Gone Baby, Gone. [Sequel to House of Wolves]

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  1. Lexi

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    Angila you just broke my heart right then and there.

    Poor Aiden...

    I wanna hug him and make him feel better!

    *hugs Aiden*

    That was an amazing update.
  2. alicefaye

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    *starts sobbing*
    That's so sad. :(
    But I loved the update. :)
  3. Angila

    Angila InkGirl. Staff Member

    Thank-you! I almost teared up writing it! Poor little Aiden! At least he has Gerard, though, right?
    I love you guys!
  4. Stefi

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    yeah.. i guess so..

    luffs you too..
  5. Lexi

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    Hm, yeah, I guess so...

    I mean, I'd stop crying if I had Gerard.
  6. Angila

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    ^Ha, yeah me too! xD
  7. Cheryl

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    that was the most heart breaking, yet at the same time the most beautiful thing i have ever read.

    Its written to perfection.
  8. Eliza

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    awe, omb.

    Soo sweet.

    Fraddy =]

    Oi, angila, I'm crying.. Thaanks xP

    So sad.... I just want to hug him.
  9. Julia

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    *Is in tears.*

    Angie that was so amazing baby :]

    Poor Aiden, I imagined every part of that, it was heart braking.

  10. Angila

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    Aw your comments were all so sweet! I loved them! Thank-you, everyone!
    I love you all! I know I say that all the time, but damnit it's true!
    More updates by later today!
  11. Katelyn McFly

    Katelyn McFly Dr. DeathDefying

    i'm crying now thanks a lot! sorry that was amazingly tragic. loved the update
  12. darkestnight

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    I'm crying.
    *Jumps into story to give Aiden a big hug*
    That was so sad and sweet.
  13. Angila

    Angila InkGirl. Staff Member

    Chapter 4

    I'm sorry I made everyone cry! I love you!

    Arica's POV

    Frank and I lay on the bed in the dark, cold bedroom. We were being watched. I could feel it. As promised, he was bound, a limb tied to each bedpost. I was given explicit instructions not to untie him, and I knew this was the reason for the surveillance.

    “Arica?” He whispered, turning his head to me in the darkness.

    “Yeah?” I was curled up next to him, tying to keep his outstretched body warm in the cold. I could nearly see my breath.

    “This hurts like poop. Could you at least loosen my hands a little?” I immediately began fumbling with the ropes, and it wasn’t long before footsteps were heard.

    Darrell came around the corner, clearing his throat. “I said no.”

    “He’s in pain. I’m just loosening it.” I told him bluntly as my fingers continued to work in between the rope and Frank’s wrists.

    “All right,” Darrell sighed. “Let me help. I didn’t mean to tie them that tight.” He came around the bed and loosened Frank’s other hand, not making eye contact with either of us. When he was finished, he straightened back up. “Don’t loosen it anymore, okay?” I nodded, and he quickly left.

    Frank squirmed next to me, trying to lean closer. “They’ll never get away with this, you know.”

    I turned and planted my lips on the inside of his elbow. “I know. We’ll figure something out, right?”

    “Yeah…” He whispered, sounding as unsure as I felt. “Bring your tummy up here.”

    I scooted up on the bed, bringing his head into my lap. He leaned into my bulging belly and closed his eyes. “Hey guys, its Daddy. I want to let you both know that I’m never, ever going to let anything happen to you, no matter what anyone else says. I love you both so much, and your Mommy, big brother, and I can’t wait to meet you.” He turned his head back and forth slowly, caressing my belly with his face.

    As if in response, a flurry of motion began beneath him. “Oh!” He looked up at me and a single tear was snaking its way down his cheek. “They heard me.”

    “Yes, they did,” I told him, threading my fingers in his hair.

    “You are our babies!” He cried, and there were several more kicks and flutters.

    “They know that, Frank. They can feel us.”

    “I’m so scared, Arica. I’m more afraid than I ever have been before.” His voice was shaky, on the edge of control. Hearing him this way was breaking any barrier that I’d been thus far able to maintain.


    “What if they pull it off? What if they get Caedynce and Frank? I can’t…I won’t…” His voice cracked, and he was crying now in earnest. “Why the f**k did this have to happen to us?” He howled. “I knew everything was way too damn perfect!”

    I couldn’t say anything; he was expressing each of my own thoughts and fears. His tears brought my own, and I held his head in my lap as we cried for the safety of our unborn babies.
  14. darkestnight

    darkestnight Coffee Girl

    Operation Get Frank, Arica and their unborn babies is fully operational.
    We just need a shorter name...
  15. rubidoux.

    rubidoux. princess

    osies nosies! that is so sweet and sad at the same time!! beautiful!
  16. Katelyn McFly

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    oh no! they can't! noooooooo! oh my god. i'm gonna go hurt someone. preferably that jack butt darrell. hmm how shall i do it? shovel, fryingpan, streatcher, shackles, oh the possibilities...anyone want to help?
  17. Julia

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    Aw no. DAMNED YOU ANGILA. I'm almost in tears. Almost.

  18. Miss-Murder

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    Wow. Sincerely.

    Love the update.

  19. Kayla?!

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    *Wipes away tears*
    Damn, Angila.
    It's always so amazingly sad. :(
  20. brokenANGEL

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    Loved the updates.


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