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    that was the best sex scene I have read in awhile, hot but still loving i adore your writting. I really hope they move out together, that would be awsome for them
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    I just feel I owe you an explanation.
    Here's the deal: I will be back with plenty of more chapters, there's just a lot going on.

    I'm dropping out of school again to leave as an au-pair in a month, which means I have a lot on my mind right now. Also just after I've moved I won't have a computer, as I'm not bringing mine this time around. However, no one panic! I will borrow their computer and try and update every once in a while until I've bought my own laptop.

    But updates will be slow I'm afraid.
    At least this story isn't dead, I assure you!

    Also, a picture of my tattoo I had done only two days ago.

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    Oh, that's okay, Frankie
    Life comes first :D
    And maaan... that tattoo is suh-weeeeeeet
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    Don't worry about it, and good luck with the au-pair thing! I hope you end up with a nice family.
    As for the tattoo, that thing is f**king SWEET! I love it!
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    take ur time love<3
    AMAZING tattoo!!!
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    No problem, Frankie. We'll wait until you have the time to update. :)
    And your tattoo is f**king amazing! :wub:
    I love it!
  7. Take your time. I'll wait and bake you cookies.
    f**king amazing tattoo by the way.
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    Sweet tattoo!

    And take your time, this story is well worth the wait.
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    41. Growing Up

    "Live with you?" Gerard couldn't seem to understand the meaning of the words. It was like he heard them, but he couldn't understand what Frank had asked him. "Live with you? Just us, no Mikey or mum?"

    "I'm sorry, I- it felt like a good idea." Frank excused himself, now feeling stupid for suggesting it. Gerard shook his head at Frank's apology.

    "I want us to!" Finally the coin fell down; finally Gerard saw it in his head. He saw himself and Frank, in their own apartment, spending every day with each other. Just the two of them. For the first time, Gerard felt as normal as one can be. It felt like, he was just like everyone else. He would live in an apartment, with no one but Frank.

    Frank couldn't reply to Gerard, all he could do was kiss him. Kiss him, to show him how much he loved him.

    "I can't wait," Frank whispered, after breaking the kiss.

    "Just put it anywhere for now, in the bedroom, or whatever." Frank said while putting down a box of his own on the floor. The apartment wasn't huge, it wasn't great, but it was theirs. Just his and Gerard's. It was just two rooms, and a kitchen. The walls were a faded blue, so Frank knew he wanted to repaint them. They had bought loads of their new furniture at discount stores, since neither Frank nor Gerard had much money to their names. But Frank's mother had helped, and so had Donna. And together, they had managed to get everything the two boys would need for their own place.

    Frank looked up and saw Mikey muttering while carrying a heavy box into the bedroom. He smiled to himself before running out the door again, getting yet another box to put in the apartment. Gerard couldn't help, because he had tripped three days prior and broken his ankle.

    It was stupid really, he tripped on a pair of Mikey's shoes, and afterwards both Frank and Mikey thought he was screaming out in pain. But if you listened really close you could hear that Gerard was actually threatening both Mikey and all shoemakers to their life, saying he would drown them in disgusting beer and stuff their ears with marshmallows. He also condemned Mikey to hell for all eternity, shouting "down there you'll have no f**king shoes you moron you'll walk barefoot on the f**king fires and hurt your goddamn feet".

    As Frank reached the car he smiled at Gerard, who was sitting on a bench outside the building. Gerard smiled back, before going back to his book. He had taken up reading, and Frank encouraged him with all his might. He bought book after book for Gerard to read, and Gerard devoured them all. Everything from Lord of the Rings, to the Da Vinci code and the Famous Five. Everything, Gerard simply loved reading.

    "Need help Frank?" Gerard asked, taking his attention away from the book momentarily. Frank shook his head.

    "No, it's okay, we only have a few more boxes to carry, and then you can help me unpack."

    Gerard nodded and opened the book again, finding his place quickly so he could keep on reading. At that point Mikey came out looking grim.

    "I f**king dropped one of the boxes on my foot!" He exclaimed, and Frank couldn't help but snort.

    "I broke my ankle on your shoes." Gerard said matter-of-factly, and at that Frank laughed even louder. Not even Mikey could help but smile. Every time Mikey complained about something, about having to help with their moving for example, Gerard just pointed out that if it hadn't been for Mikey's stupid shoes he would still have full use of his legs.

    It always shut Mikey up, and it always made Frank laugh.

    "Are you sure you want to sleep here tonight, it's awfully messy." Donna said and looked around, but Frank was firm. Their bedroom wasn't as messy anymore, after hours of arranging, and their fridge was full. They didn't need anything else.

    "Donna, I know it's hard to let this happen, but we need this. I need this. I need to be with Gee just him and I right here in our own home. Tonight." Frank and Donna had had many talks about moving out. First Donna had said no, Mikey had been upset, and Gerard had locked himself in his room.

    It had been a circus, and for the first time Donna had been screaming at Frank. Accusing him for stealing her son away. Frank had been shouting right back, accusing her for holding Gerard back.

    Of course it had all been resolved with tears, and quiet begging for Gerard to come out of his room.

    Donna wasn't selfish, it had just been sprung on her, and she did find it hard to let go of Gerard.

    "I understand Frank, I really do. It's hard you know, to see him so grown up. He's always been a child, even when I wished he wasn't. But now, he's not anymore." Donna wiped a few tears from her cheek, and Frank gave her a hug.

    "I know, but we're living just ten minutes away, so we'll still see each other all the time." Frank reminded her, and she knew he was right.

    With a final hug, and a goodbye call to Gerard who was already in bed, Donna left. Just before she got in her car, she turned around to look at the building. The building where her oldest son now had an apartment with his boyfriend, and she smiled. Because even if it was hard, this was probably one of the most special days in her life, seeing Gerard so happy and grown up. Donna sighed and got in the car, giving Mikey a teary smile, before driving home.

    "I'm reading." Gerard said when Frank started kissing his neck.

    "I know that Gee, but I was thinking maybe we could… make love, and you can read more tomorrow." Frank didn't stop kissing Gerard's neck. Instead he started nipping at it, and caressing Gerard's stomach through his t-shirt.

    Gerard sighed deeply.

    "Fine." He muttered and put his book down. Frank's eyes narrowed, and he removed his hand from Gerard.

    "Well, if that's your attitude, I'm not really in the mood." Frank said and turned away from Gerard, staring at the wall. Gerard frowned and rolled his eyes.

    "But Frank, I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby." Frank knew Gerard was annoyed, and only said it to annoy him more, but it didn't work. Instead Frank burst out laughing, and turned back to look at his boyfriend.

    "Well in that case!" He exclaimed before throwing the covers over their heads and attacking Gerard, making him squeal in surprise.

    The first night in their new apartment, was spent showing each other how much they meant. It was spent making the other see fireworks, and for the first time in a long time, neither of them had to be quiet.

    I am honestly sorry for the long wait, I really am.
    But here it is, a brand new, through rather short, chapter of Freak.

    Right now, I'm asking you to go subscribe to my new Frerard.
    It's called Until Death Do Us Part, and it's unlike anything I've ever written.
    The description is up, but please subscribe as the first chapter should be out within a few days.
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    I loved it.
    I don't know how to describe how amazing that was.
    THEY HAVE THEIR OWN PLACE!!!!!!!! :clap:
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    I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby."-that reminds me of the movie 10 things I hate about you :p
    yaii awesome update =D I love how Gee acted so childish with the shoes.
    and I'll go subscribe to your new story
  12. OH MY FRANKING BOB!!!!! i just about screamed when i saw there was a new chapter.
    i will wait as long as it takes for the next one
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    That was great. I'm glad they have their own place now.

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    oh god i missed so many updates sorry but my computer stopped getting emails so i didn't know
    aww they moved intogether that is so cute
    great updates
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    You made me smile like an idiot.

    You do that wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to often.
    Not that its a bad thing, anyway...

    Loved it
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    That was awesome!

    Aweh I'm so happy for him!
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    finally an update! very cute! i'm so glad gee can start to grow up a little. i can't wait to see where this takes the story<33

    -goes to read ur new ferard-
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    I was sooo happy you updated this!!! is been a while.... but this update is just as great as all the others were !!!! it was amazing and so cute.... ha i can picture Gee condemning Mikey Because of his shoes.... XD update again whenever you can :)
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    Hey.New reader. I have to say I love this fic. I was really moved when Frank was there for Gerard while he had a brain tumour,and I was so relieved when Gerard was ok and that Frank stayed by him through it all. And that new chapter was lovely. It was so sweet and I'm glad that Gerard and Frank now have their own place, it's what they really need.

    I'm so glad that I found this fic.(^_^)
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    So here is some news, rather good ones.
    I've decided to pick up on reading fanfics again.

    If you have a story, a Frerard or Waycest preferably, and it's finished and ends happily - I will read it and leave a long review.
    However if you want empty words and not honesty, don't bother because I always say what I think - though that doesn't mean that I would ever be rude or mean.

    I also accept oneshots to read.

    Send me a PM <- that's important, don't leave a comment here, but send me a PM!
    Give me the link to your story, and I'll read it.
    I'll read it through and through, and let you know what I think about it.

    Thanks in advance.

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