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    It took me a while to catch up, but it was worth it! I love your story and I cannot wait for Gee's and Lucy's wedding! :thumbsup:
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    awesome and chaper 13 is going to be a long one and glad you like it :)
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    Chapter 13

    Natalie’s POV

    Even though I had told Mikey I had a secret I didn’t I think all I was going to say to him was how much I appreciate the fact he had the guts to actually apologize to me and make me coffee……

    “I found the most amazing dress ever so shall we go down to the shop and go dress shopping” Lucy started to talk to me and after taking a sip of coffee I replied with

    “sure let’s go”
    Then as we got there I had spotted James and this is where the bad thing is he shouted my name and then ran over too me and kissed me and whilst this was going on I was getting evils off my sister who didn’t look the best pleased.

    “Who’s that? And why did he just kiss you? You have a boyfriend” Lucy asked me without caring my friend was standing there.

    “That is James and no reason, I know I have a boyfriend and he is just a friend that all” I explained hoping she would agree with it especially the kissing part of things.

    “Right okay whatever and seeing as he is here and he doesn’t know Gee, do you want to come shopping with us?” Lucy asked him putting me in shock.

    “Yeah sure, and Natalie do you want to come out with me and a few friends tonight?” James asked trying not to flirt.

    “Yeah sure I will” I answered and to my surprise Lucy was fine with it.
    Just as Lucy was trying on the amazing dress she said she found who rung my cell, Mr. Gerard Way.


    "Hi Natalie, where are you?"

    "Out shopping with my friends James and Lucy. Why?"

    "I just wandered because I just got told that the castle we were on about…"

    "Gerard what about it for God's sake?"

    "I got told we are allowed to use the castle for the wedding, so could you tell Lucy please?"

    "Why the f**k didn’t you just ring her instead of me you weirdo?"

    "I don’t know maybe I am starting to like you…."


    "I never meant it in that way I meant I am starting to like you as a friend."


    "Guess I will see you later,"

    "Yeah sure."

    "Bye Gerard"

    "Bye Natalie"

    “Wow weirdest phone call ever. Why couldn’t he just of rang you?” I asked, irritated.

    “Oh that reminds me. Lucy, me and Mikey got a house and we are going to move in today” I informed her as if she would care but I thought I would give it a shot.

    “Sounds good and what do you think of this dress” she shocked me once again, well then again she is getting married in a little while so she is always in a good mood. I supposed I should say something nice about the dress because it is her wedding and it would make her so happy and maybe I should stop rambling on in my head and say that I like the dress sounds like a good idea to me.

    “It is amazing” James and I answered in unison, causing us both to look at each other.

    “That was strange and go get that thing off and I will go buy it for you…” I told my sister and in return I got a weird look and a bit of concern of Lucy.

    Whilst Lucy was taking of the dress me and James had things to discuss but in James’ way of talking he took it as kissing me until I pulled away, so we were kissing for about 3mins before we heard the curtain open and then Lucy came out holding the dress, but the only reason I kissed back is because I was drunk ever so slightly so to be honest I never actually knew what I was doing.

    “Lucy go wait in the car and I will be there in a minute and I will say bye too James and buy your dress okay?” I told her hoping for an okay.

    “Yeah fine I will go and wait in the car and don’t be too long cause I still have to sort out some wedding things with Gee” Lucy informed me before walking off to the car.

    After Lucy left and I had paid for the dress I started to talk to James but not for long because Lucy would get too agitated.
    “So I will see ya later” I told James.

    “Yup I will pick you up at 8” James replied, before walking off. After James had left I wondered back to the car trying to carry this f**ked dress ~quick note about me I hate dresses~ so as I was rambling on about oh yeah I going to help with the wedding plans because I have a few ideas in mind.

    “Okay was that quick enough for you?” I asked

    “Yeah it was but if you were any longer it wouldn’t have been” miss impatient answered.

    Back home

    “Mikey, me and you need to start packing up because we are moving in tomorrow!” I told my boyfriend whilst coming through the door.

    “Nice to see you to babe” he answered as if he wanted me to say hi.

    “Fine hello babe” I replied whilst jumping into his arms which I hope he was okay with.

    “So where have you been?” Mikey asked, as he hugged me.

    “Out with LUCY, and I stressed her name because you normally ask all these questions on really who where you with and it pisses me off so I was with her and have you done that thing I asked you to do?” I asked, waiting for the best excuse he could think of.

    “Yep I have and it is in our new house because you told me that Gee and Lucy aren’t allowed to see it so I made sure it went straight to our new house!” He replied with a smirk, causing my mouth to drop in shock.

    “You actually did it on the first asking…” Mikey pulled a face which read yeah I did is that a bad/good thing and before he could say anything I pulled him into a hug.

    “Mikey let’s give it to them as a belated engagement present” I suggested.

    “Okay if you want to… Gerard! Lucy! Come with us a minute, we have something at our house that we have to show you!” He shouted excitedly to them.

    At Mikey and Natalie’s house

    “What do you want to show us and can we get our faces away from your hands now?” Gerard asked.

    “Okay” and as we let our hands slip away from their eyes they spotted the surprise on the large and wide stair case and Cherry sitting at the bottom alongside Bandit.

    “Wow how, when, but it is amazing how the f**k did you pay for a carving (in stone) of me and Gerard that is amazing thank you two so much!” Lucy blurted out.

    “Well you can go wonder round our house if you wish” I informed them before they both went the opposite way.

    Now our new house was quiet but cherry’s room was huge and mine and Mikey’s room was fairly large. The kitchen was massive the living room was around the size of cherry’s bedroom and we had a spare room. It wasn’t as big but it was pretty big and then we had a HUGE back garden and it wasn’t to dear either it was a very nice house.

    After around 2hours of looking round Gerard and Lucy finally came back

    “So you like our house?” Mikey asked in such a cute gay voice.

    “Yup and we were thinking about going to the castle to sort things out properly and we wondered if you wanted to come along?” we got asked we just nodded and then we realised the time it was 8 and James was picking me up then. So Cherry, Bandit, Gee and Lucy went back with Mikey too and I waited for James. Gee and Lucy carried on preparing for the wedding and eventually James turned up.

    “Hi James so are we going to that place we went to before” I asked.

    “Yeah we are and I will buy the drinks okay” he informed me.

    “That is fine but you mate here can only have two cause he going to drive back” everyone nodded and then we arrived and we rushed in and brought a load of drinks.

    After a few hours had gone by me and James were drunk as hell and we could just about walk so at that time we decided to go home they dropped me off first.

    “I know you went out but it is 3:00am…” Lucy asked my in a unhappy tone

    “I…was…was out with James for the night” I practically shouted causing Bandit and Cherry to wake up and just as Gerard calmed them down and returned downstairs I was that drunk I ended up collapsing………

    The next day

    “My head is killing me what the f**k did I do last night?” I asked Mikey as he passed me a strong coffee. “drink that up and get some sleep me and Gerard will start taking over the things to our house so that you can get some… allot more sleep” my boyfriend told me before kissing my forehead and leaving the room closing the door softly and as soon as I finished my coffee I went straight back to sleep. After a few hours sleep Gerard came into my room like a stampede of elephants

    “Hello, I see your awake then and I wanted to ask you something” Gerard asked, letting himself into my room despite knowing I had a hangover.

    “What do you want to ask me then” I answered rubbing my throbbing head.

    “Well I was thinking about the cars on how Lucy is going to get there and I was…” Gerard started to say before I butted in.

    “Yeah okay go ahead and get the Hummer, the silver Hummer” I told him with my head in my pillow.

    “How did you know I was going to ask that?” Gerard asked with a tone of wonder in his voice.

    “I saw you looking at some pictures and prices, I’m not that thick” I grumbled miserably, hoping he would get the hint and leave.

    “So what are you doing today?” he asked starting to really piss me off.

    “Sleeping drinking…” I started to say before I was rudely interrupted by Gerard.

    “Ermm no, you are not drinking you already have a hangover as it is,” Gerard butted in.

    “I was about to say drinking coffee but you f**king interrupted me and can you please leave me alone and carry on helping Mikey with moving the things to our house.” I replied, trying to stay calm.

    “We finished” he replied, knowing he was pissing me off so much.

    “Well go down and start planning YOUR wedding, with YOUR fiancé, and YOUR…” I started to say as my head pounded like a mallet was being thumped against it.

    “Okay, okay! I get the point and I am going to go now so you can go back to sleep” Gerard finally spoke the words I was waiting for.

    That night

    “Hey sweetie, are you feeling any better?” Mikey asked me as if I was about to die.

    “Yeah sill have a headache though” I answered him in more of a relaxed tone.

    “Well we are going down to our house now so do you want me to carry you down to the car?” Mikey asked me being SO sweet.

    “But haven’t you got Cherry to carry?” I asked in a strange tone making my giggle slightly.

    “She is already in the car” and without saying another word Mikey had lifted me up and soon enough put me into the car.

    “You guys can come round later if you want and good luck with the wedding planning” Mikey told Gerard and Lucy who weren’t actually listening so I was just softly laughing.

    At Lucy and Gee’s house

    “So gee this castle want to head down there to check it out?” Lucy asked Gee in a flirty type of tone.

    “Yeah okay, lets drop Bandit off at Natalie and Mikey’s house first because that way we don’t have to carry her around and we can be alone for a little while” Gerard answered in a gay type of tone but for some odd reason it made Lucy smile and I don’t really want to know.

    After dropping Bandit off and eventually getting to the castle, Lucy and Gerard were finally alone. After getting out of the car they started to take a look around the castle to work out what and where things would be and how many people they could invite…

    “So are you the lucky couple we are having here for a wedding?” a strange woman asked Lucy and Gee.

    “Yeah and you are?” Gee asked hoping for a reasonable answer.

    “I am the manager of the place and do you want to follow me this way so we can discuss timings dates ect...” so they nodded and followed the manager until they reached her office.

    “So who many people are you planning on inviting?” the woman asked.

    “Well how many can you hold?” Gerard asked.

    “Around 300 people at once” the manager explained.

    “Well we were thinking of around 100 people, but it depends on who can and cannot come” Lucy explained.

    “Right then is there a time you were thinking?”

    “We were thinking around 11am start and finish about 12ish” Gerard explained with Lucy sitting there agreeing.

    After a little while of discussing things with the manager Lucy and Gerard eventually started to come home and after 4 painful hours of driving (because of traffic) they arrived back home…
    Ding dong, the door bell rung through the house.

    “Oh hello how was the castle?” Mikey answered the door very

    “How’s Bandit been?” Lucy asked.

    “She has been great she has been playing with Natalie and Cherry, she has been an angel” Mikey explained before I shouted from the sitting room.

    “Come on in don’t stand out in the rain” only because I was feeling generous, so they came in Mikey came and as soon as little B had seen Gerard she yelled.

    “DADA!” then Gerard came along and picked her up and then Gee and Lucy went to sit down.

    “Do you want to stay for dinner or are you too busy” I asked in a joking type of way.

    “Well we might another day me and Gee have some other wedding plans to sort out…” Lucy started to say.

    “Well that’s fine just remember me and Mikey are planning the honeymoon for you and you will only find out after the wedding, we were going to make you wait until you got there but then we decided not…” I started to explain before Mikey butted in.

    “We are packing by the way so don’t worry about that” Mikes informed them before they said their goodbyes and then drove back home.

    “Mikey I am going out tonight do you want to come along?” I asked after suddenly remembering I was going out again tonight.

    “well I have a ton of things to do, also me and Cherry are going to a friends for a little bit, so sorry babe, are you going with any of your other friends?” Mikey explained looking unhappy.

    “Yeah a few friends are coming along so I will be fine and who are you going to see?” I asked in suspicion.

    “A guy that can get honeymoons cheaper and he has allowed me to go see him and have a chat about it” Mikey explained so I nodded and waited outside for a little while but just as I was about to leave I got a sudden pain like a brick had been dropped on my stomach…

    okay update and longest chapter i have EVER done hope you like it :)
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    REALLY GOOD! I totally wanna know why she has that pain! pwetttty pleasee? ;) Update soon
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    i will and you will find out soon enough
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    you will find out in good time my friend and i have some ideas now and i can start to write them up and see what kadoodle thinks ;)
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    Chapter 14, the wedding
    Natalie’s POV

    Just as I was about to leave I got a sudden pain like a brick had been dropped on my stomach…

    “Natalie are you okay?” James asked in allot of worry

    “Yeah, in fact I am going to cancel tonight I am so sorry I just feel so ill” I answered feeling bad in so many different ways

    “I didn’t think you would be able…” James started to say before Mikey came running out and carried my inside

    “What happened?” Mikey asked so worried he could ask questions all day

    “I don’t know I was just waiting outside to go meet some friends and then BAM I got these pains in my stomach” I explained through gasps for air

    “Oh well maybe you should get some sleep” I nodded and then headed off

    Gerard and Lucy’s house
    Lucy’s POV

    “So we only have one last thing to prepare for the wedding, and that is the rings have you decided on them yet?” I asked hoping for a positive answer

    “Yep me and Mikey went up a few days ago and we found perfect rings he has got them of course” Gee explained causing a smile to appear upon my face

    Back at Natalie and Mikey’s house

    Mikey I am… it turns out I am preg…” Natalie started to say before the VERY furious Mikey jumped up and started to beat her up, because he knew it wasn’t his…

    “Mikey... Stop I don’t even know how it happened” Natalie tried to explain

    “I DON’T GIVE ONE, I AM LOOKING AFTER CHERRY TODAY JUST GET LOST!” Mikey yelled before one last punch

    When Mikey walked of Natalie, covered in cuts bleeding, walked over to Gee and Lucy’s place

    “Okay so we have got everything settled we just need the hen night and…” I started to say before there was a knock at the door

    “I’ll get it” I offered getting up and as I opened the door I had seen my sister beaten bleeding terribly…

    “What happened to you?” Gerard asked after spotting me bringing her inside

    “I don’t want your wedding to be ruined I fell down some stairs” Natalie started to say trying to lie even though she is the worst at it,

    “No something happened you could not lie for the world if you had to” Gerard interrupted making a good piece of information

    “I didn’t want to tell you but Mikey he, he got mad at me and hurt me cherry is fine, but you are getting married in two weeks so I want you to be happy” Natalie told us really serious

    “Fine but after the wedding we are getting this sorted out” I told her firmly

    “Fine, so how is planning your wedding going?” Natalie asked more calmly this time

    “We finished it all we need now is to go on our stage due and hen night, Natalie you planned the hen and stage when/ what day is it?” I asked a little concerned

    “Next week the day before the wedding” Natalie told us while handing over some papers showing times when we were going and where we were going

    “Wow I love you for doing this, you really didn’t have to go through the trouble of planning for me and Gee” I started to say trying not to cry

    “actually that is where you are wrong I did have to because you are my older sister and you have been there for me ever since I knew the word trouble and I respect that, so yes I did have to do all of this, it is the least I can do, this is my way of saying thank you for being there when no one else was” Natalie explained in the most serious voice she has ever spoken in

    A week later

    Hi Lucy I am going to a friends and we will meet you at you house in a little while
    Okay that’s fine, who is “the friend”?
    Oh it is Echo
    Oh she is sweet
    That why I bringing her I know you like her, oh and tell Gee I said hi
    Okay see you later

    At Echo’s house
    Echo’s POV

    “Hi Natalie, has he touched you again?, how is your sister?, are you feeling okay?” I asked more scared than I was

    “Echo calm down I am fine and you are coming to Lucy’s hen night with me, and the wedding Lucy is real excited to see you” Natalie told me making me really excited

    “Come on we are getting changed and then going to her house” Natalie informed me, after that we got changed and eventually got in the car and drove down to Lucy’s

    “LUCYYY CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!” I yelled probably a bit over board

    “HI Echo how are you? I haven’t seen you in ages” Lucy asked seemingly happy to see me

    “Guys we can chat on the way the limo is here we are going on LUCY soon to be WAY’S HEN NIGHT!!!!!!” Natalie explained really jolly

    In the limo

    “f**k what the poop am I doing?” Lucy mumbled loud enough for us to hear

    “You are on your way to YOUR hen night because you are marrying someone you love and you know it” I told her, knowing how much this means to him and her

    Mean while

    “GEE YOU READY TO GO?” Mikey shouted up to Gerard who was still getting ready

    “Okay okay I am here” Gee replied almost falling down the stairs

    “Mikey be good to Natalie, and LETS PARTAY!!!” Gerard randomly yelled before they drove off to the pub to party

    “So how about the strippers?” a friend of theirs asked

    “On special orders I have been banned from having strippers, I wasn’t having any either way but y’know” Gerard explained

    “Let’s just have a good time” Mikey encouraged

    Back at the girls night

    “So drinks?” I asked excited for Lucy,
    Everyone nodded and I brought around about three lots of drinks just after getting there

    “Last night of freedom, enjoy it!”

    “Gerard treat this girl well and enjoy your life with her” everyone agreed and drank a hell load more

    After a VERY long night both Gerard and Lucy had f**ked feelings in their stomach

    Natalie’s POV

    “Mikey, what are you doing here you are meant to be at…” is all I got out of my mouth before getting I really hard punch to the stomach, but this time Gerard had seen, Mikey knew he was there but he kept on hitting me until Gerard put a stop to it

    “MIKEY STOP IT AND GET IN THE CAR NOW!!” he yelled causing me to freeze, the good thing was Lucy was not back yet

    “Are you okay Natalie, Mikey quit hurting her, and enjoy tomorrow”

    I was still drunk and not fully aware of my surroundings

    The day of the wedding

    “Lucy we need to do your hair, are you getting changed and then…” Echo started to say before Lucy walked out in her dress ready to have her hair and makeup done

    Mean while

    “Wow gee you look great” Mikey told gee seeming very happy for him

    “Thank you and I really think today is going to be the best day of my life” gee answered staring at his reflection in the mirror

    “Come on we need to go” Mikey informed Gerard and then they left

    “Lucy you look amazing” Natalie told her sister

    “take the sun glasses of for a minute” Lucy told Natalie just to see if she was crying, and she was right Natalie lifted her glasses and she was crying tears of joy for her older sister getting married

    “I am grateful that you have found the most amazing guy…” Natalie started to say before stopping herself from crying more

    “You look stunning” I told her before helping her up and into the limo, me and Natalie were in our dresses and ready to go…

    At the castle

    As Lucy arrived the song with a slight rock tuned into it started to play as she walked up to stand next to gee

    “We are welcomed here today to celebrate the marriage of Mr Gerard Arthur Way and Miss Lucy Marie Urie, first of all I would like to ask if there is anyone here that doesn’t agree with the marriage of Gerard and Lucy, okay then if Gerard you would like to repeat after me” the priest started to say whilst gee received the ring of his brother/best man

    The priest continued “Lucy, I will take you, into my arms love you and for ever more trust you
    “Lucy I will take you into my arms, love you and forever more trust you”

    “And as I place this ring on your finger it shows that my love for you is sealed”

    “And as I place this ring on your finger it shows that my love for you is sealed”

    “Lucy if you would repeat after me, Gerard I will take you, into my arms love you and for ever more trust you”

    “Gerard, I will take you, into my arms love you and for ever more trust you”

    “And as I place this ring on your finger it shows that my love for you is sealed”

    “And as I place this ring on your finger it shows that my love for you is sealed”

    “Gerard do you take Lucy as your lawful wedded wife?” the priest asked

    “I do”

    “And do you Lucy take Gerard as you lawful wedded husband?”

    “I do” Lucy replied

    “I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride”
    As gee and Lucy kissed the whole of the people there stood and clapped

    Once the ceremony finished they went to the after party

    After arriving they went straight into the slow dance

    Gerard’s POV

    I took my hand in Lucy’s and took her to the dance floor and we danced to the only hope for me is you, and after a little while of being alone all of the other couples joined in, cherry and bandit went to donna and Donald (my parents),

    “Natalie may I have this dance?” Mikey asked Natalie, she agreed and made their way to the dance floor

    After a while of dancing we ate some food and I had to do my speech

    “ladies, gentlemen, Mikey, Natalie” that caused everyone to laugh “I am so happy that you all made it today and all of the support you have given, from me and Lucy we thank you all, and that isn’t just for the presents” I finished my speech and then we had a party

    When the party finished me and Lucy had a suitcase to pack
    Just as we were leaving we heard Echo say something


    Hope this was okay
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    omg i loved it soo much it was amazing loved it
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    glad you liked it
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    Oh f**k, Mikey beating her up?! Is she going to lose the baby now?

    Lovely that Gee and Lucy tied the knot, but WTF Mikey?!

    PM me your ideas for the next update if you want and I'll have a look over them now that I'm not snowed under with work :)
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    Will do and glad you liked it ::)
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    to anyone still reading i am planning on trying to write some more of the next update soon so i will get some help of kadoodle and update as soon as possible
    thanks for being patient
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    I'm getting there, I promise!:yes:
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    okay thank you so much you have helped a bunch ;)
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    Im going to take a break on this story but I wil come back promise
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    Chapter 15
    Lucy’s POV

    As Gee and I drove away we could hear people cheering, well for a while anyway.

    “Ready for the honeymoon babe?” Gee asked in a calm tone.

    “Why wouldn’t I be, I mean time away with my lovely husband and away from anything bad, plus we are going to have the best time ever!” I replied. What can I say I am in love with this guy more than I am with a little bit of pie.

    “Well then pretty, we are only a few hours away from paradise” he continued. Seriously, how can you not love this guy?


    “Babe, if we don’t walk any faster, then we are going to miss the plane” he urged me as we arrived at the airport. We both locked hands and run to the plane. We just made it as the last boarding call was sent out. All we need to do now is arrive at our paradise.

    “Only 2 hours pretty, only 2 hours” Gee said as I rested my head on his shoulder, all I can say is this is perfect.

    Natalie’s POV

    “Look, I love you okay” I shouted, full of anger and sadness.

    “You say that too many times, I am not interested any more” he slurred back. Mikey was drunk again, just what I need.

    “But Mikey, I love you, I mean it, how do you think Cherry feels, we have Cherry to look after and then I am pregnant, you know what Mikey, Me, Cherry and the baby are leaving, we are over, forever this time, I am going to live with James, I am sorry Mikey, I can’t do with you hurting me anymore” I ramble as tears start to fall down my cheeks.

    “Fine then, I… I don’t care anymore” I could tell he was upset, but I don’t care anymore.

    After a long time packing, and then driving I made it to James’ house, I really can’t be doing with any poop no more.

    “Natalie, what are you doing here with Cherry and why have you got suitcases?” He says whilst pulling me into a hug.

    “I left Mikey forever this time, and I needed somewhere to stay, sorry for…” I start to explain before I get cut off.

    “You know you can come here anytime also, I heard that you were pregnant, how is the baby?” I go to tell him as we walk in to his house.

    “I have a check up tomorrow, will you come with me so you can look after Cherry when we go into that room thing” James bobs his head up and down and then we sat on the couch and cuddled.

    “Of course”

    Gerard’s POV

    After a very long journey we finally reached the villa, it looks amazing and I mean that.

    “So what do you think everyone at home is doing?” Lucy asked, looking up to me and into my eyes.

    “Don’t know, and you know what, as long as I am here with you I don’t really care, if they need anything then they will text or ring us” Lucy just nodded and looked back to the TV, seemingly glad the long trip to get there was over.

    After around 4 hours of movie watching I heard my phone ring. Why would anyone text me now?

    Text: of Mikey
    She left me, forever this time, there is no way I will get her back now

    “Who is it babe?” Lucy asks as she wrapped her arms around my waist.

    “Mikey, he says She left me, forever this time, there is no way I will get her back now sad face” I read out the text.

    “Call him” Lucy replied at once.

    “But it is our…” I start to say, but she interrupted me.

    “....I know babe, but if anything bad has happened we need to know.”

    I nod and call him.

    “Hello?” Mikey answered in a sad little voice.

    “Hey, what’s happened?” I ask him a little less calmly.

    “She left me, she packed up her stuff and took Cherry with her, and she said she isn’t getting back with me” Mikey explains in between sniffs

    “Look Mikey what happened, as in why did Natty leave you?” Lucy asked, sounding a lot more calm than me.

    “We argued, she told me she loved me and I didn’t believe her and we argued some more, and then she left” Mikey replied, sounding angrier now.

    “Well leave her for a while she might come back” I suggested, "maybe she just needs some time to calm down."

    “No, I am going to find her, thank you though, bye” and before we could say any more he hung up.“Don’t worry, she is with James” Lucy said, noticing my worried expression.

    I give Lucy a confused look, “and how do you know?” I asked her.

    “She just text me it says, I am fine, and I know Mikey told you and I am with James so no need to worry wink face, and I hear that bedroom calling” I give her a cheeky smile and follow her upstairs…

    Natalie’s POV

    “Some ones at the door, I’ll get it” I say as I get up from the couch.

    “Hello oh, what are you doing here?” I asked, going to shut the door. But before I can I feel a pair of hands grab my throat, cutting off my breathing.

    “You don’t say when we are over got it” Mikey says coldly.

    “How about no, I have a say in this too, so we are over, forever go away, I don’t love you anymore” I gasped back, getting out of his grasp and pushing him out, shutting the door and locking it behind him.

    A/N: I know this isn't the best I have done or the longest, but here is the update, a big thanks to Kadoodle for the help on this update, so comment what you think :) thanks for reading
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    Great to have you back :)
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    Thank you :)

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