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  1. Katelyn McFly

    Katelyn McFly Dr. DeathDefying

    Various lyrics, poems, drabbles (stories with 500 words or less),
    and other short stories for your reading pleasure.
    Suited for all audiences unless stated otherwise.

    Table of Contents
    Beautiful (Drabble) - Pg. 1
    Heartbeat (Short-story) - Pg. 1
    Fighter (Lyrics) - Pg. 1

  2. Katelyn McFly

    Katelyn McFly Dr. DeathDefying


    Words: 282
    Rating: 15+
    Type: Drabble


    After you're gone, people will ask, you know, about you.
    They'll want to know what happened.
    Want to know, "Was it all a lie? Was it real?"
    There will be even more questions. I know it.
    People just can't get by these days without asking them.
    Soon they will get even more personal, even more invasive, even more rude.
    One right after another, they will ask,
    "What was she really like?
    Under those clothes, that hair, the makeup,
    Was she really beautiful?"


    Should I tell them?
    Tell them how your hair shimmered in even the dimmest of light?
    How your eyes could say a million words, and then some?
    What about that little wrinkle over your nose you get whenever you laugh, or you're thinking really hard about something?
    Or how you always turn your paper sideways when you write, just so your hand wouldn't smear the ink?

    Details like that won't matter to them.
    They won't want to know about the little things that made me love you more each day.
    If that was even possible.
    No, they'll want the gossip-worthy details.
    They'll want to know why you didn't accept that award.
    Why you never talked to your parents.
    Or how you could never keep the same publicist for more than a few weeks.

    But most of all, they'll want to know why you left.
    They'll want to know why you killed yourself.
    Ask me, "Why didn't you stop her?
    Why didn't you save her?"
    As if I could have.
    As if anyone could have.
    So when they ask, because I know they will,
    I think I'll tell them,
    "She was a beautiful, intelligent, wonderful, loving, disaster."
  3. Katelyn McFly

    Katelyn McFly Dr. DeathDefying


    Words: 636
    Rating: 15+
    Type: Short Story


    He held her hand so tightly that parts of her fingers were starting to go numb. Normally so gentle with her, his urgency could be felt not only in his grip, but though his speed as well. She tried her best to run at his rapid pace, but the large bag she'd strapped across her body swung heavily about her legs, threatening to trip her at any moment.

    "Hurry, babe, hurry!"

    He glanced back, saw how she was struggling with the over-sized duffel bag, and abruptly stopped for just a moment to take it from her. She was apologizing profusely, again. It was something she did almost by nature. This time it was because they'd overslept. Somehow she felt she was fully responsible.

    "Sweetheart, it's fine! Just try to keep up with me. The cab won't wait much longer."

    The pair stumbled out onto the busy sidewalk, he still leading her while craning his neck above the sea of heads and umbrellas. That was something they hadn't had the time to grab, unfortunately. The both of them were soaked almost instantly after stepping out from beneath the hotel's canopy.

    Spotting the yellow sedan almost immediately, he pulled her along through the rain, making others on the street disperse to avoid being trampled over. Reaching the door first, he wrenched it open, tossed in her bag, then turned to face her.

    Even though her long curls were plastered to her face and her mascara was starting to run, he didn't think he'd ever seen a more beautiful sight. Reaching out, he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and kissed her. They had seconds, if even, but he would make them count.

    "Take this," he instructed between kisses. In her hand he stuffed a few crumpled up bills for the cab fare.

    She stepped back and on her face was a mixture of sadness and slight fear. This made her look even more youthful and innocent. He wanted so badly to take it back, to be going with her. It would only be a few days before he saw her again, but it was a few days without being able to kiss her, to hold her, or to even see her beautiful face.

    "It's only for a little while," he promised, kissing her forehead. He helped her into the backseat of the cab even though he wanted nothing more than to pull her back into his arms.
    "I love you."

    She placed a small hand against the window when he closed the door and he matched it with his own on the outside. Though he couldn't hear it, he saw the words I love you too fall from her lips.

    He watched a little piece of himself go when the cab pulled away from the curb. His fiance, his love, his very essence of being was on her way back home. Maybe when she called him later from their small studio apartment he'd feel more at ease about their separation, but he doubted it. Somehow he just never felt whole unless she was close by.

    With a soft sort of bittersweet smile on her face, he saw her looking though the back window of the cab.
    "See you soon," he mouthed, hoping she'd be able to make it out as her taxi gathered speed.

    The blink of an eye, the flash of a bulb, a heartbeat.
    That's how suddenly love can enter your life.
    And it's how fast it can be ripped away.

    The semi truck came out of nowhere. A horn blaring, tires squealing, and the heart-wrenching sound of twisting metal would forever ring in his ears. But worst of all, even worse than the sight of the wreck, was hearing his love's high resounding scream.
    The very last sound she would ever make.
  4. Katelyn McFly

    Katelyn McFly Dr. DeathDefying


    Rating: 15+
    Type: Lyrics


    He knocked me down again
    Pulled out all the stops
    This time I fought him back
    'till someone called the cops.

    "Somebody help her, please,
    She can't take him alone
    I think he's killing her!"
    The cops heard through the phone

    What the neighbor didn't know was that I'd gotten stronger
    I wasn't going to stand for beatings any longer, no.
    What I'd done would get me twenty-five to life
    But they weren't going to take me in alive

    Oh, I'm not over,
    No, not just yet
    There's still some fight in these bones
    Go on and place your bets

    Ten on the girl in the curls and the blood-stained dress
    The one with the gun in her hands and her hair a mess
    They'll know my name and the fame I brought to this town
    They'll know why I didn't cry before I shot him down.

    But I'm not over
    No, not just yet.

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