Freak of Basement

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  1. Title: Freak of Basement

    Rating: 15 (Swearing, Self Harm, sexual scenes,)

    Important Characters: Gerard, Frank, Mikey. Other characters will appear

    Summary: Mikey misses the old Gerard. He hates the new, cold, lost, depressed, hidden brother he has now. With his friends becoming frightened to go to his place incase they see Gerard, Mikey becomes lonely and begins to fear he;ll turn into hsi twisted brother. Until he befriends the punk boy from park...

    Genre: Romance

    Character ages (too stop any confussion): Gerard - 17, Mikey & Frank - 14, Mikey's friends age range between 13 and 15.

    Chapter 1: Pray---------------- Page 1
    Chapter 2: Red & Black--------- Page 1
    Chapter 3: Back Again---------- Page 1
    Chapter 4: Frank's house ------- Page 2________

    Chapter 1 : pray

    Like every morning, I sat at the table eating toast and trying to bloke out the memory of the strange sounds I'd heard the night before. Well, they weren't strange anymore. I'd been hearing then at night for the past two years.
    I'd bite my tongue to stop me from crying and stuffed my head under my pillows. I could still hear those awful sounds. Mum and Dad never heard them, they were such deep sleepers.

    I really should start making things abit clearer to you...
    I am Michael James Way, 14 years old, son of Donna Lee Way and Donald James Way, younger brother to... Gerard Arthur Way...
    Gerard, my older brother, is the one who keeps me awake at night!
    Sometimes he's he yelling. Normally because his artwork won't go right.
    Sometimes he's smashing something. Normally alcohol bottles.
    Sometimes hes banging something. This can range from banging his head to a wall, to someone's body...

    I don't hearing him 'getting it on' much. And when I do, I rarely see them the next morning or the night before. They're mostly one night stands.

    I finished my first slice of toast and started my second as my mum entered the room. Her messy blonde hair bouncying about his boney shoulders and her Marge Simpson slimpers slapping against the floor. I giggled to my self slightly as I glanced at her lips.
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah, Mike, I know! I look like a fish!" She sighed.
    My mum has recently had plastic surgery on her lips. For the second time. She took so much pride in her appearence, having plastic surgery on every part of her body that she thought needed it. I just hope she doesn't turn into a f**king Jordan-look-a-like or something.
    My swollen-mouthed mother went on to say- "But in a few more days when the swelling has gone down, they'll look beauti-"
    "Just as f**king ugly as before". Gerard.
    I bit my lip and bowed my head, hoping my long fringe could hid me. Lucky for me, he walked across the kitchen not taking the slightest bit notice of me.
    "Thanks for the boost of confidence, Gerard." My mum said sarcasticly. " What made you leave your coffin?"
    Gerard ignored her.
    "Look, sweetie, I know you dad has been acting like a prick towards you for a while now, but-" She took a breath. I heard someone, most probably my brother, open the fridge "But, I still love you. No matter what. Couldn't you just..." Her voice faded off.
    I looked up and saw Gerard pouring cereal and milk into a bowl. He grabbed a spoon and began to shove the food down his throat. Mum sighed again, staring at him as if he was a hurt puppy.
    "I love you..." She said. She sounding so desperate for his love it was truely heart breaking.
    I watch Gerard throw the empty bowl into the sink. He began to walk back to his bedroom-basement. He stopped so he was standing next to mum. He gave her a quick kiss on her rosey cheek, before strolling off mumbling 'i love you'.

    My mother always has been one of those tough women, who shrug everything off and looked like they would fight a bull and win. But at the moment, when Gerard shut his basement door, she broke down in tears.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    School had sucked. Like always. Even my friends suck now! They don't want to come round my house because they think Gerard might do something weird. My mate Kevin even believes he'll slit their throats!
    Knowing the effect it would have if my friends found out, I never told them that Gerard was brother. I even joined in in their conversations on dissing him.
    "He's such a f**king freak!"
    "He looks dead..."
    "Has he heard of sun?"
    "Bet he f**king cuts him self..."
    "He's an emo"
    "He's gay"

    It felt like knife piercing my skin everytime they made fun of him. But it after a while, they found out. Mr White, our science teacher had once accidently called me Gerard. My friends had shock it off, thinking it nothing. I had survived. But My White really let out my secret her he asked how my 'Big Brother Gerard' was. My friends had been confussed, and slightly angry. They said we were still best friends and it didn't change anything. But they started becoming scared to come round my house. I found a slight relief when my mate Steve admited 'I don't want to go round your house because of you freak of a brother'. Freak. Yeah. He got that right...
    Once, Gerard hadn't only been my big brother, but my best friend and protect her. No one was mean to little Mikey! Not if they wanted to mess with Gerard! But that all changed. He changed. I can't even remember what he looks like when he smiles.
    At 12, he started listening to alot of punk and rock music. When he showed me, i had thought it was awesome. When he start wearing band t-shirts, and dyed his brown locks black, i thought he was awesome. I was totally in awe of him. Until a month before my 11th birthday.
    I had come down stairs at half 10 at night for a glass of water. I had heard my brother, then 14, talking to parents.
    ", this can't be... This some sick joke, I-" I heard my father stutter.
    "Honey, are you sure? How can you know, I mean, your 14..." My mother asked.
    "Yes I am. And do you want to know how I'm sure?"
    I looked through the crack at the door, and saw my family sitting at the table together.
    "How- No. You didn't... You f**king didn't... You-"
    "I kissed a boy."
    My mouth dropped at Gerard's words. A boy? Why would he...
    "Honey, you shouldn't be so certain. I mean, a kiss? A kiss doesn't mean anything!" Mum half laughed.
    "Does sex?" Gerard asked. My parents paused. " If it does. I am SURE I'm gay"
    Gay? Gerard was gay? I took a step back from the door, before hearing my dad yell and the sound of smashing china.
    I ran up to my room and hid under the sheets of the bed. It wasn't enough. I heard dad yelling. Mum begging. Gee Sobbing. Gee pleading. Gee...

    I pushed the throughts out of head as i headed home. I really didn't want to. Then i had an idea. A short cut for the way home from school was through the park. Gerard had shown it to me when we were close... I decided I'd hang by the swings for a while
    I walked through the gates and headed to the play area. I jumped over the metal fence and hopped on to the swing. I kicked my legs back and forth, the wind running through the hair, punching my face and smoking up my glasses. Gee used to push me on the swing...
    I stopped kicking at this memory, and let the swing come to a hault. I stared at my black converses. I miss him. Every day, ever hour. It's like he's dead.
    I sighed and lift my head.
    I almost jumped out my seat when I looked at the play area infront of me...

    I hope this isn't too poop XD Anyway, comments please! And if you have ideas/suggestions for the story, just say int he comments.
    Also, if there is any mistakes that you realise, I would be happy if you could point them out :) Thank you!
  2. giggles
    I'm a new reader here!
    I also LOVED your one-shot!
    You're truly a detailed writer!
  3. Red and Black

    I found my self falling backwards off my swing as my eyes met a pair of shocking green. I sat up where I landed and looked back. There, sitting at the top of the slide right I front of me, was a boy. He looked about my age, with his big eyes and baby face. Even with his childish looks, everything else seemed to shout one thing-

    BACK OFF!!!!

    His hair was long, black and straight, reaching his chin on the left side of head, but very short and dyed crimson on the right. His lip was pierced, and he appeared to be chewing the ring as he stared. He wore a neon green mitfits tshirt, which I recognised from Gerard's closet. His jeans fit him well found the waist, but were baggy round the legs and the knees were ripped. He reminded me of Gerard back when he was 12, only Gee's hair wasn't in that punky style. It had been fluffy and brown.

    "Hi" I said, getting to my feet, not letting my eyes leave the intriguing boy.
    The punk-boy licked his lips before saying "Hello"
    "Were you watching me?" I asked.
    He licked his lips. Then again. "Yes. Sorry. I was going to say hi, but you caught me!" He said half laughing. I smiled.
    "Ah, that's ok. I see you like the Misfits?"
    "Hell yeah!" The boy gave me a toothy grin, revealing a set of shockingly white teeth. "They're rad! Do you listen to them?"
    Lick. Lick.
    "I used to listen to them alot..." When Gerard used to show them to me " ... but I kind of ... had a set back" I half laughed.
    "Atleast you like them! Your the first person I've ever met that does!" the punk said excitedly.
    "Yeah! So what's your name?"
    That really got him going!
    Lick, Lick, Lick, lick-ity-lick! ... Lick.
    "Frank. You?"
    "Mikey. So why you here on your own?" I asked
    Lick Lick
    "I-I don't know. Nothing else to do I guess. You?"
    "Same, really." I shoved my hands in my coat pockets.
    I sighed at as a big gust of wind blew. I looked behind me, watching the trees sway.
    "So... what school do you go to?" I said before turning around "Cause I've never seen-"
    He gone. Just gone. Vanished!
    "Bye then." I shrugged, and grabbed my coat and began to head home.
    Creepy Kid...
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    Your story has a lot of spelling errors. You should use some type of spell check on it before posting.

    Other than that, everything looks good :)
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    Hey new reader
    If you want I'll beta for you...this seems like a good story...but has a lot of errors :)
  6. Thnx. I'll do a check through for the errors. It WAS written when i was half asleep, so I can't say i'm surprised x
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    loving the story so far :D
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    You've had three days to fix the spelling/grammar in this story and you haven't done it so I'm locking this. Please PM me or one of the other Critics to have it unlocked when you're ready to fix the errors.
  9. Chapter 3

    Chapter 3

    The next after school, I found my self heading to the park again. I just wanted to see that boy again. Who the hell was he?! Where did he come from?! HOW the HELL did he just disappear?
    There was also another reason: He was a possible friend. I NEED new friends! Desperately! Ones that won't be afraid to come to my house...

    I climbed over the fence, and began to circle round the playground. So I could either see if the boy was there, or at least work out how he did his magic act yesterday...
    After about five minutes, I gave up and took my seat on the swing. Just like the day befor, I stared awkwardly at my feet. I heaved a sigh.

    "Come back to see me, sunshine?"
    I looked up, to see the boy standing a few feet away from me, his side of hair blowing in the wind.
    "To be honest, yes." I said bravely, and stood up and walked infront of the boy. That was when I realised how small he was. He must have been about only 5 foot. I scowled. His face said 14, but his height said 9...
    "How old are you?" I asked bluntly.
    Frank blinked several times, before licking his lips and replying -
    "13. 14 on halloween" He told me. "And you?"
    14? and that small? Bless the kid... He must get a hard time for that!
    "14 already, dude! So what school do you go to?"
    "I haven't started yet. I moved here a few days ago, and I haven't really paid attention when my parents spoke about it, so I haven't a clue!" He laughed, smiling sweetly.
    "Well, I go to Belleville High! Does that ring any bells?" I asked."
    "I few bells, but not the whole tower!" Frank laughed again.
    I spent the next 20 minutes in pointless chatter. I found out his last name was Iero, and that lived with his mother and hadn't seen his father for a whole year! I also found he lived 4 houses down on the oposite side of my house.
    His favourite bands include Misfits and Green Day
    He was IN a band called 'Pency Prep', but left the band when he moved here.
    His favourite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas!
    He LOVES Michael Jackson, and even has a coat similar to his thriller one.
    This. Dude. Is. Awesome!
    He remind me so much of Gee... The way he loves horrors and punk music, the way he constantly found ways or using the word 'f**k' where it wasn't needed, even the way he laugh reminded me Gee's laugh...

    "I'm not doing anything tonight, and it's friday, so why don't you come round mine for an hour or so?" Offered Frank
    "Yeah! That would be awesome!"
    "We can play video games?"
    "Hell yeah! What ones you got?"
    We began to head to Frank's house. The whole walk was spent with Frank listing his PS3 games, and me commenting on how crap or rad they were.

    I know! Short! But so busy D': Next chapter up as soon as possible! x
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    Aha! :D
    Mikey and Frank are becoming friends :')
    I am still wondering how Frank did his 'magic trick' though....;D

    anyway that was a goood chapter :)
    can't wait for more xDDDDDDDD
  11. Ah yes! You'll find out about Frankie's little disappearing act later on :')
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  13. chapter 4 Frank's house

    I looked round in awe as I stood in the middle of his bedroom. His walls were covered in posters and paper with lyrics and cords in them. 3 guitars leaned up against the posters on one side of his wall. He had a shelf filled to the brim with DVDs, PS3 games, Nintendo games, Xbox games, Wii games, books and action figures.
    I'd found more reasons for him to remind me of Gerard. His action figures were the same as Gerard's. Super Man to Batman, The Joker to Catwoman, they were all there.
    "Good collection, yeah? I knows it geeky to collect that kind of thing but.... baby, I'm hooked!" He said punching the air, before going over to his huge flat screen tele and turning it on.
    "Not geeky at all! I know someone else who collects that kind of thing..." I told him, turning to face him.
    "Oh? Who?" He asked curiously, sounding shocked at the idea that there was actually someone else in the world with the same obsession as him. I saw him lick his lips and his eyes burned into me.
    I licked mine aswell, and forced myself to speak of the one thing i msotly kept hidden-
    "My brother"
    "You have a brother?" He gasped "Thats awesome! What's he like?!" He said sounding excited.
    I took a deep breath and pushed my voice box again.
    "H-he's alright." I mumbled
    I found my self mumbling replies to Frank about my apprent 'amazing' brother. I never felt more awkward in my life...

    short again DX
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    Aha :D
    Fwankies rooom seems awesome (and huge compared to mine)
    but cool chapter update soon :p
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    *New Reader*
    Are you gonna continue this? Cuz I wuv it!!
  16. Yeah I will. I might do a little update tonight at the earliest...
    Once i get the mpreg finished, I'll probabley focus more on this :')
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    Please continue this!!!

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