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  2. Oh my soul is so happy here :D
  3. [​IMG]

    Out of all the Frerad jokes I kind of find this hilarious.​
  4. Dust Angel

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    One of my favorites, probably.
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    I want this to be my avatar, but I know NOTHING about gifs and how to edit them...


    This is my favorite Frerard kiss! I love how Frank gets into it, forgetting his guitar and putting his arm around Gerard! But what I LOVE is Gerard's hand in Frank's hair, being dominant! Gerard grabbing Frank by the hair is just... UNF!! (Hence my signature pic!)
  8. Static Recive

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    I wonder if that will work . . . hmmm, whenever I see this I wonder if Frank knew he put it in or if it was deliberate
  9. Miz Erie

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    ^I can't see it!! And that comment make me really curious!!


    Every time Gee lays down on the stage, Frank thinks about doing this... again. (I can watch this gif ALL DAY! That flash of a scene in LOTMS needs to be WAY longer!)
  10. Static Recive

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    ^ Neither can I :/ There might be something wrong with my lapitty top, I can't see half of these, even the one you just posted
  11. frerard4lyf

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    OMGee, hawtness overload!
    Sorry kinda obsessed...
  12. Jazzie

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    omg I love them!
  13. Miz Erie

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    There's this handkerchief code, for those that don't know. Let me give you a few details. It's for gay/bi men to identify what others are into and like. They are color coded; for example, black means BDSM, dark blue means anal sex, and red means fisting. And if it's worn in the back right pocket (or side) it means bottom, while the back left pocket (or left side) means top. Matching bandanas generally indicate a couple.

    Gerard always wears his on the left, and Frank likes to wear his on the right. And it's funny that Mikey, Ray, Bob, nor Matt ever had this weird bandana fashion thing going on... just Gerard and Frank.

    We aren't even going to mention the yellow bandana Gerard wears around his LEFT leg when in Party Poison character. Yeah, yellow's kind of gross.
  14. Dust Angel

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    LOL I'm not saying I agree or disagree with your assessment, I just want to mention that it made me laugh while reading the phrase spaced out by the exemplary pictures. Cute (x
  15. TheLivingDead

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    Well, Miz, I think you made a pretty good point. The point also made me laugh really hard XD
  16. Miz Erie

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    I was by no means implying anything. *innocent smile* I was simply pointing out some facts that some people may not know or haven't put together for themselves. If someone wants to make an assumption based on my post, that's for them to decide. Hehehe. No where in my post did I say "this is indicative of real-life Frerard." *cheshire grin*
  17. I've missed our favourite couple, Frerard! Like your assessment on the bandana codes.
  18. Miz Erie

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    I made a new picture. It's kind of big though.


    I love it! And it seems to be popular on Tumblr already!
  19. Great picture - love it!
  20. God I wish I know that when I had this thing for wearing bandannas and now I know why I was getting stared at and worst is that it would have said that I was a bottom that was into BDSM, lol can't believe that I done that

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