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    This is tense! Poor little girl, I can't wait for where you take it next.
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    Chp 5

    Several days passed by before Elise let her guard down. She wandered around outside alone; her neighborhood was safe, but with Derek creeping around it didn’t seem too safe. Maybe he had changed? Elise never saw him. Scarlett never mentioned a man talking to her…

    Until the day Skylar popped up saying he had to go to Los Angeles for a training course. He would be gone for four weeks and he had two options; take the course and get a raise or don’t take the course and risk losing his job. So, he flew out leaving Scarlett and Elise in the house.


    “Yes, sweetheart?”

    “Why did daddy have to go, again?” she never lifted her eyes from her coloring book and box of crayons.

    “So he can keep his job,” Elise muttered scribbling in another coloring book.

    “Is something wrong, mommy?” she murmured. Scarlett seemed to be acting kind of strange that day; quiet, but not reclusive. Maybe it was a stage?

    “Not that I know of. Did someone say something?” her mother asked putting down her crayon.

    “No, everybody sounds worried all the time,” Scarlett stated with a soft voice. “Is someone in trouble?”

    “Not that I know of, sweetie,” Elise mumbled giving her daughter a concerned gaze. “Has daddy, Frank, or Jamia said anything around you?”

    “No. Frankie and aunt Jamia whisper sometimes… I don’t think they like me anymore,” Scarlett groaned putting her purple crayon in the box then retrieved a green one. “Do they not like me no more, mommy? Did I do something bad?”

    “They love you, sweetheart. Adults are just weird,” Elise explained as she scooted around the coffee table to join her daughter on the other side. “Daddy and I love you, so does Uncle Frank and Aunt Jamia. You should never think that someone doesn’t love you.” She wrapped her arms around her then kissed her temple, “Even when you doubt it, you know I’ll always love you.”

    Scarlett looked up at her mother and smiled, “Mommy, I’ll always love you…” She wrapped her small arms around Elise’s torso then squeezed.

    After a couple of hours of coloring and talking, Elise popped in a movie—Hotel Transylvania—so her and Scarlett could unwind and relax. Scarlett always enjoyed Halloween themed movies. Elise sunk into the couch shortly before she was joined by Scarlett who laid her head in her mom’s lap. Every now and then, she giggled and gently squeezed Elise’s knee.

    Of course, the phone rang; it always rings when you’re busy or having fun. Elise grabbed it and muttered, “Hello?” She didn’t want to interrupt Scarlett’s movie time.


    “Frank, not now…”

    “Elise, Derek…”

    “What about him?”

    He cleared his throat, “He spoke to me today; I was out jogging with one of my buddies and so was Derek… He asked about Scarlett.”

    “Well, he can…” she stopped herself when she remembered Scarlett was lying in her lap. “Dig a very deep hole and jump in…”

    “Don’t talk to Uncle Frank that way, mommy.”

    “I wasn’t saying that towards him; I was talking about someone else, sweetheart,” Elise giggled before Scarlett returned her eyes to the television. “What should I do?”

    “Well, Gerard advised to stay indoors.”

    “Who’s that?”

    “He’s the guy I jog with a couple of times a week,” Frank explained softly. “He used to work at the police department.”

    “So, he’s a police officer?”

    “Well, more of a receptionist-slash-deputy,” he laughed. “He said he did it for the money and lack of job openings…” Elise heard the Gerard guy in the background say something before Frank repeated him, “He said that you should stay indoors and get that EPO…”

    “I’ll get right on that,” she muttered sarcastically. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow. It’s bedtime.”

    Sorry it took me a week to update; I had my nephew for a few days and I've been super busy with school.

    This is the "era" of "Frank" that I based his character from; well, in the 'looks' department.
    Oh, and I made a banner...
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    Wow. I'm worried now.

    Don't worry about the delay, this was worth waiting for.
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    Chp 6

    Elise woke up early, dropped Scarlett off at his aunt’s and uncle’s, and then drove to the police department to request an emergency protective order against Derek. When she requested it and answered several questions, she was taken by surprise.

    “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but I cannot help you.”

    “Why not? He was in jail, why can’t you?” she asked calmly, but in a very firm tone.

    “He was in jail for drug use, drug trafficking, and violating his probation agreement,” he explained softly. “Has he confronted you in any way?”

    “Not me personally, but he threatened my daughter,” she muttered. “That’s personal enough, isn’t it.”

    “In that case, I can help you. I want to inform you that an EPO only lasts around 72 hours; from there you can file a TRO—temporary restraining order. Did he threaten her recently?” he scribbled a few notes down on a piece of paper.

    “Not really… He actually spoke to my friend who told me he kept asking about her,” she stumbled over her words nervously. “If it were me, I wouldn’t care, but he threatened to kill her before she was ever born. I received an EPO then and he ran off before I even had to file the TRO…”

    “Are you Elise?” another male voice asked.

    She glanced up and saw a man standing there with medium lengthy hazelnut hair, “Yes…”

    “I’m Gerard, your friend’s friend,” he noted extending his hand towards her.

    “You know her, Way?” the man asked receiving a nod from him. “I’ll let you file it since you know the friend she’s talking about.”

    “I was there when the guy asked about her daughter.”

    “Oh, pretty boy has inside info,” the man joked as Gerard led Elise away from the man’s desk to his own.

    He seated himself and signaled for her to sit on the other side of the desk, “Sorry about him, he’s hard to work with. Let’s get started so you can sign some papers…”

    “I think he spoke to Frank on purpose to spook me…”

    “Either way, I feel that you’ll be safer with an EPO. If you want, I can have one of the officers drive through your neighborhood a few times while they’re on their route. Would you like that?” Elise nodded silently then gave him a weak smile.
    I know it's short, but I have so much to do. I had to postpone a birthday party for 2 weeks because of snow and I finally get to have it tomorrow unless I wake up to snow or a flood (the river fork has been pretty high the last few days).
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    I missed TWO updates! ACK! When I miss an update, just smack me and tell me to get it in gear please.

    Okay... this Derek guy sounds like bad news. But he could just want an opportunity to be the father he hasn't been before. I'm not not making any judgements about him yet.

    But I'm trying to figure out how it all connects with Scarlett's being withdrawn... *cue suspenseful music*

    I'm patiently waiting for more! I know what it's like to be on the busy end of trying to write a story! *winks*
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    Sometimes you just have to remind yourself who you are. Elise realized that after she received a message from her ex-boyfriend, Scarlett's father. He was informed of the EPO, neither of them wanted to see each other in a courtroom, so they signed papers separately. He had written a note to Elise and Frank reluctantly delivered it.

    I had no intentions of doing anything to either of you, but I do understand your concern. I’m glad Scarlett was raised with such a wonderful mother and I am absolutely fine with Sky being her father figure. I couldn’t have wished her a better family.

    I was a terrible person, so the EPO does not offend or anger me. I just asked Frank how you all were doing. I do not intend on trying to force myself into the picture that I was not meant to be in. I’m out of jail and rehab, and now I’m working to better myself for the future.

    I wish you all the best.

    Elise refolded the note and stashed it away in the drawer. She kept thinking about how crazy she was for expecting the worse out of him, but then again… He threatened to take her life and the life of her/their unborn child.

    With the whole EPO thing, she hasn’t been paying Scarlett as much attention as she should. The order she filed lasted a week, so she had barely said ten words to Scarlett for three days. She took in a breath and made her way towards her daughter’s bedroom; on the small journey, she thought about her past.

    Growing up with two older brothers, Michael and Nathaniel, she reminisced watching them wrestle around. She remembered them picking at her and teasing her about boys, but when it came to her actually dating boys, they would become two grizzlies protecting their young. She remembered her parents, Aubrey and Joseph. Her father passed away when she was eleven, so that explained why her brothers were so protective. Her mother worked two jobs and rarely had the chance to spend time with her. Her mother now lived a few blocks away, Michael—the oldest sibling—lived in another county, and Nathaniel lived in New York.

    She cracked Scarlett’s door open and saw her laying in bed taking a nap. Elise noticed an open book lying across her chest, so she snuck in and picked up the book to put it in the box near the closet when a crayola drawing of a little girl and a woman fell out of it. The top read “mommy and me”. She smiled to herself and set the picture on her bed side table; she kind of wondered why Skylar was not in the picture, but he had been gone for several days, so that is probably the reason… Maybe she needed to call in blood relatives? She's only met Nathaniel a few times, Michael once, and saw her grammy several times within the passed year. That compared to how much time she had spent with Uncle Frank, a non-blood relative, seemed odd, but he lived closer and was like a brother to Elise.

    I love older brothers; I have one (which is where the michael name came from) and he's the best brother anyone could ever ask for.
    Sorry this update was short.
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    Don't worry about short, it was beautiful. Your writing does wonders for my mental health.

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