High School Where It All Begins

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    OH MY BOB GEE CANT DIE NO! LIsten to your grandmother Gerard!!
  2. He's dead ^_^ (I don't have much else to say)
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    okaaayyyyy ive been reading this for a while but could never be bothered to comment :L and can i say you have me in tears??? GEE CANT DIE. D:
    D: HE CAN'T DIE!!!!!
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    :eek:fftopic: Who's in your signature pic? Meant to ask you ages ago xD
  6. @xFallenAngelx- xD it's the character 'Adam' from the first 'Saw' movie. A while ago my little brother got into those movies, and I always thought they were stupid, then I watched the first one and I loved this character. I just thought he was cool and funny, and stuff. Sooo, yeah, the 'Saw series' is just one of my many obsessions :3
  7. god damn it!!!!!! i HATE STREET RACERS!!!!!!!!!!
    imma cry i bet you. so poor gee gonna be in a cooooma i didnt want to belive it was him but some things you just know from the bottom of your heart T.T
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    :eek:fftopic: okay, I tried to watch saw but I felt sick and had to turn it off xD
  9. :eek:fftopic: xFallenAngelx, xD oh my god, those kind of movies (like saw) never made me feel sick. my dad let me watch gory horror movies since i was 3 :blink:
    i'm a very messed up child :devil:
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    xFallenAngelx & TheBeautyI'mFaking - okay I find this really freaky that I watched Saw II and III Today!!!!! Dont worry I live these movies too! Remember the pit of needles Gered fell in at the start of this fic? Yeah got it from saw II, when Amanda got thrown into the needle in a haystack! XD. I love the reverse bear trap on the jaw! I'm disturbed too as I can turn it ino a joke, and then my friends are like "you mad?" I'm like maybe.... Anyway of topic lol I LOVE THEM, love all the blood. "oh yes there will be blood! LIVE OR DIE ... MAKE YIUR CHOICE LET THE GAME BEGIN!
  11. xD that's such a weird coincidence. I havn't watched any of the saw movies in a while. the first three movies are my favorite:3 i love restating quotes from the movies while i'm hanging out with my friends, and then they all look at me like i'm crazy :) And, the reverse bear trap on the jaw my favorite too:3
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    I love gory movies too but saw was just a lil bit too gory. I am also a disturbed child because I laughed at some getting a bottle shoved down their throat in "Sorority Row".
    My friend stared at me like I was a mad man. Or the Mad Hater from alice in wonderland xD
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    BlessedWithACurse- I swear I am not trying to kill you lol. I don't know If I am going to kill him lol, want to find out? ;)

    DeathShineXD - Would you like to find out if I have killed Gerard? Did he listen to his Grabdmother?

    macattack<3'sFrerard - Is he really dead? Do you really think that? Want to find out?

    AtomicDetonator -I'm glad you are reading this, don't worry andbout the not commenting, I am sorry I had you in tears, I hope you have enjoyed it so far.

    i want Party Poision - I hate street racers as well they are f**king pansy-puffs!!! Yeah I get you, I kind of made it obvious, but you were hoping I would twist it lol?

    xFallenAngelx - Okay to the update, I am glad glad you liked the update, and sorry but had to make it a cliffhanger!! Mwahahaha I am an evil witch. And to your ex, I want to kill him for making you sad NUHU not right! Just think about My Chemical Romance, Frerard, Gerard, Frankie, Ray and my favourite, MIKEY!!! Watch some funny videos of them on youtube, makes me smile every time :) And to the Saw thing, yeah they are very gory, but you are you and if ya don't like them then that that, and JOIN THE MAD CLUB XD

    TheBeautyI'mFaking - Okay you can find out if he dies right here right now all the way in the thread! Lol, and to Saw thing, I watched it with my brother when it forst came out so I was quite young to watch an 18 movie XD. Reverse bear trap my ultimate favourite, but then there is the angel trap? The one where it pulls the womans ribs out in Saw III.

    Sooo, who would like to find out what happens? Lets continue.......

    Chapter Thirty Seven

    Alicia’s POV

    He gripped me tight in this tragic situation; I grasped him tighter as I feel his shaking body cry hard and hiccup each time. I tried to pull him away from the hearing sight of a flat lined monitor and all the commands and demands.

    I sat him down in the vacant seating area, and pulled him closer, rubbing his back trying to comfort him. But it didn’t help, every second we sat here we wondered if that flat lined heart monitor would start back up again. I don’t know where the others were, but they soon joined us in the waiting area. Frank was in tears bless him; I had never seen this side of Frank.

    “Al?” Mikey choked out.

    “Yeah?” I ask,

    “I’m gunna be sick!” He gags, and I look around quickly for the restroom sign. Then he hurried off in the direction I point to.

    “Where’s he gone?” Frank asks sniffling and quietly.

    “He’s being sick.” I answered in the same tone of voice.

    “I’ll go see if he is o-okay.” He gets up awkwardly and follows were Mikey ran too. I try and comfortable in the hard waiting chairs, that I had in fact been sitting in all night and all day, my butt was totally numb. I turn to the two tired guitarist and drummer,

    “Do you think he’s gone?” I ask as a male doctor runs by, I got silence.

    “Dunno, didn’t sound good. They saw him...” Ray replies and leans forward and sticks his head in his hands.

    Mikey and Frank had been a while in the toilets, and there was no sign of information about Gerard either, and Bob, Ray and I sat and waited fidgeting and toying with things to make time pass by quicker, but it didn’t. They knew LynZ would recover, but they had not known about Gerard.

    I get up and go check on LynZ nervously and having no information on Gerard. Half way down the corridor Mikey and Gerard’s mom bursts out of the room in which Gerard lies, with a shocked face.

    “Donna?” I ask and swallow, my stomach turned to knots.

    “I can’t believe that,” She says shaking her head, I didn’t like her facial expression.


    Frank’s POV

    “Mikey, it just flat lined. It doesn’t mean he is . . . d-d-dead.” I literally choked on the last word and struggled to get it out. I knew that a flat line is serious, even if he did pull through... It could happen again.

    My answer was just plain silence, I don’t know how long I had been trying to get Mikey out of the cubicle, but I knew I wasn’t going to get him out anytime soon. I wanted to hear something positive about Gerard, if he dies; I have no idea what I would do.

    I should have gone after him that day; maybe he wouldn’t be in this situation. I wanted him here, to tease me about my shortness, to have him back in my arms. I used to snap at him when he teased me about that, but now I would do anything to hear his voice, to feel his touch, to feel the feeling I get when he is around me, butterflies.

    “I’m gunna go and see if they know anything.” I say sobbing one more time; I guess this is the feeling of your heart breaking. I wipe my stinging eyes and walk out of the restroom. Alicia bumps into me half way up the hall and pulls me into a hug.

    “You’re hugging me, which always means a bad thing!” My eyes start to water rapidly and overflow in seconds, and I held my breath

    “No Frank . . . he pulled through.” She said, and when I heard the word pull though, I just stared at her.

    “What?” I whisper out,

    “He pulled through . . . they were about to stop trying, but he pulled through last minute. He’s alive.” She reassured me, she was so sweet and kind.

    “Go-go and tell Mikey, he’s not coming out of the cubicle. He will feel better. Oh wait he’s in the boys room.” I say as I wipe my eyes, she ‘pfft’s’ and marches past me and into the men’s toilets. I breathe a laugh and follow.

    “Mikey, come out of there now!” I hear her command as I pushed the door open. When I emerge around the corner another guy walks out of a different cubicle. And just stares at her, she turns to face him.

    “What? I had a sex change.” She shrugs; I purse my lips trying not to laugh.

    “Right,” The guy says, still looking at her. She looks down at her breasts, and then thinks.

    “Implants, they are good right? And I have always had a feminine voice... My boyfriend is gay.” She finishes and kicks Mikey’s cubicle. I chuckle very quietly, and they guy giggles louder.

    “Thanks you just made my day.” He smiles,

    “Well I am glad to make you smile . . . and I am in fact a girl.” She admits and smiles back, and the guy nods and leaves. She turns to face my smiling face.

    “What?” She exclaims,

    “Nothing,” She punches me in the shoulder and turns back to the cubicle.

    “Mike’s Gerard he pulled through, and he’s alive Mikes... And I am in the men’s bathroom and have admitted to having a sex change, please come out?”

    “He’s alive?” We hear a quiet voice and then a sniffle.

    “Yes Mike’s and he need you and Frankie right there by his side, for when he DOES wake up.” She taps the door; we hear a sigh of relief.

    “Come out Mikey.” I try and encourage,

    “No I look a mess.” I roll my eyes and Alicia looks down to the bottom on the door.

    “If you can fit underneath that, means your way to skinny.” I say as a matter of fact, she bites her lip and then lies on the floor and slides under the door of the toilet.

    “I guess that makes you point then Frank . . . hey specs.” She unlocks the door and opens it.

    “Hey you can’t say much you have glasses too!” Alicia pouts, Mikey wipes his eyes, and I sneeze.

    “Come on, you want to go and see him right,” He hides his face and Alicia dives onto his lap; so that she doesn’t fall to the ground he grasps her tight.

    “Frank help me drag him to the waiting room, and Gerard is alive.” Alicia says and gets free from his grip and pulls him up by the arm, he reluctantly moves so I grab the other arm, and then he can’t fight back two people pulling him.

    When we finally pulled Mikey from the restroom and down to the seating area, we waited until we were allowed to see him again, which was a while and I dozed off a couple of times.

    When the time came and we were allowed to see him, we sat in silence staring at him lying in the bed; his heart monitor was somehow stronger and was more noticeable. But he wasn’t moving or showing any signs of waking up any time soon.

    I know it is shorter than my normal limit, witch is 2000 words, but I might right a long one next chapter, which I am currently working on...

    You guys didn't think I could just kill Gerard right? Not yet!
    This story is still ongoing, sorry if I disapointed anyof you,
    But is is called High School Where It All Begins and still have some more to right... Things will get better for a bit, but then I shall turn Bi-polar and change it again...
    So commanet and tell me what ya think?
    Thank you all so much for reading!!
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    Yay he is alive, this has made me happy :) Made me laugh when Alicia was in the men's bathroom and was talking about a sex change lol. More soon please :)
  15. I enjoy this ^_^ I can't think well right meow(yes, meow) because I'm listening to 30 seconds to mars and its my favorite song <3 I really wished he was dead for a bit there... It would've been fun. Of course, you had to keep him alive. Or, you could've killed him off and then put Frank as the lead man in the band and been like "f**k you world!". That would've been fun ^_^
  16. mmmhhmmm i am very happy, although if you had killed gerard i probably wouldnt have objected, because then everyone will hate themselves because they never got to say sorry. i am so evil. hmm i guess you cant really help it though can you :)
  17. I hope Gerard pulls through soon and wakes up
    I loved this update :3
    more when you can? :)
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    i was sad and happy and lol-ing all at once it was weird :D HE NEEDS TO PULL THROUGH!! His heart is beqating therefore he should live BAM LOGIC!!!
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    Awesome update, glad Gerard's alive! xD
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    so ugh yeah...
    me and the boyfriend got back together but I'm sorrttaa having 2nd thoughts and feel shitty about it :/ and I sorrttaa like this other boy thats one of my best friends... He said that he would go out with me if I asked him out. And if I dump the one I'm with now it won't end well cause he is a bipolar mess :/
    UGHHHHH THIS f**kING SUCKS!!! and sorry for the offtopicness again ooppsies...

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