Epiphone Or Gibson

Discussion in 'Musician's Corner' started by LambertoSC, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. LambertoSC

    LambertoSC New Member

    EphiPhOne - GibSoN
  2. Vega

    Vega Cosmonaut

    1. DoNt TyPe LiKe ThIs. It's annoying and people are going to make fun of you.

    2. Try to be more descriptive rather than just two words.

    3. What model are you looking at exactly? I'd personally go with an Epiphone since they are cheaper. I'd only buy a Gibson if I was very serious about the band and I wanted the best sound. But you can have a bad butt guitar and no amp tweaking skills and it will still sound like poop.
  3. burned_rose

    burned_rose New Member

    Gibson all the way!
  4. Indy

    Indy Active Member

    My thoughts exactly.
  5. Vega

    Vega Cosmonaut

  6. rawrx1394

    rawrx1394 Guest

    woahh. im totally lost, details would be nice..

  7. burriedinblack

    burriedinblack New Member

    Epiphone is more affordable, but Gibsons are expensive but saweet.
  8. Don Ricalo

    Don Ricalo Panda Bear.

    For someone as retarded as you, I suggest a Stagg.
  9. Chrissy

    Chrissy Active Member

    ^^ Richard your post made the other half of my day.

    I think for people to give opinions you should have more information.

    Sergio is right type like that and you will be mocked...
  10. XOMBIE

    XOMBIE Guest

    whichever one feels right when you hold and play it.
  11. Don Ricalo

    Don Ricalo Panda Bear.

    They make identical shaped models.

    Also, upon further thought, you should get an acoustic.

    Then when your poop playing annoys your parents enough, they can smash it over your head.
  12. LambertoSC

    LambertoSC New Member

    thanks for yours answers. Gibsons Rocks and Ephipone is ok and less expensive Im Going to buy one zakk Ephiphone. I'm 5 years with the guitar only next I'm going to buy Gibson LOL THNX
  13. Thingybobbydoodaah

    Thingybobbydoodaah New Member

  14. PlanetaryGoGo

    PlanetaryGoGo Media Division

    I'm a Fender player, but I'd go with a Gibson without even thinking if I had to chose from those two.
  15. Gibson :D Of course ..Just sounds better when I play them :) Epiphone is still great but Gibson all the way
  16. Claire.

    Claire. Photographic Disorder.

    Gibson > Epiphone
    Obviously, as Epiphone is the cheap side brand for Gibson.
    I own a blue sunburst Epiphone Les Paul Standard, it's a great guitar and more than affordable. I also have a Squier, so I can tell you for sure that Epiphone >> Squier (mine isn't too bad, but I've seen Squier guitars that really suck).
    There are other alternatives though.
    My boyfriend got a second hand Fenix, looks like a Gibson, plays like one, cost much less. You just have to look through various guitar shops and hope you get lucky ;D
  17. Freiheit483

    Freiheit483 Member

    Gibson as I am a Gibson player :)

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