Favourite Pictures Of Ray

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Dawn, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. crescendo.

    crescendo. il mio amore

    holy f**k, he has some niiice muscles!!
  2. MrBoggins

    MrBoggins Jesus take the PRNDL!

  3. I like the one of Ray sleeping. Wonder if the guys drew mustaches on him?
  4. PlanetaryGoGo

    PlanetaryGoGo Media Division

    Tehe, giggly Ray is giggly.
  5. I like the shot of him with Gerard and Mikey. Delicious!
  6. [​IMG]



    Ray is just amazing
  7. PlanetaryGoGo

    PlanetaryGoGo Media Division

    :wub: Can I get a Ray cuddle?
    Gotta love this man, he's awesome.
  8. The first pic is my favourite. Close up Ray!
  9. [​IMG]
    ^^that has got to be one of my top five favourites for Ray

    and then in this one he's son young!
  10. Ray looking for something in the second pic? I'm sure many of us would love to help him find it.:devil::devil::devil:

    The first pic - he's such a cute little hairball.
  11. Roxaway

    Roxaway Guest

    Whoa he look so young in the last picture!

  12. Thud!:drool::drool:
  13. PlanetaryGoGo

    PlanetaryGoGo Media Division

    Let me love you, sir. :wub:
  14. MrBoggins

    MrBoggins Jesus take the PRNDL!

  15. Prufrock

    Prufrock Heretic

    ^ Hahahaaaa!

  16. crescendo.

    crescendo. il mio amore

    Blu-Ray :lol: That's hilarious.
  17. I kind of wish I had never cut my hair because mine used to look exactly like his and his hair is amazing :mosh:

    Sigh hair, just grow already
  18. I like Blu Ray!

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