Gone Baby, Gone. [Sequel to House of Wolves]

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    hold up.
    so, just because you wanted something "different"
    i almost had MULTIPLE heart attacks?
    i don't think so.
    you are going to be the death of me Angila.
    it's still pretty f**king awesome though.
    i love it.
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    lovley update
  3. Julia

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    I cant fly. *is proud.* :)

    Angieeeee, you killed me earlier. What do you have to say for yourself?!
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    Wow, still 2 chapters, and 7 pages already?

    I think you've broken the record, Angila!

    That was amazing.


    That's my stand.

    Update soon!
  5. Angila

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    I'm sorry you can't fly anymore, Julia! *gives back powers* Try it now. xD
    I'm sorry I'm freaking everyone out already! I love you ALL!
    And I know, 7 pages! I'm loving it!
    I LOVE YOU GUYS! Your comments mean the world to me! (Even if they're telling me that you're going to eat me xD)
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    okay...that's not cool

    the update was amazing like it always is, but the part where Isa and Darrell want to steal Frank and Arica's babies...that's f**kED--THE f**k UP.............BRILLIANT ANGILA, JUST BRILLIANT!

    update soon PLEASE!
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    sorry the computer said it couldn't post my reply then i tried it again, and it did it twice. again sorry
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    ^No problem. I think we've all double-posted at least once. Well, I know I have. :)
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    Ahhh! I'm loving the sequel!
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    Chapter 2 Cont'd

    Thank-you all so much for the comments! I know this fic is a little messed up, and I thank you all for still reading it! <33

    Arica's POV

    Frank immediately began to hop up and down, rocking both of our chairs back and forth. “You can’t have our babies! I’ll f**king kill you before I let that happen!”

    Darrell held up a hand. “Calm down. You’re going to send your pregnant fiancé crashing to the floor. You’re going to hurt her, and I seriously doubt that that’s what you want.”

    Frank stopped moving, but his voice was still dripping with hate. “You can’t have them. You can’t.”

    “I can,” Darrell answered simply. “You were supposed to have Eddie’s baby, weren’t you, Arica?”

    I could only stare. I’d wanted to forget about anything that had to do with Eddie. I never wanted to think about that period of my life again.

    “Well?” Darrell asked, leaning forward.

    “That’s what they wanted,” I mumbled.

    “And why didn’t you just allow it?”

    “I had no choice in it. I was raped plenty of times, if I were able to get pregnant then I would have.” I felt Frank stiffen behind me; I knew he hated to hear about those things.

    “Why were you able to get pregnant with him, then?”

    “I’ve gained weight, I’m healthier. They starved me nearly to death. It was impossible.”

    “Oh. Well, either way, there are some babies on the way now, and they will be Synders’.

    Frank exploded upon hearing this. “No they won’t! They are Iero babies, and they always will be!”

    Darrell shrugged. “Maybe by blood they will be, but they won’t ever know it.”

    Frank was shaking so violently it was causing my chair to vibrate as well. “You can’t take our children from us.”

    Darrell sighed. “I don’t want to have to go over this again and again. We’re taking them. That’s it. We will keep the two of you here until they’re born, and then you’re free to go. If you cause trouble, I will kill you. I don’t want to have to do that, though. So my suggestion would be to calm down, and be good. When you get home you can make more. We don’t have that option.”

    “chickensucker!” Frank howled. “Untie me.”

    “Why, so you can beat my butt, or try to kill me? No thank-you. I will untie your fiancé, though, if you stop acting like a dipshit.”

    My chair leaned toward Frank slightly, as if he’d slumped forward. “Okay,” He whispered slowly. “I’ll cooperate, just untie her.”

    Darrell nodded to Isa, who jumped up and began to work on my feet. “Please, untie him too?” I begged. She only glanced up at me and shook her head quickly. “PLEASE!”

    “I can’t, honey,” She whispered. “Darrell doesn’t trust him.”

    “So you’re going to leave him tied up for three months?” I asked incredulously.

    “Maybe not in that chair,” She said, working on my hand now. “But in some shape or form, he will be restrained most of the time.”

    “He has to be,” Darrell told me, nodding. “I know what I’d do in his situation. He’s strong, and even though I have a gun I don’t want to take any chances that this will get out of hand. We just want to take the babies; we don’t want to have to hurt anyone.”

    “If you take my children, you might as well kill me,” I told her, tears spilling down my cheeks. They are a part of me. I would die for them right now, and they aren’t even born. Please, please don’t do this to me.” My hands were now free, and I grasped her wrist. “Isa,” I told her firmly, “Please.”

    “Let go of her,” Darrell demanded, standing up.

    She looked at me with eyes full of fear. “I can’t help you.”

    I squeezed as tightly as I could, and I could feel the bones in her tiny wrist moving under the pressure of my hand. She yelped in pain.

    “I said let her go!” Darrell raised his hand, and I closed my eyes and waited for the stinging impact. Instead, he dragged me roughly to my feet. As soon as I stood, Frank toppled over. He began to slam the back of his chair repeatedly into the cupboard in front of him.

    “What is he doing?!” Isa cried.

    “Trying to break the chair. Goddamnit!” Darrell stepped over him and pulled the chair away from the cupboard.” He bent down to Frank’s level. “Stop it, okay? Your bravery pisses me off.”

    “Go…” Frank continued to struggle with the ropes. “f**k yourself.” The tip of Darrell’s steel-toe boot was buried in Frank’s midsection before I knew it. He kicked him several times as Frank growled in pain. I dropped to his side, panicking.

    “Oh God, baby…baby are you okay?” I cried, wrapping my arms around him.

    “I’ve had…worse,” He said breathlessly, blinking several times.

    Darrell stalked back over to the table and sat down. “I told you two to cooperate! You can’t even do that! I don’t want to hurt you! Don’t you get that? Arica, if you ever touch my wife again what I do to your fiancé will be much worse. Understood?”

    I buried my face in Frank’s hair as he coughed, still trying to catch his breath. “I…I understand.” As I held my trembling fiancé, I knew that this situation would only end tragically. There was no way I would let them have our children. No way in hell.
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    It's so tragic!
    I love it! xD
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    I'm sure these people can get children a different way than this.

    Great update my dear.
    Can't wait for the next.
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    b-but.. bad asswipes! no stealing babies!!

    love it! more soon?
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    Loved the update

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    ^I love you, Amy! <33
    Thanks everyone, for the comments!
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    That was amazing Angila.

    He's even worse than Eddie!

    butthole-y-ness runs in the blood, I guess.
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    he's not as bad as Eddie, but wanting to steal someone elses's baby is pretty f**ked up.
    it's still as awesome as ever though:D
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    Errr. I want to steal them back.
    I'm going to launch operation get Arica, Frank and their unborn babies back.

    Lovely update, you are an excelent writer.
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    ^Thank-you very much! Thanks everyone! And let your operation commence!xD
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    ^Love you too, sweetie!

    *Gives crocodile*

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