Getting To Know You.

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  1. Freiheit483

    Freiheit483 Member

    Yes I believe in love.

    What is one of your favourite habits you have?
  2. TheLivingDead

    TheLivingDead Member

    The habit of running my hands through my hair I guess.

  3. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Black Mariah Staff Member

    I twist my hair until it's tangled. It's very soothing to me. I don't like that I do it, but I've done it since I was a baby (literally). I do it when I'm thinking, going to sleep, stressed out, etc.

    A habit you wish you could kick?
  4. Freiheit483

    Freiheit483 Member

    Biting the inside of my lips and mouth, a painful habit as I continue to bite even when it bleeds >_<

    What makes you smile?
  5. PlanetaryGoGo

    PlanetaryGoGo Media Division

    There's so many things that make me smile. My daughter when she learns something new. Or music can make me smile. There's so much.

    What makes you sad?
  6. xokay_nowx

    xokay_nowx Become, become, become

    I'm not sad much these days but usually feeling alone or like I'm not good enough in any way. I have perfectionistic tendencies; I can't help but compare myself to my roommate's 4.0 GPA when my 3.8 should be perfectly adequate...

    What's new in your life?
  7. Freiheit483

    Freiheit483 Member

    My Step mother

    What do you obsess over?
  8. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Black Mariah Staff Member

    Nearly everything, seriously. But mainly My Chem and my writing.

    What something you ignore but shouldn't in your life?
  9. Freiheit483

    Freiheit483 Member

    My homework, I ignore it and I fall behind and I fail...

    Same question?
  10. Relaxing. I ignore the need to rest my mind sometimes, though I should. I worry too much.

    Do you worry too much? Or not enough?
  11. TheLivingDead

    TheLivingDead Member

    I'm definitely a worrier.

    What makes you happy?
  12. bluestar050299

    bluestar050299 New Member

    Listening to music.

    What is your favorite type of dog?
  13. xokay_nowx

    xokay_nowx Become, become, become

    I'm not a dog person, but cocker spaniel?

    Do you listen to a wide variety of music?
  14. Kaytea

    Kaytea TSoSP

    I try, i try!

    What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?
  15. Nurul

    Nurul Madridista


    If you could have any pet in the world, what pet would you want?
  16. Kaytea

    Kaytea TSoSP

    A small dragon. Something between cat-sized and beagle-sized, full grown.

    What's your favourite hobby?
  17. BrittMCR

    BrittMCR Active Member

    Scuba diving!

    If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?
  18. Alexis Enriquez

    Alexis Enriquez New Member

    I'd change my love life

    When did you first discover My Chemical Romance?

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