Did You Come to Stare? (sequel:DemolitionofLife)

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  1. MarieArt

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    Page 1: Fan spots,Prologue, and Part 1
    Page 2: Part 2
    Page3: Part 3, part 4, part 5
    Page 4: Part 6, Part 7
    Page 5: Part 8
    Page 6: Part 9
    Page 7: Part 10, Part 11, Part 12
    Page 8: Part 13(artwork) and Part 14
    Page 9: Part 15
    Page 10: Part 16
    Page 11: Part 17, Part 18
    Page 12: Part 19
    Page 13: Part 20, Part 21
    Page 14: Part 22
    Page 15: Part 23, Part 24
    Page 16: Part 25, Part 26
    Page 17: Part 27
    Page 18: Part 28, Part 29
    Page 19: Part 30, Part 31
    Page 20: Part 32
    Page 21: Part 33, and Part 34(Final Part)

    Rate if you want

    This is indeed the Sequel for my now finished fan fiction about Mikey Way called, "Demolition of Life[Mikey]." The newer story may not seem like it's completely revolving around Mikey, but it refers back to Demolition of Life, it has a different story line. BUT if you liked my last story, you should like this one. OR if you're a new reader, you can catch up without having to read Demolition of Life. =], but be free to read and comment that story if you like.
    Anyways, thanks to savedbymcr15 for helping me with the title for "Did You Come to Stare?" And thank you all for reading and commenting!

    Fan spots:
    #1 savedbymcr15
    #2 Penitence911
    #3 CrAzY
    #4 pumpkin.pie
    #5 mcr.is.love.
    #6 to_pixiedust

    other fanspots are, indeed, available

    This is the prologue.
    (starts out in Mikey's P. O. V.)

    Gerard wouldn't stop staring at me tonight. It puzzled me as I lied next to Alicia. Me and her are at our house now. First time in forever I've shared a bed with her. I think she's awake, but I don't want to ask. Am I that different? I'm more cheerful, now. I just have different hair and I had laser eye ****ery a few days ago. Why are my thoughts different and confusing.. and jumbled together?

    Alicia just walked out of the bedroom. I guess my tossing and turning got to her. I love her so much, but she's acting different, like she doesn't love me anymore. I hope that's not the case, I'd kill over her.
    (end P.O.V.)

    Alicia walked into the kitchen to fix her a cup of water, Maybe I should have let Mikey stay at Gerard's. He seemed happier over there. She sighed and took a sip of the water. I mean of course, I'm his wife, I should make him happy. But, how can I do that when I'm not. I know I'm not depressed, I just don't like how he has changed. She lingered over to the table. We didn't bring him back home to sit and stare at the newness gleaming off of him. We just wanted him to come home, start all over.. Well, where we left off..

    What do you guys think?? I'm kind of nervous, actually.
  2. CrAzY

    CrAzY Active Member

    eek first post!!! yay

    well so far i am a tad confused but that is okay coz if you update im sure i wont be anymore... but just to let you know its good so far ^_^
  3. mcrrocks01

    mcrrocks01 New Member

    i love this already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Penitence911

    Penitence911 New Member

    yay the sequel arrives! awesome prologue, can't wait for the first chapter :)
  5. Becky

    Becky Guest

    eeee... i love it ! ^^
  6. MarieArt

    MarieArt Champion of Losers

    Part 1:... The Kid's Going to Be Alright...

    I got my DEAD! hoodie today and it's so soft and *cuddles it*
    This may be slightly confusing because I'm going with what's sliding into my head. I wrote Part 1 in English Class this morning. SO sorry if it sucks for the first part or two, I'm just getting started.

    DISCLAIMER: Ok, since I have your attention, this is indeed completely fictional(as you know already lol) and I do not wish this ever happens.

    Part 1

    Morning finally came. Mikey woke up and Alicia was sound asleep lying next to him. He crawled out of bed so he wouldn't wake her and walked down stairs to start up the coffee. After all of his thinking last night, he needed coffee. He poured in the grains and water then pressed the button before he walked into the living room. He could sense that something was wrong. Suddenly..

    KnOcK, KnOcK!

    Mikey slowly opened the door, seeing Frank in tears, "What's wrong? Come on in.."

    Frank collapsed to the floor and cried, "Jamia is gone!"

    Mikey sat in the floor in front of him and wiped Frank's hair out of his face, exposing his blood shot eyes, "What do you mean she's gone?"

    Frank glared at him through his tears, "She's gone! Not here, Mikey! She's f**king gone! She left a note on the nightstand, telling me.... She's gone!"

    Mikey watched Frank fall to pieces right in front of him, "Frank, do you have the note?"

    He dug into his pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper then handed it over to Mikey, "Here! Take it!" He lied on his side in the floor and whimpered.

    Mikey grasped the note and read it to himself, -Frank- I'm sorry, but I'm leaving. I love you so much, but I feel like we've grown more apart than more in love. I'm so sorry. I'll most likely be out of state by the time you find this. I just didn't want to wait until our feelings grew even more intimate. It's tearing my heart in two writing this right now. I love you, but.. I can't. -Jamia- Mikey blinked, "Frank?"

    Frank was rolled up into a ball, still crying, but he began to calm down knowing that he had someone to speak to about this, "I left her a million voice messages. Her inbox is full now. She won't answer."

    Mikey patted Frank's shoulder, "Sh.. You want to go for a walk?"

    Frank bit his lip and nodded without saying a word.

    Mikey helped him out of the floor and looked up to see Alicia wide eyed and covering her mouth. Mikey waved his hand signaling that he had it under control. She nodded and walked on down stairs.

    "Frank?" Alicia said seeming confused. "What's wrong?"

    Frank wiped away his tears and turned around, facing Alicia, "Nothing, just glad to see Mikey's better."

    Alicia shook her head, "Tell me the truth." She pulled him in for a hug.

    Frank wrapped his arms around her and whispered, "Jamia left me."

    Alicia made a face at Mikey, "I'm so sorry. Anything I can do?"

    Frank let go of her and shook his head, "No... Mikey said he was going to go on a walk with me."

    "Ok, Mikey, honey, take your cell phone, please, "Alicia said kissing him. "By the way, where are you guys going to walk?"

    Mikey looked at Frank and shrugged, "The park.. Woods.. Somewhere where no one is around."

    Frank sniffled, "Yeah, where we can get away from people and, quote, 'Be in-touch with nature'."

    Alicia nodded, "Be careful."

    Mikey smiled and nodded as he led Frank out of the door and to the car. Alicia followed them to the door, watching them enter the car and pull out of the drive way. Tell me that the kid's going to be ok.

    *makes a nervous face* I hope it's "ok" so far..
  7. MarieArt

    MarieArt Champion of Losers

    I hope you guys like it. *bites nails*
  8. Penitence911

    Penitence911 New Member

    :eek: that...was...AWESOME! well i mean it's not awesome that Jamia left Frank but the update was AWESOME!
    anyway...i want to cheer up Frankie!!! *gives Frankie big humongous cookie* :) anyone else want one?...well, they're over there *points to table*
  9. savedbymcr15

    savedbymcr15 New Member

    I love it!!! By the way, did anyone call #1 fan for this one, because if no one did...I CALL IT!!!! okay, well, I'll be waiting for the next chapter!
  10. Penitence911

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    aw man! i forgot the fanspot thing...:clap: i want #2! :)
  11. Angila

    Angila InkGirl. Staff Member

    This is amazing! I love it! Your writing is wonderful! I can't believe Jamia left Frank! You portray the emotions of it so well, "Frank rolled up into a ball" I can picture it! (Not that I want to, you know what I mean!) I can't wait for more!
  12. CrAzY

    CrAzY Active Member

    damnit i got first post and i totally forgot first fan...*mumbles cuss-words*

    *calls number 3 fan spot*

    *goes to table and grabs cookie*

    update was sad and confusing on why its now going on about Frank but im guessing you have a reason so...
  13. savedbymcr15

    savedbymcr15 New Member

    Yeah, I forgot to say...that I'm not happy that Jamia left Frank, and I'm assuming that you've got a reason as to why it's revolving around Frankie right now so...
  14. mcrrocks01

    mcrrocks01 New Member

    Jamia Left Frank???????????
    Dood Its Frank!!
    You Don't Leave Frank!!
  15. MarieArt

    MarieArt Champion of Losers

    Thanks so much for the comments, at first I didn't think anyone would like it.
    Fan Spots will be posted above the Prologue =]
    I love you guys.. I'll post the next part in a bit.

    I'm trying to write a fan fic about every member, this one kind of evolves from in the last fan fiction (Demolition of Life) Frank got tons of phone calls from Jamia and went into the bathroom to talk her a lot, towards the beginning but they kind of disappeared near the end.
  16. MarieArt

    MarieArt Champion of Losers

    Part 2: Watched Him Walk In Small Circles

    I got bored and drew this today. lol

    {Part 2}

    Mikey kept glancing at Frank everytime he heard a small sigh or deep breath. Suddenly, Mikey's phone rung, he reached into the small compartment above the ashtray and grabbed his phone then placed it to his ear, "Hello."

    "Hey Mikey! Where are you at?" Gerard asked seeming very cheerful.

    "It's not the perfect time Gerard," Mikey said as the car next to them blew their horn. Without thinking, Mikey flipped them off, nearing a stop light.

    "What was that?" Gerard asked, his cheer turned into massive confusion. "You leaving town?"

    "No, me and Frank are going to take a walk," Mikey replied.

    "What's wrong with him? Alicia wouldn't tell me," Gerard questioned.

    "I'll tell you later," Mikey said as tons of people started honking. "I-I have to go Gerard." Mikey pushed the accelerator then slamming on the breaks. His phone flew over to Frank's side of the car as he stopped himself from bashing his head against the dashboard.

    "Mikey!?" Frank exclaimed breathing heavily.

    "I'm sorry," Mikey repeated over and over again. "I wasn't paying any attention."

    Frank glanced at him then realized the light was green, "Go Mikey!"

    Mikey pushed the accelerator again, this time not almost hitting the car in front of them, "I'm sorry."

    Frank shook his head about to cry again, "Don't say that Mikey." Memories of him and Jamia flickered in and out of his mind. The time they thought she was pregnant made his heart sink. He kept remembering dates they went on back when they first started dating. The look on her face everytime I had to go on tour. Tears streamed down his face as he watched every passing car fly by. They neared another stop light when Frank's weary eyes landed on a girl blabbing away on her cell phone, probably to her boyfriend or about some guy she thinks is hot. Suddenly, she looked over and saw Frank and looked concerned, but tried to ignore him. He sunk into his seat wishing the light would hurry up.

    "Don't worry, Frank, we're getting close," Mikey said as the light turned green and Mikey sped up to pass that girl.

    Minutes later, Mikey pulled onto a dirt road that led into the mountains somewhere. Many turns and curves later, they made it to a small clearing. Mikey opened his door and stepped out, Frank done the same.

    "Wow," Frank murmured wiping at old tears and sniffling.

    Mikey smiled and closed his door, "This is as far away from city life in Jersey as we can get without actually leaving the state."

    Frank closed his door and gazed at all of the discolored leaves. The sky was dim, but didn't have very many clouds. He lingered towards the wooded area as Mikey watched him, "Are you coming?"

    Mikey nodded, "Yeah." He followed him into the wooded area.

    Frank stuffed his hands into his pockets and looked around, then saw a small colorful flower. It seemed very out of place, It reminds me of Jamia. I met her at a local show, she stuck out like a sour thumb or like that flower. He whimpered a little bit, Mikey stopped in his tracks around 5 or 10 feet away from him. Frank slowly knelled down, Mikey quickly walked over and made him get back onto his feet.

    "Come on," he said leading Frank deeper into the woods.

    Frank finally walked away from Mikey, gradually making his way into a clearing on his left. Mikey watched him walk around in small circles admiring what he saw, but suddenly, he also watched him, once again, collapse to the ground.
  17. pumpkin.pie

    pumpkin.pie New Member

    um fan 4 i think now??
    that picture u drew was amazing...not liike my stick figures
    YAY SEQUEL! so excited
    great start to te story! it great
    love it lots
  18. Shannen

    Shannen New Member

    a sequal
    i love you so much!!!!!!
    updates when you can
  19. CrAzY

    CrAzY Active Member

    :'( aww poor Zebra... i mean... uh... Frank... hehe... yeah poor Frankie!
  20. mcr.is.love.

    mcr.is.love. New Member

    could i be #5 fan?
    sorry i havent left a comment ... there was something wrong with my computer
    but this is AMAZING... im so glad there is a sequal

    could anyone tell me how you can put pictures and writing in different colours below the comments you leave?
    thanks :)
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