Current Song Obsession

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by x.Revenge.x, May 18, 2007.

  1. TheNickiOfDoom

    TheNickiOfDoom Time Lord

    Muse - Shrinking Universe
    Sick Puppies - All The Same
    Morrissey - Jack The Ripper
    Say Anything - Every Man Has A Molly
    Lostprophets - Always All Ways
    MCR - Give Em Hell Kid
    Linkin Park - Bleed It Out
    The Killers - Read My Mind
  2. Manda

    Manda Liar Liar

    Hide and Seek- Imogen Heap
    Curse of the Curves- Cute is what we aim for
    Liar Liar (burn in hell) - The Used
    The Bird and the Worm- The Used

    XOMBIE Guest

    The Bird and the Worm - The Used.
    along with everyone here
  4. x.Revenge.x

    x.Revenge.x New Member

    lol, im going to get the used's new album today, im gonna beg my mum to take me.
  5. x.Revenge.x

    x.Revenge.x New Member

    linkin park - what i've done
    find a way - the used
    system of a down - lonely day
  6. SweetVampire

    SweetVampire New Member

    I Dont Love You - MCR
    Miss You - Blink 182
    Linkin Park - What I've Done
  7. *~*paula*~*

    *~*paula*~* New Member

    vampires will never hurt you - mcr
    (only recently got first album)
  8. Schuyler

    Schuyler Active Member

    Emergency - Paramore
  9. TheSaneAbandonedMe

    TheSaneAbandonedMe New Member

    She's My Ride Home - Blue October
    Jack The Ripper - AFI
  10. Dee-

    Dee- Active Member

    On my own from The Used
    and Dance Dance FOB ^^
  11. Lenore

    Lenore Inked and Sexy Staff Member

    Tietelied - Kinderen voor Kinderen ..

    .. o_O
  12. Dee-

    Dee- Active Member

    ik zat in bad, gewoon in bad
    een beetje met het sop te klieren
    je weet wel met die vlokken schuim
    mijn buik en schouders te versieren
    voel ik ineens twee kleine bobbels
    waar volgens mij eerst nog niks zat
    niet veel, maar toch
    het zijn echt twee bobbels
    en dat hoort niet
    ik hoor plat

    w000t !

    'Zomaar wham, in vuur en vlam' is also fun to listen ^^
  13. Stephanie

    Stephanie Active Member

    eek I'm so obsessed.
  14. Jenneeeh

    Jenneeeh New Member

    lmao. aah love that song x]

    Shenkie - De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig
    Earthquake - Family Force 5
    Liar Liar (Burn In Hell) - The Used
  15. demolition

    demolition Guest

    My Chemical Romance - Sleep.
    it always gives me crazy chills,
    even when i saw it live
  16. Alesha

    Alesha New Member

    i'm really obsessed with Unkle Bob's song 'Swan'. ever since i heard it on grey's anatomy i've loved it, and now i finally got it downloaded, so i'm listening to it non-stop!
  17. Schuyler

    Schuyler Active Member

    Hospital - The Used
  18. Becca

    Becca Lady of Sorrows

    Im addicted to three at the moment:

    Papa Roach - Scars
    Paramore - Misery Business
    My Chemical Romance - The Desert Song

    I cant stop playing them, im actually lictening to MCR the desert song right
  19. Dee-

    Dee- Active Member

    Taking Back Sunday - Liar (It Takes One To Know One)

    I loooovvveee it ^^
  20. VickyWild

    VickyWild New Member

    Cold war kids-hospital beds
    And most of the songs from Moulin Rouge

    Beautiful beast of a film.

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