Crash The Cemetery Gates [Collision of Our Kiss Sequel]

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  1. brokenANGEL

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    [AMYS POV]
    I ran until I couldn’t breathe.
    I leant over, and let myself throw up, yet again.
    As I wiped my mouth, I shook in fear.
    It was her.

    After all this, after everything.
    After everything he and I had been through.
    He is doing this to me again.
    I heard footsteps behind me.

    It was Ayesha.
    I ran into her arms, sobbing and shaking.
    My whole world was collapsing.

    “It’s happening again” I cried.
    “What is?” Ayesha asked.
    She stroked my hair softly, holding me close.
    “He’s cheating on me. He’s in love with her.”
    “Who? Clara?” She asked.

    “No” I replied sadly.

  2. brokenANGEL

    brokenANGEL New Member

    The last one. <3

    The girl, who had been broken hearted for so long, stayed in her friends arms for what seemed like forever.

    She got a piece of paper, and wrote a song.

    For the man she loved.
    The man she had lost so much for.

    The man she would die for.

    Her friend held her close, whispering sentences of love and devotion, vowing to never let her go.

    They were soulmates.
    Though she hadn’t been able to see it until just then.

    She kissed her gently, sealing the vows of love.

    “I will keep you.”

    The girl slipped the piece of paper under the man’s door, before stealing away with her soulmate.

    The man cried silent tears as he read the girls last words to him.

    I don’t love you,
    Like I did

  3. Kayla?!

    Kayla?! Guest

    OMFG. Bad Gerard!

    Is that the end? :eek:
  4. Angila

    Angila InkGirl. Staff Member

    WHAT?! Ellen?'t tell me this is the end! I'll cry, Amy!
    Loved it, by the way!
  5. Nephilim

    Nephilim Give me love.

    I get a feeling this is the end;

    Right brokenANGEL?
  6. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    that was an amazing end!
    it's like.. moved me to tears

    -cyberhugg and cookies-
  7. brokenANGEL

    brokenANGEL New Member

    I have a feeling you should use my real name.

    Thanks, 'Nephilim'
  8. Julia

    Julia New Member

    Gah I missed so much! *Punches Gerard.* BAD GERARD.

    That was beautifully written.

  9. brokenANGEL

    brokenANGEL New Member

    Thanks Julia,
    It was sad to end it.
    But it had to end.
  10. Angila

    Angila InkGirl. Staff Member

    It was a beautiful ending. Beautiful throughout. Just...yeah, you guessed it...
  11. Dani4MCR

    Dani4MCR New Member

    =O =O =O =O ITS OVER????? but but but but WHATTA ABOUT AMY AND GERARD =O "GERARD HOW DARE U GO SNEAKING OFF WITH ELLEN" that was one of the most saddest endings ever i was shocked =(
  12. Claire.

    Claire. Photographic Disorder.


    beautiful ending

    that was


  13. Dumbledore

    Dumbledore glass child.

    Oh my word.
    I never would have expected.... ELLEN?

  14. brokenANGEL

    brokenANGEL New Member

    Thanks for the comments guys.

    Yes it is the end.

    The whole saga is over.


    Thanks for reading.
    And continue to read my fics.
  15. Axeletxxx

    Axeletxxx New Member

    Omg wow that was a lot to take in
    But I enjoyed it

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