Headfirst for Halos (PG-13)

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    Hi I'm Katelynn...I'm new to this site...the other site I was posting my story on got deleted...but anywho...let me know if you like my story or not...

    Chapter 1

    "Gerard come on open up!" Mikey screamed, banging on Gerard's bedroom door.

    "Mikey leave me alone! I dont want to talk to anyone right now!" Gerard screamed back, not moving from where he was sitting on the floor of his room.

    "Gerard you've got to come out, you've been in there for three and a half days, I'm worried about you!" Mikey said, voice quivering.

    "Don't worry about me, I'm f**king fine, I just want to be left alone" Gerard yelled.

    "You've been alone Gerard! No one has bothered you! Now people are getting worried, people are asking me where you are and I have to keep lying and saying you're fine when you're not! I haven't seen my own brother in almost four days! But if you want to be left alone then fine, I'll leave you alone!" Mikey screamed, stomping off down the hall.

    'I hate ignoring him like this, and worrying him, but I dont want him, or anyone else for that matter, seeing me like this...ever since what happened I haven't been able to look at myself, when I look in the mirror I hate what I see...' Gerard thought.


    "Gerard...how's it going man? Haven't seen you in a while" Kevin said, patting him on the back.

    'f**k, f**k...don't talk to him Gerard...maybe he'll leave you alone' Gerard thought, not looking up from his gym locker.

    "Hey Gerard...I asked you a question " Kevin said, tightening his grip on the back of Gerard's neck.

    "I'm fine" Gerard mumbled, still not looking up from where his locker.

    "You're fine eh?" Kevin said, pulling him up by his shirt and slamming him against the lockers, "When you speak to me Gerard Way you look me in the eyes got it?" he said through gritted teeth.

    "Why should I? It's not like you're my friend or anything" Gerard said, avoiding eye contact.

    "Because I can beat the living poop out of a pansy like you that's why" Kevin said, putting his hands around Gerard's throat.

    "Okay, okay put me down" Gerard said, pulling at Kevin's arm.

    "You really expect me to take it easy on you when you disrespect me? You've got another thing coming Way" Kevin said, taking his hands away from Gerard's throat, only to punch him in the stomach.

    Gerard groaned and hunched over.

    "Hurts don't it? Yeah...I thought so" Kevin said, watching as Gerard fell to the ground, holding his stomach.

    "Gerard I swear to god if you disrespect me anymore you wont have any breaths left in that pathetic body of yours" Kevin said as he walked out of the locker room.

    -End Flashback-

    "Gerard honey, please come out" Elena said, knocking on Gerard's door lightly.

    "No Grandma, I know Mikey sent you to come and get me, but I'm not coming out" Gerard said.

    "If you dont want to come out, then can I at least come in?" she asked.

    'No...I dont want her seeing me like this' Gerard thought.


    "Way! Get your butt over here!" Kevin shouted, a group of his friends with him.

    "And if I dont?" Gerard said, not turning to look at him.

    "I told you about disrespecting me Way, I told you and you still continue to do it? How dumb are you?" Kevin asked, walking up to Gerard, followed by hiw group of friends.

    "Honestly I dont think you disserve respect, why do you keep bothering me? I mean there are hundreds of other people in this school and you pick me to bother" Gerard said, finally looking at him.

    "Because look at you, you wear black all the time, you wear eyeliner, what the f**k is with that? You dont disserve to live" Kevin said, stepping towards him.

    'Oh f**k here it comes' Gerard thought, closing his eyes as Kevin and his friends beat him repeatedly.

    When the beatings finally stopped Gerard opened his eyes, no one was there, but as he looked around he saw blood all over the floor, his blood.
    He was bleeding from his mouth and his nose, bruises covered his body.
    'I've got to get home, I dont want anyone seeing me like this' Gerard thouht, attempting to stand up.

    Gerard grabbed the rail beside him to help himself up, only to have his knees buckle from beneath him as he fell again.

    'Maybe if I lay here long enough I'll die from starvation, or I'll be trampled to death from people changing classes' he thought as he lay there, staring at the exit.

    'No, I'm not going down like this' he thought, getting up again and walking down the hall towards the exit.

    Just as he opened the door leaving the school he heard a voice behind him, "Where do you think you're going?"

    'f**k...' Gerard thought.

    "Um...I left something at home Mikey.." Gerard said, not turning around.

    "Alright..you better be back before lunch, I'll be waiting" Mikey said, walking the other way down the hall.

    Gerard made his way down the front steps of the school and into the parking lot.

    'Ugh....I don't feel so great...' Gerard thought, bending over and holding his stomach.

    He began throwing up blood from being kicked repeatedly in the stomach by Kevin and his friends.

    "Well...that's not good" Gerard said, when he finished throwing up.

    -End Flashback-

    "Gerard? Can I come in?" Elena asked, snapping Gerard out of his thoughts.

    "No...I just want to be alone...I'll be fine really..." Gerard said,

    "Okay...let me know if you need anything" she said as she left.

    'God it felt even worse lying to her' Gerard thought as he crawled into his bad and drifted off to sleep.
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    That was really good! I like it a lot!:)
    But it's so sad though, Gerard getting beat up and all.
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    Thanks..I'm glad you like it...it gets sad before it gets happy...I'll post more tomorrow..cause I'm about to watch POTC2
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    That was really great! Welcome to TBP! It rules!
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    and OMG
    that was great!!!
    poor Gee.
    where do u come from?
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    omg poor gee!! welcome to the black parade! :p post more soon! its really good! x x x
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    omg katelynn that was soo good
    i need help getting the pic thingy
    it took me kinda a while to get here but i did it so
    go kaylyn!!
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    welcome newbies...
    i hope i didn't scare u.
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    i joined when i got a bulletin from MCR on myspace i think .... :p helloooooo there! x x
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    wow i'm glad yall like it
    hello to everyone
    ugh i'm so sorry i havent updated
    it my brothers birthday and we went out to eat then i had to do a project and such..so yeah..
    but i swear i'll have an update for you tomorrow
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    oh and if you're a mikey fan>>
    can u pls check out my FanFic? It's called Tell Me I'm An Angel.
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    I'll check it out whenever I can get time to read any of the other fanfics on here...ugh i hate school it always makes me so busy
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    Great story. What're you called on TIP? And do you have any other stories up there?
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    im posting in computer.
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    Alex you joined! yay!
    okay so i'm going to update Chapter 2 now
    give me about 20 to 30 minutes and it'll be up...that is depending on how many times i get interupted...
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    wow i am clumsy
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    Chapter 2

    Gerard woke up around 6:30 the next morning, it was still dark out.

    'Maybe I can go to Wendy's before anyone sees me' Gerard thought, getting out of bed, grabbing his jacket, and putting on a clean shirt.

    'Keys...where are my keys?' Gerard thought, looking around his cluttered room.

    'There you are' he thought, grabbing his keys and walking towards his window and opening it, climbing out into the darkness of the early morning.

    'I feel like 007 sneaking around like this...it's kinda cool' he thought, sneaking around the front yard and into his car, he started it and backed out of the driveway, speeding off down the street before anyone could stop him.

    'Thank god...I thought I'd never get out of there' he thought as he passed a gas station on his left.

    'God I'm hungry...I havent had anything in two days...' he thought, parking his car in the parking lot.

    'What do I look like this morning?' he thought, pulling down the visor and looking in the mirror, 'horrible as usual...god I dont want the people in there seeing me like this...' he thought, touching his bruised face gently.

    He zipped up his jacket and pulled his hood over his head, hoping that would help to cover up the bruises on his beaten body.

    "Hi what can I get for you?" the man behind the counter asked.
    "Uh...is it to early to get a frosty and a large thing of fries?" Gerard asked, avoiding eye contact.
    "Well, a frosty no...but I'm afraid you're a little early for fries, sorry" he said.
    "Oh...well...just give me a frosty and a bagel then" Gerard said, pulling his wallet out of his back pocket.
    "Alrighty, that'll be $4.50" he said, punching numbers on the cash register.
    Gerard handed him the money and took the frosty and bagel from him.

    'Should I eat it here or go?' he thought, looking around, there was no one in sight.
    'I guess eating it here wouldnt be so bad, I wouldnt be completely alone' he thought, walking over to a table and sitting down.

    'Wow it's been forever since I've had a frosty...I forgot how good they were' he though, finishing off the last of his frosty.

    He got up to throw his stuff away as the door to Wendy's opened.
    'Oh f**k...what's he doing here? I can't let him see me' Gerard thought as he watched Kevin was up to the counter.

    'Maybe I can sneak out the door while he's ordering' he thought, making his way towards the exit.

    "You have got to be kidding me, Gerard Way is that you?" Kevin said, walking towards him.

    'f**k I was so close' Gerard thought, taking his hand off of the door handle.

    "Yeah it's me, what do you want now? You gonna beat the living poop out of me again?" Gerard said, pulling his hood off of his head.

    "What are you talking about? I never even touched you" he said, "I dont know what he's talking about" Kevin said to the on looking cashier.

    "You do know what I'm talking about you f**king liar, you know damn well you and your friends beat the living poop out of me, why do you think I haven't been to school in four f**king days?" Gerard said, turning to face him, revealing the bruises on his face.

    "Oh my god what happened to your face?" Kevin asked, sounding shocked.

    "You know damn well what happened to my face Kevin!" Gerard said, turning and running out the door and into the safety of his car.

    "I cant f**king believe him" Gerard said aloud, taking the keys from his pocket and starting the car.

    'I've got to get home before the sun comes up' Gerard thought, speeding off down the road towards his house.

    "Finally" Gerard said, pulling into his driveway, 'I thought I'd never get home' he thought, opening his door and creeping across the yard again.

    He crawled through his window and down into his room quietly, not wanting to wake anyone up.

    He walked to the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet, searching for his anti depressants, 'f**k where are they...oh...' Gerard thought, pulling the container out from behind a box of band aids.

    He popped two pills in his mouth and washed them down with water and closed the medicine cabinet, he looked in the mirror.

    'You're a failure Way, you dont disserve to live, you are nothing' he heard Kevin's voice echoing through his mind.

    "Get out of my head!" he screamed, punching his reflection in the mirror, shards of glass fell to the ground around him.

    'You're pathetic, you have no life, you're a waste of time and space, you dont disserve to live' he heard Kevin's voice again, louder now.

    "Shut up! Shut up!" he screamed, covering his ears.

    'Face it Way, you're nothing, you will never be anything, you're life is going no where, you'll grow up and be nothing, so end your life now...before I have to do it for you...' he heard Kevin's voice whisper.

    "You're right" Gerard said, grabbing a sharp piece of the mirror and holding it to his wrist.

    'Go ahead, it wont be too hard, just some pain at first and then it will all be over' Kevin's voice said, urging Gerard on.

    Gerard held the glass to his wrist, and slit it, blood pouring from the fresh wound.

    'Doesnt that feel better Gerard?' Kevin's voice said.

    Blood began dripping on the floor and Gerard's view began to fade.

    'Do it again Gerard, it'll feel even better' his voice whispered.

    Gerard picked up another piece of glass and ran it across his wrist again, and again, feeling the blood flow down his arm and onto the floor, watching as his view faded and he got dizzy.

    'Go farther into the darkness Gerard, go until you can't see anymore' Kevin's voice said as Gerard fell to the floor, bleeding from both wrists.

    "Mikey help me" Gerard whispered, strength leaving his body.

    "Mikey!" Gerard said, louder.

    'He can't hear you Gerard, no one can hear your pathetic cries for help' Kevin's voice said wickedly.

    "Mikey help!" Gerard screamed, he heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

    'Thank you Mikey' Gerard thought, no strength left in his body.
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    i love it i realy do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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