Crazy like you, Lollipop (Frerard and insanity)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Archive' started by Nukyster, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. fishtard

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    I've always had a weak spot for when Gerard talks about dying in Monroeville while Frank will get out. It's just such a worry that you'd rather not deal with it while you can. They haven't really talked about it in a serious way and as a mainsubject in their conversation so I guess that's a sign of them not wanting to deal with a problem that they know will be hard to fix.

    Over all, great as always. I'd also like to tell you that while writing this story, from the beginning to now, you've imrpoved a lot and this work is so far awesome. You've been writing this story for what, 4-3 years? I'm really curious for how it's going to turn out because it seems that there will always be something that catches up and needs to be solved before you can finish it. Like Bob's problems at home and the fact that he's an uncle, Ray's background, Sarah working hard for her freaks and Don, Franks past life with school and Jamia(like seriously) and ofcourse, Gee's whole life. There are so many stories to tell and they're all so original, that's why this story is amazing.
  2. Hydro_Insanity

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    Update!!! Wow even through the haze of insanity gee is still really deep and its heartbreaking when he talks about him dying in the hospital. It must really suck knowing your going to be trapped there forever. I cant help but imagine gerard as a 12 year old with his long black hair though. And ray as like a six year old. I hope Sarah dosent get an abortion Don seems like he would want to be a dad. I really hope frank comes out to his parents about him being with gerard and all. This is one of the best fan fics i ever read and i cant wait for your next update nuky.
  3. MissMassacre

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    *squeals* update! ^______^
    I love Gerard's word vomit so much, it's so interesting to read... and makes you think. it's amazing how you come up with all of it and put it into exactly the write words, you show his emotion so, so well. I love hearing all his little childhood stories about.. hugging his hamster to death (which i'm definately going to be drawing. XD) or kicking that guy's front teeth out, kinda makes me feel like Gerard's a real person and i know him. It's always really sad reading about him just accepting that he's gonna spend his entire life and die locked up... i feel like i should say soemthign about the other characters but i just love Gerard so much in this fic! why are all the best men fictional/gay? ;)
  4. Living Disaster

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    I swear I f**king dance whenever you update this story! xD
    This never gets boring, you know. Never.
    Nukyster, I'm pretty sure very many of your readers (including me) wanna marry this story! xD
    I'm looking forward to see what happens with Sarah and Don's baby o.o
    Iv'e always loved to read whatever Gerard says, it's always either really funny or makes you think or really random/crazy xD
    You gotta be really proud of this story, or your characters C:
    I'll be reading the next update as soon as you post it :'p Looking forward to the next update, as always :D
  5. xoxSTEFxox

    xoxSTEFxox Guest

    yaya update!! :D

    she cant abort the baby :( its unhuman and cruel
    please make them keep it?!?

    wheras gerard better take his pills unless he wants me to do the same as frankie
    * evil grin *

    can't wait until you update again xxx
  6. Freema

    Freema New Member

    What a happy birthday present I got - an update! :D

    Poor Sarah, she's got some seriously rough decision to make... I just hope she makes the choice which she really feels is the best one, it's just hard because you can't always think just yourself, you gotta think of everyone else, too... I can understand why she wouldn't want to keep the baby, it is really a big responsibility to handle, and Sarah has a lot of work and stress in her life already... But then again, it's a human life in question. I just wonder what Sarah thinks is more important in the end, the unborn child's life or her own... These are some really complicated matters. :/

    And then Gerard... You know what, I nearly cried when I read through Gee's word-vomit because he reminds me so much of myself. It's almost creepy actually how many of his thoughts could be ripped from my mind.. The sad thing is that he's missing that small, itty-bitty pin that's holding it all together. Even though Gee is a wacko, in my eyes he's not completely crazy, he just doesn't have what it takes to keep it under his own control. It's a poor thing, because you can't change the way you have been born, no matter how well you realize what's the matter in you, no matter how hard you tried. You can learn to live with it, though, and I hope/think that Gee will manage.

    I'm dread of the day when Frank's gonna leave Monroeville, I can just imagine how things are going to work out for him and Gee then. :/ I feel so sorry for Gerard, he's always telling Frank how he will get out one day and how he himself won't... He must be really scared of that day, even though he may talk about it like it wasn't a big deal. It's just easier that way than to let the bitterness take over, because even if he doesn't show it, deep inside he must be bitter that he can never be the same as everyone else. (I feel I'm speaking of things too matter-of-factly, now...) ...Anyways. It must be so hard, knowing that some day the one you care for the most is going to go away. I guess that kind of thoughts haunt everyone from time to time, in one way or another.

    Thanks, Nuky, for writing this awesome story! I hope you don't get too stressed out with everything, wouldn't be nice, no-no >___< (sorry for being such a pushy, familiar bastard, just hope it doesn't bother you) Still, I'm looking forward to the next update. But I wouldn't want you to push yourself, take your time and just don't stress out :)

    xx Dee
  7. Eleanor_Killjoy

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    Once again amazing!
    I've been checking this almost everyday and this made me so happy to read

    I love the way Don is the one who wants to keep the baby - stereotypically it would be Bee but her character sounds like the person to want to get rid of it straight away. Can't wait to see if it turns out okay for them..

    And the Gee/Frank convo was PERFECTO. It makes me feel all bubbly inside when they make up and then have a quiet laugh.

    Goddamit I WANT a Gee >:|

    :) xo
  8. KJtheKilljoy

    KJtheKilljoy New Member

    I have been reading this story for so fricken long. Feel in love with it from the first chapter and just couldnt stop reading. I wake and start reading and dont stop reading until i go to bed. Its so fricken fantastic. You Nuky, totally rock my mismatched socks.
  9. BlackWays

    BlackWays New Member

    Gerard's speech was so intense,it's amazing how one person can have so many sides and it is amazing how you can write them all.And Sarah's situation is really messy,i hope she will get through everything.Your work is pure perfection:)
  10. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Black Mariah Staff Member

    Oh, FINALLY! I reached the end! Well, the end of the thread so far! Kind of makes me sad, though. I don't want to stop reading. I've read all the way through in what, 5 days? I'll have to look. I think it's been about a week or something really.

    Anyways... so you know my thoughts. I have been sending you PM's all the way through. I'm looking forward to an update.

    So on the last few chapters, since I haven't PM'ed you about those yet... I'm glad Frank finally stood up to Gee about taking his pills. And I am REALLY glad Gee is trying to listen and didn't beat Frankie into a little pulp-y puddle.

    And Bee's pregnant?! Gee is going to be so happy that she's going to swell up and explode like Bob's sister. (Hahaha, that was so funny.) Gee has said more than once to Bee she's going to be a good mom. I just hope Don can talk some sense into Bee and take a little more responsibility (like maybe finding a part-time job or something). But I see where Bee is coming from, too. She has just started to get her life on track and got a paying position at Monroeville and is in school. I don't know.

    I'm hoping Gee can get his stuff straighten out and him and Frank can get back to being happy. And I hope Frankie doesn't get out too soon. Or maybe he can be there for two more years, learning how to handle and manage Gee, and then they can move out together. I don't know. We've talked about how I feel about all the sad-butt endings to these fantastic fics. And this is a fantastic fic! So just keep it going forever! I will never tire of it! EVER!!

    Love you lots, Nuky!!
  11. Kimothy

    Kimothy New Member

    I think i've been reading your fic for about a month now, it's taken a long time xD
    I love this fic, everytime I read a chapter it blows my mind and I think it can't possibly get better, then I read the next and it's even better :L
    I love the storyline to this 'cause it has a lot of twists and i've been left with my jaw hanging many times :L
    Thank you for writing this fic and please update soon 'cause I may be addicted... xD
  12. Stereo Riptide

    Stereo Riptide New Member

    Finally!! It's been at least a month, but I've finally caught up!! I feel seriously accomplished right now. Take your time with the updates. I'm fully prepared to wait forever if I have to. :)
  13. Stereo Riptide

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  14. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Black Mariah Staff Member

    ^I know Nuky will love that! I'm going to PM and email her to tell her come look at it... which I'm sure she would anyway...
  15. Stereo Riptide

    Stereo Riptide New Member

    ^Thanks!! That would be awesome. :)
  16. ok...i know that nuky, you haven't updated in a while, but im a relatively new reader, and i'm freaking obsessed with this story :) and, i miss, please update again?

    loyal fan number...well, im number something :)
    please keep writing, and keep running!

  17. fishtard

    fishtard New Member

    Oh hey

    I miss Nuky's writing. That's all.
  18. Freema

    Freema New Member

    Oh, you're not alone..

    And oh, I see I'm not alone then either.
  19. Nukyster

    Nukyster Active Member

    ^I miss being here.

    For real, I miss spending a lot of my free time on this website. I miss this story, I miss many others and I miss talking to you guys. I really miss Crazy too and I'm scared to start up something new because I'm still able to write the way I used to. Last weekend me and my friend drove in her car and suddenly Famous Last Words started to play and that's when it hit me, I really miss drabbling about this nuthouse and I really wanna get back to that.

    Also I am in desperate need of a beta, a good one (but to be honest I AINT that picky at the moment) gawd and i need my mcr obsession back for real.

    X Nuky, hows still alive?
  20. GlowMidnight

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    I've been reading this for a few months and I'm still not caught up! I'm so close, though.
    I would love to beta for you. I'm not so great at giving feedback, though. Just fixing mistakes and all that.

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