Crazy like you, Lollipop (Frerard and insanity)

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    Crazy like you, lollipop

    Rating: 15+

    Disclaim: This story is completly fiction. I do not own any of the MCR members.

    Main characters: Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Bob Bryar, Ray Torro, Sarah Beth, Arthur (King) Kneightly.

    Summary: Four young man, all with their own sorts of poop to deal with. One with too many labels, one simply had enough, one addicted to meth and one living in his own Autistic world. All four of them spend a part of their life in 499, better known as Monroeville. One of the many houses of a psychiatric institution.

    Genre: Humor, friendship, hurt/comfort, angst, family, drama and SLASH at some point. It's pretty much a rollercoaster.

    Autor's note: Is you are looking for a story about two boys that fall in love in chapter one and have sex in the fifth you got yourself the wrong story. But if you are intrested in living 'problem cases' I hope you will check this one out.

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    this is good
    please update soon (;

    one quz: how old are they?
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    Chapter 1) Meeting up with Mr. Chaos.​


    He just wanted to die. He stared at the pure white sealing from the room that had been given to him. White, cold, clean. So bright, so white. He hated that. He wish he could crawl under the bed with the white, white seats. He wanted to be wrapped in darkness and just die. But he couldn’t, breathing seemed to be too tiring already. He felt so weak, cried ever bit of strength out. Slowly he started to sob again. ‘How can they do this to me?’ He pierced his eyes shut and the sob continued growing harder. ‘Do they hate me that much?!’ He curled to his side, away from the white, white door. Why did his room had to be so god damn white. Why did he had to be here? And why did his parents dumped him in a nuthouse? He wasn’t crazy, he was just so tired. So god damn tired of… everything.

    Through his teary lashes he stared at both his wrist. Two deep white lines, companied by many others. ‘I’m not crazy, I just had enough.’ And so he closed his eyes again and let himself sink back in the darkness that seemed welcome him every time as an old friend.

    “FRESH MEAT! FRESH MEAT!!!” He heard someone raving through the hall. Hand jammed down on his door until it shot open. As the door he shot up and with large grown eyes he stared at the nutjob that came marching into his room. Literally marching, no kidding. Like a soldier, one hand fiery in the air, his feet moving up high and stamping back on the ground.

    The murky mouth that came with it all started to shout again. “FRESH MEAT! FRESH MEAT! WELCOME TO PARADISE!”

    He could be sure his yaw was hanging by now. His face must gave his shook away. The stranger took hold in the middle of the room, his bleached white hair shocking a bit when he ended his show with a headbang. In front of him stood a boy, wearing some cheap sneakers, a shirt from a band that didn’t rang a bell and a pair of boxers with Tasmanian devil on it.

    But even the whole ‘missing pants part’ didn’t seem to less the boys attitude.

    His lips turned into one of the wickedest smiles he’d ever seen (and he’d seen The Shining with Jack Nicolson).

    “You’re the fish now noob!” The boy shouted very cheering. “Think there ganna fry your brain?! Think about it, they did that to me the first night.” He let his index fingers twirl along his temples. “That did the trick for me, oooooo boy it did it. It so did. The really pulled my screws lose baby-blue!”

    Somehow he got his jaw back in place and got some human expression back on his face. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed. “Excuse me, but who are you?”

    The boy gasped and winched back as been violently beaten. “You don’t know my name?!” he cried upset and fell on his knees. “You don’t know MY name?!” He let his head head-bang towards the ground. “I’M THE BLOODY KING AROUND HERE!” He cried, kneeled down on the floor and studied the floor. “Well, not the king that’s the big Chief. I ain’t going near the King of Fools.” He looked up, still letting a bit of wickedness play in his eyes. “Mweh, I’m the Joker. I pull the pranks, I’ll toy, cheat and play this halls. I rrrrrule over here!” he let the R role out his mouth and he jumped back in position. “I’m the man around here baby-blue-eyes. And you’re the fish now, your Tiny Tim.” He bit his lips and clapped his hands, then sprinted back to the door and shouted out: “FRESH MEAT, FRESH MEAT READY FOR A BRAINMELT!”

    He flung back in, hissing and stumbling over his feet as a girl not that much older then he marched in.

    “Gerard what did I say to you?!” She snapped angrily.

    The boy seemed to ease down a bit. “Sulky Sarah, always ready to ruin my day…”

    “Wacky Way, get out this is no time to play.” She sing-song tuned back.

    The boy threw his head between his shoulders. “O c’mon Sissy, I’m bored! I’m crazy and I’m bored let me play a little with the nooby!”

    “No!” The girl fired back. “You’ve done enough, go get some pants on right now before I have to squeak with Arthur about you misbehaving again!” She pointed at the door.

    The boy shrugged and pouted his lips. “No need to throw in the King, Sissy.” He flung his hands up in the air. “I’m going, I would have been in the Din if it weren’t for you!” He told her.

    “God, Gerard I’m going to make you coffee in a few minutes!” The girl growled annoyed and patted on his shoulders, gesturing him to the door. “You can make it yourself you know.”

    He blew her a kiss. “Not the way you can, you can make everything Sea. Everything top till bottom head to toe. Black, milky, creamy, frappy, cold, warm or very hot…”


    The boy giggled rather girlish and sprinted out of the room, pulling his boxers slightly up.
    The girl sighted and rolled her eyes. A bit uncomfortable she turned towards him.

    “So you must be Frank Iero?” She said not that acted, pretty interested even.

    He shrug uncomfortable, he didn’t like it when strangers suddenly threw all that much interest at him.

    “I’m Sarah Beth Talley.” She told him, her voice was cheery. He pretended to miss that and gestured to the door.

    “Who’s that?”

    She joined his look. “That was Gerard. He’s… easy to live with once you learn to know him. What can take more then a person should have to bare.” She added more to herself then to him it seemed.

    He frowned, that didn’t comforted him one bit. That boy was clearly out of his freaking mind. He hoped they had some locks on the door. “And you are?” he asked a bit harsh.

    “I’m Sarah, I’m a student working here to-“

    “-To check out the freaks, yeah I get it!” He cute her off and finished. He didn’t feel like being a Guiney pig for a therapist to be.

    “No more like helping them figured things out.” She hummed a bit agitated by his snarl.

    “Well I don’t need someone to figure stuff for me out!” He spat at her. She just nodded.

    “Did anyone give you a tour around here?” She asked ignoring his bust out. He gave her a sharp look and shook his head.

    “No they just dumped me here.” He growled and suddenly his fingertips seemed to be very interesting.

    “Do you want to get a tour through the house?” She asked. “Then you can met your other-“

    “No, f**k no! I just want to be left alone!” he snapped and turned away from her, burying his head into the pillow.

    “Okay, I’ll check on you in a few hours.” She told him and left. When she closed the door he razed his middle finger and pulled the blanket over his head. He wanted to sleep and if he could forever.


    So this was chapter one. I have to say *stands up* Hi my name is Nuky and I'm a review addict. I love feedback and you may be critic but don't make it to hard that'll make me cry and I'll start throwing things. Nobody will be happy about that. So please, prety please say what you think about!!!
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    Wow, this is awesome!
    haha, Gerard sounds f**king crazy!
    Update when you can again:]
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    ok ^_^

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    O believe me he really is. He reallyreally is. *smiles evil*
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    So next chapter comming up:

    Chapter 2) Big boy doing wee-wee.


    To his painful agony he woke up not even a hour later, his bladder urging him to get up and take a piss. For a few minutes he shut the feeling out but finally got up. Wetting your bed in a nuthouse wasn’t the best start. If he ever wanted to get out of this place he better showed them he was housetrained.

    Before he opened the door of madness he checked himself out in his mirror. Well there mirror since he only borrowed the room until another son of a witch screwed up. He whipped away the dark sticky strings of hair from of his face. He must smell really bad, he hadn’t bother to take a shower since… forever. His hair sucked to, to ugly and greasy. He hated the boy in the mirror, but tried not to care so he pulled his hood over his head. Sometimes he really tried to disappear in the black sweater he had since… forever. Just disappear in the soft Fleece. He felt safe with his sweater, truly wrapped in darkness. A shield for all the talks, all the eyes and all the hurtful words.

    He stepped in his lace-less shoes. Did they really think he would hang himself with his own laces? Well he would try probably, just in case it might work.

    ‘Better get this over with and get back to sleep.’ He turned the knob and silently opened his door. He stuck his head out and let his eyes wondered through the hall.

    White. Whity-white. So sterile he feared he would never be able to have kids after this event.

    He felt like the anti-pole as he sneaked through the hall. He counted eight doors, that could lead to everywhere. He just prayed to God he wouldn’t walk into that creep again. It was one thing he was suicidal, having so much insanity linger around him… That wouldn’t do him any good. From one room he heard some voice mumble. They didn’t sound scared, freaked out or insane so that must be a good thing. He walked along that door and heard some music play, that must be another bedroom.

    ´Where the hell did these people park the bathroom.´ he thought annoyed. ´I swear just a few more moments and this mental-case is doing a wee-wee on the floor.’

    He took a shot and picked a door. He moaned when he stepped into a living room slash kitchen. On one of the cabins sat the creep, knees up to his chest and head resting against a plank. Next to him stood Therapist Jr, fixing up some coffee.

    “Someone really hooked you up huh Fish?” The creep gestured to his lip piercing. He opened his mouth to make a sharp comeback but couldn’t figure something out to make the creep feel less. So he huffed and slammed the door back shut.

    Furious he marched further into the hall, hearing the creep giggle and the girl call him poop.

    Somehow that made him feel a bit better and so he checked the next door.

    ‘Finally salvation.’ He sighted as he walked into a tiled bathroom. Well some shower cells, sinks and line toilet doors. ‘Hallelujah, holey mother of sweet Jesus.’ He thought as he turned one of the doors to ‘occupied.’

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    Haha, great update.
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    Chapter 3) The Real World.


    He’d slept a few more hours but then he had to face it. Really face it. He wasn’t going to pass away in his sleep and there was no way he would get out of this prison if he kept pretending to have sweet, sweet dreams. Somehow he had to think about Marilyn Manson after that realisation and that made him sit up pretty fast.

    He yawned and rubbed the last bit of sleep out of his eyes. For the third time he looked around his room. It annoyed him, it was to clean, untouched. Not like his own room was, had been… before.

    He sighted. The only thing that kind of resembled him was his bag, still packed and himself. Two black spots in a white room. ‘I don’t belong her man.’ He kicked his bag under the bed. ‘I’m not crazy, I have to get out of this shitty place.’

    And the only way was the doorway.

    When he scampered through the hall he heard a loud scream that made him jump up. Alerted he turned around, towards the scream. In another area a door got jammed open. The Therapist to be came rushing out, cursing soft. She slowed down her step when she noticed him being out of bed.

    “Hi.” She said a bit awkward. “Can you please walk with me, there is a little bit of a problem.” Even though her tone was calm her eyes told him otherwise. He decided not to risk his life over some kinda of lunatic that went wild and nodded. She hurried him into the room he’d walked in before.

    It had a low furniture level. Just the plain basic things. A creamy white five-sit couch in one corner with a small TV in front of it. The nutjob from before sat on the floor, just a few inches from the screen, while his fingers drummed concentrated on the floor. It had some rhyme, but not much. He watched a few seconds how those fingertips kept drumming on the wooden floor.

    Sarah had walked off to the back. The lost of her presence made him feel very uncomfortable. Now he stood alone in the same room with the creep. Luckily the guy seemed more interested on what was on TV then in him. Still, he had no clue what to do and just standing in the middle of the room made him feel stupid.

    He stared exploring his new ‘living condition.’ Slowly not to drain to much attention to him. The kitchen started where the room ended, it stood in the middle of the room. There where two halls on both sided leading to god knows what. He sat down on one of the five stools that stood against the kitchen counters. To his displeasure there where locks on most of the cabins and the fridge. ‘So no midnight snack then.’

    Right the moment he started to ask himself if it was possible that Sarah had been murdered by one of the crazy f**ks, she came rushing back from one of the halls. Behind her scampered the boy, a little bit older then he was.

    “Bob this is Frank.” Sarah introduced them while the other boy rubbed over his unshaved chin. A bit sheepish he held out his hand.



    So far the conversation.

    Sarah hipped from one foot on the other. “Can you give Frank a tour around the house please? Then I can check upon the- well you know.”

    The shaggy boy shrugged. “Yeah sure.” The boy rubbed the back of his neck and Frank wondered if the boy got a lice problem. Slowly he took a step back, taking some space because he didn’t feel much for shaving his head. He’d seen a movie about a nuthouse, everyone had to shaver there head because it was cheaper and easier kept. Yeah, okay that movie had been placed in the 50’s, but still…

    “So this is it then.” The boy started to speak and gestured to the room. “ Pretty easy, you got the kitchen’, the liv’. Back there is the din’ room.” He gestured to the hall on the left side of the kitchen. “On the other side we have some place you can relax. There is one computer and if you kill it your dead because that thing is my only way to the outside world. O, and there are some books, a piano and some art stuff in case you feel creative. Let’s move on.”

    Stunned he’d taken another few steps back and he quickly nodded. The boy had already turned his back towards him and walked along the kitchen.

    “I presume you’d already met Gerard?” Bob said giving himself some time to study the creep that had been taken by the TV. His mouth hung open a bit and it wouldn’t surprise Frank if he would start drooling.

    Bob coughed, not getting any responds from the creep. “GEE WAKE UP!”

    The boy shot up and yelped. Angry he glared at Bob. “What? I’m watching my show god damn it!”

    Bob rolled his eyes. “You can watch The Real World later, say hi to Frank.”

    The creep gave him a little peek. “I already said hi to the fish, now I have coffee and TV so f**k off Bob.” He turned back to the screen and frozen in the exact same position as before.

    Bob shook his head a little and looked at Frank. “He’s cool, he’s just a bit uh… -Let’s just carry on the tour.”

    Before they left the living room Frank couldn’t help but peek over his shoulder at Gerard. He was really weird. Okay now that was an understatement. The guy was just so- he didn’t know how to name it. Chaotic? Childish?

    ‘Let’s just drop it on crazy.’ He told himself stepping into another room.


    So umm… what do you think it from so far? Please leave a comment I’m dying to know what people think!
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    I like this!!!!

    i feel sorry for frank though!!!

    and gee really is crazzy!!!!
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    this is REALLY good ^_^

    please update (soon)

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    Ohh Loved it!
    I really like this, it's so funny..x]
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    I like it so far!

    Side note: I saw you said that you're dyslexic and the spelling wouldn't be good.... why don't you get yourself an editor? Send the chapter to them once you've finished it and they'll make minor changes, just clean it of all errors.
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    Ah Nuky I love love love this story! :D
    Gerard is really crazy, me likes :3
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    Thanks El!^^ i love the crazy f**k. Or awful f**k or any other type of f**k you my call him *smiles* but should you be doing some deadly HW?
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    I'd call him a good f**k actually :)
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    oh god! *NEW READER*
    I'm seriously loving this so far!
    heh, i can only imagine where this story is going :]

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    *new reader*
    this is awsome
    and crazy :)
    i like it :p

    update soon xxx
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    Because you’ve been sooo kind to reply I update right away, who needs sleep anyway!

    Chapter 4) Sing for the king baby-blue.​


    Bob had showed him close to anything on there section. At the beginning of the long L shaped building where a few office. Two of them where for the ‘staff,’ who’d been away while they where walking there tour. Something happened in one of the other buildings, that happened a lot, according to Bob. There was one office also accessible for them. It was for therapy. When bob told him that he nearly broke a few teeth, his jaw had clutched so tight.

    There where five bedrooms, but because one of them had transferred to another building there where only four of them at the moment. A relieve, again according to Bob. There last patient had been a pain in the butt. The poor bastard suffered from Mysophobia and had no life in there building. There came cleaners once a week, Gerard refused to clean up anything, so the house was a mess most of the time. The poor guy never stood a chance.

    Three months there group had been one big piece of chaos. A group has a trigger effect, if it’s in harmony everything is great. But the moment one member falls apart balance is taken.
    Relations shift, people start to irritate the other members, what eventually will lead to a fight. This time however it never came to a final crash, just a lot of shaking up.

    But let’s get back to the point. Bob had introduced him to ‘the classroom’. Apparently even loco’s had to go to school. Great, now there was no way out, skipping classes was going to be impossible because he lived at school. Somehow they didn’t get it. He, depressed. School, hell. Add together, bad combo.

    Other then that there wasn’t much in the building, just a few storing rooms for the stuff they couldn’t dump in there room. And a closet for the cleaners.

    “So that’s kinda the house then. Welcome to Monroeville.” Said Bob and ended there tour in back in the living room. The creep had left the TV and was nowhere to be found.

    Monroeville?” He repeated a bit cynical.

    “Yes, our little psychopath came up with that along the way. He missed home so he started to call this place Monroeville.” Bob explained. “It’s better then department 499 I guess… Anyway that’s about it, this is the place your going to be locked in for a while.”

    “You really know how to cheer up a guy don’t ya.” He snored annoyed and sunk into the five-sit couch. Now that he walked through it, it seemed quit all right. All right, if in it’ll do. No crazy f**k had jumped him yet and the living room was alright, beside the fact they had chosen to paint it sunny-bright yellow.

    He would give his life for a beer or something, literally give his life. No kidding. Why was his good friend Jack Daniels not around? Why did he had to be here? Why couldn’t he just be home, lock himself in his room and play the same kind of sappy music over and over until his head would blow apart.

    “-Baby blue eyes. Behind baby blue eyes.” Someone said on a sing-song way. The creep had entered the room again and sat down on one of the stools at the cabins. He turned around and around, repeating is little song. “Nobody knows what’s it’s like… Right blue-eyes?”

    His old annoying habit of nail biting started to get a comeback. His eyes lingered towards the performing creep but never made eye contact. Same thing with dogs, he didn’t like dogs. If you made eye contact they would attack.

    “Your really a quiet one baby-blue.” The creep purred from his stool and drummed on the cabin. “You ain’t going to last like this for ever and ever right?” He felt how two wickedly insane eyes burned in his face and he had trouble keeping his eyes on his fingertips.

    The creep sniggered. “Your ain’t going to hold up the silence act forever. C’mon, what’s your secret baby-blue? Why are you in here with the Good the Bad and the Insanity? What did you do so wrrrrrrong your sweet-sweet mommy and daddy dumped you here? Been bad baby-blue? C’mon share with the group, share that’s what you do with your group, c’mon baby-blue spill it out.”

    “Stop calling me that stupid f**k!” Frank snapped. Why did that freak keep on rambling, wasn’t his presence torture enough? The annoying way he drummed his fingers on the table made him ready to strangle him. “My name is Frank and I have brown eyes. OR HAZEL if that’s what you want to call it, but knock the nicknames!”

    To his annoyance they creep started to summon up the chorus from Behind these hazel eyes.

    Frank never believe in violence and had been beaten senseless a few times for taking that statement. But even though his mild character that guy turned him in a state to kill.

    He jumped up, finally piercing his eyes into the lighter once. “KNOCK IT OFF!”

    His reaction seemed to excite the creep, he sat up and folded his hands together. “Why?”

    “BECAUSE YOU ANNOY THE f**k OUT OF ME!” He snapped.

    Gerard cracked his knuckles. “Sorry Frankie that was a rhetorical question. As in ‘why do you think I will stop?’ I’m Way, the only Way and you better do everything my way.” He seemed to rethink his words and then nodded. “Jup, that’s it. Welcome to Monroeville Frankie-pooh.”

    Really, normally he would turned away. But his last few days had been hell. Hitting bottom after bottom. And every time he bit his lip, closed his eyes and let himself slip deeper into that dark pit. And now that pit opened, with it all the rage, loathing and hate bursting up.

    Everything happened in a red flash. A blur and before he knew it he’d pinned the creep into the cabin. He’d jammed him so hard he could hear his shoulder cling onto the kitchen furniture. His head bounced hard and for a moment the creep seemed in real pain. Then he looked up at him and smiled flattered. “Well tickle, tickle Tinkerbelle. Bit touchy huh?”

    “SHUT UP!” Frank heard himself grunt with a voice much lower then he could remember. “What the f**k is wrong with you?!”

    Two eyes sparkled, the mouth turned in a smirk one of the wickedest he could remember. “I’m crazy like you, lollipop!” Then he drew his head up and licked him in the face.

    Frank cried out like a little girl and jolted up, letting the creep go in the process. He sprinted backwards, rubbing his face violently. “Holey f**k, you crazy poop! YOU LICKED ME!”

    Gerard jumped back on the counter and liked his lips. “Yeah and you taste like strawberries.”

    For the second time that day his jaw must have hit the floor and his face felt expressionless. Really what kind of snapback could he make after that? Calling him names didn’t work, threatening didn’t work, hurt him didn’t seem to have any effect. Even screaming and cursing didn’t help. Now that even helped with his parents, he had no card left!

    “GERARD GO TO YOUR ROOM!” Both the boys turned there head towards the doorway. Sarah stood there, both her arms tugged on her waist. “You have about three seconds to go to your room and if I see you sneaking around your going to be toast buster! You hear me?!”

    Somehow her threats had more effect on him even though he’d screamed and cursed along.

    Gerard seemed to shrink a bit and stepped off the counter. Childish he slowed down his passes until he got by the door and earned another furious look of the therapist to be.

    “Room now Way.” She scolded at him.

    “As you wish your majesty!” He mocked, but quickly left the room.

    “That guy is seriously wacko!” Frank told her, still stunned by everything that happened. “Seriously, if that guy comes near me one more time I’ll do something nasty to him! I didn’t come her to get molested by some crazy f**k! Jesus, that guy is just mental!” He whipped over his cheeks once again. “Did you see what he did?! He licked me! IN THE FACE!”

    “He’s not as bad as he presents himself to be.” Sarah tried to hush him. But that only lit up his flames.

    “NOT THAT BAD?! O, no sure that’s what you people keep telling me! HELLO, AM I THE ONLY SANE PERSON IN THIS PRISON!? Am I the only guy who’s thinking clear here in Monroe-f**king-ville?!” His eyes shot through the room and his gaze got caught by a window. “I need to get out man, I really have to get out!” He stepped towards Sarah. “C’mon let me out! Showtime is over! LET.ME.OUT!” He screamed on top of his lungs.

    Not the brightest idea you could have in a nuthouse. From two sides two very big and very strong man run in. He gulped when he saw the Hulk and Tarzan sprinted in his direction. ‘O poop!’ His conscious hissed. ‘Crap!’ He thought, ‘now I’m really going crazy!’ As a little kid he got grabbed by his wrist. Tarzan tugged him towards the door. He let his shoulder hang, sheepish he let himself get dragged out of the living room. He’d thought he was going to get send to his room and tensed up when he got dragged along his room number. Concerned he looked from the door to Tarzan.

    “That was my room.”

    “I know, but your not going to your room.” The giant told him.

    He never thought would miss that white sperm-killing room. “Then where am I going?”

    Somewhere across the hall a door flung open. Gerard peeked along the corner, music bursting from his room. Satisfied he watched as Frank got dragged through the hall.

    “Your ganna sing for the king baby-blue, for the king of rock and roll!”


    O goody, I really like crazy people. There so funny and great be around with. Okay stop looking at me like I’m crazy. I'm so happy with you all, all the kind words THANKS SO MUCH, I'll try to update ASAP!
  20. Kriss

    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    That was great!
    Haha, I love how you have made Gerard, like this f**king insane
    Update when you can again:]

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