Bus stop Beauty (frerard)

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    GIIIIIIRIRRRRRRRLLLLL you need to write more of this!
  2. Yeah, i guess every mushroom cloud has a silver lining :)

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    Here I am reading yet another one of your fics:3

    I kinda really like this aspect. Gerard as a girl. Its a, shall I say, refreshing feeling. Hah.

    anyways, keep up the excellent writing, for all of them. :wub:
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    I still cant help feeling sorry for Guennifer even though I know what shes saying is lies (or at least think that unless its actually real in your story hmmm...)

    And aww to Frank saying I love you too, but if only he knew... Is it bad I kinda want the hole thing to come crashing down? I just love a bit of drama. :p
    Cant wait to see what Frank says to Mikey about this! :3

    Great update and looking forward to more! :D
  5. Why you stop? :confused:
  6. Actually, I never stopped! it just went on a long pause since school started- but now with a week off, this story is making a come back... :D
  7. Yay! Come back!!! Can't wait :)
  8. Chapter 7

    "-There he was passed out, hair a mess, his face covered in tears, blood and I think was his own puke, shaking away like a scared bunny!" moaned Mikey pacing agitatedly.
    Me, Mikey, Ray and Bob were spending our free morning period, hanging in the common room. The conversation had gone from 'who win in a fight: Stewie Griffin or Jack-Jack?' to 'which celeb has the best boobs- not including anyone with moobs!' all the way to, somehow Mikey ranting about he'd got up that morning to find his brother, the infamous Gerard, lying flat on his back on the red and white kitchen floor.
    "I kicked the idiot wake and he immediately started crying and calling himself a twat and stuff... Though he wasn't wrong saying that!" giggled Mikey.
    "How can you say that about your brother, Mikes?" I asked horrified.
    Mikey stopped pacing and scowled at me questionably.
    "He's right Mikes. I mean, from what you've told me your brother isn't only a addict, but he’s got some f**king life problems that's f**king him up." Commented Ray
    "Yeah!" piped Bob through a mouthful of crisps
    “It probably doesn’t help having an unsupportive younger brother, who seems to treat him life poop…” I mumbled a bit too loudly.
    “Shut up, Iero! You don’t know what it’s like having a brother like Gerard! You haven’t even got siblings…” argued a defensive Mikey.
    “You’re right, I don’t. But I sure damn know that if I did I wouldn’t constantly diss them behind their back.”
    Mikey scowled at him.
    "Okay then. I’m going to do something I never let any of my friends do since I was 9…” Mikey walked right up in front of Frank and stared at him straight in the eye “I’m going to let you meet my big brother- Tonight. Come round to my house around 4 o’clock after school, okay?”
    “Deal. 4 it is.” I nodded determinedly
    “Bring Pansy. We can have a jam session” order Mikey, suddenly lightening the situation.
    “Okay cool. I’ve got tab for Bat Country- Bass and Rhythm.” I smiled

    The rest of the day went by nicely and at adequate speed. At the end of the day after a decent science lesson of watching CSI: Miami instead of work, I ran home with speed. It was on my run that it suddenly accord to me that I might see Guenny. My stomach seemed to a slip and my heart bounced into my chest at the thought of seeing her again. Her shiny black hair in pigtails, her ruby red lipstick, her hardly-there curves, the way she spoke slight from the side of her mouth- Strangely beautiful.

    When I finally could see my house, I saw my mother standing outside fiddling with the post box- still dressed in her slink pajama dress.
    “Hey mum! Going to Mikey’s okay?” I yelled, as I ran past her on the garden path, not giving her a real chance to comment.
    I bounded up the stairs and dashed into my room, quickly grabbing my night bag and filling it with a new set of clothes for the next day, my song book, my spare pics, two random horror DVDs and some deodorant, before running to the bath room, grabbing my toothbrush and stuffing it in there as well. I didn’t bother with a flannel of anything- that’s what I’ll use my deodorant for. I grabbed the bang and Pansy before I jumped back down the stairs and was half way out the door when I was stopped by-
    “Wait a second, Frank”
    I stopped as a statue and waited for my mum’s questions.
    “A few questions, bubs-“ I knew it… “One, when will you come home? Two, are you sure you have everything? Three, Is it just you two?”
    “One, after school tomorrow. Two, Yes I am. Three, Yes.”
    Mum nodded with raised eyebrows “Have you got your phone?”
    “Yes mum! Stop fussing! It’s just for a day! I’ll be back tomorrow!”
    “I know, I know… Annoying aren’t I? But it’s my job. Come straight home from school tomorrow okay?”
    “Yes. Fine. Okay”
    “’kay. Have fun baby…”
    “Will do” I replied, slamming the door on my way out.
    Mothers- they really do worry too much? It’s like you can’t be trusted to do things correctly. She one of two things that will always love and will never truly stop loving you, but god does she push buttons!
    I set off into a sprint all the way to Mikey’s house. Mikey really had never let anyone meet or see his brother since he was 9. I have been friends with Mikey since we were 7. I have seen Gerard before, but it was a long time ago. From what I can remember, he had dark gingery-brown hair, very big brown eyes and was only spoke to adults, choosing to ignore me and Mikey and a friend who was also round at the same time, George, and paid more interest in the electrician who was fixing a fuse or two. Now I think about it, he looked a lot like Guenny but with different hair and a rounder face. I’m not sure if I ever saw Guenny, but on the other hand, I didn’t actually meet Mikey’s mother until I was 10, due to her being ‘a very busy busy women who likes to be busy’ as Mikey had put it to me at the time. By that time, I didn’t see Gerard anymore. I can remember asking Mikey where he was, and the reply being a unsatisfying ‘gone’ and a sad expression. I expect he probably was sent to boarding school or something, but it isn’t important.

    I knocked on the door of the Way’s house and waited. No reply. I tapped again. No reply. I was about to knock again, when I suddenly felt a buzzing from my trouser leg. I pulled out my phone and pressed the answer key.
    /Frank! It’s Mike! Sorry dude, mum has taken me shopping with her. I’ll only be 20 minutes before I’m home again, but I’m really sorry/
    I heard the sound of a moaning woman in the background, followed by Mikey yelling ‘I don’t care about beans! I don’t like beans!’
    “It’s okay Mikes. I’ll wait”
    /What? You’re at my house?/ came Mikey’s voice, full of panic.
    /Turn back we’ll pick you up on the way home/
    “Alright dude, but-“
    As I spoke, the front door suddenly swung open. I blinked at the sight.
    /Frank? Hello? Frank, answer me!/
    In front of me was a boy, or man, of which I could tell. He wasn’t very tall, smaller the Mikey, but with a chubby but defined face with pink cheeks and bright brown eyes, surrounded by eyeliner. He was slim, but by his face and the way he stood it was clear he had once been chubby.
    /for f**ks sake! Answer me/
    He wore a Motorhead t-shirt underneath a black shirt, fading black skinny-jeans with chains, blue converses and held a leather coat in one hand. His hair was messy and black and curled slightly as the ends. It made his pale, white-like skin glow on his body.
    His expression when he saw me was a little less than welcoming, but not threatening at all. He scowled as if he’d been a question only Einstein would know. He leaned his head to one side and chewed his bottom lip thoughtfully
    /FRANK! For f**ks sake!/ rang Mikey’s voice from my phone.
    The expression on the boy’s face changed. His eyes opened and he stared at me as if I was a monster. He took a step back from and cleared his throat.
    “Mikey is not here…” He mumbled in a deep voice, obviously false.
    I blinked at this strange character. I lift the phone to my ear and said “I’ll talk too you when you get home.” Then hung up and stared at this strange character.
    “You must be Gerard” I said, trying to give him a smile.
    He blinked at me, then nodded.
    “Well, I’m Mikey’s friend Frank”
    “I know.” He said. He took another step back. “He will be home in half an hour. A full hour if my mother has her way. Come in” He spoke flattly with no expression what so ever.
    I slide in the door, and watched as he closed it behind me. There was a awkward silence. I took a big breath and said-
    “You look a lot like you sister” I giggled nervously.
    He blinked again, his eyes burning into me “Yes.” He paused “You’re her boyfriend”
    I shivered slightly at the look on his face.
    “yeah, I am. And don’t worry! I won’t hurt her or anything! So you don’t need to threaten me!” I stuttered, sudden worry hitting me.
    “I’m not going to. I trust you.”
    I stared at him. He didn’t even know me, and yet he has already stated that he trusts me? I guess Guennifer must have put a good word in.
    “Just don’t hate Guennifer” He said quickly.
    “She does stupid things, but… Trust me. She loves you more than life”
    I nodded nervously.
    “You sound like her too.” I annouced.
    “She has a deep voice, I have a high voice. I-its no surprise.”
    “Right.” I eyed him.
    The boy sighed. “Come with me. Your clearly not an idiot”
    He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to the kitchen. He opened the door that lead to the basement.
    “What the hell? Why we’re going down here?” I said in a sudden panic.
    “I’m going to show you something”
    “I don’t want to see anything thanks…” I mumbled with worry.
    “I’m sorry…”
    He pulled me down the stairs and through another door and pushed me into a dark room. I looked round in the pitch black, searching for Gerard. I heard the sound of a key in a lock, before some footsteps go past me.
    “What are you going to do to see?” I said in a fright.
    I heard him scramble around in what sounded like a drawer, before silence took over again. He didn’t reply.
    “What the f**k is your problem?!” I yelled.
    “Turn more to your left”
    “WHY?” I yelled
    “Just do it”
    I slowly turn a bit to my left.
    “Sorry if this makes you jump”
    He switched on a light. My eyes burned, and immediately shut in shock. I rubbed then before reopening them and looking back to where I had original been.
    Sitting on a bed crossed legged, back leaning up against the wall, no expression on the face, wearing a Motor Head tshirt, black skinnies and converses, hair in pig tails and ruby red lips was Guennifer.
    “Guen-Gerard” I shook my head.
    “Don’t look surprised, you had already guessed.”
    I hadn’t totally. It had been a theory, but it had also been one that I had pushed a side, believing it to be nonsense. But there it was in front of me. Gerard pulled the two hair bands out of his hair and uncrossed his legs. He wiped away the lipstick on the back of his hand then looked at me.
    “I said I was sorry”
    I stared at him “what the hell…”
    “Yeah, yeah, what the hell. What ever… Going beat me up now? Going to hit me?”
    “What? Why would I do that?” I asked, wrapping my arms round myself.
    “I’m a freak. I dress up for a girl for one day just for a laugh at college with my mate, then suddenly I see you. Thanks to you I officially made myself a transvestite. He fell sideways so he was lying on his side of the bed.
    I bit my lip and picked up my courage.
    “SO this was all an act?” I asked, trying to sound confident.
    “No. Like I told you before, I’m bi. I thought you were cute, so I decided I’d play along for a little while. It went too far. To be honest, Guen was just me in a dress, and after taking a feel drugs that cause heavy emotions.”
    I shuddered at the word ‘drugs’. I licked my lips, pushed my shoulders back and stood tall. I walked over to him.
    “So. Now what?” I asked.
    “Aren’t you going to hit me?” Gerard asked with big eyes.
    “Of course not! I wouldn’t hit Guennifer… or someone who I kind had feelings for…” I mumbled.
    What was I doing? This dude was mad! But, I couldn’t not fool myself into believing that he wasn’t cute. He was, and like he said he was Guennifer… only he was the real thing.
    “Guens not real, you we’re in love with a character”
    “Didn’t you just say she was you?”
    “Yeah, but I’m a guy. Not a girl.” Gerard turned over and on to his back.
    “Sorry Frankie- I mean Frank”
    I bit my lip, I couldn’t believe what I was about to do.
    I crawled on to the bed and looked over him. His eyes filled with question as they looked deep into my own.
    “You still look like Guennifer. But you act like a mad man…”
    Why do I like that this dude acts like a not job?! Seriously, I’ll be wanking over leatherface next…
    “Only when I’m high or feel bad” He mumbled.
    “SO you act like Guennifer the rest of the time?”
    “Guennifer acts like me.”
    I smiled at him. “Good enough!” and smashed my lips onto his.
    Gerard screamed at first, and his muscles tightened. I pulled away and looked at him.
    “I’m mad?! What about you! You should hate me” he screeched in shock.
    “But I don’t” Slow, I bent my head down to his and pressed my lips on his. “I don’t care” I whispered, pulling away.
    He stared at me with a face of a child, then gave me a smile, shy smile and wrapped his arms round my neck and gently pulled me down into a kiss. I let my body fall so I was lying half on him, half on the bed, our lips still locked in erupting passion. Gerard’s fingers ran through the back of my hair soothingly. I wrapped my arms round his small frame and pulled him closer.
    What will Mikey say/think?
    Maybe Frank will help Gerard stop taking drugs and whatever he does...
    but is Frank thinking Gerard as Guennifer and only kissing him because he's still thinking of him as her?
    Its confuzing... but great update!
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    I f**king LOVED that update. My brother caught me fangirling about it in front of my laptop, like jumping up and down and squealing xD Pleeease update soon or you'll have a crazy stalker fangirl trying to kill you >:D
  11. OmGee, you made me laugh! Squealing, eh? I was scared I wrote this chapter badly and that it was too cheesey (it is cheesey though) and too early. Glad to know I got you squealing (did that sound wrong? o_O :S)
  12. Chapter 8

    It was half an hour later when Mikey got home. It was good timing, since just 5 minutes before me and Gerard had realised the time and, after looking in the mirror, had started putting on some of Gerard’s make on in an attempt to cover any noticeable love bites and out red slightly swollen mouths.
    When Gerard and I ran out of the basement in the kitchen we weren’t exactly greeted with a friendly welcome. Mikey raised an eyebrow and made a face that revealed he was less them impressed, while Donna, the boy’s lovely doting mother, why happened to be a bit goth-like in style, pursed her lips to one side and scowled slightly. She shrugged her shoulders and turned away, and began unpacking the shopping.
    “You guys seem happy.” Mikey stated.
    “Yes. We’ve been playing Arkham Asylum.” Gerard replied with even less expression in his voice then Mikey.
    “Getting on well then” Mikey stated again, taking bottles of Milk out of a bag but all the while keeping his eyes firmly on us.
    “Yeah. Your brother is cool” I smiled.
    “Good” was Mikey’s mere reply.
    I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there like a sleeping cow. Not moving a muscle. Gerard was nothing different, just standing with an anxious look on his pale face.
    “Come on Frank” Mikey sighed after he finished unpacking, grabbing me firmly by the wrist and pulling me out the kitchen. I gave Gerard a sad smile as I was pulled away. Mikey tugged me up the stairs and to his room, closing the door firmly behind him. He let go of my wrist and gave a sudden push so feel backwards, landing on his camouflage-duvet bed. Mikey leaned with coolness against his red bedroom door. His room was cold and felt unwelcoming and untouchable. Everything had a place and every book and DVD was in order of genre and type. It felt like everything was made of thin glass and that at just one touch it would shatter.
    “What happened with you and Gerard?” Mikey demanded.
    I shiver went down my spine. How could he know? Was the make-up a fail? Could he see the love bites? Was home before I thought and he actually heard us?
    “What?” I stuttered.
    “You said you like him. You have to be lying- come on! What really happened? Did he threated you or something?”
    “No! he didn’t! Your brother is really nice! We had fun on the playstation! I don’t see why you don’t like him…”
    Mikey’s face softened.
    “You actually like Gee? For real?” I said slowly, staring into me with large deer-like eyes.
    “Yes…” I replied softly.
    “Be his friend then” Mikey suddenly demanded.
    “Gerard doesn’t have any real friends. The other Gerard, as my family puts it, has people he might refer to as friends, but really they are just his dealers.”
    He had forgotten that Gerard was into drugs and drink. He scared me now.
    “- SO please, Frank. Be his friend. He needs someone! At least try!”
    “You’re his brother!” I protested “He has you!”
    “But I can’t handle it! Please, Frank...” His voice cracked.
    “I know it sounds silly, but… I miss the old Gerard. I think new one is slightly insane…
    “You want me befriend a madman?” I smirked at him.
    “Please Frank…” he begged
    I sighed, and pretended that befriending Gerard was really difficult for me. In reality, I believe it was going to be easy.
    “Go see him?” Mikey offered, opening the door.
    I sighed again and moped out the door. I turned to him “I’m doing this for you…” I lied.
    “Thanks Frank…”
    I swung my head back round I did my best to do a mopey walk to the stairs. I quickly turned round again as a sudden thought entered my head. Mikey is always dissing Gerard to me, Ray and Bob, and only moments before had seemed almost jealous and angry at the fact that me and Gerard had gotten friendly. Now suddenly he’s playing the caring brother, all sweet and worried. Kind of makes me wonder about what his reaction might be if he found out what was truly going on down in Gerard’s room, actions that are very much out of more them amity. Paramour might be more the word…
    “Why all the sudden care for your brother?” I asked with confusion.
    “I always care, I’ve just had enough” He replied simply, shrugging shoulders before closing the door behind him.
    I shook my head and ran down the stairs and back to the kitchen. Donna had finished unpacking the shopping and head left the room. The whole kitchen was spotless and made it appear that not one unit had ever been properly touched, only scrubbed. I paused outside Gerard’s door, going over the things in my head about why I was doing this. I inhaled some air, stood up straight and knocked confidently.
    “Go away mum” droned Gerard’s voice from the other side.
    “It isn’t your mum. It’s Frank”
    I heard the sound of ruffling papers and thumping footsteps as Gerard climbed up the rickety wooden stairs. The door opened and revealed to me the messy haired boy.
    “Hey” he mumble with closed eyes, running fingers though the back of his raven hair.
    “Hey” I grinned “I’ve come to see you”
    Gerard opened his eyes and gave me a small smiled. He leaned his head and shoulder against the door and gazed at me through medium length black lashes. A strand of hair danced into his face but he didn’t move it.
    “You’re here to be with Mikey” He state as if I wasn’t aware.
    “True… But Mike’s being boring. Anyway…” I took a deep breath “I kind of miss Guennifer”
    Gerard frowned and opened his mouth to speak. At the same time, I pushed back slightly, away from the door, darted into the room and closed the door behind me. I grabbed him by the collier and looked into his brown eyes. “What I should have said was…. I kind of miss the person behind the mask that is Guennifer Way…”
    Gerard smiled again and blushed slightly. I delicately pressed my lips on his into a romantic kiss. No tongues, our mouths tightly shut, nothing rough, just a deep and sweet kiss.
    “You look like Guennifer…” I stated when I pulled my lips away from his. “You sounds like Guennifer, you act like Guennifer and my heart goes crazy when I look at you just like when I look at Guennifer… You are her and I feel no different”
    Gerard’s grin stretched and wrapped his arms round my waist and kissed me again. This time he pulled away.
    “This is all a little cliché, don’t you think?” he giggled
    “I fool you and trick you. Then I give in to my weakness and admit it’s all an act and yet you’re still all over me and declaring you love me? It’s like a bad movie!” he laughed.
    I gave a little giggle myself but didn’t laugh properly.
    “Nothing is cliché when it comes to love” I whispered to him.
    “True… I guess.”
    We kissed again.
    “I hate standing” I sighed, pulling out of his grip and heading down the stairs. I ran on to his bed and dived on to it. I looked up and saw him slowly following me, an affectionate smile on his face. I looked at him with puppy dog eyes and laid back on the bed.
    “Trying to seduce me?” laughed Gerard
    I shrugged and said nothing. He sat down next to me, staring down at me with loving eyes
    “You’re crazy, Frank. Crazier than me!”
    “You’re not crazy at all!” I insisted.
    “No? You don’t know too well yet” He looked away from me and stared sadly at the floor.
    “I know you drink” I told him, sitting up behind me “I know you do drugs. I know you smoke about 3 packets a-day. I know that you’ve come home several times at 3 in the morning covered in your on sick and piss. I know you’ve used like a doll but so many people, and that you were treated like a freak at school. I know that you draw things that you’ve day dreaming about. I know you’ve written my name on a piece of paper with hearts and question marks…”
    By now, Gerard was facing me with a shocked face. His eyes glittered at me.
    “How’d you know all that?” he whispered in alarm.
    “Mikey told me, and with the name thing-“ I pointed to piece of paper on the floor “I just saw it”
    Gerard blushed and smiled.
    “You know a lot I guess. But still not very much. You’ll hate me sooner or later…” He tucked his knees under his chin.
    “Or never”
    I wrapped my arms round him and pulled him down with me on to the bed.
    “You say I don’t know you” I kissed his cheek “Then how about you show me the real you”
    My hand drifted down his t-shirt and down to its hem. I slowly began to pull it up.
    “Frank-“ He grabbed my hand and pulled it down “don’t…”
    I looked at him seriously. His face had become so child-like, almost frightened.
    “You can lead…” I told him “I’ll be your doll… Please”
    Gerard sighed. he pushed me away him and got up the bed. He strolled up the stairs and to the door.
    I heard him pull it tightly shut and lock it somehow. He slowly came back of the stairs and back over to me. He climbed on top of me. His eyes glistened in the dark room. His face was so innocent, but his white skin and eyes seemed to prove that he was just about everything but. For all the years Mikey had laughed at all the terrible things Gerard had got himself into, I just wanted to hold the ghostly boy until he was pure and soul was cured from misery and mess. But I couldn’t…

    I don’t know what it was, but it was something. Something told me, as I pulled him on top of me and begged him to make us one, that sex was something that had f**ked up Gerard. My guess being that Gerard wasn’t in control in the experience that scarred him, but whoever was had done a great job frightening him.
    As he entered me, gritted my teeth and pulled at my hair with the pain. He immediately froze. He tried to convince me that it wasn’t a good idea, insisting over and over and over that he was going to hurt me- that he was afraid to hurt me. But I simply planted a kiss on his cheek and asked him to carry on.
    That’s how I lost my virginity. In a dark, locked basement-bedroom, with an 18 year old alcoholic-drug-addicted-smoking art student who had a habit of dressing up like women, both us trying to be incredible quiet incase his brother or mother heard us. An 18 year old who, to be honest I didn’t quite know, and who seemed to be mentally scarred so deeply, it made me want to wrap him in cotton wall and keep him safe forever.

    When it was over, I smiled at him breathless. I ran my fingers through his hair. He didn’t smile back. He looked at me worried eyes. I asked him if he was alright. He bit his lip and nodded before gentle relaxing his body next to me, wrapping his arms round me and pulling me close to him. I wriggled my own arms free and wrapped them round his neck.

    “You had all the stuff-“ I whispered to him “But, even so, you’re afraid of sex aren’t you?”
    He looked at me with those large brown eyes that melted my heart.
    “Kind of… I don’t want to talk about…” He groaned, before snuggling his face in to the crook of my neck. I giggled at him, before relaxing next to him, feeling his warm body against my own…
    I’ve never written a sex scene properly… Still haven’t! But that is actually the most detailed sex scene I’ve ever done and I’m still disturbed with myself- pathetic much? :D
  13. I actually really liked the sex scene, the details were perfect in my opinion anyways. I'm glad that Frank is so accepting of Gerard, even when Gerard tries to convince him that he's so wrong to even like him. It was just awesome :)

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