[Drabble] Radiant Eclipse

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    Title: Radiant Eclipse
    Rating: U
    Disclaimer: This story is fiction. I don't own Arin Ilejay, Synyster Gates or the song Radiant Eclipse
    Main Characters: Arin Ilejay, Synyster Gates
    Summary: A full moon. And the beauty that comes with it
    Genre: Mystery (werewolf)


    It was a full moon. I remember that night still. It was after the show. The guys and I went out to party. Only Brian stayed behind. I wondered why, so after a while I went back. It was a festival we had played and most people had left the ground now. I heard that dark growl long before I saw him. That creature. His eyes sparkling in the full moons light. I didn't know what happened. I only remembered my scream and the sharp pain I felt when his claws scratched my back when I ran. And then the sharp pain in my shoulder. I can't tell why he chose me or what he did. But tonight was a full moon again. I smiled up at it. He held out his hand to me and looked at me. His soft brown, almost golden eyes. That smirk I'd recognize everywhere no matter where I was. It was our full moon. The full moon that united us. And we were here to celebrate it.

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