Finding Happiness in Insanity

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  1. Title:
    Finding Happiness in Insanity
    Rating: 15

    Main Characters: Frank iero, Mikey Way, Gerard Way
    Slashes: Frerard, implied Frikey.​

    Summary: Frank is an unhappy 23 year old who is contemplating suicide... and then does it...

    The next day he awakes to find that he has new neighbors - A friendly but dark man named Gerard and nice silent brother Mikey, who apprently refuses to speak to anyone... So how come Frank can hear and see him speak when no one else can.

    Mikey begins to follow Frank around, for a reason Frank doesn't understand. Mikey seems to care, but also seems to hate him since Gerard has a 'liking' so Frank.

    Mikey brings Frank to the world of no care, drugs, and standing up for one's self in a dark comedy of confusion.

    Genre: Dark Comedy, drama, romance,
    Warnings: VERY dark comedy, sex, rape, suicide, swearing

    NOTE: This story is based off American TV show WILFRED, but will be shorter (4-6 chapters) and twisted for originality.

    Episode/Chapter 1 ----- The Start ----- Page 1 :hearts:NEW:devil:

    Upcoming Chapter: Episode/Chapter 2 ----- Lesson One : How To Have Fun
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    This sounds awesome, can't wait :D
  3. Dust Angel

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    I have to say, Wilfred's one of my favorite shows. Pretty interested right now [:
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    Hi. As you know, the format of your first post needs to be as follows:

    Main Characters:
    Chapter Index:

    You'll have the usual twenty-four hours to fix this. Thanks.
  5. Prufrock : Done. Sorry, but thanks.
    Dust Angel: Great! and same here, obviously.
    Crimsonriver: I hope it will be...
  6. Mrs.Iero Way

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    so it this only going to be like 6 chapters long ?
  7. CrimsonRiver

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    NOTE: This story is based off American TV show WILFRED, but will be shorter (4-6 chapters) and twisted for originality.

    I have only just seen this bit, and I had no idea what it was, so I googled it.

    Firstly, the idea to base it on that, going by what I read, is genius.
    Secondly, the show is on BBC 3 in England, so I'm actually gonna be bothered to watch it now.
    Finally, haha the dog looks like the dude three doors down from me :shock:
  8. Mrs. Iero.Way : yes. About 6 chapters. each chapter will be about 5,000 words long! :)
    CrimsonRiver - Thank you :D I thought it might be good. You really should! The show is on re-runs now since it ended a few days ago :)
  9. Episode/Chapter 1

    Episode One : The start of it all

    I Quote: ‘Everything starts with a dream’

    I drew all the curtains in the house, and stuck several pieces of black paper over the bathroom ones since they didn't have any. I turned off every electrical appliance in the house, shut every window and locked every lock. I headed bath to bathroom, bring my bedside table with me along with the bag which held, what I like to call, 'my collection'. I placed a few candles around the bathroom and lite them. I bent over the bath, stuff the plug in the drain and proceeded to run my bath. As the water flowed into the white bowl, I emptied my collection on to the table and arranged to sequence I would need them.
    I took a quick glance in the mirror at my reflection. A pale skinny wreck of man stared back at me. His tattoos seemed to be losing their colour, his hair messy brown hair was a greasy mess round his head and stuck awkwardly to his sweaty redden cheeks. He was shaking violently, and his body was covered in goose pimples from the cold. It seemed like another life time when the person who looked back had a soft tan, a six back and a confident look on his face. But now that person had fallen down and landed on bone-chilling, rock-hard, body bruising concrete, but he could still fall more. When you're down, and you can climb up the mountain to the top once again, why bother staying where you are? Get a f**king shovel, dig a deep hole and jump in it and bury yourself there. You'll be safe in Mother Nature’s cool, soft blanket of earth.

    The bathroom was dark and cold without the heating or windows. But it didn't matter. I only needed a little light so I could see what I was doing. The bath was almost fall, so I quickly ripped off what little clothes I had until I was down to just my boxers. I don't know why I decided to keep them on. I mean, I had no more dignity to lose, so why don't I just let someone find me naked- All my glory just floating around freely in the water.
    I turned off the taps and climbed in, feeling the warm water caressing my body the way no one ever had. I leaned back and let my body just slip down into its mystical depth. For a minute, I just floated in the water reviewing my current situation and my plan. I went through the whole thing in my head, making sure it was just right. When satisfied that it was perfect, I carefully sat up in the water and got to work. I picked up one of the transparent bottles from the collection and pushed down on the lid and twisted. With the other hand, I grabbed the vodka. I quickly swallowed all the pills in the bottle and washed it down with throat-stinging V. I grabbed another brown bottle and repeated what I had previously did. By the time I had down the 11 pills from the third bottle, I was beginning fell dizzy and sick. The bath suddenly began to feel too hot for comfort, and my forehead was dripping with sweat, but I didn't care. I didn't care one bit. It was great, it was perfect. I meant my plan was working. With all 43 pills inside me and taking on their effect, there was one last thing to do- let it all out. I bent my knees and pulled them to my chest, as I grabbed the delicate, sharp silver in my hand. I stuck my hand in to the water, taking the blade with me. I pressed the point firmly into my ankle, and pulled up. My skin ripped open like unpicked stitching, coming apart so gentle and fine. The water stung as it switched places with my ruby red lipsticks, but I smiled, knowing that in minutes I wouldn't be able to feel it anymore. I finished the fine cut at the knee, a moved the knife away from it and placed it on my wrist. I made a long, thin laceration, causing the hand to increase the amount of shaking it was already doing. I which the blade into my bleeding hand a pressed it to my currently undamaged hand and did it again, pressing hard to make the sweet red river flow and drip into the water. Shakily, I dropped the knife outside the bath and rested my hands in the water. My whole body began to feel heavy and cold. My limbs began to splash violently in the water, my heel accidently hitting the hot water nob. The tap began to flow quickly, letting burning liquid in to the bath. The boiling water wrapped round the skin of my lacerated leg and squeezed. I tried to scream, but found myself choking. Although this wasn't what I had planned, I was still going to end up the same way...

    ' and this Heart 107.3! Waking you up in the mornings! Haha! Hope you're all feeling good! if not, then I've got something to wake and cheery you up this Monday morning! It's Katy Perry's Last Friday Night, placing on Heart 107.3! I think we've all had one of those Friday Nights...'

    The sound of the dark haired pop singers voice droned into my ears. I turned over into my bed and forcefully banged my fist on to the stop button on my radio. I rubbed my forehead tiredly and yawned. Monday morning is the worst morning for anyone. It was worse for me since instead of going to work like most people, I was going to be spending my Monday driving my mother to a foot doctor, waiting an hour outside for said mother to leave said doctors, driving her home, followed by walking her smelly little dog, cleaning her fish tank, feeding her fish, feeding her cats, followed by a normal lonely evening at home watching crap television. Awesome...
    I moaned to myself, and rubbed my eyes with my fingers.

    "Mikey! No-no, stop Michael! I just said no, now stop it! Leave the kitty alone!" came a unknown voice. I sat up slowly in my bed, and walked over to my window, hidden behind my blue curtains. I pulled them back and looked out.
    "Huh- Since when did Miss Crabapple move house" I mumbled to myself.
    Miss Crabapple had been my neighbor. I rarely saw my of her, but when I did, she really and truely was a stereotypical grump old lady. From what I saw, she had clearly moved out and someone had bought her house. Since I hadn't seen a sigh outside her house at all, I decided it was more likely that the old bat had passed away and left it to a family member or friend.

    "Mikey, for god's sake!" came a man's cries. I noticed a black haired man, dressed from top-to-toe and what looked like black leather, appearing to be telling off a geeky looking teenager. The teen, who from what I could guess, was named Mikey or Michael, was staring up at this man wide eyes and his mouth oval shaped. He was down on his knees in front of an opened cardboard box.
    Removal men were clearing out a truck, and carrying in furniture of all sorts through the front door, some in pieces. Their lawn was cluttered with brown boxes and carrier bags, with the random wooden chair placed in odd places. I smirked at the sight, and left the window view with little interest. I headed down my stairs and into my kitchen. I flicked on the coffee machine and took a deep breath. I really needed to do something with my life other than mope around and drive my mother to hospital appointments. I needed a job, but I couldn’t find one. Luckily, a still had a good amount of money for me to live without work for another two and a half years, so I could live sadly like this for a while. Not that I wanted to. I made my coffee and downed it. Breathlessly, I headed back upstairs and got washed and dressed. It was a bit too early to leave to pick my mum up, but that would be okay because I could drive aimlessly round for a while to pass the time and think. As I stepped outside, I caught the eye of the dark haired person for earlier. He was good looking, with a feminine face, big brown eyes, chin length black hair. His face was pale and looked kind but cheeky all at once but also looked tired and warn as if he had seen too much. It was as if that behind those sparkling eyes, there was death. He was telling off this Mikey kid something rotten. Mike kept a straight face let a few tears fall down his cheeks.
    The raven haired man turned to me. I took a deep breath and headed towards him.
    “Hey neighbor! I said calmly.
    “Hey dude!” Cheered the boy.
    “Just moved her huh?”
    “Yeah… My aunt died and left the house”
    “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that”
    “Don’t be, she was a witch!” He laughed.
    I looked over his shoulder and at the boy, now standing, who stared at me in ore with large brown eyes. The boy had straightened brown hair and glasses perched on the end of his nose. His face was slim, but still had slight chubby cheeks. His shoulders slumped forward weakly, and his stand was far less than confident, with his knees bent and turned in awkwardly. The raven haired boy noticed my stare.
    “He’s my brother” he explained, before handing out his hand “I’m Gerard”
    “Cool, well this guy here-“ The boy cam over, still silent and leaned on his brother “Is my brother Mikey”
    Mikey gave Gerard a wide eye look but said nothing. “He doesn’t speak, so you can only ask him yes or no questions. Of course, his reply will be a mere nod or shake of the head but you’ll get him”. Mikey bent his head down, gave a long toothy smile at me with Gerard not noticing at all.
    “I take you’re our neighbor?” asked Gerard.
    “Yeah, I’ve lived here for 3 years and I plan on dying here” I said confidently.
    Gerard laughed at me, and put an arm his brother to steady himself “Well it’s good to know we’ll always have someone we know right next door!”
    I smiled at him as he giggled. He had a unusual but nice laugh, that seemed to light up the world.
    “Do you want some help?” I offered.
    Gerard paused before nodding “Sure. Thanks man! We could kind of need it…”
    “It’s no problem”
    “If you take those brown boxes over there-“ Gerard said pointing to a pile of boxes marked ‘comics and figurines’ “and take them to the top of the stairs that would be great- Oh- accept the ones marked ‘kitchen’ which, of course, go in the-er.. K-kitchen which is on the left hand side as you enter the house. Thanks so much, You’re a life savior-“ he rushed before running off after a moving man yelling “Hey! You! Be careful with that! That is a f**king family heirloom!” as he went.
    I giggled at the sat and gave Mikey a smile before heading over to the boxes.
    As I bent down to pick up a box I hear “You seem to like my brother”. I turned round and saw Mikey standing over me. I blinked at him before looking round to see if anyone else was nearby. No, it was only Mikey.
    “Did you just talk?” I ask.
    Mikey shrugged and gave me another creepy smile.
    I shook my head, deciding it must have been my imagination. I picked up the box and headed into the house and up the stairs.
    “You didn’t answer me” came the house as I got to the top of the stairs. I turned round to see Mikey. “well?” He asked.
    “Oi, you brother said you don’t speak.” I immediately replied.
    “I don’t.”
    “But you are.”
    “Am I? really? Maybe to you, I am...”
    I blinked at him again. “huh?”
    “Exactly, dumb-dumb” snorted Mikey, before turning away and heading back down the stairs.
    “What? Why?!”
    “Because.” He merely replied jumping off the last step and running out the front door.
    I bit my lip and shook my head. Well, that was weird. At my guess, the kid must have had some mental disorder or something. As nasty as it is for me to even have the idea. I ran back down the stairs and grabbed another box from outside and placed upstairs. Then again, then again, until all was left were the boxes marked ‘kitchen’.
    “Wow, man…” gasped Gerard, as I dumped the second ‘kitchen’ box in the, er, kitchen. “You’re fast!”
    “yeah, well, this is going to be the highlight of my day!” I laughed.
    Gerard gave me a confused look.
    “The rest of my day will include taking my mother to a doctor’s appointment and cleaning her dogs poop off her lawn”
    Gerard smiled “Well, I’m glad to brighten up you day!” he laughed.
    I smiled and headed out the kitchen to get the rest of the boxes.
    “Hey Frank-“ came Gerard’s call “fancy a cup of tea or something?”
    “Thanks, but I don’t drink tea.”
    “Good because we don’t have any. We have coffee?”
    “Now that I do drink!”

    I bought the last few boxes into the kitchen before sitting at the already placed kitchen table with Gerard.
    “Stupid question but, what are the people like round here?” he asked.
    “Some are alright. To be honest, I don’t communicate with them often
    “Ah… A man who has a love for solitary…” Gerard said wisely.
    “You could say that”
    At that moment, Mikey walked in.
    “Hey Mikes. You okay?” Asked Gerard.
    Mikey gave him a wide smile and nodded.
    Gerard began to ramble to me about where they used to live but I wasn’t completely listening- I was watching Mikey.
    “He really has taken a shine to you” Mikey spoke over his brother. Gerard carried on rambling on, as if he hadn’t even heard Mikey speak… or maybe he really didn’t. “He doesn’t talking to anyone as much as this.” Mikey kept eyes straight at me, big and cloudy and aiming to own like daggers. “But you have to trust me on this- you’re not good enough”
    I looked away from him and at Gerard, trying to ignore him. Mikey went and stood right behind Gerard’s chair so I couldn’t help but look at him.
    “It’s rude to ignore me” Mikey said
    “- and then our aunt Ester died-er – that’s miss Crabapple- and our mother said she’d been left the her house in the will and demanded that I left my studio and moved her before it was best for Mikey and –“
    “Can’t keep your eyes off him can you?” Mikey said over Gerard once again “Well I’ll show you your chances. Check out his finger-“
    I looked away from Gerard’s pale and down at him hands. There was a silver engraved band round of his fingers.
    “Engaged” Mikey said aloud in case I didn’t understand.
    “You’re engaged?” I asked aloud, interrupting Gerard in mid-speech.
    He blinked at me, his mouth still open from when he had been speaking.
    “Sorry, I only just noticed the band on your finger. You just seem so young” I laughed nervously.
    Gerard smiled and his face relaxed a bit, but he still looked uncomfortable.
    “Well, erm, yes. But it isn’t serious- I mean, it is serious, obviously, since we’re getting engaged but-uh-“ he stuttered nervously, fiddling with the band on his hand.
    “Who’s the lucky girl” I asked with a wink.
    “Ah… We’ll, you see-“ Gerard took a breath “I’m not actually engaged to a girl…” he mumbled, looking away from me as if he was in disgrace.
    “oh! Don’t fret about it. I’m bi to be honest.” I gave him a bid smile. “You may be gay but, apparently from people and my parents, I’m selfish” I laughed nervously.
    “Not selfish at all…” he mumbled “Just more freedom of choice”
    I laughed at him “Yeah, I guess you could put it that way”
    I took a look at the clock “I’m afraid I’ve got to go now. Like I told you, taking my mum to the doctors- fun!” I said sarcasticly.
    “Oh, ok. Well feel free to drop by anytime!”
    “Or we’ll come to you” Mikey added.
    I waved and nodded at them, before dashing out the door….

    “You know, I just don’t understand why can’t just get a nice pretty girl, get married, have a family, get a decent cut, cover up those hideous tattoos, stop threading metal pipes through you nose and lip and get a good steady job –“ Moaned my mother as I drove her to her appointment,
    “I’m sorry mum. You’re right, but… I just can’t do it…” I mumbled.
    “I’m not surprised with that hair cut! Jesus! One moment you’ve got a haircut with no symmetry, not your hair looks like it belongs to a woman! Jesus Christ…” she scorned.
    “Sorry mum. I’ll get a haircut… and try to find someone to marry…” I bit my lip thoughtfully, keeping my eyes straight on the road.
    “Oh, don’t bother! You’ll only f**k that up! Just like with your last 10 jobs!”
    “Mum, it wasn’t 10, it was three”
    “It sure seems more like ten!”
    She grumbled on about how much of a disappointment I was and how I really needed to fine a good woman and a load of rubbish like that. I didn’t want all those things. Well I find of did, but I wanted my own version, where I still have my lip ring and tattoos and my long brown hair, and maybe instead of the girl, a boy- Namely one known as Gerard. I bit down on my so hard that it bled, as I forced myself to put up with my mums complaining. I knew I was a failure, especially as being a son, but sometimes I really do I wish that I didn’t have to be reminded of the fact every time me and my mother were in the same vehicle. I really couldn’t catch a break.
    “And another thing- get some decent clothing! Pink belts, tight jeans and pumps? What are you, a girl?!”
    “Mum, they’re converses. Not pumps.”
    “Does it matter? The point is, you need some decent bloody shoes. And another thing-“
    “Okay mum, we’re here now” I said enthusiastically with a false smiled, turning into the hospital car park and driving the car into a good space as close to the hospital door as I could get.
    Mum climbed out the car and slammed the door. She then stood in front of the car, hands on her hips, glaring at me.
    “Well…?!” she mouthed at me from outside.
    “Huh?” I mouthed back.
    She sighed and shook her head and headed round to my door and ripped it wide open
    “Aren’t you going to walk me in?! For god’s sake, Frank, I have a broken foot! I might fall and end up needing to have it chopped off!”
    I took a deep breath and got out the car.
    “Finally!” She pouted.
    I followed behind her in to the doctor’s waiting room. I walked up to the main desk.
    “Linda Iero for docto-“
    “I can speak for myself!” growled my mother, pushing me out the way as she did so. “MISS Linda Piccolo for Doctor Griffin” She turned to me “Try to remember I divorced your twat of a father.” Then turned back “please pass on the message that I don’t want to wait an extra hour like last time. I want to see him on time.” She demanded to the alarmed receptionist.
    “I assure you miss Iero-“
    “Piccolo… That Doctor Griffin wouldn’t leave you waiting ages if he really didn’t have to. Sometimes the patients are… difficult-“ reassured the reseptionist.
    “Send them to the flipping Psychiatric ward then!”

    After a while of watching my mother argue with the receptionist, who I was afraid was about to called the police or something, my mother finally told me, rather rudely, that I could leave her there and go sit in the car. Which I did with what pride I had left, which was very little. I relaxed back into the drives seat and let out a big breath. My mind immediately wonder to the new neighbors- Gerard and Mikey, the peculiar pair of brothers. One looked as dark as night in appearance, looking similar like Eric Draven from The Crow, but his personality was kind and sweet. The other, and younger brother looked cute and shy. But actually was probably the most frightening person I had ever met. His frightening smile and the way no one but me could hear him speak. Could it really be an act, some kind of sick joke? It had to be!
    On the other hand, Gerard didn’t seem like that type of guy to play such dirty tricks. Whether or not what Mikey claims is true, it still freaked me out.

    “Close your mouth, you look dead” ordered my mother as she forced herself into the car. “Home now.”
    “Yes Mum” I mumbled, turning on the car and driving out of the parking lot and heading home. For the whole journey, I listened to the sound of my mother complaining about pointless things. I tried to reply with the things she wanted, but she just wasn’t impressed.

    I was relieved when I got to my front door. I was glad to be away from my mother, who I had dropped home, and I was glad to be out of the car. All I wanted was a good, refreshing cup of coffee and nothing more. I unlocked the door and walked in. As I did, something caught my eye in the living room.
    “Hi, Frank”
    “Mikey?” I gasped with an awkward smirk. “W-what-“
    “What am I doing here? Oh nothing much…” He bought a long purple pipe to his lips “Just getting high with life”
    I walked over to him and looked at the table.
  10. I think I'm in love with this already! I f**king love Wilfred! now I have an MCR version!
    Amazing! I loved it! can't wait for the next update!
  11. CrimsonRiver

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    Like, wow. That was amazing. Lovin' creepy Mikey! He is my favourite person so far.
  12. -melovesMCRXx-

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    OMG, I friggen LOVE Wilfred!
    And this is an MCR version? That's just even better, can't wait for more :)
  13. Yep! This is MCR xD
    Thanks for commenting, I'll be updating in 3-5 days. Long time I guess, but I've got other stories to write, homework and blah!

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