High School Where It All Begins

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    I'm so happy you updated. But poor Frankie, I'm gonna have to kill John and his friends. The isolationism sounds kinda like my school's in-school suspension. But they give each person a tiny room with one desk, a chair and a bed (if you lay in it, this crazy lady will start banging on the window of your room, and start screaming at you). XD I had one last year, it was so boring, so I decided to paint the walls with my black nail polish.
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    Ha ha in my school we call it Refural, but in my friends school they call it isolationism. I thaught isolationism sounds better, but descrided it as if it were my school. yeah we have single desks and tables that fit two people on. It is very boring, Yours sounds wierd haha :)
  3. k love love LOVE THIS i especially love how frank is so hyper
    i like pineapple! like lmao
  4. I'm a new reader :)

    And I love this story <3

    Please update soon!!!!!!

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    Wow, im a bit behind on the updates. Im only allowed on the internet on the weekends so that sucks.. But I loved Chapter 3! And I dont think I have time to read Ch 4. Ive got to go shopping. But im sure it, and chapter 5, kick butt. Ill catch up eventually ;)
    Love this fic :)
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    Chapter Six

    Ray’s POV

    Done, that’s my homework finished. I started to put all of my books in my bag for the next day, then my phone suddenly rung. I looked around for my phone it was on my bed, I picked it up stunned by who it was.

    “Bob?” I said it as a question.

    “Ray! Oh my god you have to get here, you have to help me!” He sounded really scared.

    “Whoa, what’s the matter?” I feared.

    “There is so much blood, you got to help. He isn’t answering me!”

    “Who now Bob?” I frowned.

    “That dude, Frank Iero. I saw him get beaten up, and there is so much blood and he is not answering me!” He shouted.

    “Okay, I am on my way. Where are you?!” I said getting up shoving my converses on my feet, but falling over on my butt.

    “I am like eight doors down from, you hurry! I have to call an ambulance.” He

    “I am on my way!” I hung up and grabbed and put on a jacket and shoved my phone in the pocket. I grabbed my house key as I was home alone, and hurried through the door. I sprinted fast down my street then I skidded round the corner to see Bob on the phone, Checking Franks pulse.

    “Bob!” I shouted.

    “Ray, thank god!” he said relieved. I stopped out of breathe and kneeled down by Franks mauled body.

    “poop.” I mumbled. I saw a huge gash on franks side. I stuck my hand on it for pressure. I examined his body some more. I noticed some more huge gashes around his stomach and his nose was bleeding, it looked like the back of his head was bleeding as well. f**k I hope he was going to be okay, I saw a phone on the floor it was Franks. I picked it up and shoved it in my jean pocket.

    “Hurry, I think this dude is dying!” I heard Bob shout at the person down the phone. I removed my hand from his biggest injury, but load of blood came squirting out. I freaked.

    “Its gunna be fine, you gunna be fine.” I gasped out, looking at him.

    “Bob I need your help, put pressure on this for me.” He looked petrified, but did was I instructed him to do. I shrugged out of my jacket.

    “Here, put this on it but you have to put a lot of pressure on it!” He grabbed my jacket and held it against the hole in his side. It looked like a stab wound.

    I went to check his pulse, it was there thank god. I examined his head, yeah there was a huge cut across it. Poor guy, he is going to be in agony when he wakes up. If he wakes up, I felt relieved when we saw red and blue lights up ahead. It stopped and two paramedics came running out.

    “Did anybody see what happened? And how long has he been like this?” the guy said.

    “He was beaten up and I think he was stabbed once, it was by a gang. And he has been out for about fifteen minutes.” Bob said quickly. The meds checked him over again before they got him on a stretcher and into the ambulance. We were told we had to go with him, when we were setting off the guy gave both me and Bob a towel to get the blood of our hands. He said we did well and he will survive, and that he was unconscious.

    “Do you have Gerard and Mikey ways phone number?” I asked Bob, but he shook his head. Then I remembered picking up franks phone, I got it out and wiped the blood off it. It needed a password, I randomly typed in his locker combination. Ha it was correct, I scanned through the contacts to find Gerard’s number.

    I was about to call him when I noticed we were at the hospital, I stayed outside to ring Gerard. I found his number again and called him, it rang six times before Gerard answered.

    “Frank?” he said.

    “No its Ray.” I answered.

    “Oh, why are you calling me?” he curiously asked.

    “Frank is in hospital, he has been beaten up. My guess is that he was on his way home from yours. And you and Mikey are like friends with him, and I thought he would want you there. Well when he wakes up.”

    “poop, what do you mean “when he wakes up” is he out cold?” he asked

    “Yes.” I heard his voice shout “Mikey.” away from the phone.

    “Can you come down here?” I asked.

    “Yeah, Me and Mikey are on our way now. Thanks Ray.” He said.

    “Its fine, see you in a bit.” I said before he said a good bye. I walked into the hospital and tried to find were Frank and Bob were at.

    Gerards POV

    “Mikey!” I said running up the stairs, but tripped on the last step and fell into the wall.

    “What?!” Mikey said running out of his room but tripping over me. Ouch that hurt but I dint care.

    “Frank has been beaten up he is in hospital unconscious. Ray called me and wants us there because we are friends.” I groaned out.

    “Holy poop, one sec let me get my shoes.” He said and crawled across me with his bony hands and knees. I slapped him on the butt.

    “Ouch, Gerard I didn’t know you were into that sort of stuff.” He said as he went to his room.

    “Michael You obviously doesn’t know how bony you are!” I rolled my eyes, and got up to go and get my converses from my room.” Of course they were converses because that all I owned. I got them, and pulled them on and grabbed my red hoodie. Then rushed up the stairs to run into Mikey again, and we bashed into the wall.

    “Ow, come on enough hugging lets go.” He said. We ran to my car and drove to the hospital, good thing mom went out or she would have freaked. When we got there, we walked to the entrance and I froze and wouldn’t move any further. Mikey walked ahead and turned his head and noticed I wasn’t there.

    He spun around to see I was still near the entrance, he knew what was going on. The last time I went to hospital was because I kept cutting my wrists and when I carved the word death in my leg. I started to back up from the hospital because the memories I had of it was they sent rehab because of it, it was the worst four months of my life.

    “It will be okay Gee.” Mikey reassured me, walking to me and hugging me. I
    didn’t say anything.

    “Frank would be happy to see you. And I would know I would want you there in a time like that.” He said.

    “Thanks Mikes.” I smiled. But still didn’t move any further. I guess you could say that one of my fears is a hospital.

    “You got to face your fears sometime in your life.” He said. I looked at him and smiled. I walked forward and into the bright white building.

    “Whoa why is it so f**king bright in this place?” I moaned covering my eyes.
    “I’m not sure, but we Urh stand out a bit don’t we.” I frowned and looked aroung every one was dressed in light colours, and us? Black, red and green we were dressed in. We both giggled. I followed Mikey to the receptionist and tried to hide behind him, he was the same height as me so it was okay. We were sent to the sitting area, and we sat down on the chairs.

    “Look Gee.” He said getting up and went to one on the weal chairs.

    “Come on sit in it.” He gestured.

    “No Mikey.” I giggled out. He walked over and grabbed me by the shoulders, dragged and shoved me into the chair. Then he started twisting it around.

    “Whoa Mikes Stop!” I said. He stopped it and the chair tipped over causing me to go with it. He stepped back and fell onto the chairs we were sat in and laughed.

    “I ha sorry ha-ha Gee!” He struggled to get out. The nurse came around the corner, and stopped to look at me on the floor and Mikey laughing his head off at me. She smiled at him, he was pointing to me. I tried to get up but I was tangled in the wheel chair which made me fall down again, which made him laugh even more. I untangled my leg from the damn thing and got up.

    “Don’t mind him he has lost the plot.” I said and jumped on him, laughing as well.

    “Snap out of it!” I laughed out, I put my hand over his mouth to try and shut him up. It muffled his voice.

    “You were gonna say?” I smiled at her.

    “You can go in now, and I can guess you are brothers?” I nodded stunned.

    “You have the same nose.” She smiled and walked away. Mikey suddenly
    stopped laughing and looked at me, but laughed again. I rolled my eyes.

    “Come on tinker bell.” I extended am arm, he took it and I pulled him up.

    “Let me push you in the chair.” He said, and ran to the chair.

    “No.” I said walking passed him. Then he came running behind me and shoved the chair in the back of my knees, which made me fall back into the chair.

    “Whoa. Ah.” I shouted as he ran with the chair then spun me around.

    “Which one is Frankie’s room again?” He asked.

    “That one over there.” I pointed to the room that had the number B77 on it. Pushed me to the room and I went flying.

    “f**king hell Mikey, Stop stop stop!” I shouted. I held onto the handle this time, he slowed me down going passed Franks room. He stopped and turned around then went to the door, and shoved me into the room, fast.

    “Mikey!” I shouted and the chair and I went into a tray in the corner of the room.

    “f**k ouch.” I said and looked to my left, where Bob and Ray sat in the
    chairs smiling and laughing. And then poor Frankie in the bed awake and was laughing, but I could tell it was hurting him to do so. Then Mikey jumped through the door running after me. He was laughing.

    “Oh boy that sound of the impact was funny as hell.” He giggled out. But stopped, looking at the three guys at the other side of the room.

    “Okay Mikes I might need a crash helmet next time you do that to me. Make sure you guys do as well, if he does it to you." I looked at Mikey from where I sat in the wheel chair. He grabbed a cardboard bowl that was made for people to be sick in, and placed in on my head.

    “Ta Dar! Your crash helmet.” He said amused, I cringed when he stuck it on my head. The others just laughed.

    “You know I have actually been sick in that.” Frank said. I freaked and threw the bowl at Mikey, he threw it back and I dodged it.

    “You guys are quite entertaining to watch.” Bob said smiling. Mikey and I laughed, he punched me in the arm, I went to bite it.

    “Dude, again stop you kinky person.” He smiled. I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

    “I think we are missing something.” Ray said smiling.

    “He got really horny and spanked me on my butt.” My brother said embarrassing me.

    “Michael you crawled over me with you bony knees and hands, it hurt.” I explained.

    “So you chose to slap me in that place.”

    “Okay Mikey be quiet.” I laughed and got up to go to Frank.

    “How you doing?” I asked him.

    “Great.” He smiled.

    “You don’t look it.” I smiled.

    “So what are your injuries?” Mikey came up behind me and stuck the bowl on my head again.

    “I have concussion, and bruises on my face and torso and I was like kind of stabbed and cut with something sharp. But not that deep I can leave the hospital in about three days. And I wasn’t sick in that bowl by the way.” I smiled and placed the bowl on his head. He took is off and threw it at Bob. We ended up throwing a bowl around, which was amusing. Franks mom came from work, and was worried. So Bob and I went to get some coffee for all of us.

    “So dude we got off on the wrong foot, I’m sorry I was in a bad mood today.” He apologised.

    “Its fine I shouldn’t have called you a twat but I was in a bad mood to.” I said apologising as well.

    “It’s okay, so you are seventeen?” he asked trying to make convocation.

    “Yeah, and your what. Eighteen?” I asked. He laughed

    “No I am in you brothers classes.” He said.

    “Really you look way older.” I said surprised.

    “Yeah, everybody says that.” He smiled. We reached the coffee machine and we got what we wanted, coffee for all of us. We went back to Frank’s room, and I opened the door which went into Mikeys head. He turned around to see it was me, I smiled on purpose because he was looking at me weird.

    “Okay, you really need to stop hitting into me. If it’s not you it’s a door!” he mumbled.

    “Sorry Mikes.” Frank introduced me and Bob to his Mom, she really nice and short. Frank told me to sit next to him, because I had nowhere to sit. Because me and Mikey where new to Bellville we ended talking about where we used to live.

    It was about midnight when Frank fell asleep on my shoulder, leaning his head into my neck. I think the nurse forgot about us, because when we all left she was shocked that we were still here. Thank god Frank was going to be okay, my and Mikey where talking about how much it hurt when he pushed me into the room.

    We got home and we both went to shower and brush our teeth trying not to wake mom, dad works away a lot and he has gone away for a month. We went Mikeys bedroom and lay down on his bed.

    “Do you think Frank was pretending to sleep on your shoulder just to get close to you?” Mikey said, smiling.

    “What the hell? What you on Mikes?” I asked smiling back.

    “No I think Frank likes you.” He explained.

    “Is he gay Mike’s? Everyone takes the piss so I won’t be telling anyone.” I asked.

    “Come on Gee I know your gay, mum dad and the rest of the family know your gay. If people take the piss out of you for that they are just pathetic.” Mikey said.

    “Okay calm down.” I said laughing.

    “Are we going to school tomorrow?” he asked and looked at his clock, it revealed to be half one in the morning.

    “Nah, Mom will understand.” I said, he yawned again which made me yawn.

    “Mikes stop yawning it’s like the most contagious thing, you making me do it.” He laughed.

    “I really don’t feel like going to sleep yet. Stay here tonight and talk to me?” he asked.

    “Yeah sure.” I said, yawning. He got into his bed I didn’t want the light on so

    I got up and turned it off and joined him under the covers. We talked about Frank, Ray and Bob mostly. I noticed it started to rain. It must have been round four in the morning when we finally fell asleep.

    I woke up to find myself in my old school gym, I got up panicking running out of this room and into the school corridor, falling over my shoe lace and on the floor. I cracked my head on the floor and there was blood, I closed my eyes when I fell.

    I opened them back up to see Mikey laying on the floor dead, right next to me I started screaming Mikeys name and for him to wake up. But he didn’t, there was blood everywhere. He had clearly been beaten up. I looked up to see Frank dead on the floor as well, I screamed. I heard someone shouting my name shaking me out of this nightmare, It was Mikey I shot up sobbing.

    “Gee. Gee! Gerard! Shhhh. Calm down, it’s okay I am here.” He was hugging me tightly. I was wetting his pyjama shirt with my tears. I finally calmed down, it went quiet.

    “You were dead Mikes! You and Frank! I was in our old school. It started where I I got beaten up!” I said all freaked.

    “I am hear Gee, look you see and feel me, I am hear. And Frank is fine he is in good hands.” He reassured me. We led back down on the bed, my breathing went normal again.

    “You ready to go back to sleep?” He asked.

    “Yeah.” I said, it took me about an hour to go back to sleep. Last time I checked it was five thirty in the morning. But finally fell asleep, dreamless.
  7. lol. Gerard and Mikey <3
    I'm happy Frankie is gonna be ok :)
    Nightmares! Leave Gerard alone!!! D:
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    Chapter Seven

    Mikeys POV

    I slowly cam conscious from my sleep, wow I was tired. I looked over to my clock it was ten past eleven in the morning, I turned over and looked at Gee. He was still fast asleep, I’m glad he didn’t have another nightmare. I hate seeing him like that, and it scared me when he started to scream and shout my name.

    I flashed back to when he was in rehab, it’s happening again with the dreams. I hope it won’t go any further, not like last time. It made me jump when Gee coughed and exhaled loudly. I smiled remembering last night, Frank was okay which was good. I swear he liked Gee, I hope he does. Gerard moaned and opened his eyes rubbing them.

    “Good morning sleepy head.” I said smiling.

    “What time is it?” he groaned.

    “Twenty past eleven.” I answered, yawning and sat up. He yawned and repeated. I laughed.

    “What?” he asked. I pointed at his hair.

    “Love the whole bed hair.” I smiled.

    “I know its epic right.” He leaned over me to the left bed side table, and grabbed my brush to brush his hair.

    “Better?” I nodded and smiled. He frowned and pulled his pyjama trouser up his right leg, there was a bruise there.

    “I wonder who did that?” he looked at me accusingly. I smiled and pointed at myself.

    “Me?” I guessed right.

    “Yeah, when you pushed me into Frank’s hospital room and I went into that tray.” He laughed.

    “Michael James Way, how is that funny.” He launched at me and tickled me, I started screaming and squirming trying to get away.

    “Gerard! Stop! You know I am ticklish!” I shouted, He just laughed. He stopped when I kneed him in the stomach. I got up and shoved him off the bed, and he pulled the duvet with him leaving my bed naked. I rolled of the bed and dived on him, He laughed

    “That will teach you to tickle me!” I narrowed my eyes at him.

    “I fancy some-“

    “Coffee?!” I answered for him, I got up and grabbed him under his shoulders and dragged him out of my bedroom to the stairs. I dropped him at the top of the stairs.

    “And that was for?” he asked, I shrugged.

    “I duno.” I stepped over him and walked down the stairs, to find a note from mom. It told us that she had gone to work, and she wanted to talk to us about last night. I felt Gee right behind me and he leant his head on my shoulder.

    “I shall make some coffee.” I said, Gerard smiled big, I entered the kitchen to make some coffee.

    Gerard’s POV

    “I am just going to check my phone.” I said and walked down to my room. I found my phone on my unmade bed, I looked to see six messages from Frank. Asking me to bring him proper food. And two random messages like Pineapple’s are awesome.

    I smiled when I got another one saying, “I am f**king bored Gerard come and see me.” I laughed, and Text him back saying "I shall come and see you don’t worry". Along with “would you like an art lesson?” I walked back up the stairs and went into the kitchen, Mikey had just finished making some coffee. My phone went off and I looked to see that Frank said he was up for anything apart from being stuck alone in a room by his self.

    “You’re smiling, is it Frank.” Mikey asked.

    “Yeah it’s Frank, and Mikey no.” He just looked at me for ages, I gave in and smiled.

    “Awe Gerard has a crush.”

    “No Michael.”

    “You gonna go see him?” He asked, then sipped his coffee.

    “Yeah, are you coming?”

    “Nah I am gunna play my bass, and maybe sleep some more.” He looked away and smiled.

    “Okay you are doing it on purpose!” I moaned, he laughed.

    “No I’m not, I’m really tired and I don’t fancy going to the hospital, I will met you tonight or something.”

    “Okay then.” I frowned, he got up and stuck his coffee cup in the sink. He grabbed the knife off the draining board but dropped it.

    “Son-of-a-witch!” He cursed, I looked at the blood spilling out of his palm. It triggered a memory when I used to cut myself, I froze just staring at him. He saw me swallow and look away, he grabbed a piece of tissue and stuck it to his hand.

    “I’m sorry Gee.” I looked at him.

    “Why are you apologising?” I asked, finishing my coffee. I got up and stuck my cup in the sink with his, his cup said Mikey and mine said Gee.

    “Um I just am.” He said nervously. I walked over to him and hugged him, he looked confused.

    “I’m gunna get dressed and go see Frank.”

    “Okay, have fun.” I turned around to see Mikey smiling, I stuck my tongue out at him.

    I went to brush my teeth and put some black eye liner on my eyes. I went back down stairs and down again to my room, I grabbed my black skinny jeans, my green t shirt and my converses and shoved them on. I got my black hoodie from my wardrobe, and then went to find my art folder and some paper, pens and pencils.

    I went back up stairs and then up some more stairs to Mikeys room, he was playing his bass. I knocked and went in, his bed was made again and he was in it playing his bass and his curtains were closed. He looked tired.
    “I’m going now, and I am going to the store do you want anything?” I asked.

    “Yeah actually, some throat sweets. I got a bad throat.” He smiled.

    “Sure thing little bro.” I left his room and got to the stairs when he said.

    “Don’t hurry back.” He said it jokingly, I rolled my eyes and smirked. I grabbed my keys and locked the door behind me, I stopped at the stores to grab Frank something. He told me he was lactose intolerant and a vegetarian, it was hard to find what he liked. But found some stuff and then I grabbed Mikeys Throat sweets, I paid and left for the hospital. I found Franks room, knocked before I went in.

    “Thank f**k for that! You’re here. I thought I was going to go mad!” I smiled and held up the shopping bag.

    “Yay thanks Gee.” He smiled.

    “It’s fine.” He picked up something in a red packet, he handed it to me.

    “Oh thanks, Mikeys got a bad throat.” I mumbled.

    “Tell him get well soon.” He said.

    “So what do you want to learn to draw?” I smiled when he groaned.

    “I duno.” He shrugged. I sat down on a chair opposite his bed, I got out my folder and my case that had all my art equipment in it. I looked up, he was frowning.

    “How are you going to teach me if you sit over there? Come and sit here then I can see what you are doing.” He pointed over to a spot on his bed, I got up and sat on it crossed legged. Then we got started, okay he was right I needed patience a lot of it.

    “No, try holding the pencil lighter then get darker as you get down the page.” I said. He still didn’t get it, he fumbled with his hand.

    “Okay like this.” I grabbed his hand and directed him how to do it, when I finished I said

    “Now do the same.” I said.

    Franks POV

    Oh my god I started to hyperventilate, breathe Frank, He grabbed my hand to show me how to blend from dark to light.

    “Now do the same.” He stopped and removed his hand. I quickly tried to impress him, it worked.

    “Good, now try blending one color into the other.” He picked green and purple, I took the green first.

    “Should I blend it when I get to the light bit?” I asked and looked at him.

    “Yeah.” I smiled and pressed down on the paper hard then releasing my grip each time, then I grabbed the purple. Then I tried to blend it in to the light part of the green, Hallelujah I did it.

    “Good, was that so hard?” he asked smiling down at me.

    “Yes.” I lied. He laughed and we practiced a bit more. Then he said to draw his hand, I failed getting the shape wrong several times. He grabbed my hand again, to guide me. Okay this is too hard.

    “f**k art, not that your hand is horrible. It isn’t it’s great, but I hate art.” I burst out. He laughed.

    “Look you have gotten much better with the coloring.” He held up the pictures he draw and I colored, they were good.

    “Yeah but I can’t draw.” I huffed.

    “Ha okay you will get there, want to stop for now?” he asked, I nodded. He got up and put his things away, and sat in the chair next to my bed. I wanted him to sit by me, my phone rang and it was my mom she was checking up on me. I hung up the phone and Gerard was singing very low, it sounded good but I couldn’t hear it that well.

    “Wouldn’t it be cool to start a band?” I asked, and he looked at me.

    “Yeah sure would, do you play an instrument?” he asked.

    “Yeah, I play guitar mostly rhythm. Do you?”

    “No, Mikey has always been the one to play an instrument.” He answered.

    “Do you sing?”

    “Ha no I would break the windows.” I smiled and there was a knock on the door, Mikey walked in.

    “Hey Mikey.” We said together, we laughed.

    “Hey guys.” He answered he has lost some of his voice. I saw Gerard get up and take the throat sweets out of his bag.

    “Thanks.” He smiled and placed a sweet into his mouth.

    “You sound terrible.” Gee said to him.

    “Not that bad.” He smiled.

    “Hey Mikey fancy starting up a band?” I asked.

    “Urh I duno.” He said .

    “Come on, be the bass?” I asked.

    “What do you play?” He asked curiously.

    “I play rhythm on the guitar.” I smiled when he looked shocked.

    “I didn’t know you played guitar.” He said

    “There are a lot of things you don’t know about me Mikes.” I said smiling.

    “So what do you say, play bass in a band? It’s not like we are going to get famous or anything.” I said.

    “Alright.” He gave up.

    “Great.” I smiled happy.

    “So Frank got a girl friend?” Mikey asked.

    “No.” I said frowning.

    “How come?” He asked, I saw Gee shake his head at Mikey.

    “Well, I don’t really like girls. I’m gay.” I said looking at them, Mikey smiled and Gerard seemed surprised

    “Oh wow really?” He said.

    “Yeah you’re not going to take the piss are you?” I asked, waiting for them to laugh at me.

    “No, in fact Gerard is gay as well.” He said. I looked at Gerard, he was hiding his face in his hands.

    “Really? This isn’t a joke is it?” I mumbled, looking at Gerard.

    “No, it’s true I am gay.” He looked ashamed.

    “Why do you look so ashamed, it’s nothing to be ashamed of Gee.”

    “He’s right Gee.” Mikey agreed.

    “I know but Mikes you know why I keep it to myself.”

    “Okay I think I am missing something.” I said. Bob and Ray walked into my room with a card.

    “Hey guys.” Ray said, and Bob waved. We kept the gay convocation there. But I felt happy knowing he was gay, because the truth is I actually really like Gerard.

    “What’s the matter Bob?” I asked.

    “Nothing, I need to pick up my drum that I broke from the music shop.” He smiled.

    “You play Drums? Fancy joining mine and Mikeys band?” I said. He beamed a smile.

    “Yeah sure, sounds great!” I Smiled back.

    “So we got someone playing drums, bass and rhythm.” Bob hit Ray.

    “Am I missing something?” I asked. Ray grimaced.

    “I play the guitar in general, anything I will play.”

    “You could be lead guitarist!” I shouted excited, he laughed.

    “Yeah sure, I would love to play in your band.” He seemed excited.

    “All we need is a singer.” We all looked at Gerard. Who looked at all of us.

    “No way man!” He panicked.

    “Come on Gee, I know you can sing.” Mikey said.

    “No I can’t!” He shouted.

    “Yes you can! He made up a song about school.” Mikey told us.

    “That was the one time!” He shouted.

    “Gerard, sing for us and we will tell you if you can.” I urged him on.

    “No in fine thanks.” Mikey walked over to him and looked him in the eye.

    “Sing!” Mikey said in his face.

    “No!” Gerard answered.

    “Do you want me to tell the whole group the thing I just told Frank?” Mikey threatened him.

    “You wouldn’t!” Gerard narrowed his eyes.

    “Wanna bet?” Mikey answered, he got up and was about to tell everyone his secret.

    “Alright! Alright!” He started to sing something random, wow he was amazing. His voice made me breathless. He stopped and we all looked at him.

    “You’re in!” I said. He grimaced.

    “Fine, I’m not going to get out of it.” He said. Yes! We had a band, me playing rhythm Mikey playing bass Ray playing lead and Bob playing drums and Gee singing.

    “We could practice at mine in my basement. Moms never home and that’s where I play rhythm because mom said I was lethal while playing, I broke the television in the living room.

    They all laughed. We talked more about planning our practices, but they all had to go. I gave them all a hug and they left. I fell asleep with a smile on my face. We had a band.
  9. that was friken epic
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    Love it. Sorr that i havent been up to date bu i really like this fic. so cute and funny and i hope gee can stop having them nightmares xx
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