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    BlessedWithACurse - I am soo glad you liked it, and I am glad it made you happy :) And yeah had to try and put a bit of humor in there :)

    macattack<3'sFrerard - 30 seconds to mars is awesome, whats you favourite song? Sorry to disapoint you, im sure there will be more drama a head, cause I am literally bi-polar with this story lol

    i want Party Poision - Haha oh I do love your comments XD You are kinda evil he he, snap.

    TheBeautyI'mFaking - I am very glad you like it! And another great horror, house of wax!! Its got the song Helena at the end! BAck to this, want to find out if he pulls through?

    DeathShineXD - Mixed emotions about that update huh? And wow, you need to stop reading my mind ha aha lol.

    MyChemSioban - Glad you liked the update, :)

    xFallenAngelx - Ha ha fanboy, I lol'd. Second thought, well if he got you two into this situation.. I know its offtopic, but its his fault, sorry for saying. If ya want to talk pop by my profile and send a message, if you ever want to have a cap lock rage lol. :) Also we can talk about whatever on profiles I think lol.

    Sooo who would like an update? Here is the first part...

    Chapter Thirty Eight

    Mikey’s POV

    A week went by and Gerard still had not woken up, but he was alive and doing well since they were about to give up trying to start up his heart beat again. I missed him terribly, like a part of me was missing. And he was that part, I am used to him teasing me, play fighting with me, and I could always turn to him when I needed help. I still feel like a total cold bastard for not letting him explain to me, but if he wakes up, I would die rather than going back to the best friend, slash brother bond.

    Even though a week went by, LynZ woke up four days after Gerard’s heart monitor flat lined. It was good to hear and see that one of them had finally awoken from the comatose sleep, and also Mom came to some conclusions about Gerard’s arm. . .

    Frank, Alicia and I were sitting in Gerard’s hospital room when Mom walked in looking like the dead, must be hard to work as a doctor.

    “Mikey honey, I need to talk to you.” I glance at my brother one more time before getting up and following her to the corridor.

    “Yeah Mom?”

    “Mike’s before the accident did Gerard self harm?” She asked with a serious face,

    “No! How- why are you asking?” I stutter my words,

    “Some of the cuts on his arm were scabbed early, doctors know things, and they are very straight as well. So tell me the truth Michael I need to know.” I bit my lip and looked down, it would be best for Gerard if mom knew about what happened in school.

    “Mom, if I tell you, you had better not jump to the wrong conclusion like I did.” I warn her and she edged me on and I explained what happened. Moms face was disgusted.

    “That’s not right, why didn’t you tell me that they had come to your high school? I need to contact the school, no way in poop are they getting away with this. They didn’t take the first time as a warning, then so be it they shall bet a worse one! Thank you Mikey.” She hugs me and walks away looking totally pissed.

    I haven’t attended school since the accident, I frown. I then hear groaning and then a lot of coughing. I walk forward as my curiosity take a hold of me. It was coming from LynZ’s room.

    “LynZ?” I ask and enter her hospital room. She coughs again and spits some blood into her hand, I stare in shock and grab some tissues and she calms down from her coughing fit.

    “Ow, poop my head. Mikey? Oh poop, you brother I saw him in that car! Is he? Oh poop what if I did more damage.” She rushes out and then clutches her side panting. I rub her back trying to comfort her, and not knowing what to do,

    “He’s not dead, calm down. You look in pain.” I soothe, she shakes her head.

    “I pulled him out of that car, which could have done more damage. But they were leaking! I couldn’t-NO!” She gasps,

    “LynZ! Calm down and look at me! He is alive because of you, the cars set alight. If you hadn’t of pulled him out, he wouldn’t be next door. He would be in the morgue. And he had no back injury, you did better than good. I want to thank you for that LynZ, you saved my brother. I am so thankful for that.”

    My eyes start to water and then a monsoon of tears fall down my cheeks, I wanted to hug her but didn’t know how as she was strapped to some IV’s and looked so fragile.

    She did it for me, crashing into my arms, and I whisper a ‘thank you so much’ into her ear. She pulls away and starts to pull down her cover; it revealed a blood soaked bandage around her thigh.

    “Oh my god, that’s not supposed to be like that right?” She looks away and swallows. Knowing what to do now, I press that button on the wall to call for someone. And my Mom walks into the room; she seems the only one here in this poop hole.

    “Oh sweetie you’re awake, oh that’s not supposed to be like that.” She walks to the bottom of the bed and looks at the clipboard. “f**king nurses, okay your dressing needs to be changed. It was supposed to be last night, but looks like it hasn’t. How are you feeling?” Mom walks to the corner of the room and came back with fresh bandage and water and probably other poop that would sting.

    “I will go and get Alicia for you; she will be so pleased to hear you are awake.” I smile, she smiles back. And when I leave I hear mom murmur her thank you as I did.

    Back in the present, I was sitting in the kitchen with Frankie sitting next to me and Mom messing about with the laundry. Frankie and I were going to school for the first time since that accident, Frank had stayed over these past few days so we could keep each other company. We looked better than we did, we had finally slept and the crying had gone down some. It was Moms morning off but she wanted to go back to the hospital, to make sure Gerard was being looked after. Frank, Ray, Bob and I would visit after school.

    “Mom, why don’t you hang up any of mine and Gerard’s baby photos anymore?” I ask out of the blue.

    “I took them down when Gerard told me to because he claimed he wasn’t that kid any more, he was a monster as he would say.” She replied, oh yeah I remember now.

    “Why don’t you put them back up?”

    “Why don’t you put them up, you could show Frank quickly, I am finally going to go back to work now. See you after school honey, hang them up if you want, they are all under the stairs.” She kisses my head and I get up and look for the photos under the stairs, I found them and dragged them back to the kitchen.

    “Aww weren’t you a cute baby!” Frank says and points out me in a three year old Gerard’s arms, I pick out a dusty frame and smile and turn it to him.

    “Sure you don’t think Gerard was cuter?”

    “Aww, both as cute as each other,”

    “You’re so gay Frankie,” I chuckle,

    “True, gay and proud,” He nods and pulls a funny face,

    “And literally scored a home run with my brother,” I smirk and thought about the time I came home to two shirts in the living room.

    “Shut up, like Gee said, how long is it before he finds yours and Alicia’s clothes on the floor?” I smile and shake my head.

    I come across a photo of a fifteen year old Gerard, and a thirteen year old me; this was during Gerard’s year of torture, drugs, alcohol and bad time. Although he was smiling, you could tell that it was a fake smile, faking smiles as he would call it.

    “How old is he there?” Frank asked at the picture of me and Gerard lying down leaning our chins in our hands.

    “Fifteen, this was during.” I knew Gerard liked this photo but hesitated to hang it up.

    “How about you hang this up? Looks like you guys now.” I look to see a familiar one,

    “Yeah that was taken before we started up at Belleville high. You can tell he isn’t faking a smile in this one.”

    We chose the ones to hang up, covering the bare hall ways and the naked walls in the living room, on our way to school me and Frank talked about the cars that passed by us. When we pulled into the parking lot, there was cops outside the school.

    “Whoa, what happened here? Have we been gone that long?” Frank asked as we slid out of the car and he locked it, and then trudged our way into school. To our lockers and Ray and Bob were by them,

    “Dude you never guess what!” Bob exploded,

    “What? Why are there loads of cops here?” I ask,

    “That dude, Bradley, he’s dead. Apparently it was suicide!” Ray said I exchanged glances with Frank.

    “Well, my Mom knows about what those jocks did to Gerard now; she had abusive words with them over the phone with them. I hope it’s their fault that he did it. Get into more trouble, and by the looks of your faces you think I am not that mean.” I chuckled evilly, and messed with my locker to get it open.

    “Could you fit in that?” Alicia appeared behind me, I smiled.

    “Maybe-“ I got cut off by the bell and then we parted ways, Bob and I heading to maths. We got started and talked about how Gerard was doing, until the whole school was called for an assembly.

    Basically an assembly on how someone has died, on bullying and things you should do if you hear something. We had to sit in years so I was sitting by Bob, I don’t know where my girlfriend was.

    “Where are the jocks?” Bob whispers to me, I lean back in my uncomfortable seat.

    “I dunno, hopefully dead in a hole somewhere.” Bob smiles,

    “Do any of you know where, Stephan Sykes, Damon Brining and Jack Holt are?” Comes to my attention,

    “Obviously, they are suspecting them. My mom rang up a couple of days ago about them cutting him and poop, and now this happens. I don’t know what happened between those bastards after Bradley stopped hanging with them and came out he was gay.”

    “Hmm yeah, something strange is going on.”

    “Got that right Bobby-boy.”

    The assembly finished and we went out for lunch, and then it seemed lesson five was seriously dragging.

    After sitting and watching Gee breathing, watching his chest rise up and down, I decided to see how Alicia and LynZ was up too, I entered the open door and I stopped to see a third girl in there.

    “Umm hi, how are you doing?” I ask LynZ, she smiles, she was now wearing her own clothes, pyjamas of course.

    “I feel slightly better thank you for asking, oh and this is our third girl, we have a psycho, a back bender and a shortie.” The third girl laughed and then extended a arm to me,

    “In other words, hi I’m Jamia.” I took her hand and smiled,

    “Hi, I’m Mikey.”

    “I’m sorry about your brother, I hope he is okay. How is he?” She asked, she seemed nice,

    “He’s alive, still . . . not awake.” I frowned not knowing how to say it.

    “Say no more, I’m glad he is okay.”

    “You seem nice.” I say, she smiles.

    “Thank you, but if you take the piss about my height, imma kill you.” I laugh at her honesty,

    “Okay, I have a short friend, won’t do it to you. What school do you go to?”

    “I go on the opposite side of town; let’s just say you have the better school. Mine has a load of people who think they can beat the poop out of you, but they can’t.”

    “I feel for you.”

    “Touché,” She giggles,

    “Do you play bass to?”

    “No I am the odd one, I play guitar and a bit of drums, and I didn’t do ballet either.”

    “Yeah but you’re a cheerleader.” Alicia sing sang.

    “I was forced, for being drunk in school I had consequences. And I don’t wear the outfit, or sing go team go! Because the school is poop, and all the cheerleader girls fight who is prettier and poop. I’m more of a band girl; I like music better than cheering.” She finishes her rant, and then they all laugh.

    “You’re crazy, crazy short person.” I came to a conclusion; she clapped her hands and said,

    “Oh Alicia you picked a great guy.” Alicia blushed and looked away,

    *Continues In The Post Down*​
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    Frank’s POV

    Mikey must have gone to the bathroom or gone to see LynZ, because when I returned there was no one in the room apart from Gerard in the bed, I sat down and leaned my head on my arms on his bed, next to his face.

    It was quiet, I could hear my breathing mix with his, and the sound of his beeping heart monitor. I brush some of his loose raven black hair out of his face,

    “So apparently you can hear me, people in comas are supposed to be able to hear people right? So what I am going to say Gerard is that, you cannot leave us. You can’t leave Mikey or you family. I don’t want to lose you, your one of the best things that have ever happened to me, I love you Gerard, so you do your best and wake up and pull you self out of that coma.” I kissed the torn skin on his head. Then took his hand,

    “I’m sorry I jumped to the wrong conclusion, bet that makes you hate me, and I am a poop boyfriend. I don’t want to be in an argument, another reason is that you have to wake up, you have to kick my butt for being a prick.”

    I look up from his hand and his eyes were open and looking at me, it scared me as I was expecting them closed.

    “Gerard? Can you hear me?” He pulls away his hand from mine weakly and wipe some escaping tears away from my cheek. Does this mean he is awake? He notices the needles now and starts to panic, trying to pull them out, but stops and coughs, and after a couple of chesty coughs, he spits out some red fluid, and the more he coughs, the bigger the fountain of blood is.

    “Oh my god!”

    I quickly press the help button, scared and not know what to do. He grasps my hand, and regurgitating blood over my white t-shirt.

    “Shh, Gerard, it’s okay.” As I see his apologetic face,

    “I’m . . . Sorry.” He chokes and repeats it as a whisper and then falls back onto the pillow and closes his eyes. Two nurses rush through the door,

    “What happened?” As one pulls me out of the room, I reluctantly let go of Gerard’s hand.

    “He woke up, he woke up then started to cough up all of that blood.” She nods, and mutters a thank you; I rush to LynZ’s room.


    “Oh poop, what happened?!” He got up from the seat in the corner and rushes to me,

    “Gerard woke up, he opened his eyes! All he did was wiping a tear from my face and then he started to cough up literally a fountain of blood!” I look down at my shirt that was now blood stained by Gerard.

    “Oh poop really, he woke up?!” I nod,

    “That’s good new right?” LynZ asked, looking worried, she thought she did nore damage pulling him out of the car, but she saved him.

    “It should be . . . LynZ you’re not listening to any of us, you saved him!” I exclaimed. I look to see a short girl in the corner, “You’re new.” I say,

    “Jamia,” She smiles,

    “Frank,” I smile back,

    “She plays guitar and drums.” Mikey said,

    “Cool, playing guitar is awesome, unlike bass.” I wiggle my eyebrows at Mikey,

    “I know, playing bass, waaaay to easy.”

    “Excuse me?”

    “The bass strings are bigger!”

    “You have to push the strings down harder, and its heavier!” Got thrown at me and Jamia all at once, I laughed and went for a high five.

    “We have god know how many chords to remember, six strings, they are thinner and more likely to dig through your fingers, and you have to still hold them down, and they strings are closer together.” Jamia explained,

    “Nice.” I say smoothly,

    “Shut up guitarists!” LynZ says jokingly,

    “Shut up bassists!” We say together.

    “Three against one, majority rules!” Jamia and I scoff.

    “I’m gunna go and see if Gee is okay.” I wave good bye and leave them at it. The door is closed so I sit in by it.

    About ten minutes later, Mrs Way walks out. And trips over my foot,

    “I’m so sorry!” I apologise,

    “Its fine honey, don’t worry . . . and he wants to see you.” She produces some tears, happy tears this time, “He’s awake.” She beams a smile and nods, “So after a bit longer than a week, he is awake. Go and see him honey.” She hugs me and kisses my head, and walks off with some bloody fabric.

    I take a deep breath and walk in silently, maybe this isn’t the best way in after he just woke up and coughed up a monsoon of blood. When the bed come visible I see him lying in it, with a new hospital suit and clean face, he was looking out of the window. I toyed with my hands, not know what to say, it was quiet and I didn’t want to scar him, I stepped back and knocked on the door. He turns his head slowly and stares at me; I could actually see his hazel eyes.

    “Help me; I am lying here in a paper dress. This does not look sexy right now.” Was the first thing he said to me, I shook my head and had a comment to say ‘Oh Gerard’.

    “Do you want to tell me how much of a poop boyfriend I am? For not letting you explain, I am so sorry.” I looked at the floor,

    “No, that’s not what I want. And I heard a lot of things from you.” I looked up at him; he moves his head ever so slightly to the seat next to him. “Sit where you were before?” I do so and sit next to him, his beautiful hazel eyes burned into my own, I was the one who had to break away from the gaze. I heard a funny noise,

    “For f**k sake!” He hissed, as he couldn’t move his hand to where he wanted. He pouted and I couldn’t resist it, it looked to cute.

    “You know what I really want, Frankie?”

    “To kick my butt?” I reply,


    “Then what do you want?”

    “I want a Frankie hug, I wanna hug. I want your hugs.” He opens his arms, and I held back a sob when I got up and was pulled into his embrace. He sighs, and runs his fingers through my hair.

    “I’m not leaving any of you, I don’t want to lose you either, and you are one of the best things that ever happened to me too. I love you Frankie.” He whispers and runs his index finger along my cheek,

    “How did you-“

    “I heard you.” He moves over slightly and winces in pain, and pulls me to sit on the bed next to him, even though I was leaning down to hug him. “I woke up because of you Frankie, you gave me something to wake up for, I could have drifted someplace else. I was in a very dark place. I came back because; it broke my heart that I couldn’t reply. I love you Frank Iero!”

    I pull away slowly, making sure not to hurt him. And looked at him, I few stray tears fell from my eyes and onto his cut cheek. I reaches his hand towards my face but the IV’s pull his hand back, he frowns and then tries to pull them out.

    “No no! They gotta stay, it’s good for you.” I grabbed his hand loosely and held it.

    “f**k the IV’s, you way more important than stupid medicine.” I shake my head and smile,

    “And you are too important to lose! You look so fragile.” I run my hand over his cheek,

    “I’m sorry about your shirt,” He grabs a fistful of it.

    “Its fine, don’t worry about that, worry about you.” He shakes his head,

    “Nah,” He says and tugs my shirt hard, and leans up slightly to kiss my on the lips, I had to place one hand either side of his head.

    “You’re too cute to resist! I should make up a song about you one day.” He says sleepy, he coughs again, but swallows.

    “Did you just swallow some blood?” I ask concerned, he sighs.

    “Possibly,” He says with his eyes, closed.

    “Why don’t you sleep?” I whisper, he squeezes my hand. I lean down and whisper in his ear,

    “I love you.” And kiss his cheek; I catch a glimpse of a tear pour out of his closed eye,

    “I love you too.” I wipe it away and watch him, he is finally awake, and my heart was filled with love again.
    So now I shall be think more on there future, and DUN DUN DUN all the wives are in it now... Lol
    So coment and tell me what you think, I would love to here them and and suggestions then please do tell :)
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    AWWWWWWWWWW!!!! My heart is melting right now over how cute it was after Gerard woke up :3 n'awwww!!
    Ohhhh the wives are now complete.. that can't be good!
    I think that was pretty awesome n' sweet n' loving... if you get past the fact Gerard coughed blood on Frank xD
    Beautiful update. :)
  4. I watched house of wax when i was little. it was one of my favorite movies. i remember watching it over and over again. but i havn't watched it in years :O I SHALL WATCH IT AGAIN SOMETIME SOON! Oh, and my all time favorite horror movie is Pet Sematary (xD this is so off topic, and if you think i spelled cemetary wrong, i didn't. that's how they spell it in the movie) OK, on the other hand, the update was FABULOUS!!! <3 I loved it! It was one of the best chapters so far. It was, GAH, i can't describe it in words :D Update again, when you can :3
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    and time for some more offtopicness ooppsies again...
    Yeah the bastard of a boyfriend cheated on my with someone in f**king 1st year!!!!! And the only reason I know that is cause my friend hacked into her fb then told me all that poop and then I saw it for myself and I was crying badly and confronted him over the phone and he hung up on me but then apologised and I gave him one more chance and to top it all off my ex is wanting to get back together with me! YEY!!! not! ugh My life sucks! :'( and I might take you up on the offer of and all caps rant cause I really need one xD
    so ugh yeah other than all that poop the update was absolutely amazing!
    More soon please.
    EDIT!: :eek:fftopic: I love House Of Wax! MCR songs are in it xD and I lol'd at people getting wax poured on them, coz I'm mad and imma join the mad club!
    So what do y'all think of Paranormal Activity??
  6. okay i give in to the sweet rainbow shitting unicorns. i loved that scene sooo much <3 it was very sweet. poor bradley he sounds like a good kid. now all i have left to wonder about is those god damn texts!!!
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    MyChemSioban - Ha ha ha, DUN DUN DUN, wive are there and they all have atleast one thing on common as well. I am glad you thought it was cute and i am glad it made your heart melt, I take that as a good thing? lol Glad you liked the update :) and yes going to get past the fact that Gerard coughed up blood over Frank XD

    TheBeautyI'mFaking - House of Wax amazing I like that fact that Face Ache cut that guys tendon, brillient! Instead of running from the crazy ceral killer, turn around and say "Hey dude come here! let me cut your tendon as if I do you can't chase me! !!! Pet Semetary? Going to have to look that one up! And I am glad you liked the update!!! You favorite chatper? Which ones are you favorite? Cause I have my favorites and the one I hate aswell lol. Glad you loved the update again lol, any more movies? The woman in black? Is that plaing where you live?

    xFallenAngelx -I am glad you liked the update!! Wow he seems a dick head! You life don't suck! You life rules because you have great music taste! And movie taste! You in that mad club, I found it fasanating how he pulled of his skin, and then Face Ache cut that guys tendon, brillient! Instead of running from the crazy ceral killer, turn around and say "Hey dude come here! let me cut your tendon as if I do you can't chase me! LOL

    i want Party Poision - Aww glad you gave in :') You shall find out not in this next chapter but in the next one over these texts, promise you!

    Okay so I had to write half of this chapter THREE times! As my laptop kept shutting itself down like a dick!! I got major pissed and started to save it every word, seriously felt like stabbing the f**king thing!

    Any way! here is the next chapter!!!

    Chapter Thirty Nine

    Gerard’s POV

    “Mom?” I ask as she was about to leave for the hundredth time, but couldn’t.

    “Yes Gerard?” She asked a little bit annoyed.

    “My head hurts!” I pout,

    “You have a depressed skull fracture, it’s going to hurt.” She turns to leave,


    “Yes Gerard?” She turns around,

    “My shoulder hurts.” I gesture down at my arm in a sling,

    “Again it’s going to be, you broke your collar bone.” She turns,


    “What now Gerard?”

    “I want to wear my own clothes, not this un-sexy paper dress . . . poop.” I frown,

    “I shall get Mikey to bring some, and we will help to change then.” She attempts to leave again,

    “Mom?” I moaned,

    “Yes Gerard?” More annoyed, I purse my lips.

    “I’m bored!” I huffed, she sighs.

    “Then sing or something.” I chicken an eyebrow up at her answer; I move my mouth to think.

    Mama we all go to hell . . . Mama we all go to hell, I’m writing this letter and wishing you well . . . Mama we all go to hell . . . Well now Mama, we’re all gonna die! Mama we all gonna die, stop asking me questions, I’d hate to see you cry. Mama we’re all gonna die!” I sang as she told me, she just stared at me near the door way. I give a cheesy smile,

    “You expect a tired patient after waking up from a coma, but not my son, no way.” She mumbles and shakes her head, I snort,


    “What do you want this time Gerard?”

    “I miss Frankie, I miss Mikey, I miss home, I miss . . . COFFEE!” I shout that last word, “I MISS COFFEE!”

    “Oh Gerard, want to know what your name stands for? Devil child, that’s what it stand for.” I grin evilly and raise my eyebrows twice.

    “Why thank you, I’m the kinda human wreckage that ya love!”

    “Yes Gerard I love ya, you human wreckage.” She smiles and leaves,


    “Oh my god Gerard, what?” She turns to face me,

    “Can I have some pen and paper? Then you can go back to your job or whatever.” I nod,

    “If I get you some pen and paper, you promise I can do my job? I need to change LynZ’s dressing.” I nod hearing LynZ’s name, she too was in the accident, I wanted to see her, but I was bed bound.

    Mother leaves the room, Mikey, Frankie, Ray and Bob were at school and I was in this poop hole, on the bright side I can apparently change into my own clothes. Frank was the only one I was able to talk to last night, it felt nice to cuddle and hold him, it was sweet . . . If you get passed that fact that I coughed blood up over his white shirt. Mikey was the first thing on my agenda today, the first person I shall talk to today, I needed our best friend slash brother bond again, I hated arguing.

    I never wanted to come back, after seeing my grandmother, it confused me and she made me think. But I managed to get my heart beating up again, and then hearing what everyone said to me, made me feel like I had something to live for. For once in my life since three years, I was happy. I had an amazing, hot, sexy boyfriend, who made my heart skip a beat every time he was around me, I loved him so much. I also had an amazing brother, who was always there for me during my addictions and my bad times, and they were bad times, six months in the psych ward, and then another six months counselling and being shrinked.

    I wrote the song ‘honey the mirror isn’t big enough for the two of us’ as a reminder that a mirror is not big enough for me, drugs and alcohol.

    I am going to go mad if I had nothing to do in about five minutes, I thought to myself.

    “Is it at least possible for a god damned coma patient to sit the f**k up?!” I growl to no one in particular, seeing as I was still lying down in the bed.

    Apparently LynZ is next door, I pick up the nearest thing next to me on the food table besides me, an apple and throw it with as much force I can against my wall opposite me, and f**king hell it hurt, sending pain through my head, shoulder, legs and my broken fingers. Something was thrown back at the wall and it cause me to giggle when I mom walked in with a ton of paper,

    “Um mom, I asked for SOME paper not a whole f**king tree.” I giggle, she rolls her eyes, “I want to sit up! Can this f**king piece of poop sit me up?” She looks at me with a ‘are you kidding me?’ Then moves and with a simple press of a control the bed sits me up,

    “Please watch you language Gerard.” She says, kisses me on the heads and leaves, I bring my knees up so I can balance the paper on my thighs.

    I draw cartoon versions of, Mikey, Frank, Ray and Bob, then as vampires, being very careful as I was drawing in ink. Then write what I sang to my mom down on separate paper to the others, I was just lost in drawing, so I draw in gothic style writing, ‘Frankie’. Drawing and thought, I would miss my grandmother greatly. I was very close to her; she along with Mikey helped me much. Every year we would go on holiday as a family, those were some happy times that pulled me back into this world.

    I look down to my not so blank piece of paper now and notice that I have written, ‘Long ago’. I frown at my choice of words, and add to it and then think and add some more, thinking of my Grandmother all the way through my hard thoughts, frowning, lip biting and concentration.

    I have no idea how long I sat there, deep in thought, but it must have been sometime as a nurse comes in and cleans my wound on my hip, surely school would be finished soon, I had woken up at five forty two this morning, and it has been a long day. After the person who put me in some pain and deserves to die in hell, left. I read over my words and realised this could be a song, half of a song, I even added some back-up vocals,

    “Long ago
    Just like the hearse you die to get in again
    We are so far from you

    Burning on just like a match you strike to incinerate
    The lives of everyone you know
    And what's the worst you take (worst you take)
    from every heart you break (heart you break)
    And like the blade you stain (blade you stain)
    Well I've been holding on tonight

    What's the worst that I can say?
    Things are better if I stay
    So long and goodnight
    So long and goodnight

    Came a time
    When every star fall brought you to tears again
    We are the very hurt you sold
    And what's the worst you take (worst you take)
    from every heart you break (heart you break)
    And like the blade you stain (blade you stain)
    Well I've been holding on tonight

    What's the worst that I can say?
    Things are better if I stay
    So long and goodnight
    So long and goodnight
    and if you carry on this way
    Things are better if I stay.
    So long and goodnight
    So long and goodnight

    can you hear me?
    Are you near me?
    Can we pretend to leave and then
    we’ll meet again.”

    I thought for more and more, what had I just been in? So I added ‘When both our cars collide’ and after that I just pieced more into this puzzle. I managed to finish it after that, it just came naturally.

    After finishing it, I just read through it, again, again, and again. And eventually I sang it to myself quietly. I pulled the pieces of paper together and dedicated this song so my Grandmother, and deicide to call it ‘Helena’. I write it on the front cover, my head hurt slightly. I close my eyes and relax into the darkness, the darkness that I could wake up from.

    When I wake up, I don’t open my eyes. I move my hand, but it is immediately restricted by the IV’s.

    “f**k sake f**king IV’s!” I hiss kinda growl, I open my eyes and jerk my hand forward sending my drip down in to the floor, needle still sticking in my flesh.

    “OW f**k OW poop OW OW!” I curse; I look up and see that I have an audience of Mikey, Frankie, Ray, Bob and Alicia. I felt kinda awkward as I suddenly knew that I had other people -apart from Frankie- watched me sleep. I bow my head back down to my now hurting hand.

    “Oh poop blood blood blood! I’m bleeding, bleeding again. f**k sake stupid needle attached thing, get up or I will break you in half!” I threaten, seriously Gerard? Threatening a drip? Ray picks up the drip,

    “Glad to see you can still curse.” He smiles,

    “Not my fault bad f**king needle! Bad place to be in! In f**king pain too! poop THIS IS A TRAIN WRECK! WELCOME TO MY BREAK DOWN!” I say through gritted teeth, and then feel my chesty cough start up again, I cough.

    “Gerard, what have a told you about shouting?” Mom asks when she walks in and checks my clipboard.

    “Um-“Cough, “-I wasn’t shout-“Cough,”-Ing, I was just talking-“Cough, “loud!” I choke and finally cough up some fluid, I purse my lips, being told not swallow. Mom hands me a bowl, I spit the red liquid in the bowl.

    “Yum, more blood, I already threw it up of Frankie and myself! Blood, blood gallons of the stuff, I gave you all that you could drink and it has never been enough!” I sing the song I sang when I was concussed. They look at me funny,

    “Mikey, Mikey, Little Way, prostitute Mikey f**kin Way?” I ask and look at him,

    “Please do not start calling me a prostitute again, or you shall be the sl*t, and yeah Gerard?”

    “I want talkies with you, please?”

    “Okay.” The others get up and leave us be, he sits there awkwardly,
    *Continues In the next Post*​
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    “I have had Frankie hugs; I want a Mikey hug, now! Right here right now! All the way in this poop hole!” Mikey smiles and tries to hold back tears, “Cry witch, let it all out. I’ve seen your worst side!” He laughs and I pull him into a hug.

    “Oh I know, remember your counsellor was at our house and I walked down stairs for some boxers completely naked?” I laugh,

    “Of course how can I forget? And I have seen you naked way to many times, put some clothes on stripper!”

    “You always walk in on my whenever I have a shower! Or barge into my bedroom!” I snicker,

    “Yeah sorry, I never caught you masturbating though so it’s all good. Or do you think I’m sexy and you would just come by looking at me?” I teased,

    “Oh yeah, I love you too much and I literally just think about you when I do that poop, all I do is think of you and I am turned on.” I pull away, place a hand over my chest and look stars trucked,

    “I’m touched, really Michael!” We both giggle and then it fell silent.

    “I’m sorry.” He said breaking that silence,

    “I know I heard you a lot of times when I was, away with . . . the fairies.” I say, not bringing Grandmother up as it would sound strange. “I want to be best friends, brothers, partners in crime again! Who else can I tease about their love life?” I poke him in the side,

    “Well let’s start that brother best friend bond again? And same to you? Do tell who bottoms?” I shake my head and hug him again.

    “Bond back, and if I tell stuff to you about my sex life, you got to tell me yours! Five minutes of honesty, deal?”

    “Yeah, okay. I remember those, so you going to answer? You the witch?” I look at him for a second,

    “Yeah, I am.”

    “I knew it!”

    “As if it wasn’t that hard to guess when I couldn’t sit down the next day, my turn, what’s the furthest you’ve gone with Alicia?”

    “Umm, basically everything apart from sex . . . by the way, what is said in this room stays in this room, unless we want to tease, but we still won’t tell.”

    “Okay.” I wait for his question,

    “Where is the weirdest place Frank has made you hard?” I laugh at the question,

    “Umm . . . backstage, in the dressing room when we opened for MSI,” I say embarrassed, he laughs.

    “Okay, what about you? Same question.”

    “Actually the same place,” He admits sheepishly,

    “I can’t answer this question . . . but weirdest place you have had sex?”

    “It’s not weird, buuuuut . . . in my bedroom, when all of you guys were up stairs in the living room and restroom of a night club.” I add at the end

    “Gerard?! In the toilets and one of us could have walked in on you!” He gasps shocked,

    “That’s the adrenaline of it, but we weren’t caught, so don’t worry. And make sure you lock the door if you do it in our house, we didn’t my door was open, the top of the stairs one wasn’t thought.”

    “I will take that thanks.”

    “Okay, five minutes over.” I say, with red hot cheeks, Frank opens the door, I laugh and face palm myself.

    “Okay . . . visiting time over Mike’s, have you gone mental?” He asks as he approaches us, I suck in air through my teeth,

    “Just being honest,” I get a hug from Mikey and a hug and a kiss from Frankie, then Mom walks in with my own clothes, finally can get out of this paper dress poop that I called, un-sexy.

    LynZ’s POV

    I scream, waking up as I dreamt I was rolling, in my car again. I gasped for air and took in my surroundings, it was a dream, I am in hospital, it was just a dream. My first nightmare since the accident, since it happened.

    I had a painful visit from James, Kitty and Steve earlier. Painful because James was f**king about with a sick bowl making me laugh which hurt my ribs as they were broken. I was now in my own clothes, and I felt better than when I woke up, I sit up, visiting hours are over and the check up people don’t come in after half ten, which it was.

    I wasn’t attached to needles any more, I just needed rest, so I could easily get up and walk, and I wondered if Gerard was awake, well he was wake now, but I didn’t know if he was asleep. I got up slowly pulling the covers off; I walk over to my door and check outside for any people, then a quickly go next door. I walk into the room; Gerard was awake and looking at some papers. I knock and his head snaps up,

    “LynZ! It’s so good to see you! I hope your well!” He asks immediately I sigh and some tears escape my eyes. “Hey come here, I’m okay. You helped me!” He points for me to sit on the bed next to him, I do so, and he rubs my arm in comfort.

    “Sorry, I am okay thank you. How are you?” I wipe my tears away, not sad tears, tears of joy.

    “Better, it takes a lot more to kill Gerard Way.” I breathe a laugh,

    “Glad to hear that, what were you doing? I mean before I walked in.” I run my hands through my hair,

    “Oh I wrote a new song, and dedicated to my grandmother, wanna see? You could tell me what you think?”

    “Of course,” He shows me the papers, “Helena? Is that the title?”

    “Yeah,” I smile and read through the papers, and every line I wrote, it was amazing, up until the end the song was amazing, so long and goodnight, I found that powerful.

    “This is amazing, you wrote this today?” I ask and look up at him, his cheeks turn scarlet red,

    “Yeah...” He says looking down,

    “Gerard, this is fantastic! How does it go?” He pulls s face,

    “Oh you don’t have to sing it! Sorry.” I hand them back to him; he looks at the paper then at me, and then starts to sing the new song, Helena. I couldn’t help but smile and be taken breathless. When he finished I clapped, he laughed sheepishly.

    “You singing voice is breath taking. And for the song, its wow fantastic. And it’s lovely how you wrote it for you grandmother who died.” I smile,

    “You like it?”

    “I love it.” I smile,

    “You the first person to see and hear it, thank you for saying that.” He hugs me,

    “You’re very welcome.” I notice the scars on his arm, “And about that coffee we were going to go for, can’t do that now. So to show I was telling the truth...” I pull up my trouser leg and show him all of my hidden scars. He places one of his scarred arm by my leg,

    “I was shocked when you told me about that, I am glad I know that someone understands when it does to you.” He looks down,

    “Yeah, I know. We had different situations, but the same cravings. But we are better than this now, we have stopped and we have great friends.” I say,

    “Are you my friend?” He asks looking me in the eyes, he had nice hazel eyes,

    “Would you like me to be your friend?” I ask, He nods,

    “Well then I would be glad to be your friend, and you are mine, kay?” He nods again, I smile. I see him struggle to get his next question out,

    “Do you get . . . bad . . . dreams? Like what happened when we...” He stuttered,

    “Now how in the hell would you know that?”

    “Cause I do, and I herd you scream before you came to see me, got me worried.” He admits,

    “Yeah I do too, and sorry didn’t mean to scare you.” I notice his clothes, he is in his own now.

    “How’s tour?” He asks,

    “It was going okay, I was in my concert clothing when they must have put me here, wonder where they are.”

    “Got any more left?”

    “Yeah like a couple more in like a month’s time.” I think,

    “Cool, you guys were great when we opened for you.”

    “Well if ya like, we have on in New Jersey as a first back, you could come if ya want.” I yawn,

    “Sure sounds great.” I smile, and yawn again, making him yawn. “Stop yawning its the most contagious thing!” I laugh,

    “Odd thing to say!” I nods and laughs,

    “Your defiantly one of my friends,” He smiles and yawns, I smile and I notice his drawings,

    “Wow did you draw these?” I pick them up,

    “Yeah, do you draw?” He asks,

    “Indeed I do, I was supposed to be having an art show but probably have to cancel that.”

    “So if I asked you to draw me . . . you could?” He asks giving me a cheeky grin,

    “Yeah, I could.” He nods once and hands me some paper and a pen,

    “Do it then, show me what you got!”

    “Okay.” I position myself to the edge of the bed and only do lines, no shading. When I figure out the shape of his head he starts to draw me, I glance up through my lashes.

    “You gonna draw me like one of you French girls Jack.” He smiles a teeth showing smile. “Really wish you wouldn’t draw me.” I start on his eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth, leaving out the cuts.

    “Why, have you ever tried to draw yourself?” He asks,

    “I look terrible and no I haven’t, have you?” I ask making his nose a tiny bit big.

    “Yeah, didn’t go so well. My teacher told me to draw myself as I didn’t have a partner to draw with in my old school.”

    “What a dick.” I finish his mouth and then pass him the crap drawing.

    “That’s really good.” I smile,

    “Can I see mine?” He pulls the drawing closer to his chest.

    “No it’s not done!” He folds it up,

    “Neither was mine!”

    “Still, you can see it when it’s finished.”

    “And when is that?” I huffed,

    “Don’t know, could be a while.”
    Sooo LynZ and Gerard are prgressing friends? What does everybody think of that?
    Comment and tell me what ya think guys :)
    And I am even pissed off with the ending :/
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    Awesome update! I was pissed off earlier at my computer since it shut down while I was editing a Frerard I'm in the process of writing and that I've started posting (finally!).
    BUT, you cheered me up with the update :')
    I actually screamed when i saw you mentioned about Gerard coughing blood on Frank in it! My dog started going crazy cause I screamed but it was worth him going crazy!
    Awesome update but I already said that didn't I?
  10. :D I'm soo happy Gerard found someone he can relate to with the cutting and art. It will help him get better :3 And,if they do end up more than friends... well it's their choice, and i wouldn't want them to be unhappy. BUT OH MY GOD, GERARD PLEASE STAY WITH FRANKIE!!! FRERARD MUST GO ON!!! Okay, now time to talk about the horror movies x) OH MY GOB TODAY IN SCHOOL MY TEACHER MENTION A WHOLE BUNCH OF HORROR MOVIES!!! (Halloween, Friday the 13th etc.) I WAS IN HEAVEN. I WAS CLAPPING MY HANDS AND HAD THE BIGGEST GRIN ON MY FACE. Then, my one friend just looks at me :glare: and i started laughing. Oh, it was fun :') Yeah, I don't know if that movie is playing in theaters near me. I can't even tell you the last time I stepped foot into a theater xD I stay at home a lot :unsure: And, I like a lot of the old horror movies. (my dad tells me a lot of good ones to watch) Soo, yeah. If you feel like talking more you can PM me if you want. We talk off topic too much :)
  11. well kinda means what you mean by progressing. like if they go any further than what i think is okay, im gonna slap that hoe with my pimp hand. if they only stay friends then yeah i love them. cant wait for the next update!!!
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    This story is so awesome and i love how quick you are with updates!! :^_^:
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    You hugged me AAAAALLLL the way back on page 16, so I'm returning said hug *hug* :p
    I sat in bed last night for like three hours catching up. Way worth it. Excuse the pun :) So here goes my review-

    I loved the whole chapter when Gerard fell through the ceiling. Danny really is a bastard. And have I expressed my hatred for Damon before? I don't think so, so I just want to say I hate him. He's a dick. Man, like I could kill him for cutting Rardi's wrist. All these twists make the story great though, like when I leave the computer after reading an update, it doesn't just end there. The story is still going on in my head, it's great :) I feel so sorry for Gerard when he's at school. I just wanna hug the dude and save him from the pricks lol I just wanted to cry when Frank accused him of cutting and taking drugs when it was Damon's fault that it seemed that way. And when Mikey came home and gave out to Gee :'(
    I LOVE the drama-filled parts. They're awesome. Thank god Ray and Al actually let Gerard explain. And then their grandmother dies and I'm all "f**k, this is all Mikey and Gerard needs". The amount of times I widened my eyes and said "Oh poop!" in those few chapters :roll:
    Then the car crash! I didn't want to kill you after that, it was essential to the story. I was thinking it was Gerard, then I thought it might be Frank because he had drove home from Mikey's place. But then it did turn out to be Gerard and I felt so sorry for everyone, it was really hard on them all :(
    It was all just so sad. It actually depressed me a bit lol You know a story is f**king great when it affects you like that. Honey, you are totally gifted, this fic is fantastic ;) x

    When Gerard woke up and was talking to Frankie (after the bloody shirt incident) I was so happy.. It was so cute :wub:
    And you said all the wives are in it now, does that mean the frerardiness will slowly diminish? I guess it has to eventually *Shrugs*
    I love how LynZ and Gee are good friends :)
    The part where they yawned lots made me yawn too lol Well considering it was 2am when I read it :^_^:


    "Mom?" "What?" "Mom?" "What?" "Mom?" "Oh my god Gerard, what?" :lol:

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  14. Yay! Updates! I started reading the first of the last two posts, but I didn't have time to finish. The second one was so long! it was great <3 I enjoyed them both ^_^ Gee is awake!!!!! Hooray! Celebration time? I missed it, but oh well.
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    MyChemSioban - computers are a pain in the butt when you really need them aren't they? Oooh can't wait for the next update!! I am glad I cheered you up with the update :) Since you said that I had to put it in, it made my laugh!

    TheBeautyI'mFaking - Well, I shall give you guys a hint, somthing will happen to Frerard :S And lol I will PM you XD

    i want Party Poision - Ooooh will thye stay friends? Gerard has admitted that he doesn't know if he is Bi :O And haha the hoe comment made me laugh XD

    DeathShineXD - YOu second that lol? Aww thank you for saying its awesome :D

    Asthma_Turtle - WELCOME BACK!! Wow you didnt have to sit and read it for that long lol! Oh wow yo think its that good and I am a good writer?! That means alot than you so much!! :wub: And you didn't have to stay up that late! God girl!! Lol And I am glad you are likeing it soo far :D Thank you for saying they were great and I am glad you like them <3

    macattack<3'sFrerard - Haha sorry if they were too long :S But I am glad you enjoyed them <3

    Okay the next chapter, time for some embarrisment... On a new person ;)


    Chapter Forty

    Gerard’s POV

    Finally! After four weeks, one week and some days I was comatosed, but after four weeks, I am now on my way home! All I can say to that place is, GOODBYE MOTHER f**kER. Only one problem to that, we had to drive home, and f**k was a nervous.

    Sitting in the car besides Frank, and then Mikey besides him, I couldn’t stop swallowing, moving, and a gasp every now and then. I thought I could handle it, until we stopped at a red light. I clenched my fists, and waited impatiently for it to change. But it didn’t change enough.

    “f**k sake, change to green, so we can move.” I said through gritted teeth and bit my knuckles,

    “You alright?” Frank and Mikey asked at the same time,

    “Will be when we get moving . . . f**k sake, I swear it does is on purpose!” I growled, the color changes, and the car moves, and I sigh in relief. I side look at Gerard and Mikey, who were looking at me worried. “I’m okay now, I mean it . . . just . . . I’m okay.” I reassure them, and waiting impatiently to get home, although at home, still needed f**king rest.

    When we eventually pull into our drive way, I literally burst out of the car, slam the door and start pacing and jumping.

    “Gerard, please calm down?” Mom commands, I shake my head stubbornly, then do think of something to literally scare the f**k out of them. I locate my target and think of how to attack, I literally run full speed and climb up a tree, I have no idea how I have the strength to do this after having a fractured collar bone and fingers, and they have healed now and don’t need
    a sling or poop, still sore though.

    “Oh my god! Gerard Arthur Way, are you trying to kill your mother?!” She bellows and comes at me; I climb down the tree and laugh,

    “THERES NO PLACE LIKE HOME! THERES NO PLACE LIKE HOME!” I clap and wait by the front door,

    “You’ve lost it.” Frank says amused,

    “Have not! Just hyper and want to do poop that I haven’t done in sooooooo long and- HELLO WHO IS THAT SEXY f**kER ON THE WALL? CHECK ME OUT!” I say in a weird accent when mom opens the front door and I see baby picture of me and him on the wall, I point at me in my mom and dad’s arms as a new born,

    “Wasn’t I cutie? Cute baby, I hate myself, I don’t want to grow up any more! I wanna stay Peter Pan! I don’t wanna grow up, not a penny will I pinch, I will never grow a moustache, or a fraction of an inch! Where did I get that from? Oh yeah school play...” I tap my index finger against my lips, “I’m on the wall! Why am I on the wall?” I ask turning to see two amused faces,

    “I decided to put them up, missed the photos, ‘cause I missed you Gee.” He admits,

    “Aww I missed ya too little bro!” I hug him, and then look at Frank who is looking at the photos. “Missed you too, But you must have knew that!” I pulled away and went down stairs to take my shoes off, even though I could climb up a tree about a foot off the ground, still could not bend over.

    “Gerard, I have to go to work again in about half hour, so you could stay down here or you could go upstairs, either way Frank and Mikey have promised me not to let you pull another stunt like you did outside you idiot. So basically you going to relax and chill for some time.” She says like I have no choice, she must have seen me giving my shoes death glares so she takes them off for me. “Remember to take your pills to, I love you sweet.”

    “I’m not staying down here! Going up stairs,” I say, pulling on a warmer hoodie, and then hopping my way upstairs. I sat down awkwardly by Frankie,

    “So you haven’t said much about Bradley being dead, or the jocks.” Mikey says flicking through some channels.

    “Well, wouldn’t surprise me if they killed him . . . maybe he was the one sending texts, they found out, then he killed himself or they killed him.” I snuggled closer to Frank’s side, he snakes his arm around me, and I am so glad that my brother is not a homophobe, because no way was I moving from this position.

    “That actually makes sense that probably happened.” Frank said, can’t see his face, and so can’t give feedback on that.

    “Do you know who hit me? Car collision now, no one has been able to touch me this past month.”

    “They have the cars, it was clear that they were racing.” I nod, I glance at Mikey,

    “You doing anything tonight Mikes?” I ask as I start to play with Frank’s hoodie string thing,

    “I’m looking after a f**king lunatic which gave all of us a heart attack because he attempted to climb a f**king tree after coming out of hospital!” I burry my face in Franks shoulder and giggle,

    “You don’t have to, I have Frankie. You could take Alicia out or something, you looked after me in hospital.” I offer, because it was true, they would take turns to bunk off school to keep me company,

    “Okay, if you planning what I think you two are doing, then yeah I could do. Would you mind?”

    “Oh believe Mikey, even if you were here, we would still do that. And yeah positive, I have Frankie to look after me, and NO I was joking, no sex for the . . . whatever I am.” I say, looking at his face,

    “A f**king insane lunatic?” Frank spoke, I nod in defeat, and I was f**king off my head. I smiles and gets up eagerly to possess the phone. It was silent and all you could hear was the TV. I move up towards Frank’s ear,

    “What’s your favourite scary movie?” I ask, in the scream murderer voice, he cringes.

    “The little mermaid,” He answers, he looks down at me, and I laugh. “No that’s not sarcasm; the crab scares the living poop out of me! What’s yours? Oh yeah Boogieman.”

    “Not funny, dad used to threaten me with him when I did something bad, then the movies came out.” I pouted; he stared then pecked me on the lips. I tut,



    “Guys, I’m gonna go over Alicia’s for a bit, see you later.”

    “Yeah sure, don’t you need someone to drive you?”

    “No, she is staying at her moms house, not her dads this weekend, see ya later.” He said before shutting the front door. This left me and Frankie alone,
    We decided to order pizza and watch some movies, was fun just to cuddle up to each other, cute actually, wow I’m cheesy..

    Mikey’s POV

    “May I ask, why go outside when the f**king baby is inside alone, when clearly something is like there?” Alicia asks, half way through paranormal activity two.

    “I don’t know, how am I supposed to know?” I chuckle and kiss her cheek, we were lying curled up together on her bed, in the dark, watching a movie which has scared her to many times. Then the door shut, the she head butted me.

    “poop, sorry! Told you I hate this film!” She turns around and kissed my forehead,

    “You didn’t head but me there, you hit my here.” I point my lips,

    “Sorry.” She leans up and kisses me, a soft kiss at first, then I started to kiss her back she responded and I felt her tongue run along my bottom lip and I open my mouth so that our tongues explored each others. I reached my hand up and entwined my fingers in her long dark brown hair, I pull her closer and we break away for a breathe,

    “Better?” She kissed my jaw, I licked my tingling lips.

    “Yeah defiantly,” She nods,

    “Okay, that’s good.” I sit up awkwardly feeling hot, she sits up and sorts her hair out, I mess it up again and laugh.

    “Nice new look you ya.” I compliment,

    “What this? Just looks like sex hair, or really bad bed hair.” We giggle,

    “Have you ever been drunk?” She asked, I bow my head,

    “Yeah, after I got held under that water . . . went out got drunk, I ended hitting my brother in the face.” She holds my chin up,

    “You didn’t know what you were doing.” She kissed me on the nose,

    “Still can’t believe that your step mother threw a chair at you...” She frowns and wraps her arms around my neck,

    “Yeah, that’s why I am staying at my mom’s this weekend and not my dads, ya know, mom working away and poop.” I nod,

    “Well this movie certainly isn’t entertaining us.”

    “Nope,” She turns off the TV,

    “So what do you want to do?” I shrug and kiss her on the lips again,

    “What making out or going all the way?” She asks, I sit up straighter, okay
    now I felt nervous.

    “T-that all we left to do?” I stutter,

    “Yeah,” she lies down and stares at her ceiling, I think about what I am going to say,

    “Do you want to?” I ask, she looks at me and shrugs,

    “Question is Mike; do you think you’re ready?” She asks I bit my lip.

    “Well, before I met you, I wouldn’t have to guts to do anything. I think I am, but don’t have any of the right stuff.” I say, she sits up and leans over to her nightstand and passes me a packet of condoms, I look at her.

    “What? I have a brother; I am sure your brother did the same?” I smile and nod, think at when we were chatting in his room before, the accident.

    “Okay, I’m ready.” I say confidently,

    “Okay.” I lie down next to her, and look into her eyes then at the door,

    “Sure no one is here?” I ask, entwining my fingers with her,

    “Yeah, I’m sure.” I nod; I slowly lean down to kiss her.

    Gerard’s POV

    “I don’t think Mikey is coming home tonight.” I yawn,

    “No me neither, wonder what he is doing?” Frank giggles,

    “First time for everything,” I turn around to face Frank in my bed,

    “Mikey’s first then?” He asks I nod.

    “You never got that from me, and he never told me in hospital. We were playing five minutes honesty.”

    “Okay, loopy.” Frank nods; I surprise him by crashing my lips onto his, surprising as we were in the dark. He starts to kiss me back needy and
    hungrily, I let it go on for some more, can’t helping myself then break it off.

    “Night, love you lots!”


    “Oh I’m the tease now?” I joke; we giggle then try and sleep,

    I slowly begin to open my eyes, I glance at my clock.

    “You are f**king kidding? Why am I up this early?” I mumble to myself then rub my eyes, and then I hear the front door shut. I immediately get up and see who it is.

    “If you are trying to sneak you way into the house, mission failed.” I fold my arms looking amused,

    “Okay, then should I go through the house loud?” He asks, I narrow my eyes,

    “Thought you were coming home last night?” I started my joking, smirking.

    “Urh, we fell asleep half way through the movie we were watching.” He said,

    “Mikey we all know that’s not true, you were up to something else.” I pointed accusingly,

    “Like what?” He acted dumb,

    “Well let me just say, I won’t be calling you a virgin anymore, well I can’t really cause it wouldn’t be true now would it?” I wiggled my eyebrows, he blushes and looks down.

    “Shut up Gerard.” He walks off, Frank appears behind me and wraps his arms around my waist.

    “Hey Frank guess what? MIKEY HAD SEX! MIKEY HAD SEX! MY LITTLE BROTHER AIN’T A VIRGIN ANYMORE!” I shout out and I was in hysterics at his red face,

    “Oh wow really?”

    “No I did not!” Mikey denies,

    “LIER! LOOK YOUR TRUNING RED YOUR EMBARRESSED!”I laugh and he covers his face with his hands,

    “You face tells us different Mikes!” Frank says as entertained as I.

    “Stop teasing me!” Mikey looks away and smiles,

    “But it’s fun to tease your brother after losing his virginity; I remember when you did it to me!”

    “Okay, okay! That’s one thing you can never call me again! I am not a virgin! There I said it, now go entertain yourselves!” He blurs out then rushes upstairs! Frank and I were practically on the floor, in hysterics.

    N'awww isn't Mikey cute when he is embarrassed?
    Decided to make Gerards day lol,
    Back on trach with the whole car, Helena, jock sitaution next chapter, this was fir humor and cutsies, but yeah Mikey lost it!!
    Commant and tell me what ya think?
  16. Awe, Little Mikey isn't so little if you know what I mean ;) It's pretty cute. Too bad. No more shared virgin power! Stupid Mikey.. I will now have VIRGIN POWER all on my own. Who wants to join? It's a club.
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    Omgee aweshume updates!!! and yeah we do go off topic ALOT!!!! xD
    I dont really have anything to say now :/ oh my ex BEGGED ME to get back with him last night by sayin 'LOVE MEH AGAIN!!!' me and my friend lol'd so much :3
    EDIT!! Just been reading throught the last page when I came across a comment that made me lol. I'll join the virgin club! Lol...
  18. Awe this was cute:3 Gah! I loved this chapter. Coudn't stop laugh xD Update again when you can :)
  19. Freiheit483

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    macattack<3'sFrerard - Haha! That Vorgin comment made me lol XD Yeah well its high school got to tell ya what ahppened before . .. I shall not tell you it will ruin the future for them XD

    xFallenAngelx - Well I am glad you and your friends had a laugh!! I am also glad you like the update XD

    TheBeautyI'mFaking - I am glad it made you Laugh!!! Update now? Oh and glad you loved it...

    Okay so here is the next Chapter, I wrote this chapter, I am sorry if it sucks... Not so sober and was going to update it yesterday, but managed to stop myself.... I edited it today with a headache and also got sprung up into the air on a trampoline with my cousin and I fell back down on my nose, Ouch .......XD Serves me right I guess

    Chapter Forty One

    Gerard’s POV

    I look like an idiot, standing in the middle of my kitchen trying to tie my f**king tie. I have tied it in a knot fourteen times, yes fourteen times, I’m a f**king retard. I also look weird as I am not in skinny jeans or a hoodie, I am in a suit, but if you look down at me feet, I still have my dignity, converses mother f**ker. I growl and jump up and down in defeat, yeah shouldn’t have done that, hurt my head and my ribs. I hear someone laugh behind me, I spin around, again to fast and I grimaced in pain,

    “Want some help?” Frank asked amused,

    “No!” I huffed; Frank cocks an eyebrow up,

    “I have been watching you try to tie your tie since you started.” He smiled; he walked up in front of me,

    “Stalker,” I accused, I put my hands up in defeat from the stupid thing to let him do it,

    “I know, only for you babe. Okay you have got this the wrong way round.” He pulls the tie and I feel it slide around my neck, I frown, he ties it right.

    “f**king . . . know it all!” I struggle at my last insult.

    “You going to be okay today?” He asks,

    “Yeah, might cry.” I say with honesty, saying good bye to my grandmother would be hard.

    “It’s your grandmother’s funeral, you’re allowed.” He tugs on my tie,

    “I have you today, and just a warning, neither me nor Mikey are not much liked by the rest of the family, they might like Mikey more now as he has a girlfriend.” I warn him as he would be attending with me.


    “f**k SAKE YOU STUPID f**kING TIE, f**k YOU, DIE AND DIE IN HELL!” We hear Mikey shout from the sounds of things, stairs.

    “Another thing you guys have in common, can’t tie your ties.” Frank mused, I poke my tongue out at him.

    “So what, the tie is the enemy. Miiiiiiiiiiiikeeeeeeey!! Frank can do ties, where’s Al?” I ask shrugging on my jacket, I sigh.

    “She’s on her way...” He says like he suspects something,

    “What?” I exclaim, and then smile.

    “Nothing shut up.” He rolls his eyes,

    “Hey Mikey-“

    “Hey Gerard, is it true you couldn’t sit down after? Wow I got off easy.” He cuts me off, knowing what I was going to say. Then someone knocks on the door, I wiggle my eyes brows, he hits me lightly on my shoulder.

    “OW YOU HIT MY witch! OW THE PAIN, MOM MIKEY HIT ME!” I walk backwards towards the stairs then someone shakes my shoulders and I scream,

    “Gerard, calm down.” Dad says laughing,

    “Wow, my sons are in suits! Kodak moment!” Mom says, looking tired and sad.


    The funeral was sad, the church was so full of emotion, it was unreal. I cried, cried so hard my heart hurt, my eyes were sore and my nose was stuffy. It was over; I was relived and upset at the same time, for saying a goodbye to my grandmother. And now, we were at the after funeral party thing.

    “Oh wow, Mikey I haven’t seen you since you moved to Bellville, and Gerard haven’t seen you in . . . ages. You both look so grown up and well!” One family member said, being very careful with her words when it came to me.

    “You haven’t seen Gerard since he was sent to the psych ward?” I hear the familiar irritating voice of my cousin, Danny. I don’t turn around, but I had a death glare upon my face.

    “Umm...” Said the family member,

    “What it’s true? Gerard was in the psych ward and Mikey was an anti-social geek.” I glance at Mikey; he hated being accused of that, I knew it. Mikey, Frank, Alicia and I stayed as a group.

    “I wasn’t that bad.” Mikey protested, and hid his face in Alicia’s hair.

    “Yeah but Gerard was.” Oh great, not the best time to start this up again.

    Long ago

    Just like the hearse you die to get in again
    We are so far from you

    Burning on just like a match you strike to incinerate
    The lives of everyone you know!”
    I sing ignoring him,

    “Wow you’ve lost it.” Danny says,

    “The next thing that comes out of your mouth, better not be about me or Mikey.” I threaten, he barks a laugh.

    “Or what? Its true, Mikey was an anti-social geek and you were a druggie.” He said, oh that does it, Mikey pulls away from Alicia and walks off in the other direction. I turn towards him slowly and punch him straight in the face, then knee him on the stomach, someone pulls me back.

    “NO HE’S GONE TO FAR! f**kING butt HOLE PRICK!” I shrug off my dad’s restrain, hard, and then look at my family members. “WHAT? TAKE A LOOK AT ME CAUSE I COULD NOT CARE AT ALL!” I hit my chest and walk backwards, then turn and storm off the other way. I walk teeth grinded and not stopping, I leave to towards the car,

    “Gerard!” Frank shouts, he grabs my arm and pulls me into a hug.

    “I had to; I don’t give a poop about them. I wanna go home; I need to talk to Mikey.
    poop, ow my head, f**k!” I grab my head and it feels like a huge headache,

    “DO you want me go and get your keys from your mom, and then I can drive you all home?” He asks, rubbing my temple, I nod. He kisses my forehead then walks away,


    I walk in through my front door and pull my tie off and chuck it on the floor, the car ride home was silent, apart from my groaning because of my head. I shrug off my jacket and chuck it on my banister, Mikey walks upstairs with his held down. I stare at where he just walked. I was used to being called what I was, but Mikey was not.

    “I think he would prefer you talk to him about this.” Alicia said I turned to see her; she was actually wearing a black dress today.

    “Okay, thanks. Go and watch TV or something.” I walk up stairs unbuttoning my shirt, I knock on his bedroom door and walk straight in, and he was lying on his bed. I run and jump next to him,

    “Ow, I shouldn’t have done that, Oooh that hurt.” I coughed and then cuddled up to his side, he cuddles me back.

    “I hate Danny, how did you cope with him calling you what you were? He has done it only a few times, but you have had it from what I can remember.”

    “I just ignore him, it’s horrible, and it’s hard because it was true, but it shows that he can’t intimidate you. And you weren’t really anti-social; you just gave up on trying making friends.”

    “I know, but they didn’t . . . what’s wrong with you knuckles?” He asks and picks up my hand, I look and frown.

    “I punched Danny, and then literally had a rave.” I flex my fingers,

    “You punched Danny? Nice one, he deserved it for what he was saying about you.” He pats my hand; I look up at him,

    “I didn’t do it for me, I did it for you. I’m used to it.” He looks down at me,

    “You don’t deserve it, and thank you.” He squeezes me tighter, I try and lighten the mood,

    “So Mikey, what’s it feel like?” I ask and look up from his chest,

    “What, what feels like?” He asks, I bit my lip,

    “Not being a virgin.” He laughs,

    “Shut up Gee.” He taps my nose,

    “No, I bet Danny still is.”

    “Probably,” We laugh, I sit up and get of the bed slowly,

    “I shall tell Alicia to come up . . . oh and by the way, I am glad you met someone as great as Alicia.” He smiles, I blow him a kiss then walk out of the door,

    “You’re so gay!” I hear him shout, I giggle and hop my way down stairs,

    “Al, Mikey wants you upstairs . . . oh and by the way, you’ve made him happy.” I pull her up and hug her,

    “I am glad you’re both happy.” She starts to walk out the living room,

    “Make sure you use condoms!” I shout, she shakes her head,

    “I promise you I will make sure we do.” She nods then leaves, I stand there in the door way, Frank and I staring at each other, suddenly I pull him up by the arm and drag him down to my bedroom and chuck him on my bed.

    “You and Mikey okay?” He asks, getting more comfortable on my bed, O look down and notice my unbuttoned shirt, I shrug it off and chuck it on the floor. I start to poke my open wound on my hip.

    “Yeah, we have amazing boyfriend and girl friends to thank for that.” I hear shuffling, and then Frank pulls me by my belt towards him and then traces my scars.

    “Am I amazing?” He asks and runs his fingers under by belt and across my hip bone,

    “Yes, of course.” I gasp, he smiles.

    “Does that hurt?” He asks and touches my now healing hip wound.

    “Not really,” He shocked me when he unbuckles my belt and then my trousers and pulls them down to see the rest of the wound, then places a light kiss on it, all my blood rushes south.

    “You should really, get rid of those trousers, black skinny jeans, look way sexier.” He pushes down my trousers then sits back looking amused, I kick off them off then join him on the bed. I lean right close to his face and run my hands up and down his chest. I slowly make kisses from his chin down toward his neck, pulling his tie loose and then unbuttoning his shirt, this causes him to moan and I smile, I could be as seductive as him. I get his shirt fully off then fiddle with his belt buckle, I decided to tease him, I unbuckled both his belt and trousers, but leaning down and un-zipping his flies with my teeth. I hear him grunt, and I crawl back up and then lean in to kiss him, but I hover. I then kiss him slowly and softly, he starts to kiss me back and I open my mouth when he asks for access and our tongues explored each other’s mouths, I crawl up on top of him and push my hips down, feeling satisfied that he had the same problem as I did down below. I smile, pull away and get off the bed, gasping and amused.

    “So um, I shall just change my trousers for my jeans yeah?” I say and turn around, heading towards my closet.

    “NO!” He chokes out, and then pulls my back down onto my bed by my boxers, and kisses me, hard, needy, hungrily and with enthusiasm. Of course I don’t complain and kiss him back with as much need as he had, he moved from my mouth to my neck and kissed it lightly, and then bit me when my hand brushed against his erection, I moan in pleasure. I push his trousers down then pull away,

    “If I said f**k me, what would you say?” I gasp out,

    “With pleasure,” He whispers in my ear.

    “Then do it!”
    Hmmm not sure about the end... I shall let you mind do all the imagination Frerad... Hope you don't mind?
    So comment and tell me what you think :)
  20. Haha I enjoy this. Danny is a douche and deserved to be punched. But in the dick. With a bat. I guess that's not punching, but still. Mikey is a little cutie. Mikey and Gee are cute together ^_^ I like that brotherly love. Makes me miss my Driscoll men. Yes, I have the VIRGIN POWER. Be jelleh ;)

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