Dreamers dream, while the rest of us live. (Killjoys)

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  1. Title: Dreamers dream, while the rest of us live.
    Rating: 15+ (Bad language, violence)
    Main Characters: Gerard (Party Poison), Mikey (Kobra Kid), Frank (Fun Ghoul), Ray (Jet Star), Lily (Lucid Darkness), Keshia (Venom Noise), Lauzz (Art Breaker).
    Summary: A dream of a better tomorrow. A nightmare of what the future holds. Together, we stand proud. Apart, we cease to exist in a world of fear.
    Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance.
    Chapter Index:
    Chapter one - page one.
    Chapter two - page one.
    Chapter three - page one.
    Chapter four - page two.
    Chapter five - page two.
  2. Party Poison's POV.

    Everything was muffled, like someone had cupped their hands over my ears. The what I supposed to be thin concrete, cracked as my head hit the floor, shards of it flying up into the air. My hair began to stick to my head, the blood that was pouring from my head slowly starting to spread on the floor beneath me.

    My vision began to blur, small black spots flitting in and out of view as I began to lose consciousness. My eyes rolled back into my head, my vision disappearing completely. All I could see was black, never ending darkness.

    Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a pair of arms wrapped around me tightly. I used all the strength I had left to cling onto this person, this saviour.

    Through the muffled mist of noises I was hearing, came a clear voice, shattering the black, dark world like glass.

    “Party Poison, don't you dare leave me now!”

    I gagged, my breath rasping as I tried to talk. No words were coming out, my throat was as dry as sandpaper.

    Then came the silence. If silence was the most powerful scream, then my scream was as loud as a jet engine.

    I woke up abruptly, fighting with my thin bed sheets as the scream escaped my lips. My hands rose to my throat, my own grimy nails digging into the skin. I shut up pretty quickly when the pain hit home, but Kobra Kid rushed in anyways. His arms wrapped around me, stroking my hair. “It's only a dream..” He whispered.

    I whimpered tenderly. “The dreams, they hurt.”


    I watched as sun rose slowly into the dull morning sky. My forehead rested on the window, as I looked out the glass panes, watching as the colours made by the rising sun changed. They grew more vivid with the passing time, the sun making the sky more radiant as it climbed higher and higher into the sky.

    I sighed delicately and went to sit back down. My coffee was still hot, small swirls of steam rising from the polystyrene cup. The stack of crumpled newspapers lay on the table, the one I was reading open to the 4th page.

    It was an old newspaper, they all were. I was just skimming, looking for hints or anything that could help us. Us as in me, my brother, Kobra Kid, and Jet Star and his niece, Lucid Darkness. We were Killjoys. We lived in an old diner, it was abandoned and a mess, but it was better than living out there. Out there, under the scorching sun. We were banding of people, fighting for a normal life. Fighting to stay alive.

    I heard the door open, and I glanced up, brushing my hair from my eyes quickly so I could see. In walked Lucid Darkness, rubbing her eyes with her sleeves. I smiled at her when her eyes caught me, and then looked back down at the paper.

    “It's early. How long have you been up?” She murmured and shuffled past me, in the direction of the coffee machine.

    “Uh.. Few hours, I didn't sleep well.” I shook my head, as if to shake off the nightmares creeping up on me. “I wouldn't have coffee if I was you, it's not particularly nice. You'll spit it out, I bet.” I retaliated. She turned and raised an eyebrow at me. I shrugged slightly. When she turned back to the machine, obviously not taking my advice, I bit down on my tongue, hard. My eyes filled with water, but it stopped me saying something stupid.

    “Why didn't you sleep well?” She muttered, sitting on the barstool next to mine. I shrugged again. She gave up, slurping the fresh coffee. As I'd predicted, she spat it everywhere. She then got up, walked towards the door of which she had entered, and left the room, probably to search one of the back rooms for some nice coffee.

    I shouted down the corridor, loudly. “I've looked, don't bother.” She sighed exasperatedly, and walked back into the main room. Kobra Kid's door opened and his head poked around the door, he was half awake.

    “Would you two shut up? I was sleeping y'know.” He stumbled out, and traipsed into the room where myself and Lucid Darkness were.

    “Lemme guess.. Low on coffee, again? It's because that’s the only thing we all seem to drink. Why doesn't no-one drink tea or water?” He said, sitting sideways on a booth seat.

    Lucid Darkness chuckled. “Kobra, you're moaning. And you need a haircut.” She said, pulling on a strand of blonde hair that fell down around his face.

    Jet Star walked into the room, and declared, “Well, someone’s gonna have to go out, we're running out of essentials.”

    I exhaled. “I'll go. I've got nothing better to do, not really.”

    A few seconds later, and Lucid Darkness spoke up. “I'll go too.” My hand tightened on the counter absent-mindedly.

    Jet Star's “protective-uncle” mode kicked in almost instantly. “No, you're not going. I will. I'm dressed, we can leave now. That way, we'll be back the day after tomorrow. Earlier maybe.” Her bottom lip edged out slightly, a small pout forming on her face.

    “I wanted to go.. I never get to go.”

    “Tough, it's too dangerous. You're 18, wipe that pout off your face and stop acting like a child.” He chuckled, and she smiled slightly. There was something about Jet Star's laugh that could trigger a smile in anyone, it was infectious. I stood up, walked over to the coat-rack by the door and pulled on my jacket. I slid my mask over my head, and down over my eyes then turned back to face everyone. I received an approving nod from Jet Star as he threw me my ray gun. I caught it, locked it and slit it into the thigh holster I was wearing. Jet Star rolled his eyes at my apparent theatrics and I could feel the smile spreading across my face.

    “Let's go.”
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    You have no idea how long I've waited for you to come on here and post this.
    You already know my opinion on it but I'll just tell you again that I love it so much.

    Kobra and Jet have infectious personalities and its only the first chapter.
    Looking forward to the next installment, kitten whiskers.
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    Ohh Killjoy story...I think I'm going to like this
  5. Chapter two.

    Jet Star cut the engine and suddenly, all the usual sounds of busy life were subdued. There were no signs of life in this derelict town, everything was silent. I pushed the door open and clambered out, closing it slowly so not to disturb the peacefulness. Jet Star got out of his side of the car, and followed me up to the front of the house.

    The door swung open gradually, my hand still on the door handle. A cold draft blew past, and I shivered lightly, goosebumps raising on my arms. Jet Star guarded my back, ray gun raised in front of his head as he shadowed my movement into the house.

    I made my way through the rooms, keeping an eye out for movement, of any kind. Not that we'd get any, but still. These houses were deserted, and had been since Korse rose up into power. People fled, across country barriers and oceans, to escape his wrath.

    I walked through what would be seen as a living room, and into a kitchen. There was still dishes on the drying rack, still glass pots of herbs and spices on the shelves. 3 years, nothing had changed since the day whoever lived here left. Upon opening the cupboard, I smiled wryly. Tins of food filled it, tins of food I so desperately craved. I pulled the empty rucksack off my bag, and started piling them into it. Jet Star stood behind me, back to back with me, covering me.

    I slammed the door shut, forgetting all plans to keep everything quiet. I opened the next cupboard, and laughed loudly at the sigh of a coffee jar. Jet Star turned, his arm reached over mine and he started piling things into his own rucksack.

    “What do you think you're doing?” I stopped dead, freezing sharply. Jet Star had stopped moving too, his arm still over my shoulder, hand around a jar.

    “She said, what are you doing?” They were female voices, the second different from the first. The first was higher in pitch, ever so slightly, maybe a younger girl.

    I turned slowly and looked at the two girls stood in the kitchen doorway. A brunette stood with her ray gun raised, pointed straight at me. The girl behind her was a bright blonde, her hand on the other's shoulder protectively. I kept my eyes on her. She was no Drac, and neither was her friend. She was one of us, they both were. I was wary though. It didn't make sense, two Killjoys appearing, when myself, Jet Star, Lucid Darkness and Kobra Kid were the only people left. Everyone had fled. Fled to other countries, where they had a hope of being safe.

    Jet Star stepped forward, holding out his hand. He was too fast to put his trust into others. The brunette eyed him cautiously, then lowered her gun, holding her own hand out to him. They shook hands firmly, his hazel eyes locked on her green ones, both guarded.

    “Jet Star.” He said proudly, the sense of responsibility he felt that came with name clear in his voice.

    “Venom Noise. This is Art Breaker.” She said, indicating her friend, who was obviously as reluctant as I was. She spoke again. “Why are you.. stealing?”

    “How else are we supposed to survive?” Jet Star replied. I had the sudden urge to boot him one, and by the look in Art Breaker's eyes, I could tell she felt the same about Venom Noise.

    Venom Noise turned to Art Breaker and whispered something to her, making vague hand gestures while she spoke hurriedly and unintelligibly. Art Breaker listened to her, eyes narrowing.

    “For f**ks sake, Venom.” She said straight out, sighed exasperatedly, then walked out of the room quickly. There was a loud stamping sound, like someone running heavy footed down wooden stairs. Venom Noise turned back and shrugged apologetically.

    “Sorry about that..” She muttered, sliding her hands into her pockets. “Can I ask.. Why you're stealing from my house? ...Who are you anyway?”

    I raised an eyebrow.

    “That's odd. Two of the most wanted people in California, possibly all of the American States, and you don't know who we are? Something's not right.”

    Her eyes widened momentarily and she laughed. “You haven't the faintest clue. C'mon, follow me.” She also walked out of the room quickly, still laughing. Jet Star caught me eye for a split second, then followed her out of the room. I exhaled irritably and tagged along behind them.

    Venom Noise showed us to a set of stairs, then ran down them hurriedly, swinging back the jet black curtain at the bottom step. Jet Star looked at me again. I could see that he trusted her. And he could see that I did not. But my faith was in Jet Star. He wouldn't do anything, if he thought something bad would happen. He walked down the stairs cautiously, and I shadowed him. He held the curtain back for a second then walked past it, and into what ever was on the other side. I lingered for a second then followed.

    It was a basement. But it looked like it had been lived in. Blankets were strewn messily in the corner, a few pillows thrown in too. There were charts, notes, maps and all sorts of documents taped and pinned up on the opposite wall to the stairs.

    Jet Star was stood in the middle of the room, while Venom Noise stood next to him. Art Breaker was stood with her back to all of us, her hand on her hip, her body turned to the wall of notes. My eyes widened slightly, taking in the sight before me. An underground.. Home.
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    That line made me crack up.

    Awesome, lovely. Although I'm not sure I like Art Breaker's attitude right now. Looking forward to more!
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    Great chapter!
    An underground home is a good idea haha
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  10. Sorry, this one is a tad short. It's more of a 'meanwhile, back home' kinda thing, if that makes sense.

    Chapter three.

    Kobra Kid's POV.

    “I love him. More than my own life.. And..” Lucid Darkness paused.


    I was sat on her bed beside her. There must be at the very least, over 50 pieces of paper crumpled up on the floor.

    “I just feel like.. Like I'm useless around him. His nightmares wake me up most nights.. The way he screams in his sleep. And he gets..” She stuttered again, but I kept my eyes on hers as an indication to continue. “These crippling headaches, from the burning sun, so he can't do anything without wincing. And it hurts me so much to see him like that. It makes me feel like a God-awful person when I wish away these feelings. He would never feel as I do. I just.. I don’t know what to think anymore.” She brought her knees up to her chest, wrapped her arms around herself and turned away from me ever so slightly.

    I got to my feet. Before leaving the room, I paused at the door, looking at her.

    “We don't talk about that day much for a reason. The day Party Poison almost died.” I could see her flinch at my words, but I continued anyway. “We headed towards almost certain death. We rushed in, all guns with blazing, without a moments though. We didn't have a plan, or maps, or anything of the sort. We were almost captured, then Party got knocked down.”

    She looked away from me again, tears in her eyes. I frowned, I didn't want her to be sad.

    “I rescued him from BL/ind HQ. I had the still-warm blood running from his head down my arms, as he bled to death. I carried his limp body to that car. I held his hand tightly while Jet Star fought to save his life. And yet, you're the only one he comes to when the world gets too much for him. Not me, his own flesh and blood. Not Jet, the reason he's even alive today. You. Have you ever thought about why that is?” She shook her head slowly. “It's 'cause he loves you. Think about that.” Her eyes slid shut and I left the room, kicking a balled up piece of paper as I did.

    It rolled down the hallway. I grabbed at it and leaned my back against the cold wall. It was creased, but I could still make out the word, written over a hundred times, again and again.

    The dreams, they hurt.
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    I love how you repeated that line at the end.
    I love this.
    I love you.
  12. Thanks for the great replies people.

    This chapter is a bit long, oh well. I've put it up tonight, I had a bit of a creative streak and thought well, why not, eh? Heh.

    Chapter four.

    Party Poison's POV.

    I kicked a rock in frustration, watching it as it skimmed the dust. Sometimes, Jet Star was just a little too nice. He'd acted on impulse, and asked Venom Noise and Art Breaker to come stay with us, on the basis of we needed all the help we could get.

    It turned out, they were secret agents, of sorts. Dr Death Defying had been working with them, working to find a gap in the BL/ind's defences. They'd been working in their underground “base” since Korse rose. They had initially been 3 of them. They'd explained that one day, while sneaking upstairs to do usually day to day things, the house had been raided by Dracs. And their male compatriot had been snatched by them.

    I still wasn't sure if I trusted them completely. I had to agree, I wasn't a monster, and they needed somewhere better to stay.

    I looked up, plastering a fake smile on my face as I heard someone walk towards me. I dropped the pretence instantly as Art Breaker walked towards me, carrying bags. She squeezed them into the boot and slammed the hood down, stalking past me.

    “I don't like this as much as you, y'know?” I spoke, tapping my hand on the car softly. She turned and shrugged.

    “Oh well. If it brings down Korse, it's worth it. We'll just have to get along, right?”

    I thought about this, then nodded. She shrugged again, gave me a quick smile and went back into the house. Huh. Maybe she was alright.


    The car tyres squealed, Jet Star slamming hard on the brakes as we pulled up outside the diner. Our bodies jerked forward then flung back into our seats. I pushed Jet Star's arm as he cut the engine.

    “Dangerous driver, you are.” He laughed, climbing out of the car.

    “Better driver than you.” I shook my head and got out, walking around to the boot of the car.

    I looked up at the sun, frowning. My mind felt fogged up, cloudy. Like a thick blanket of smoke was shrouding my mind. I knew this feeling, it happened all too often. I gritted my teeth and balled my hands into fists momentarily, then took a deep breath.

    I started pulling bags out, dodging around Venom Noise and Art Breaker as I carried them into the diner. Heaving them up onto the table, a soft whimper escaped my lips.

    Kobra Kid walked into the room at that precise moment, face lightening up when he saw me.

    “We've got.. Guests, just to warn you.” I croaked softly, sliding into the seat beside the table. My hand fell into my hands, tresses of red hair hanging over my fingers. The searing pain in my head was making me want to scream. I could feel the worried stare of Kobra Kid boring into my back. I looked up at him and whispered softly. “Lucid?”

    “In her room, painting.” His brow furrowed. Before he could speak another word, I shoved away from the table, leaving the room as fast as possible.

    Lucid Darkness' POV.

    I put my paintbrush down. New voices floated were floating through the walls. Both female. But before I could go investigate, Party Poison walked into my room, clutching at his head. He slumped onto the bed next to me.

    “Head hurting again?” I whispered, shoving my art stuff of my lap and onto the cold tiled floor. He nodded weakly and I pulled him into my arms. My hands ran through his hair soothingly. The knotted tresses unwound themselves.

    We sat in pure silence for a while. Myself and Party Poison both liked to block out the world. The world outside of my door was a universe of fear, enough danger to last you a lifetime. In here, in my little room, with paintings on the walls and bare floors, there was nothing but authentic bliss.

    “Party?” I whispered after a while of peacefulness. He tilted his head to look at me. Those beautiful hazel eyes. His eyes had a certain undefinable sparkle to them. Alluring. They held my own gaze for a while before I could talk.

    “I.. I was talking to Kobra Kid this morning.”

    “Mm?” I was sat on his lap with his arms wrapped around my waist. My thumb traced gently over his cheekbone. His skin was as smooth as a rose petal, soft as a cloud on a sunny day.

    “And.. I was just..” I dropped my head against his chest, not wanting to continue with my words any longer. His finger came to my chin and tilted my head up. Those eyes again. I didn't understand how one person could be so beautiful. I just.. I didn't understand.

    “What's bothering you?” He whispered softly and nudged his nose against mine. I felt my cheeks heating up, a soft blush forming softly. I hid my face from him, wrapping my arms around his neck tightly so he had no view of me. I felt his chest rise and then fall underneath me as he sighed softly. “I can't tell my brother anything, can I?” He muttered quietly. I could feel his hands balling into fists, as they rested on my back. How would I tell him? How would I express my feelings for him, without coming across a pathetic little girl with a crush?

    “Gerard.” I whispered faintly. That got his attention straight away. We never ever used our real names. I loosened my arms around his neck so I could look him directly in the eyes. The 3 little words that I wanted to say were revolving around in my mind, making me dizzy behind the eyes. “I love you.” I declared almost inaudibly, but yet my voice still managed to break on the last word. Me, the person you'd least expect to confess her feelings, just did it. There, that was it. And Party Poison just stared. His eyes glazed over. They became almost shiny, a thin layer of tears that were yet to fall. “Party?” I whispered again. He became active again, his arms tightening around my waist.

    “I love you.” His face broke out into a smile, he muttered as the tears slowly leaked, leaving trails down his cheeks. I wiped them away with my thumbs, counting each one. I threw my arms around his neck when I was sure that no more would leave his eyes. I was filled with an odd happy sensation. Like I was finally free, like a dove being released from captivity. And it felt wonderful.
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    That's the bit I've been waiting for you to post and I love you for it.
  14. Sorry for the late-ish reply guys, been a bit busy lately. This is a bit short, I think.

    Chapter five.

    Venom Noise's POV.

    I sat on a bar stool-like seat, my hands folded in my lap. Art Breaker leaned on the table in front of me, arms crossed across her chest. I could feel her eyes on me, but I dared not look at her. I kept my eyes on the floor as I recited what we had already told to Jet Star and Party Poison. All about how Dr. Death Defying had recruited myself, Art Breaker and Fun Ghoul almost immediately after Korse declared his... Leadership. He'd looked for us especially. We all had certain qualities, certain talents, so to speak.

    Art Breaker had been a psychologist. She had worked with leading scientists and famous doctors, and she knew the mind better than anyone I knew. She knew why you did something, before you did yourself. And she was brilliant at making people feel better. That's one of the reasons why we'd been great friends for so long.

    I supposed I had a way with words. I could talk my way out of a murder sentence, if I had to. All it took was knowing when to say the right things, and how to say them. I've stopped people on the edge of suicide, brought people back from hopelessness. Personally, I had never even considered this as being a good thing. Only when Dr. Death Defying came to me, did I see what a difference I could actually make.

    And then there was Fun Ghoul. Frank had been a musician. Capable of playing every instrument you could name. Sung like an angel, if you asked nicely. On the first day I met him, I didn't understand why he was with us. I couldn't place a reason as to why we needed a man who could play an instrument and sing. 3 weeks into research, I discovered that reason. Living in an underground base, only coming out once a day or sometimes less, with no connections to the outside world bar a radio transmitter, you start to lose yourself. Surrounded by notes, maps, textbooks, sketches, and blueprints, all memories of the life you used to lead begin to fade. The only way myself and Art Breaker stayed sane, after 3 years of figuring, was thanks to Fun Ghoul's musical talents.

    I stopped speaking at that point, Art Breaker carrying on with my words almost instantaneously. I didn't want to talk about Fun Ghoul. The reason I was still sane, was the reason I was going insane. Insane with regret and guilt.

    It was my fault. Fun Ghoul, the reason I was still sane, safe from hysteria and delusion, was taken by Dracs. Our comrade, now in captivity, dead or alive I did not know. I had stood by while he called my name out. I remained hidden in the shadows as they tied up his wrists, gagged and bound him. I didn't do anything. I could have stopped them. I could have easily taken one Drac out with my raygun, and taken the other out with pure force. But no, I lingered in the dark, frozen with cowardice. That's what I was. A coward.

    I attempted to tune back into the conversation, only to discover there was no conversation. Silence had filled the room, and I could feel all eyes on me. I didn't want to make eye contact with anyone. Art Breaker would know what was running through my mind right now. The same things would be going through her mind. I did not dare look up at either Kobra Kid or Jet Star. They would not understand my guilt, and neither did I want their sympathy. Sympathy made it worse. Art Breaker stopped consoling me for this a long time ago. She had said that it was not my fault. That I could do nothing. But oh, how wrong she was.

    "So.. I guess we're working together now." Jet Star said softly. I nodded.

    "We always were."
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    I love the last line so much.
    Great chapter <3
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    It so awesome! :'D ooh, will they save Fun Ghoul?! I ship Party and Lucid. :D Pucid... no. Larty maybe? n_n
  17. Hey guys, I won't be able to post the next chapter for a while, I've some really important exams and I'm having a bit of troubles and stuff. Sorry for the delay. Love ya.

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