Gone Baby, Gone. [Sequel to House of Wolves]

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    Gone Baby, Gone.

    Rating: 18+ For violence, sexual content, and language. I'm not sure about this, but I think it probably will be.

    Characters: Frank/Arica-OFC, Gerard/Jazmine-OFC, many other characters that I own/have permission to use. I do not own/have contact with My Chemical Romance. This story is purely fiction.

    The title is from a movie of the same name.
    Summary: If you have not read House Of Wolves, I will give a short and condensed version. Frank Iero and Arica Turner were kidnapped from Edgefest, a concert in Texas. The kidnappers were Roger, Eddie, and to some degree Roger's wife Mary. After months of torture, Arica was able to talk Eddie into letting Frank go, because if he stayed he would have surely died.
    Arica was stuck there for three more months, still a victim of their torture and wrath. Eventually she found a way out, murdering Roger, Eddie, and Mary. She comes back into the real world, where much drama ensues between Frank and Arica's husband Nick, as well as with Jazmine, Arica's cousin, and Gerard.
    On a jealous rampage, Nick attempts to kill Frank, and is sent to prison. Life has calmed down, and Frank has proposed while Arica is expected their twins.
    At one moment, life can seem perfect. The next, you are reminded that life is pain.

    Chapter Index:

    Chapter 1-page 1
    Chapter 2-pages 4 & 7
    Chapter 3-page 10
    Chapter 4-page 12
    Chapter 5-pages 14 & 18
    Chapter 6-pages 20, 22, 24
    Chapter 7-pages 26 & 29
    Chapter 8-page 30 & 33
    Chapter 9-page 39
    Chapter 10-page 39
    Chapter 11-page 41
    Chapter 12-page 43
    Chapter 13-page 45
    Chapter 14-page 52
    Chapter 15-page 58
    Chapter 16-page 60
    Chapter 17-page 63
    Chapter 18-page 66
    Chapter 19-page 68
    Chapter 20-page 70
    Chapter 21-page 74
    Chapter 22-page 75
    Chapter 23-page 78
    Chapter 24-page 82
    Chapter 25-page 87
    Chapter 26-page 89
    Chapter 27-page 91 & 93
    Chapter 28-page 95
    Chapter 29-page 98
    Chapter 30-page 101
    Chapter 31-page 103
    Chapter 32-page 106
    Chapter 33-page 109
    Chapter 34-page 112
    Chapter 35-page 114
    Chapter 36-page 117
    Chapter 37-page 119
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    Chapter 1

    Gerard's POV

    Jazmine, Aiden, and I had a ball playing at the park. His little giggle could get me every time. This little boy had almost become a band mascot or something. I couldn’t imagine the road without him anymore.

    “You ready to go back and see your Mommy?” I asked, grabbing him from the merri-go-round as it went by.

    “Aw, come on Gerard! Just a few more minutes?”

    “I’m sorry, bud, but you know how your Mom is. She gets really worried really easily.”

    “But I’m with you!”

    “I know, but she still likes to have you in her sight.”

    “All right,” He agreed begrudgingly. The three of us walked hand in hand back to the bus, Aiden singing us a little song he’d made up.

    I’m gonna be a big brother,
    I’m gonna to be a brother soon.
    I’m gonna love those little babies,
    I’m gonna feed them with a spoon.

    The way he sang it, and the way he threw the ‘spoon’ on the end when he couldn’t think of anything else that rhymed brought tears of laughter to my eyes. I lifted him up onto my shoulders for a piggyback ride. He squealed in delight. We walked up the steps to the bus, and I called out. “Hey you guys, we’re back!” There was no answer.

    I peeked my head into the bedroom to see Frank’s bunk empty; nothing but crumpled sheets. For some unknown reason, my heart began to beat in double-time.

    Jazmine laid a hand on my shoulder. “They probably just went for a walk.”

    I nodded and smiled weakly at her. “Right, you’re right. It’s just that I told him to always leave a note.” I flipped the blankets up and scanned the room. No note.

    GERARD!” I heard Mikey scream from the front of the bus. There was something in his voice…I ran. I jumped off the bus so quickly that I lost my balance and fell forward onto the pavement, scraping my hands painfully. As quickly as I had fallen I was back on my feet, and skidded to a halt in front of the bus. Mikey knelt down if front of the three bodyguards who were slumped over each other on the asphalt.

    “Are they…okay?”

    “Out-cold. Why didn’t Frank see this?”

    “He’s…not here.”

    Mikey’s eyebrows shot up. “Where the hell is he?”

    I rapidly turned back to the bus. I ran through it, searching every nook and cranny and screaming their names. “FRANK! ARICA! This isn’t funny, f**kers!” They were nowhere to be found. I sat down heavily on the couch and put my head in my hands.

    “Gerard?” A tiny, shaking voice asked from behind me. Oh God…

    I lifted my hands from my face. “Yeah, buddy?”

    “Where are Mommy and Frank?”

    “I…I don’t know.” I turned my head toward him, and when I did I noticed both Frank’s and Arica’s cell-phones lying next to each other on the coffee table. They never, under any circumstances, would have left without those.

    Giant crocodile tears began to slip down Aiden’s cheeks. “I hope they didn’t go to Texas again!” He cried.

    “Oh…come here.” He came forward and I pulled him into my lap, allowing him to wet my shirt with his tears. I buried my face in his hair and tried to suppress my own.

    Jazmine came out of the kitchen slowly and stared at me. “Where are they, Gerard?”

    “They’re just…I don’t know,” I whispered, still clutching Aiden’s trembling body. “They’re gone, baby. Gone.”
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    First to comment!


    I haven't read it yet, I just posted immediately so I'd be the first to comment.

    -goes to read-


    Okay, I just finished reading the first chapter.

    I f**king love it already, Angila :)

    More when you're ready!

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo, Lexi.
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    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i can't wait to read more!
    i'm so excited to read this sequel :)

    and i hope arica, frank and the twins are ok.
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    new reader person! can i call number one? that was mazing! they cant go! nooo!!!
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    AH WIFEY :|

    Amazing :)

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    wow. A sequel:D
    "I hope they didn't go to Texas again!"<--Poor Aiden!:(
    I hope they're okay.
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    Gah! Why did I not call number one?!

    Ah, well.

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    well I call number 2 fan spot!
    Where are Arica and Frank?
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    hell, I call number THREE!
    *does semi-victory dance*
    ok. I'll stop.
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    Holy sequel Batman!

    I wasn't expecting this.
    Love it so far.
    Can't wait for the next.
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    Oh, my Bob,
    you made a sequel!!
    && I'm already in love with it. :)
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    oh okay now i will talk to you again...there is a sequel.

    i am in love with it...it made tears come to my eyes already!!!

    *sits on edge of seat and awaits update*
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    Wow! That was quick :D

    Awww poor Aiden... Poor everyone! :/
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    *cries* not again!!!
    poor Aiden..
    poor.. everyone..

    please update soon or i'll die!!!
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    I call #4!!!! -*new reader*- I love this story! Update again when you can ;)
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    Aw thanks for the comments, guys! I love you all so much! Yeah, I know I did that fast! :) I couldn't help it!
    Updates probably tomorrow, or tonight if I have time.
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    Yaaaayyy! :)
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    yay for update!!

    we should throw a party in your honour
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    i love how i know stuff about the sequel.
    BTW i luv mikey,, your av. made me and eliza giggle lots.

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