Fave pics of Frank

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by burned_rose, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    He is quite infuriatingly good looking, really, isn't he?
  2. LizRadcliffe

    LizRadcliffe New Member

    *nods head*
    Hell yeah!
  3. PunkAssMofo!

    PunkAssMofo! Fuzake n Na!

    Yes, he is.
  4. Ashleigh

    Ashleigh New Member

    Frankie is hot :p
  5. hellsxbells

    hellsxbells Guest


    Try beautiful.
  6. Yes ,,
    Definitely beautiful..
    He is the most beautiful boy
    That I have ever and will ever see =]
  7. beksin

    beksin New Member

    if Frankie was to be any more beautiful, i would pass out from the beautifulness =]
  8. BlackCross53

    BlackCross53 New Member

    From 1-10 I give him 45
  9. Rhia

    Rhia New Member

    ^^ i give him 864 xP
  10. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    How about you all just bloody well give him ten, seeing as that's the most you could give in a bracket of one to ten.
    Else it could go on forever and it's bloody pointless/stupid.
  11. Megan

    Megan New Member

    OHHHHH Cheesy time:

    You can't number perfection.

    Check that out.
  12. PunkAssMofo!

    PunkAssMofo! Fuzake n Na!

    [email protected] the fact that everyone got told.
  13. Ok I'm back again!
    And I brought pictures!
    Yay! =]
    -Jumps up and down-
    Ok so lets get this show on the road ..
    He are the pictures of the one .. the only ..

    R.I.P Pansy :'(


    P.S - Sorry for the whole "intro" thing ..
    As you can tell I am kind fo hyper right now xP
    ( Kind of being a total understatement ! )
  14. BlackCross53

    BlackCross53 New Member

    I didnt know he had a guitar called bella.
  15. Jodie

    Jodie Guest

    isn't one of his dogs named Bella
  16. forever_now

    forever_now New Member

    i like the expression on his face :$:
  17. I know I absolutely LOVE that picture!
    It is definitely one of my faves =]
  18. PunkAssMofo!

    PunkAssMofo! Fuzake n Na!

    i love that.
  19. ParanoidPyro

    ParanoidPyro New Member

    my dogs name is Bella heheh :]
  20. Becca

    Becca Lady of Sorrows

    all of those pictures were just amazing :drool:

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