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    Rating: 15+

    Main Characters: Elise (OFC), Skylar(OC), Scarlett (OFC), Frank and appearances from other members of the band.

    Summary: A five year old girl keeps distancing herself from her family and friends, and the only person who is proven to change that has been her uncle [Frank]. "Don't you worry, don't you worry, child. Heaven's got a plan for you." (Swedish House Mafia)

    Genre: Drama, Family

    Author's Note: Updates will be... In and out due to my life; college/cosmetology, babysitting, family/friends, etc. This story is completely false.

    Chapter Index:
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    Chapter 7 - Page 3
  2. MarieArt

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    Chp 1

    A large sigh escaped her mouth as she wandered down the small hallway. All of the inspiration she had vanished before she was ever given the chance to begin typing anything. The cursor on the screen kept blinking as if it were mocking her. Her life had drawn to a sudden halt when she heard of a shooting at the local community college; barely a five minute drive from her home. Situations like that always seem very close to home for her after a scary run-in she had in high school.

    With books tightly hugged against her chest, she lingered down the hallway. Everyone was gone except for the theatre class because they were working on a production—she did the costumes and helped with the makeup and hair. Shouting echoed down the hallway as she approached the ‘crow’s nest’—the place where all of the lights are for plays, concerts, etc—door. The voice sounded familiar.

    “Leave me alone!”

    She set her books next to the door then jogged down the hallway to find two boys she had theatre class with; both of which work in the crow’s nest. She peered out from behind the corner and saw both of them sitting in the floor in front of another boy, a senior, yielding a pocket knife. He waved it around like he owned the world while another boy stood behind him with a can of spray paint.

    As she observed the scene, the senior turned to her.

    She stepped into the bathroom and glanced in the mirror at a now small scar right below her collarbone. “If it weren’t for Skylar and Frank…” Behind her, the reflection of a man smiled shyly at her. “If it weren’t for me and Frank, what?”

    “I wouldn’t be here,” she murmured turning around to face the small framed man.

    “Elise, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you… That boy would have killed both of us and no one would have known the culprit.” He stepped towards her and reached for her hands then leaned in to softly kiss her. “I’ll be home around seven; my manager called me in. Frank said he’d drop by around eight to babysit Scarlett so we can go out.”

    She nodded, “Okay. Scarlett loves her uncle Frankie.”

    Not too long after her husband, Skylar, left she peeked into the bedroom across the hallway from the bathroom. There still sleeping was her daughter, Scarlett. She was not Skylar’s daughter, but he treated her as such because he went to the hospital with Elise when Scarlett was born. Scarlett was a five year old girl full of life who loved to draw, finger paint, tell jokes and stories, and play, but there was another side of her. Some days, she would stay quiet and become a reclusive little girl. Normally, that only happened once a month, but the older she got the more often it happened.

    Elise stood in the hallway and glanced around visualizing several holiday parties and residual sounds of laughter. Frank’s the only person who is able to bring Scarlett out of her “reclusive episodes”.
    No, this is not a story of possession like the Exorcist. It's something different and possibly supernatural. Like I said, the supernatural thing is subject to change depending on how this story goes. I'm making it up as I go.
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    Whoa, ok, this looks intense. Is Skylar a man or woman though? You've got OFC in the description, but call refer to them as a husband.
  4. MarieArt

    MarieArt Champion of Losers

    Just realized that; Skylar's a boy. I got carried away with OFC; I meant to put OC for original character.
  5. Lokeriel

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    ^(I used to think that OFC meant "Original Fictional Character" so I wasn't really phased when it said "OFC" up top, and then referred to the character as "he" in the actual story.)

    Yay, you're writing, and I'm excited to read more of this! !
  6. MarieArt

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    I also used to think OFC was Other Fictional Characters too. Then within the past few years found out it was Original Female Characters. Haha.

    I might be able to type up another update tonight; I'm off on Monday for Martin Luther King, Jr. day, so I believe I thought of it just in time.
  7. Angila

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    Yay Shawna I love it! Can't wait for more!
  8. Miz Erie

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    Ooo, I like this. It has just that right amount of creepy vibe going for the introduction. More please?
  9. MarieArt

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    Chp 2

    “Uncle Frankie!” a small voice squealed as Elise reentered the living room from the bedroom; she disappeared for a few minutes to change her clothes and put on a little makeup. She saw Frank standing in the doorway with her daughter attached to his left leg. She smiled at him and buttoned up her light-gray knitted sweater. “How have you been, Frank?” she asked walking towards him. “How’s Jamia and your kids?”

    “They’re all great,” he replied with a beaming smile. This has to be the happiest she had ever seen him. “I was wondering if I could take Scarlett over to our house? Jamia hasn’t seen her in a long time and I think she’d enjoy play time with L and C.”

    “That sounds great!” Elise chirped at the sound of Scarlett getting to play with girls around her age.

    “What sounds great?” Skylar asked exiting the bathroom.

    “Scarlett spending time with the twins.”

    “Yes. You like the idea, Scar?” he stated seeing what she thought of the idea.

    “Yeah! Can I spend the night at Uncle Frank and aunt Jamia’s?!” The excitement in her voice was hard to turn down.

    “If they don’t mind, we don’t mind.” Elise squatted down as her daughter wrapped her little arms around her neck.

    “Sounds great! She still has some pajamas from last time,” Frank let her hug and kiss her mom and dad before she returned to him. “I’ll have her back by… Let’s say twelve or one tomorrow?”

    “That sounds good to me; we’re both off work tomorrow,” Elise responded feeling Scarlett’s excitement pour in her direction. She worked at an elementary school as a fifth and sixth grade English teacher, so she had weekends and summers off. She once taught art, but it was no longer in the budget for the small school.

    A few moments later, Frank hugged both Elise and Skylar, before Scarlett hugged and kissed both of them while she shouted, “Good night, I love you!” She always hated leaving them, but if she was going to spend the night—not just a few hours—she was too excited to miss anyone. Elise’s guess was that her daughter was going to be with other kids around her age and she was excited about being with someone else that is not around thirty. It probably gets boring having an English teacher for a mother and a “Student Engagement Advisor” as a father, plus her reclusive episodes were becoming more frequent. Time with other children would do her some good.

    At dinner, Skylar and Elise were quiet. Neither of them had said a word since they received their food nor had they even take a bite yet. Both sat there staring at their luke-warm, probably overpriced food and occasionally stirred it.

    “What is it?” Skylar stated in attempt to break the silence.

    “I worry about Scarlett.” Elise swished her spinach back and forth careful not to let it come into contact with her baked potato.

    He forced a smile, “I think she’ll be fine.”

    “Fine? Do you think our daughter is fine?” she murmured letting her body language act as though this was not going to end in an argument, she also purposely did that so no one would think they were having a domestic dispute.

    “Elise, you’re reading too much into her emotions.”

    “Well, at least one of us actually shows concern in our daughter’s well being,” she whispered hastily taking a drink of her wine. “Lately, I don’t think you’ve showed any compassion towards her.”

    “She’s always in her room. How am I supposed to do that?” he muttered taking a drink of his water.

    “She’s five. Walk in there and say, ‘Hey Scar, let’s draw or I bought a coloring book, let’s break it in’,” she mumbled scooping up a bite sized amount of spinach. “She loves to color and draw. Heck, you could’ve hooked up that game system you had to have and offered to play that dancing game she likes… There’s more to being the man of the house besides bringing home half of the money and paying some of the bills. You have to be a father and a husband.” A lady at the table next to them glanced at them before returning her attention to her own husband before Elise continued, “Now, how was your day?” She took a small sip of her wine watching the expression on his face change. “You have nothing to say?”

    Combing his fingers through his hair, he calmly whispered, “I can’t believe you’re calling me a terrible father when I'm not even...”

    “When you're not even what?” she murmured forcing a smile.

    “I think we should finish this at home. I’m not saying another word,” he muttered straightening his posture then returned to his normal tone of voice, “So, did you get those tests graded from Friday?”
    It took me a little bit longer than expected. Still trying to get back into the swing of writing and I've been busy with housework, my nephew, and Criminal Minds.
    (I took out the supernatural -subject to change thing. I thought of something better)
  10. Miz Erie

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    It took me almost to the end to realize they were eating out. I'm stupid.

    But I want to know what he's "not even...". And what's with Scarlett and her Uncle Frankie? Why is he the only one she'll "come around" for?

    Questions, questions... I love the... would "suspense" be the right word? *taps lips and thinks* I think so. I can hardly wait to find some answers!
  11. Angila

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    ^Those are pretty much all my questions too lol. Can't wait for more!
  12. MarieArt

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    I like leaving unanswered questions. Some may be answered in the next update which will be within the next few days.

    edited because I didn't get the chance to update today
  13. MarieArt

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    Chp 3

    Both of them returned home in silence; they never spoke another word in the restaurant nor did they speak in the car on the way home. Elise was fuming, but she didn’t reveal it until she placed her purse on the arm of the couch.

    “You’re not even what, Sky?” she exclaimed crossing her arms over her chest. “Not her father? You cannot be called a terrible father when you’re technically not a father? Is that what you meant?”

    “Now, Elise… Let me…”

    “Explain? f**k you, Sky,” she scolded unbuttoning her sweater. “Screw you!” She took her sweater off and draped it over the back of the couch, “I cannot believe that you’re so insensitive!”

    “Elise, please…”

    “No! That’s not the first time you’ve said that recently. You’re just going to keep shoving that in my face, aren’t you?” she stated in a calmer tone.

    “Elise, I thought you were insinuating that I didn’t care for her because I’m not blood related to her,” he replied in a calm, but angered manner.

    “I know you care for her, but this is not the first time you’ve brought up that she is not your daughter. You don’t have to be blood related to her to be her father. In legal terms, yes, but what really makes you her father is that you’ve been there for her when she needed you,” Elise explained in a much softer tone. Her eyes lingered on the floor for a few moments before they made their way back up to his face, “And she really needs you now, Skylar. She needs someone better than her real father…”

    He gnawed on his lip, “I just…” He switched his attention from the wall to her, “I worry, too. She’s becoming more distant and we try. We try really hard, but it is starting to get harder to get to her…” His eyes flickered with emotions. “Your family has no mental illness and I don’t think that deadbeat has any in his family either…”

    “It’s not a mental illness thing. Children go through stages where they think they don’t need their parents anymore, but she’s a little young for this. It’s not that she doesn’t love us and I don’t believe it is her believing she is too old for mommy and daddy… I’ve never even had a student be this distanced,” she explained leaning against the back of the couch. “I just don’t know what it is. Frank seems to be the only person who can get her talking and cheerful… But we try doing the things he does with her and we do not get the same reaction…”

    “Maybe we should take her to a counselor?”

    “I don’t want to take her to a shrink…” she murmured tucking her hair behind her ear.

    “What do we got to lose, El? She’s drifting further away from us; Frank said even he had problems getting her ‘out of her shell’. Remember he called one night because she locked herself in the bathroom?” he stuffed his hands in his pockets.

    The telephone echoed through the house; perfect timing for Elise because she didn’t want to admit that her daughter needed to go to a counselor. She walked into the kitchen and retrieved the phone from the kitchen table, “Hello?”

    “Mommy, can I come home?” a small voice asked over the phone.

    “Of course you can, baby. Is something wrong?” she asked. This worried her even more, Scarlett never left her aunt’s and uncle’s house early.

    “No, I just want to be with you, mommy.”

    “Okay, sweetheart. Can I speak to Uncle Frankie or Aunt Jamia?”

    “Okay,” she muttered before disappearing.

    “Hey, what’s up?”

    “Frank, is everything okay?” Elise asked worriedly.

    “Yes, she went from being all over the place—playing with the twins, helping Jamia cook—to extreme silence…” He cleared his throat before he continued, “You’ve been around large amounts of children of all ages; you know kids better than we do. You of all people should be able to tell if she is normal. I shouldn’t be the person to dub someone normal…”

    “I’ll talk to her Frank, or…” her voice trailed off.

    “Or what?”

    “She might have to start seeing a counselor or a therapist, as bad as I hate to admit it, but it is for her own interest,” she reluctantly stated.

    “Yeah, but uh… I’ll bring her back so you two don’t have to get back out, is that okay?”

    “That’s fine, Frank. Thank you.” Elise muttered before they said their goodbyes.
    I know, I'm sorry. Double post.
  14. Miz Erie

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    It's almost a two day time laspe; I'd call you safe.

    I see how you're going to be... answer one question just to raise another. Okay then. But my biggest thing is this whole "Uncle Frankie" thing. I've got a couple of ideas tumbling around in my hea, but I'm pretty sure I'm wrong about them all.

    I eagerly await the next update! Maybe next time I'll actually realize it's been updated before three hours goes by.
  15. Lokeriel

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    I have so many questions, and I don't know what to think, but I'm loving this, and I can't wait to read more!
  16. Angila

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    Oh man poor little girl...can't wait for more!
  17. MarieArt

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    Chp 4

    Prior to Scarlett arriving, Elise stepped into her bedroom to see if something would shed some light on why she had become more reclusive—she had a good twenty minutes. Elise saw books spread across the floor in front of her window, an unmade bed, toys near the books, and a couple of outfits she had wore earlier that week lying next to the closet door. It looked like an average five year olds’ bedroom. Just in case, she checked the closet and under the bed; nothing was abnormal. No Barbie dolls were covered in writing or unusual marks, no missing limbs, a few were naked, but that’s expected. Elise checked the books; nothing was written, marked out, nor ripped apart. One did have writing on the back page, but she was practicing her ABC’s.

    Exiting the room, she hadn’t been in the kitchen for any longer than ten minutes before Scarlett come skipping through the house. Frank leaned against the door frame leading from the living room to the kitchen.

    “If you need anything, you know my number,” Frank muttered as if he meant to say something else.

    “Hey, Scar!” Skylar chirped walking in; Elise figured that is why Frank hesitated.

    Elise smiled weakly and motioned for him to come over to her, “What is it?”

    “I saw him, so I did some reverse psychology to make Scarlett want to come home,” he murmured acting like he was helping Elise wash dishes.

    “Sky, how about you and Scarlett play that dancing game? You were talking about how much you wanted to play it earlier,” she suggested smiling at them. Scarlett jumped up and down excitedly and drug Skylar into the other room. “Him? Him as in Derek?”

    “Yes, him as in Derek,” Frank mumbled holding the soapy dish below the faucet. “He waved at me.”

    “I thought he was in jail,” she trembled lightly.

    “He was in jail, but he was released on parole… We need a restraining order…” Frank set the plate down on the dry towel she placed on the counter for clean dishes. “I mean, Derek might be Scarlett’s father, but he can’t be around here like that.”

    Elise bit her lip, “What if he tries to come here, Frank?” She remembered her high school scare; Derek was the guy with the spray paint. He had been caught in the crossfire because he was actually there to do a project for the art teacher; Art and Theatre students normally stuck together. Elise and Derek met again in college and started dating. Things became sour in their relationship when she found out he had been cheating on her for several months in their four year relationship. Then one day she told him she was pregnant and he ran off with the other woman until Scarlett was born. When Scarlett was released to go home, he broke into the house.

    According to the police, he had been there for an hour before anyone realized it. He had snuck into the bedroom and saw Scarlett’s crib next to Elise’s bed. Derek also noticed Skylar and abruptly woke both of them up by grabbing Elise and shaking her awake while threatening to take her life.

    “Elise?” Frank muttered breaking her trance. “We need to get you an EPO…”

    “Uh, yeah,” she stammered glancing out the window. She swiftly shut the curtains, “Be careful on your way home, okay?”
    Hopefully I answered a few questions ;)
  18. Lokeriel

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    Wow, that's scary, someone breaking into the house and being there for an hour before anyone noticed! (Kind of reminds me of a news story I read a while back, about some dude who, when he got out of jail, broke into his ex's house, and live in her attic for months before she realized he was there.)

    (Also, what this supposed to be "to make Scarlett come home"? I was confused for a second.)
  19. MarieArt

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    I typed it half asleep. Haha. Plus, I accidentally typed the entire chapter in first person then had to go back through to sort out everything.

    A news story? Wow. I wonder how she didn't know that; the inspiration for that back story came from a television show.
  20. Angila

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    Yikes wonder if Derek will be trying anything...can't wait for more!

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