Come on Angel, Don't You Cry

Discussion in 'Completed Fan Fictions' started by ClassicxDisaster, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. Schuyler

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  2. Sarah!

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    the...last chapter? :'(
  3. Laurie

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    the LAST chapter!! wahhhh noo the story cant come to an end!
  4. Schuyler

    Schuyler Active Member

    Katelynn, after this you have to start a new fan fic. xD

    Because I don't think I can live without your fan fics. D:
  5. fullmetalnin

    fullmetalnin New Member

    I agree...You're an awsome writer!
  6. Jo

    Jo New Member

    :'( Poor Gerard. I can't believe the story's ending. That was a great update, and I think you should definitely post the last chapter tonight.
  7. PunkAssMofo!

    PunkAssMofo! Fuzake n Na!



    I haven't been a new reader for long enough!
    I'm too young for this story to diee!

  8. Laurie

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    sry...but that made me laugh lol
  9. Sarah!

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    Sky and I are going to be at Erin's house tonight...:'(
    We won't be able to read your update.
  10. PunkAssMofo!

    PunkAssMofo! Fuzake n Na!

    I'll have to wait until tomorrow cus of the stupid time differences.

    Yer i'll get kicked off the computer in like 10 minutes.


    But don't finish the story. :)
  11. MUFFIN

    MUFFIN New Member

    this story is like the only story that makes me cry hysterically.
    *wipes away a tear*
    but i-i-i-i-i-i don't want the story to end, katelynn!
  12. Geisha Wafer

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    Sky's dead?! LAST CHAPTER?! *sits in emo corner and cries*
  13. PunkAssMofo!

    PunkAssMofo! Fuzake n Na!

    postypostypostyyyyy :)
  14. MUFFIN

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    xD *goes over to emo corner and offers you a tissue and a cookie*
  15. fullmetalnin

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    It's hug an emo day! *hugs Geisha Wafer*
  16. MUFFIN

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    *joins in on hugging*:clap:
  17. the-beLIEveR

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    sad ch.
    but awesome update. :]
  18. ClassicxDisaster

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    thank you.
    i'll update after i finish checking the rest of the threads on here.
    and after i check my myspace.
  19. Schuyler

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    I was going to make an avatar like that and use it like a few weeks ago! :O
  20. ClassicxDisaster

    ClassicxDisaster New Member

    Thanks so much to everyone for reading.
    It's made this story worth finishing.
    Thanks to Kaylyn for helping me when I had writers block, she made me keep going with this when i was ready to give up.
    and thanks to Sarah for helping me with..writers lazyness, she yelled at me till I wrote more. XD
    In a way i'm sad to see this come to an end, i had fun writing it, it was a lot easier than i thought it would be.
    Thanks for putting up with me, and for waiting FOREVER for updates.
    i love all my readers very much.<33
    okay, done talking, i swear.
    now go read the last chapter.

    Chapter 45.

    I was now laying on Dr. Walker's couch, sobbing uncontrollably, with no Frank here to comfort me this time.

    Dr. Walker winced each time I took a gasping breath, "Gerard, we can stop, please...please don't push yourself," he said.
    I shook my head, I was so close to the ending.

    "What I told you earlier, the breakdown I had on stage that night, when I was carried off by the paramedics, that was the night after I got that call from the doctor. Everyone thought I was over it, and I almost succeeded in my plan, except I broke down on stage instead of at home like I'd planned. I still can't forgive myself for disappointing the fans like that, like I am now." I said, sitting up slightly.
    "So what happened after you fell asleep in your bunk that night? How did you get home and get your hands on a gun?" he asked.
    "I woke up crying, gasping for air, my car was right behind the bus, we were only ten minutes from my house. I grabbed my keys off of the counter and ran off the bus and into my car. I drove home as fast as I could. I took the gun, the same exact gun that Sky used to kill herself, and held it to my chest. I said a prayer, hoping it would save me from and eternity in hell, and fired."
    There was sadness in Dr. Walker's eyes, he motioned for me to continue, "I would have died, except Frank followed me home, he heard me run out of the bus and knew where I was headed. He called 911 and got me to a hospital faster than you can imagine. When I got there, I prayed, and I hoped to die. So that I could be with Sky, wherever she was; but that didn't happen, I lived obviously, that's why I'm sitting here in front of you." I stopped, taking a breath.
    "No one trusted me out in the world with so many ways I could die, they all decided to put me in here. Even Frank, I couldn't believe it, but I guess it was for the best. I probably would have found a way to kill myself sooner or later.

    The room was silent, I let everything soak in, Dr. Walker's expression was unreadable. "Gerard, you shouldn't have done that, you know there are other ways to deal with things like death.." he said.
    His phone rang, "Hang on" he said, answering it quickly. He turned his back to me again, "Is she? Alright, yes send her in, thank you," he hung up and turned back to me.
    "Gerard, didnt you ever check back at the hospital?" he asked.
    "What do you mean?" I asked.
    He glanced at the door just as it was opening.

    My heart stopped in my chest, my jaw dropped to the floor, I couldn't believe my eyes. Standing there, in the doorway to this insance place, was Schuyler.
    "Hi Gerard," she said softly, in that angelic voice that I loved to much and thought I'd never hear again.
    She came over and saw next to me, I never took my eyes off of her, and she never took her eyes off of me.
    "''re alive? But the doctor, I told him to take you off of life support...I'm so sorry I did that, and I understand if you're just a ghost here to haunt me, I'm sorry," I said, tears gliding down my cheeks.
    She touched my face, wiping the tears away, "Gerard I'm real, I'm alive, see?" she said, grabbing my hand and placing it on her cheek.
    "" I asked.

    "As soon as they took her off of life support she came right out of the coma," Dr. Walker said.

    I looked back to Sky, she was still there, it wasn't my imagination, it wasn't a dream like last time. Schuyler was really here.
    I hugged her, pulling her as close to me as I could manage, "Sky, I love you, I've missed you so much, I thought you were dead, I'm so sorry I told them to take you off of life support, I'm sorry," I said.
    "I love you too," she said, "And it's not your fault Gerard, I would have done the same thing, it had been an entire year, please don't take the blame for any of this," she said, looking me in the eyes.
    "So I'll take that as I'm forgiven?" I asked.
    She laughed, "You're impossible."
    She kissed me softly and it felt like, for the first time in almost two years, I was alive again.

    I was completely happy, sitting on the couch in a counselor's offcie, with my world, my everything, my Schuyler.

    The End.
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