Crazy like you, Lollipop (Frerard and insanity)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Archive' started by Nukyster, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. fishtard

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    Take your time Nuky. I could offer myself to help you, or you could ask for really god beta's in the LJ community! In my view there are best in LJ. c:
  2. So...that means you're gonna update at some point? YAY!!!!
    *does massive happy dance because I'm happy and also a freaking weirdo*
    You have no idea how freaking psyched i am :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    ok, ok...take your time, thankyou! Oh, and also, i'm an option for Beta-ing, but i'm sure there are probably better ones out there...i just know that i almost never make spelling mistakes and i'm really good at picking out grammar and spelling mistakes...does that sound boastful? it probably does...oh well, i'm just gonna shut up now :$:

  3. Freema

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    Happy to know you're still alive and out there, Nuky x3

    I would also be happy to be a beta, but I wouldn't really recommend myself for there are surely better ones than me - English is not my first language afterall plus I'm pretty shy about giving feedback, so, yeah. That's no good, I guess :p

    But yeah, take your time. I'm looking forward to the upcoming updates, I'll wait forever if I need to C: Good luck with the writing process, be openminded and let the World inspire you <3

    xo Dee
  4. Eleanor_Killjoy

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    Yay I love the story so much it would be great to hear more. :')
    I'm free for beta'ing as well, i'm very careful with grammar etc xo
  5. I miss you and your story too!!! Much love and take your time!! <3
  6. Living Disaster

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    I'm alive too! :D :D
    damn, I just love this story.
    A new chapter on this fic is like meeting an old friend.
    But no pressure or rush, do things your way :}D

    x, A huge fan of the nuthouse ^^
  7. Xxmad_hatterxX

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    I'm alive. :) Hopefully you find a good beta soon, every update is worth the wait.
  8. OMG IM SO SAD AND HAPPY! I finally caught up. I've been reading this for about two months (im a slow reader, yeah) and im happy because I can read other things, but im sad because I have to wait now. XD. Well its still worth it :D can't wait for the next update!!!!!! Oh, btw, this story is AMAZING and oh yeah, im a new -ish reader. ^.^
  9. MissMassacre

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    missing this fic like hell. we can has updates soon? ;__;
  10. Totally agreed. Probably not anytime soon, though. She hasn't updated since before october T.T I'll wait, though!! You need to end it with a last chapter if you don't feel like keeping it going, preeeeeeeetty please? ^_^
  11. Nukyster

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    ^I want to keep this story going but I have too much on my hands right now. I still have this ending in mind and I don't feel like quitting this story completly, I'm sorry I'm really sorry, I'd like to give you guys all the answers and the plot but then again I wouldn't feel right about that too. I'll try to update after xmass, that's all I can say/give I'm sorry:(
  12. x-DemolitionLover-x

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    Take your time, Nuky, I'm sure the next update will be worth the wait, your updates always are !!
    Don't feel like we're rushing you or anything, we'll wait as long as it takes, no matter how you decide to go on, whether you end it sooner or later, or just continue updating when you can, we'll be here. ^_^
  13. That's awesome. But, take your time. I'm sure whenever you're ready to update, it will have been worth the wait. ;) & it's okay. Everybody has a life outside this website.... even amazing writers ;D

    ^Sorry had to say that ^-^

    Anyways, when you're up to it, I can assure you I'll be one of the first to read it. Because even though I've only commented on it like.... twice, I really love it. It's like my favorite. It wrecked my view on real Gerard just a tad bit (in a good way) because now I end up comparing him to his insane self in this story [:

    Wow... I just checked the beginning.... this has been going since 2008 o_O

    Lesson learned : even if the writer won't update for a while, or the story is finished, the super good stories are always past page 3 of the slashes :D Well... that's how I found out about it. Well I guess now it's on the front page.... whatever.

    Well, gotta go now. Just.... I've spent like a month reading this, and now I'll patiently wait for more. Good job, Nuky. ^.^ <33
  14. Oh my gosh I've finally caught up. I've been reading this nonstop and it's just utterly amazing. I love how complex every character is and how much detail there is. Sorry I'm such a poop commenter because I know you've heard all of this before, but I love this so so much.
  15. Benzedrine_Academy

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    I made an account just to tell you how much I really love this story and write out a long explanation like everyone else has. But I've never been on the site besides to read this so I'm not sure how this will go. I spent my entire Christmas break (2 weeks!) to read this. Seriously, I would love to be in Monroeville so badly. The length of the story would make it great even without how amazing it truly is. I really love long, well written ones and this is truly it. I'm pretty sure this will get quite long but I bet you won't mind!

    I'm going to start with Ray. He's, in my opinion, a genius in his own way. He is a lot smarter than anybody else in his "condition" at least. They way he freaks when there is any changes is just so nice . . . and honestly pretty realistic. I really liked when you had his POV going on. And his smile when he grandparents came? Oh my god, I was dying form the cuteness.

    Bob is just . . . I don't even know how to say anything about how much I really like Bob. He is like real addicts who will do anything to get their "candy", as Gerard says. The way he is just a pure butthole to everyone really makes him great. When he freaks over Frank/Gerard getting all touchy makes me laugh so much, it's crazy. The comments he makes are hilarious. How much he cares about his nephew though! That. It's so sweet and amazing and just wow. The few chapters where you describe him as on MySpace awwing over new pictures of him is really great.

    There's so much to say about the freak. At the beginning when he licked Frank I died laughing. It was somewhere around two in the morning? My mom came to check on my and my sister was yelling. I just could not stop laughing. There really was some points where at the beginning, I really disliked Gerard. And the questions he asks? He seems so innocent in a way asking them, but it just goes to show you never know what's going through his mind. I also really liked how many times you had him not take his meds. It shows how stubborn he is. Just wants to be normal. And how he calls Frank baby-blue. I really, really like that. Plus his arguments with Bob were the best parts of the chapters most of the time. Them going back and forth until Bee comes to break them apart or Gerard comes with his "'m sorry." afterwards, whether King tells him to or not. Gerard always says sorry. Him in New York. Perfect. That's all I can say. The way he told Ray about his grandparents were coming really surprised me. He was gentle and well, sane? It was weird but really nice that he did that so Ray wouldn't freak. The "nuhu" he does is really cool, too. I just felt like that had to be mentioned.

    Mikey really pisses me off. I can somewhat get why he'd dislike his brother because he is well . . . crazy. Tried to kill him. But when he lied to Alicia and how he lies to his friends makes me feel so bad for Gerard. He has no idea his brother even does that. The chapter where he is messing around with Alicia instead of studying I thought was really cute I guess. I don't know, I just liked it a lot.

    I really hate Gerard's parents. Enough said there I think.

    Bee being able to be there and support Gerard makes me like her a lot. I really thought she would send Frank away after their first kiss. And her explaining to Gerard about gay sex was so awkward. It was great. I feel bad for her though with the baby. Don is just lazy and I don't like him. But he should somewhat respect her opinion. He's Don so that won't be happening.

    I'm not sure what to say about King. He's doing his job and doing it right but maybe favoring Gerard over him I hate what he does sometimes. King does what he can though. Not speaking up for Gerard is New York and letting him talk really just. Ugh.

    I saved my favorite for last! Baby-blue. Frankie is definitely my favorite. I think I got a little sad when he wasn't mentioned in a few chapters. The second Gerard asked why he was there I just knew it was because he cut. Not only because of the whole sweater thing but the way he acted. I really like how every time Bob takes him to smoke during Gerard's freak-outs he end up rambling and crying to him. Then Gerard comes to his room and Frank tries to push him away but couldn't really. He'd cry and Gerard would call him an emo-pussy. Their relationship is really weird but I like it. Not just the "relationship" but how they just really care for each other. Like when Frank first kissed Gerard because he never had before so Gerard just HAD to do the same for Bob. Even Gerard going after the guys at the mall or Frank getting after Bob for what he said about Gerard and was nastily picking on him.

    If you can't tell, I just can't stop talking . . . typing whatever. This story really is the best one I have ever read, MCR fic or not. Maybe I just have a love for these guys. And them being crazy but that's whatever. When a story that I really love ends, I feel like I died a little bit. With this it will happen. Kind of like how some can't let go of Harry Potter, I NEVER want this to end. It will eventually, and seems like soon? Whenever you update I will be very, very happy. I also saw you were looking for a Beta of some type? I'm pretty good at it myself and see the obvious and not-so-obvious mistakes. Maybe I could help you out when you have a chapter done? It's cool if you've got one already obviously. I'd just be glad to get in Monroeville though. A day even, I just love this. Oh my god I ramble worse than off-meds-Gerard. I really need to stop. It's getting to the length of a chapter.

    Oh one more thing. The LENGTH. Wait, I've said that. But since 2008? Man. That's a long time. Even if it doesn't continue much longer I'll be glad for an ending in a way. But Frank leaving Gerard oh my god let me cry now.
  16. BlooLC

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    Okay, so I just now started reading this story and I have no clue if it has already ended or is on hiatus or whatever the deal is, but even though I'm only on page 50-something, I just had to post this and tell you how awesome it is! It really puts a new spin on the 'Gerard being crazy' concept. I love how you write him, he's like such an original and unique character and I really love the Gerard POV chapters, It makes you love the little guy even more, yet pity him at the same time because you see what goes on in his crazy little head. I also really like how you are dragging out Frank and Gerard's relationship. I mean there are very few stories that are actually realistic and don't just have it be like "Oh hey I'm Frankie, we're kind of similiar, wanna f**k?" :) And the fact that they absolutely hate each other at the beginning of the story, just makes me envy you more for being able to not only write appealing characters, but also realistically show them change over time and form bonds with other characters. Sarah and Gerard's friendship is also pretty sweet plus to the story. wrap it all up...I know I am not even half way through the story and for all I know, I could hate it by the end, but for right now, its pretty darn good. I can't wait to read more! :)
  17. Stefff

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    hey i've read your story and i think it is absolutely amazing! i'm not one for long comments i'm afraid. i hope you're doing alright and udate the rest when you can :') xx
  18. Thaiet

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    I've read your story now. Twice. I love it, no matter when or if you decide to continue it. Thanks for being inspirational and amazing. ^^
  19. Miz Erie

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    Oh, Nuky. I so wish you would write us a new chapter for this fic, even if it's just a bunch of nothingness! I so miss this story! It's one of the very few I read that's not complete. Of course, it might be because this is the never-ending Frerard fic!

    I miss this story!!
  20. Yekith

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    ^I agree with her! I'd be happy with anything, 'cause I miss the guys so much. I do understand you just can't force anything out sometimes. But I hope that changes eventually. Whenever that happens, I'll be here! <3

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