Crash Into My f**king Arms [Frerard]

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    that was good.
    just kidding.
    update soon?
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    *New reader*
    This is f**kING good!!
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    i liked it!! more?
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    loved it a little confusing but i love it!!!!!
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    Okay.I fair haven't figured out what's going on.
    (I have a notion but I don't know if I'm right)

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    WTF?? I'm beyond confused. That was hot, nonetheless. I loved the update. =]
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    I'm guessing it was sexy time???!!!

    and omg Frank...coke??? =O
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    Haha, me think I know what they were doing.
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    I just read all of this story on the other site - I know what happens and I know how it ends.
    Its damn cute, thats all I'll say XD
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    aww thazt wassexy lmao xD
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    What site?!
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    oh great...
    does that mean that there's no point in posting this story?

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    NO DONT STOP!!!!
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    just dont read ahead in the other site.
    im a little worried about that..
    here's the next chapter.

    Chapter 5

    I didn't want to let him go. Releasing him meant facing reality; facing the fact that despite how it felt, I barely knew him, and he'd been hurting- had I made things worse? His father; "I'm a fag;" what if the bastard found out?! God, Frankie would get killed, oh poop poop hell no...

    I had to let go of him, slowly turning the car ignition on...

    "Oh christ." I couldn't look at him. It took several swallows before I could say, "Are... are you okay?"

    "Gerard... Hell. Was that- Oh poop.''

    I made myself glance sideways at him. Smudged eyeliner trailed down his pale cheeks, mascara framing scared wide eyes. He looked... hell, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous...

    "Was that b-bad?" he stammered nervously. "M-my fault-"

    "No!" Worrying that I'd been a little too quick to correct him, I slowed down awkwardly. "I mean... it was... y'know..." A breath, I sighed uncomfortably. "B-but not, not... a bad thing; not your f-fault, not like that... I mean... poop."

    I just reached out for him again, wrapping my arms tightly around his shoulders as our lips met. Gently now, not so panicked or desperate... Well, he still looked desperate, scared and scarred from all that abuse... but not so heartbreakingly alone now. Something had filled up the hole I'd seen before in his haunted eyes. ...Me?

    "Gerard, Gerard-" whimpered into my neck...

    "Frankie, oh Frank... you okay?"

    "I think s-so... t-thank you... you're f-f**king amazing..."

    "poop, Frankie, I'm not really-"

    He put a trembling finger slowly to my lips. "D-don't. You m-made me feel... lo-"

    If he said loved... My heart thudded in my throat. I wasn't sure I could...

    "-like somebody g-gave a poop."

    Had he sensed my fear? God, he was something else...

    "N-nobody's ever made me f-feel like they c-cared. Not in a long, long t-time..."

    "God, I... I do, Frankie... I care..." I started to pull gently away, but his fingers tightened on my arm.

    "C-can we just stay here... one more m-minute, Gerard... please..? I just... I just wanna p-pretend that it's all okay... that I d-don't have to go back home...'' His eyes were nervous, jumpy, scared. I knew it made him anxious to ask. He seemed so frightened of doing the wrong thing.

    "Shh, Frankie; mmkay, it's okay..." I leaned back into the embrace as he closed his eyes nervously, breathing starting to even out.

    We just stayed there for a while, Frankie's face pressed into my chest, eyes tightly closed as he shut out the rest of the world. I watched him gently, emotions I couldn't really place surging through my veins. Frank Iero... wow.

    After a long time, Frank curled back away, still not taking his gaze off me as though he was afraid I would disappear when he blinked. "T-take me..." He couldn't even say the word home. "B-back, please?"

    "Frankie... Maybe you don't have to go back right yet..?" His eyes held a flicker of hope for a moment; it was brief, but I knew I'd seen it. Then "I don't have anywhere else to g-go, Gerard."

    "You could... you could come to my place... You know Mikey a bit already... It's not too far away... so..." I swallowed.

    He glanced down. "I want to, Gerard, really I do..." he said quietly to his lap. I had to strain to hear him. "B-but I always go home... after. After he... y'know. I always do..."

    "Maybe it's time to change things... to feel better. Frankie?"

    He stared hard at me, then tore his eyes away to nod. "Okay."

    I reached down next to the seat, straightening and silently handing Frank the plastic packet of white powder he had dropped. His pale face flushed.

    His hand was shaking badly as he took the baggie from me, and he was refusing to meet my eyes with his. I thought I heard him murmur "S-poop" uncomfortably under his breath.



    We spoke at the exact same moment, then looked at each other.

    ''Go ahead," he murmured quietly.

    "No, you Frankie... you go ahead."

    He took a deep breath. "M-maybe the rumors were true. A little... Look, I never meant to get... addicted... poop. poop, y'know-"

    "Frank... I know. I might as well say it; I drink too much, like passed out every night kind of 'too much...' Just ask Mikey... Well... I understand. I do."

    "Thank you," he whispered, then leaned back in the seat and closed his eyes again.

    The drive was silent; we both had too much to think about...

    **i know its tempting, but please dont read ahead.**
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    Don't worry im not going to read ahead, i'd rather read it here.
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    im not reading ahead i think that would be gay
    lol i like caps lock
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    Yea, please don't stop posting this.

    It's so good.
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    f**k...I missed two updates!
    I just read them..
    this story is amazing! I Iove it! And im loving you for updating!

    Dont stop updating!
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    Wow, that was amazing. Just like every other update. You're my hero. :D

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