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Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by ABBYblkparade, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. ABBYblkparade

    ABBYblkparade New Member

    Does anyone else get critisized/used to get critisized for being a massive MCR fan?
    I Think it's rediculous!
    Every day last year someone would have to insult MCR in front of me, just to see if it made me mad.
    They would talk about how "their music sucks" or about how they suposedly "sold out".
    Anything they could do to make me upset.
    I even got the oh so popular name of "THE MCR GIRL"
    I would like it if people knew my ACTUAL name.
    so yes, respond if you've ever had any issues similar to mine.
    It would be quite nice to vent/talk about it/just chat!
  2. Skyllines

    Skyllines New Member

    Yeah some people can be super obnoxious about stuff like that.
    I hate being called "emo" for my music.
    Whatever :roll:
    I'm used to being a looser, and i'm still proud to be the bigest MCR fan in my school
  3. Pirate_Monkey101

    Pirate_Monkey101 New Member

    i've never been criticized...but then most people don't really pay that much attention to me...

    but i know what you're talking about...my friend went through that a year ago, just before she graduated...

    i think another reason people don't tend to make fun of my liking for MCR is because most of the kids actually like MCR at my school...
  4. ABBYblkparade

    ABBYblkparade New Member

    I love you nina!
    your the best :D
  5. ABBYblkparade

    ABBYblkparade New Member

    i wish kids at my school istened to them!
    theres this one girl.
    but she critisized me because she told me i waslked around acting like the biggest fan ever.
    I was like like o_O?
  6. Pirate_Monkey101

    Pirate_Monkey101 New Member



    it's weird at our school...there are cliques and whatnot, but between me and my brother we hang out with everybody...

    and everybody kind of listens to everything...

    but at the school they think emo people have a razorblade romance, which i always get mad about because that's not emo, that's just emotionally unstable, anybody can cut...
  7. ABBYblkparade

    ABBYblkparade New Member

    everything you say is true/amazing :D
    you should float to my school on a magical carpet :D
  8. Pirate_Monkey101

    Pirate_Monkey101 New Member


    alright, let me call my buddy Aladin and i'll get there in no time...

    my little brother called me the dumbest version of Confucious...
  9. Eh, a lot of the people I hang out with laugh at a few of my bands (Fall Out Boy, The Used, Taking Back Sunday and MCR themselves) but never too much since I don't fit the emo stereotype. Still, thats the price you pay liking a popular band. Scenesters hate it. I don't care though, I proudly put up my MCR poster in my dorm room for all to see
  10. heh, strange thing is me & my best friend disagree on just about every kind of music & she makes fun of me for obsessing over my chemical romance so much.

    but i know secretely deep down she loves them as much as i do, she's in love with gerard and she's just afraid to admit it.

    i don't care how much My Chemical Romance haters make fun of me, the only thing that really matters to me is that i like them & if those stupid people don't like that they can go fork themselves.

    it's sad that they even took the time out of their day to criticize something that shouldn't even really matter. it makes me laugh when people see my shirts and walk up to me and are like. omg my chemical romance you're such a poser they're such a poser band.i feel like slapping them across the f**king face but i don't because violence is not the answer.
  11. burriedinblack

    burriedinblack New Member

    people=poop (the only quote from slipknot ill ever use) People seriously nag me about my music (Motion City Soundtrack, 30 Seconds To Mars, My Chemical Romance, System Of A Down, etc.) According to them all my music fits the "emo" stereotype, but idk, i was called "Emo" all year, but i came in with poop from American Eagle every day, lol, ive just learned not to care :D
  12. awww..I'm sorry you all treated badly. for liking mcr. dont pay attention to them. they call me names too like guy lover lover and go cut yourself and write a song. it hurts me but i never let them see me uspet it gives them the sick pleasure that they want. the plesure of seeing someone else be hurt. ignore them. there parents probably never hugged them when they were growing up. stupid ignorant people :evil:

    ps. everyone is EMOtional. if you arn't EMOtional then what kind of human being are you?

    yes my friends make fun out of me too i actually got a nick name that i was given. mcrlover. everone who see's me in the coffee shop knows me by that nickname...lol
  13. Pirate_Monkey101

    Pirate_Monkey101 New Member


    that's what my friend says...
  14. If someones willing to call you stuff like that just for what kind of music you listen to and how you dress and stuff, they REALLY need to broaden their perspective. Personal tastes are not something that one can be judged on accurately most of the time
  15. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    I generally have the piss taken out of me about it, it's the usual
    -Oh you're so f**king emo
    -Go kill yourself or something
    My ex boyfriend's friend used to call me an emo c-word oO
    It's the general criticism.
  16. i wrote MCR on my hand today & everybodys like omg, what's that mean?!

    im like my chemical romance and their like.. oh, that's gross.

    and i flipped them off.
  17. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    Haha I did that with sXe, everyone thought I was saying that I was sexy xD
  18. Skyllines

    Skyllines New Member

    *delayed responce*
    I love you too Abbehkinssssss
    Cotton candy and roses <3
  19. Bear

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  20. Skyllines

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