Crash Into My f**king Arms [Frerard]

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    Crash Into My f**king Arms

    Rating: 18+
    Main Characters: Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Mikey Way
    Pairing: Gerard Way/Frank Iero

    Fan Fiction By someonesxsweetheart
    (other site)

    this material has been civilian copyrighted.
    (c) carcinogenic, 2006-present.

    Author's Disclaimer:
    (My writing, my sick situations not my characters.
    Love these boys, but I don't own them... They own me.^^
    Thoughts on Frankie and Gee? Dead sexy. I don't really
    believe that they have, or ever had, a romantic relationship
    with each other, but that is a personal opinion.

    Dedicated to NB, I heart you.
    And also to the members of mychem although
    personally, if I were in a fanfic, it would scare me shitless.
    Also thanks to YOU for reading.^^ )

    MUCH-APPRECIATED COMMENTS TO: [email protected]

    My Disclaimer:
    I don't own them, know them personally, or hate them, obviously. =P
    This is only a fiction. This IS NOT by me. I found it on a different site. I thought that it was really good, and I thought that I should post it on here so that other people can read this AMAZING story. I asked permission and she said yes.

    P.S. thanks someonesxsweetheart ^-^


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    Chapter 1 - Gerard's POV

    "Gerard? Is this..?" The voice coming in over my cellphone was crackly and broken up, but I could hear a pleading note in the words. "Gerard, I have to ask- you've gotta help me."

    I frowned. "Who... who is this?"

    Someone swallowed anxiously on the other end, sounding panicked. "It's... Frank."

    "What? Frank..? From... school? Why are you... why do you need my help?" I only knew Frank Iero as a quiet, timid kid from high school, with what seemed to be a lot of talent, but a very bad attendance record. He had hardly ever been in class, and his skipping school became a bit of a legend. Most people thought he was on drugs. He had also developed quite a reputation as a fag, for being sort of shy, and maybe because his big dark eyes gave him a classic deer-in-headlights appearance. Now, he was on my cellphone... wanting my help?

    "Um... y-your brother gave me this number. When we did a group project in Lit... a long time ago." He sounded badly shaken, and his breathing was erratic, though what he was saying seemed to be ordinary. I remembered the project, now that he mentioned it.

    "Okay... okay. Um... is something... wrong?"

    "I'm l-lost. " His stutter almost made me feel bad for him. He sounded terrified. "I'm downtown; I'm behind a... bar, I guess. I know it's a big favor t-to ask. I know... b-but if you could... m-maybe give me a ride?"

    I couldn't really say no, after all, I was already in my car and not too far from downtown. I thought he was making a big deal out of being lost, but maybe he was just not a people person, or it bothered him to ask a favor?

    "Alright, um, sure." I dug a cigarette out of my pocket and put it between my lips while I fumbled for my lighter. A minute later, when I could talk again, I had to ask for directions. "So... where exactly are you?"

    ''B-behind this b-bar..." All he could tell me was the name of the place, but I nonetheless knew exactly where he meant. I also knew that it wasn't the kind of place that I would have pictured the anxious, quiet Frank Iero. What the f**k was he doing there? "Alright, I'll be there in five, okay?"

    "Thank you s-so, so much..." Frank said quietly, still sounding scared of something.

    "Yeah, sure, no problem."

    When I got to the bar and drove around the back, I realized that the alleyway was too small to fit my car into safely. Frowning, I got out of the car, not bothering to take the keys out of the ignition. "Uh... Hello? Frank?"

    "Yeah?" a weak voice answered. I thought it had been the connection, but Frank didn't sound very good off the phone either.

    I stepped into the alley and stopped dead, suddenly realizing the situation that I had stumbled into.

    **Want more? just say so =]] or else it will stop here..**
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    wat has he stumbled upon?
    i want more!
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    This is pretty well written.

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    Read it on the original. It's a great story, the real writer is talented.

    And it's a slash, it needs to be moved.
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    oh dang it..
    i did it again...
    i dont really know how to move it onto the slash section.
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    I think like there should be an option somwhere on the thread to move it, then maybe if you select slash stories it should move. I don't know if that was any good to you=[I've never started a thread so I don't know. Maybe your best bet is to ask a moderator.

    P.S.Please keep posting this I love it.

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    k thanks.
    but dont just thank me.
    thank the real author.
    the email is up top.
    please tell her that u like it.
    NOT just me.

    i'll post one chapter a day.
    but i have to move this thread before this whole thing starts again... =[
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    Okay will do!
    Any luck with my suggestion yet?
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    im okay now. i asked and we're dealing with it. =]
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    PM a fan fiction critic such as Ems, Jo or Jenn.
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    Whoa. This is really good :]
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    *new reader*
    tiss good :)
    update it soon :p
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    i looooooved it : )
    more soon?
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    okay. since im nice and the story just began,
    here's the second chapter. but the third will come tomorrow ok?
    OK!!! =] enjoy. also email the author. she'll be really happy.

    Chapter 2

    Frank wasn't just lost, he was crumpled in a heap on the ground near a pile of broken beer bottles, hands wrapped around his knees. His face was tear-streaked and eyes bloodshot from crying. Bruises covered one side of his jaw and down his neck. I didn't know what to say. He was a mess. "I..."

    "I'm f-fine..." he whimpered, trying hard to stand.

    I offered him a hand, surprised at how pitifully clingy his grip was, and flicked my cigarette to the concrete where the burning amber end flickered once and died. "Are you... okay?" He certainly didn't look it, and didn't really answer, just looking down anxiously.

    I wanted to ask him who had done this to him, who had f**ked him up so badly, and why. I wanted to tell him things were fine, he didn't have to cry, it would stop hurting in a second. But I really couldn't. All he had asked for was a ride. "Get in the car..?" I realized halfway through that my suggestion sounded much more like an order, and tried to make it less intimidating by adding a questioning tone.

    Frank nodded and got into the passenger seat with only a whimper as he hauled his bruised body into the car.

    Some drunken jerks must have caught him at the bar, I had decided, and frowned. Bastards.

    I could see him put his hand sharply up to his face out of the corner of my eye, and looked at him. There was a panicked look on his face. I realized he had a bloody nose.

    I reached down beside my seat for a battered box of Kleenex. "Here."

    "Thank you..." he mumbled quietly, pressing a wad of tissues to his face.

    "You should call the cops," I said after a while. "You can't just let the drunk bastards get away with it... You should have told the owner of the bar." I was only offering suggestions because he looked so pitiful and scared.

    He wouldn't look at me. ''S'n-not what you think."

    ''It wasn't like t-that.''

    "Well, what was it then?" I asked, miffed.

    ''I c-can't say that."

    "Well, goddamnit, why the f**k did you call me, then? Don't you have any friends who wouldn't ask f**king questions?" I wasn't sure why I even cared if he wouldn't talk to me.

    "Stop the car!" he said suddenly, hysteria in his soft voice.

    I thought it was because of what I'd said. "What the hell?! This is a f**king deserted highway!"

    "Stop the car, I'm gonna f-f**king throw up..."

    He sounded so scared that I veered onto the dirty gravel shoulder and slammed on the brakes. Almost before the car had stopped, he was opening the door, staggering out onto the roadside with both arms wrapped around his stomach. Before I even got out of the car, he was throwing up.

    **remember. the third is for tomorrow. =P**
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    *New Reader*

    I Love this.

    More soon please?
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    This is really good and waaaay more original than a ton of stuff on here.

    I love it. C:
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    loved it : ) updaty?
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    This is freaking awsome so far, looking forward to the update tomorrow!!!
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    new reader
    aww poor frankie that was beaten the hell up
    hope he gets better :/
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    ah, new reader!

    I'm so hooked on this. It's AMAZING.


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