep. So I came to see what his baby brother was doing.”

    “I’m not a baby.” He stated,

    “What were you doing?”

    “Re-writing all of my bass music into this folder, which I am going to keep all of our song in,” He said holding up the folder with a stylish ‘My Chemical Romance’ On the front.

    “Did you draw that on the front?” I looked to see what I meant,

    “Oh yeah,”

    “Art must run in the family then,”

    “I’m not that good, Gerard is like amazing.”

    “Yeah, he drew us all a picture for Christmas.” HE nodded and smiled, and sat there awkwardly.

    “So Mikey, turns out I don’t know anything about you. You don’t really talk about yourself, spill?” I ask, he just frowns.

    “Well what do you want to know?” He asks pushing his glasses up his nose.

    “Well I know you’re not homophobic. You are f**king awesome at bass, and Gerard loves you. You’re girl friend is Alicia,” I said all I know; he turned a bit red at my bass comment.

    “Yeah, they are all true,”

    “What’s your favourite color?” I asked curious to all the answers I was going to ask.


    “Can you tell me about your childhood?” He shrugged,

    “If you want me to,” I nodded,

    “Well, I was born September tenth. I was bullied a lot, umm.” He thought of more to say,

    “I had counselling, because all my teachers though I was anti-social. I liked being alone in school, I like never talked to anyone, they got my parents involved and everything. I guess I have always been a weird kid, I take it as a compliment.” I was shocked at the counselling bit, Mikey was so friendly and talked to everyone, you would have never of guessed he was anti-social.

    “You were anti-social?” I asked,

    “Um yeah, Gerard helped me through that. Just like I am helping him, well trying to,” He yawned and rubbed his eyes, making me do the same. He came over to his bed and dropped himself down,

    “You do a fantastic job Mike’s.” I smile, he smiles back.

    “You wanna stay here for the night?” He asks looking at his clock, saying that it was eleven twenty three,

    “If ya want me to.” He smiles and pats the space next to him, gesturing me to lie down next to him. I do so and we chat a bit more.

    Mikeys POV

    “MIKEY MIKEY MIKEY MIKEY MIKEY!” I was suddenly jolted awake by someone shouting my name; I grab my glasses from my desk and see who it is. It’s Gerard bouncing on my bed,

    “Gerard its eight thirty in the morning, go back to bed,”

    “NO GET UP YOU LAZY PERSON, GET UP GET UP GET UP!” He pulls the cover off me and Frank who stayed here last night asking me questions. How the hell can Gerard be up and awake this time in the morning. I sit up and look at him, he practically can’t sit still, I freeze for a moment,

    “Gerard are you high?” I look at Frank who is clearly thinking the same.

    “NO WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT! AND BY THE WAY GUESS WHO DRANK LIKE ALLLLLLL THE COFFEE THIS MORNING. . . MEEEEE!” He falls back onto the bed and into a fit of giggles,

    “Oh f**k.” There is a clearly a very very VERY hyper Gee in front of me. He knows he isn’t allowed a lot of coffee. HE gets up and starts jumping on the bed again.

    “How much did you f**king drink?” He clearly had a load of energy, he just laughs at everything I say.

    “Wow I have never seen him like that before.” An amused Frank says.

    “Trust me, It won’t be funny when you realise what’s in store for us.” I smile, remembering the last time he was hyper he jumped of our trampoline and broke mom’s window.

    “Oh god do I want to know?”

    “Gerard tell me how much coffee you have drunken please!” He laughs again and jumps off my bed and rolls on the floor.

    “This much,” I close his index finger and thumb together to make a small gap and giggles.

    “I’m going to go find out.” I reluctantly get out of bed and make my way down stairs, and Gerard follows jumping and saying ‘boiing’ like a bouncy ball. Frank just laughs at his over hyper boyfriend,

    “Come on Gee, let’s go watch TV.”

    “OKAY.” Gee shouts very loud. I spot the coffee and he wasn’t joking; he had drunk all of the coffee. I look at his cup with was in the sink, he has made a coffee shots. I throw everything away and go to the living room, they were flicking through some channels and they happen to come across a channel with a girl in a bikini, Gerard laughs hysterically and loud,

    “HA SHE IS NAKED,” He shifts himself so he is lying across the couch, having a laughing fit,

    “When he means all of the coffee, he means all of it!”

    “A whole pot?” Frank asks shocked,

    “A whole f**king pot,” I nod, great a hyper Gee.
    I have terrible writers block and managed to finnish writing this, so sorry if It sucks.:(
    See what you think and comment if you like :)
    Next chapter Gee is gunaa kick some butt me thinks ;)
  14. Ha, Gerard:3

    I had too much coffee once e_e

    great chapter :)
  15. Haha HYPERNESSS. It always rocks. I Really wanna see more hyper Gee now. That'd be really cute. xD
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    Then I shall do exactly that guys, hmmm whos POV next?? I'm thinking bringing Alicia into it abit more.. hmm any of you guys got any idea's ???
  17. Yeah, you should do Alicia's POV

    :D she should come over Gerard and Mikey's house while Gerard is hyper x)

    that would be funny:3
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    Chapter twenty one

    Alicia’s POV

    “Alicia, for f**k sake listen to your Mom!” My dad bellows,

    “She is not my mom and never will be!” I snap back giving him a deadly look.

    “She is your step mother and don’t give me that tone of voice young lady!” He spits and slams my bedroom door shut, I sigh. Why the f**k did I have to stay at my dad’s for the weekend, it’s always the same. I come, the witch starts, nice to me when Dad is around all the same. I look up and start to go through my draw’s, coming across a hoodie that I did not recognise as mine. I hold it up in front of me and smile, its Mikey’s. He must of left t here when we were studying, so I could either stay here and get snapped at for no reason, or go and give his hoodie back. I choose the second option because I wanted to get out of the house, and mainly because I wanted to see him. I stumble my way to my door, open it and make my way down the stair case.

    “Where are you going Alicia?” I turn to look into my Step moms eyes.

    “Out and quit being nice, when we all know you’re not,” I said coldly and throw open the front door and walk half way down the drive when I feel two hands push my back, knocking the wind out of me I fall onto the unwelcoming snowy cold floor.

    “Better?” She says before turning back towards the house,

    “wh**e,” I mumble to myself, as I stand again. I just don’t see what my Dad see’s in her, he must be blind.

    “ALICIA!” I hear someone shout my name, when I get to the bottom of my estate. I turn to be pulled into a tight embrace.

    “Hey Gerard.” I say with a warm smile, “What are you doing here?”

    “I um I don’t know actually, Mikey and Frank said go and hyper down and locked me out of the house,” He said loudly, but laughing. I couldn’t help but join in.

    “God, why are you so hyper?” I said, as a very hyper Gerard could not stay still for two seconds.


    “Ah yeah Mikey said you aren’t allowed a lot of coffee.” He looked at me through narrowing eyes, but that didn’t last as he started jumping up and down.

    “I like skittles, do you like skittles? I know I do.”

    “Yeah, skittles are awesome.”

    “Yeah I throw a skittle at Mikey once, and say TASTE THE RAINBOW!” He started laughing hysterically, God what you can do to hyper a person down.

    “Hey Gerard you want to play a game?”

    “A game? YEAH okay then.”He says eagerly,

    “Okay, the person who is it has to run after the other person to catch them. TAG YOUR IT.” I say before I tap him on the chest and run away quickly. Hopefully this will calm him down, and plus we will get to his house quicker. We got down a block and whoa I don’t know why I picked this as I was not a very good runner, I stopped and turned around to walk backwards, he has already stopped to walk.

    “You calm yet?” I say through a gasping voice,

    “Yeah and tired, you did that on purpose.” He said accusingly

    “Yes I did.” We walked for a few more minutes in silence,

    “So what brings you this way?” I hold up Mikey’s jacket,

    “Mikey left his jacket at mine.”

    “Ah, right.” He scratched his arm for a moment, then winces in pain pulling back his sleeve to reveal about twenty slits. He notices me looking and scrambles to pull it back down, before shoving his hands into his pockets.

    “You should stop doing that.”

    “I know but It’s what I am used to when I get depressed, make me feel better.”

    “I know, but I bet it doesn’t when they heel and leave scars. Next time, talk to somebody, think in the good things, art draw some art punch a pillow. I don’t have a perfect life, but I always look on the Brightside.” I smile at him; he looks at me puzzled,

    “Wow now I know why Mikey is so crazy for you.” I turn and feel the heat burn up in my cheeks,

    Mikeys POV

    “Think he has calmed down yet?” I ask Frank who I am trying to teach to play bass, he chuckles
    “I have no idea; never seem some one that hyper before.”

    “The other note sixth down.” I instruct him as he played the wrong note,

    “Hey, I’m new to this.” I roll my eyes, when someone kicks at the front door.

    “Mikey f**king Way, I’m calm now, open the door. I have a surprise for you.” I exchange glances at Frank but we get up and hesitantly open the front door, to be greeted by a snowball, I flinch back as the cold white stuff hits
    my face, I hear laughing.

    “What the f**k?!” I look over to see Alicia and Gerard in the front yard, they point at each other immediately.

    “That wasn’t me what are you talking about Alicia?”

    “Well considering you have snow all over your gloves, I presume it came from you Gee.” Frank says amused, I just shake my head and brush the snow off my face and clothes. We all enter the house and just chill for a few hours, noticing we have school tomorrow.


    Gerard POV

    “Iero, what are you going to do for your final art design?” I ask, sitting in our art classroom of ten.

    “Hmmm, I was thinking a painting of our band instruments, I dunno, how ‘bout you Way?”

    “Umm, a big drawing of the logo ‘My chemical Romance’ and a drawing of us behind it,” I remembered back three months ago, when we had played in school and people gathered to watch us, thinking we were good. We had the offer to play for the school, but refused because we didn’t really want to play in front of anyone.

    “I like the sound of that,” I turned to see a huge smile on my now boyfriends face, yeah we made it official, just not really public in school.

    “I still remember that time you were totally high on coffee, oh dude that was so funny.” Now this he wouldn’t let go, still teased me about it.

    “That was three months ago, your never gunna let it go are you?” I side look in his direction, he shakes his head. I get to work on a draft paper copy of some idea’s for work. I could feel Frank staring at me,

    “I can feel you staring a big hole in the side of my face,” I say but still applying finishing touches to me master piece.

    “It just fascinates me how you draw, you concentration and all. You’re really good, and you know your applying for an art school. I still have no idea what I am going to do.” He pouts; I can’t help but stare at the cute pouty face, the ear piercing sound of the bell runs through the room, telling us that lunch has started. I felt in a good mood today, I went to go put the paint away but before I did. I painted a blue smiley face on his cheek,


    “Yeah, suits you.” I beam a smile at him, before picking up my stuff before leaving.

    “When do you think we are going to play on a stage?” I ask,

    “I’m not sure, are you ready to sing in front of people?” I think for a minute,

    “I think so, because it would be good, to play to show people before we all leave for college.”

    “Well, you do know you sing in your sleep sometimes. Have we been practising that much?”

    “What?! I have been singing? In my sleep?” He nods, I was about to speak but my foot tripped over something and I fell to me knee’s. I look up to see Damon, the ‘leader’ of the twats.

    “Wow that’s hard, tripping people up in a corridor, its convincing yeah I am convinced.” I say flatly, while getting to my feet.

    “You should watch where you’re going emo.” I shoot him a deadly look and I kick his foot hard,

    “You should watch where you stick that f**king foot of yours.” I growl, he kicks me in the ankle, causing my leg to go weak. Frank move’s to stand up for me, I shove him back.

    “Awe your boy friend here to help you?”

    “Why don’t you f**k off before I do something I will regret.” I turn to walk away,

    “Ah that’s it walk off like the scared pathetic loser that you are. Your worthless Way, better off dead.” I froze where I was ‘worthless’ its that word again, I suddenly exploded with anger,

    “I. Am. Not. f**king. WORTHLESS!” I turn at the last word and punch Damon straight in the face, he falls back hitting his head on the lockers in shock.

    “Oh my f**king god day, he punched you!” Jack muttered, looking shocked.

    “Want to say I’m worthless again.” I say through gritted teeth, clenching my fists ready. HE slowly gets up wiping the blood from his nose.

    “You’re a worthless bastard.” Walked forward and pushing me up against the opposite side of the corridor hitting my head on the lockers which hurt, he punches me in the face, before we know it we are on the floor. People gathering to see, I reach up and manage to sock him in the nose making it bleed even more, thanks god not on me. I scrambled from underneath him and lashed out blindly, hearing a slight ‘oomph’. He swings at me and I bent backwards feeling his knuckles fly past my face, grabbing his arm and twisting it behind his back and push him against the lockers, both gasping.

    “You do realise one more move and I could easily break your arm.” I whisper in his ear,

    “f**k you!” He growls, clearly defeated. I push off him; grab my bag and storm off, people clapping.

    “This is not over WAY. You just wait!” I hear him shout before I turn for the cafeteria,

    “WOW f**k Gee!”

    “That felt good.” I sigh in relief; I finally stood up for myself in front of them. “But I am gunna have to pay for that.” Thinking what they are gunna do to me, revenge for them was a hell of a lot worse than anyone thinks.

    “Dude, your cheek looks sore.” I reach up and feel the pain where he punched me.

    “Ouch.” I flinch,

    “Ha-ha thought so.” I spot Mikey and Bob, and walk over to them.

    “Dude go ahead I’m going to go talk to Ray.”He says before parting the other way. I stumble my way to the table pull up a chair flipping it backward, sitting and leaning my chin on the back.

    “Hey we were think- what the f**k happened to your face?!” Mikey snaps,

    “Oh man, I –um got into a fight with Damon.” I stutter,

    “What the f**k are you okay?!” Mikey moves over,

    “Yeah I’m fine; at least I didn’t leave it with a bloody nose.”

    “Oh my god, f**k yeah Gee, nice one!” He punches me lightly in the shoulder. I smile, happy but worried.

    “So guys. . . There’s a competition, battle of the bands. Don’t worry it’s at school, feel like it?” Frank suddenly pulls up a chair besides me, I wrapped my arm around his shoulder. We all exchanged looks,

    “I’m up for it... because I guess I do, because where would you guys be without a singer?” They snicker a bit.

    “Yeah, I’m game.” Bob says,

    “What do you say Mike’s?” I ask, wrapping my other arm around his shoulders.

    “I don’t know,”

    “Come on Mike’s, you don’t want me to tell the guys about sparkles do you? Especially tell Alicia.” I threatened, remembering he had an obsession with unicorns when he was little.

    “NO, Okay sound like fun anyways,” Frank raises he arm for a group high five.

    “Let’s show these bitches what My Chemical Romance can do!”
    Oh Yeah Gee got his revenge!!!! :clap:
    So how was That chapter, feed back??
    And you guys could suggest stuff if you like, talk and chat I would like to get to know you :)
  19. :( I feel bad for Alicia and her family problems. Although, all families aren't perfect...
    But anyway, great update :)
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    Thank you :) I glad you think soo, is there any POV you would like me to do ?? And yeah Alicia's family problems I kknow alot about, and yeah hmm thanks for reading :)

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