Bus stop Beauty (frerard)

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  1. Should be an update in a few days. Maybe tonight, but no promises :/ x
  2. Yay! Possible update!
  3. Update tomorrow! All ready started writing it :')
  4. -new reader-
    loving this fic..... great writing... cant wait till youv started working on it again x
  5. MyFrerardKisses- Well, It might get a update quite soon... I've ripped too ligaments and chipped some of the bones in my foot, so I'm stuck at home with my PC... Meaning- WRITING! UPDATES! MY LUFE JUST GOT SADDER! lol... So, anyway, you might be lucky XD

    By the way, LOVING the signiture. If I ever speak to you again, I'm just goung to refer to you as 'Frerikbay' :'3
  6. Oh no! i tore the ligiments in my left anckle and splintered some of the bones in my left foot last year at the same time... pretty silly how i did it... i was running and i feel over my own feet.. kinda hurt alot... hope it gets better XD
    Im litrally sat here with a bag of skittles waiting....
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  7. Thanks for the Frankie sweets! Here's a starbucks coffee in return :) *hands u coffee*
    He hrts like hell! I did mine by falling out of a tree! I'm a weirdo who likes sits in trees and draws.. And then falls out. I guess I got lucky since I didn't break my spine! Now that was a stupid move...
    I know how it feels with the friendship gang thing! Have 3. Different gangs of friends, and it really is about only me, my 3 sisters and about 2 other mates who like them! The rest don't! My brother even goes as far as calling them 'lame gays'! I promise to all MCR fans that I knocked him out for saying that XD
  8. aww... same here... good luck with writing XD
    i have the same problem with my brother... my family is weird,my dad thinks hes Mikeys dad cus they look like eachother and we have the same hair and eye colour... its just a nut house... be careful in trees next time.... XD
    Luv from Frerikbay
  9. Chapter 4 :mosh:
    "You actually got some mouth action with a 18 year old?!" yelled a rather shocked Bob.
    "Keep it down!" I whispered fiercely, looking round the school common room to see who had turned round. I could see a few kids now eyeing us intriguingly.
    "But yeah. I did." I smiled happily
    "Alright man! That's awesome!" cheered Ray, giving me a friendly slap on the back.
    "so dude, how was her. er-" Bob paused and looked round to see if anyone was listening in "you know..." Bob wriggles is eye brows at me.
    "What?" I ask in confusion, squinting my eyes and wrinkling my nose.
    "Her boobs and bits" he winked*
    "Her what?!" I almost shouted in horror
    "I thought you wanted this conversation to be quiet" Ray laughed
    "Seriously guys! It's not like that! I actually like her in way that isn't all wanting to bang her..." I told them
    "Until she bleeds?" laughed bob
    I recoiled in disgust.
    "don't you mean until she DOESNT bleed!" cackles Ray
    I look away from them as my stomach turned while they howled in laughter at their immature jokes.
    "Dudes that just wrong"
    "Mikey!"I said happily, looking behind me and seeing his friendly face.
    "Seriously guys! I've been here 10 seconds, haven't even greeted you And you've already managed to make me close to losing my breakfast..." he giggled, walking round the common room sofas and sitting next to me. "So, from what I've heard, someones popped his cherry" teased Mikey, poking me in the stomach.
    "Seriously guys we didn't have sex" I smiled "we just kissed and hugged and stuff" I said shyly.
    "Awww! Frankie's in love!" jeered Bob
    "For f**ks sake dude, keep it down! And I'm not in love!" I said with annoyance
    "No matter what you say Frank it will all mean the same thing- your in love" Mikey said plainly, fiddling with his backpack and pulling out a bottle of pepsi. "so tell us about this girl again..."
    "black hair... Brown eyes... Well, too be honest she isn't extremely feminine looking. I guess that's why I like her, you know with me being bi and all..."*
    "Ah, it don't matter mate! As long as she's pretty in your eyes" smiled Ray
    "Or if she's tight!" bob jokes, cackling like a mad witch.
    "Seriously dude, too much now" Ray shock his head.
    "Hey, Bob, you didn't happen to take anything from my brothers room when we were down there yesterday morning, did you?" asked Mikey
    "No why..." replied Bob, obviously trying to hide his panic
    "well it's just... Gerard lost some of his 'pills' the other day, and erm... These pills have a effect on your mood and sex drive..." laughed Mikey
    "ooooh! Bob... Have you been taking drugs?" I teased trying to look concerned.
    "N-no..." mumbled bob
    "We'll find out later..." giggled Mikey. Me, Ray and bob gave him a confused look. "When you begin to come off them you get really emotional... As in actually cry!"*
    We burst our laughing, bob being the exception.
    "aww poor bobby boi!" cooed Ray
    "Seriously! I caught my brother coming off them the other day, and he feel to thr floor and hugged my knees crying about 'being a poop brother'"
    We laughed again,
    Poor Bob and Gerard for being the centre of a joke. Serves Bob right for his jokes about me and Guennifer...

    English class, possibly the most boring butt at school. I yawned with boredom, feeling my body weaken so ended up leaning on to Mikey*. Mikey moaned slightly, but didn't push we away. I felt a vibration from my jean pocket. I stuff my hand in there and pulled out my mobile.

    *'1 msg. from Guennie xx'*

    My heart skipped a beat as I opened the message, keeping my phone under the table so Miss Miggs, the English teacher, wouldn't see.

    'hey sugar. College ended at half 12 today cz 2 of my classes was cancelled. So if you want we meet up at the cafe again? Wht time ya finish skl? Xxxxxxxxxxx'

    I felt butterflies exploded in my stomach as I stared at the number of kisses.*I quickly checked if miss had gotten suspicious of anything, before testing like made:

    '3 15. I can meet u at about 15 to 4? Maybe glad past if I run fast enough. But yh kl. Xxxxxxxxxxx'

    "should be doing that" whispered Mikey, giggling slightly.
    "shh! Dont let miss catch on"

    Guennifer replied back with 'okay xxxxxx' so I placed my phone back in my pocket, and went off in to a day dream about the amazing Guennifer......
    *in some schools, desks are shared by up to 5 people. 2 in this case.
  10. That was adorable....actually quite humorous.. xD I think Gerard has a dirty little secret... O__o :D
  11. i think its cute XD... me 2 i think Gerard maybe up to something X___- .... i just laugh at Bob all the time XD really good update XD
  12. Chapter 5 :wub:
    I ran down the road as fast I could. I maybe small but hell can I run I can tell you! I'm not the fastest in the school or anything like that, but I don't run like I'm made of jelly or anything.
    I ran into the shopping center and began dodging around people as I ran. I almost bumped into most of them, and I did get a few rude words thrown at me but I didn't care, I was meeting Guennifer! I could already see her beautiful black locks already and her lop sided smile and glittering brown eyes. I saw her, standing out side starbucks, ipod in her ears without a care in the world. I stopped running and straightened myself up before walking casually over to her. I check my watch. 3:37. not bad running if I say so myself.
    "Hey Guenny?" I said brightly.
    She didn't reply, she carried on boppingly head to her music and staring at her ipod. I poked in the cheek with my index finger and immediatly jumped.
    "Frankie! wow, man you scared the poop out me" she giggled, taking out her ear phones and placing a hand on her chest.
    "Sorry sugar" I said, smiling at her.
    She has such a odd laugh, but its cute!
    "So how are you Frankie?" she asked
    "i'm good. A bit tired its been a long day" I moved a peice of her from her face and tucked it behind her ear "and you?"
    "I'm good, sugar. Come one, I think I'm dying of thirst." She said, linking arms with me and pulling me into Starbucks.
    As soon as we went through the door, I was hit with the lushious smell of fresh coffee and cakes. The coffee shop was close to empty, with just two old ladies having a natter and a man with a newspaper sitting in his own little world. We order our drinks, then took a previous seats in the corner on the sofa seats.
    "I missed you..." She cooed, placing her head on my shoulder.
    I smiled fondly and placed my head on hers, my hand stroking her raven locks.
    "I know, and I missed you" I planted a kiss on her head.
    "I'm sorry about the other day..." she whispered.
    "Huh? For what?"
    "When I started crying... I-I'm kind on these... Tablets shall we say" She told me honestly, sipping her coffee.
    "What kind of tablets?" I asked suspiciously
    "Er..." She mumbled.
    "Drugs?" I asked worriedly.
    "N-No! I-er... Birth control!" She said as if it was a brilliant idea.
    "right..." I replied, not really convinced.
    Why didn't she just say that in the first place? Was she hiding things from me?
    I pushed the thoughts to one side, deciding that it was early days in our relationship, and that maybe she needed some time before she could fully open up to me.
    "No worries, anyway, fancy doing what we were doing before you started crying?" I flirted, making my fingers walk up one of her arms. I kissed her forhead again.
    "You know it, beautiful" she giggled.
    "If you want, afterwards you come to my house for a bit! I'm not doing anything for the rest of today..." I offered shyly.
    "Sure, sounds awesome" She smiled, winking at me. "So Frankie... What did you do at school today?"
    "God! You make it sound like our age difference is wider then 2 years!" I complained.
    She giggled at me, sipping her coffee happily.
    "Anyway, I did boring lessons. English and science for example." I told her, before finishing my coffee.
    "Neither of those are boring! I mean, I like writing lyrics and english lessons helped me to create them. And science, well i'm just good at that!" She laughed, placing her still filled coffee cup on the table and placing her head on my lap. She looked up at me, her bright brown eyes shining in her stare. "What lessons do you like then?"
    "Music is the only one really." I told her, threading my fingers in her hair.
    "Aww... shame. Though I enjoyed music to when I was at school."
    "What do you study in college?"
    "Art! I want to be artist for my future career, you see. A comic book artist to be exact."
    "What like superman?"
    "Yeah... Only, I bet you I can create better!"
    "Althought I am sure you can create some wonderful things, Guenny, I doubt you can beat Superman!" tittered Frank.
    "I bet you I can. You'll see, babe, one day I'll have a comic book up and running- and it will be bigger then Superman or Batman! Any superhero you can think off!" Guennifer said confidently.
    We mucked around for a while, play punching and pushing eachother, before our eyes locked. I stared deep in to her beautiful brown orbs. I felt my stomach do a blackflip and my heart jump.
    "Finished you coffee?" I asked
    "Yes... and you?"
    "Who cares."
    We quickly rushed out of the cafe and down the alley we had before. I pushed her to the wall and forced my lips on hers. I forced her mouth open with my tongue before opened up freely and let my tongue investigate happily. I wrapped my arms round her waiste as she wrapped her arms round mine. I slid my lips away from her mouth and guided them to her neck and pearced the skin with my teeth. I heard her gasp and her fingers grab on to my clothes.
    "Oh god... I'm dating a vampire" she half hissed half giggled.
    I merely mumbled a reply, and carried on with my vamperic ways. she pulled me closer and leaned her head in the opposite direction, giving me more room to chew and suck gleefully.
    I'd never done anything thing like this before Guennifer, really. I've made out with girls once or twice for dares, and I had a girlfriend named Eloise about a year ago but it only lasted a week and we didn't do much in that week...
    I pressed my lips on her sweet thin ones in a lovesome kiss. Not a heavy, rushed, open-mouthed and desperate snog, just a kiss full of warmth, tenderness and adoration. We held eachother close, our lips pressed perfectly together. We broke the perfection, and placed our foreheads together and stared deep into eachothers eyes.
    "Lets head back to my place" I whispered.
    She nodded and smiled before unwrapping her self from me. I took her hand in mine and smiled back, before leading her out of the dark alley way and too my house...
    "I know you're probably thinking my rooms lame and childish, but -"
    "No, no no! It's awesome!" said Guennifer with glee.
    My room is lame and childish. I have action fingures and old comics covering my shelves, a load of Michael Jackson stuff from when I went through a phase (well, it lastes from when I was about 9 or 10 to about 4 months ago...), and grey walls are almostly completely covered in posters. Most are rock bands like Misfits and Green Day, but there is some super hero and even two Yugioh posters that I've had up there since I was about 8. My curtains are a plain dark blue, and the same with my bed covers. My floor is a fading red colour, and stained in many areas, but I have tried to hide them but putting a rug and boxes over them.
    "Wow, you play guitar?!" gasped Guennifer in awe, running over to my white guiter.
    "Yeah. Since I was about 11" I flashed a proud smile.
    "Awesome! Play me something, go on!"
    Guennifer forcefully thrusted the guitar into my hands, before sitting on the floor, crossing her legs. She fanned her skirt out in to a little ring around her, before placing all her attention to me.
    "What do you want me to play?" I asked her
    "Well, what can you play?"
    "Mostly Green Day really-"
    "Play 21 Guns!" She requested excitedly, wriggling around slightly.
    I slided the pic out from between the strings and began to play. She watched wide eyed, staring at my hands as they moved. Then she stared whispering strangly to herself... Then she turned her volume up-
    "-And you feel yourself sufforcating... Does the pain weigh out the pride? And your look for a place to hide... Did someone break your heart inside? Your in ruins..."
    I grinned at her as I played. She stopped watching the strings, and glued her eyes to my own
    "One, 21 guns! Lay down your arms, give up the fight... One, 21 guns! Throw up your arms! Into the sky... You and I... When you're at the end of the road... and You've lost all sense of control...."
    Her voice was amazing. Deep and husky, but amazing. The whole song was in total tune, but with her own little twist now and again.
    "You know..." I began once the song was done "You really are a amazing singer"
    "SO I've been told! My grandmother showed me how when I was, like, 4? Something like that. She told me how to do more then just sing..." She giggled, getting up off the floor and taking a seat next to me.
    "She did? What else did she teach you?"
    "How to draw. She tried to show me how to dance and cook, but she didn't exactly 'win, win' with them. I tend to do my own thing when I dance, and my cooking isnt bad, but it isn't exactly five star..." She told me, before lying back on my bed and making her self comfortable.
    "Wow... She did a lot!" I admired.
    "Yeah... She had a go at teaching my brother to, but he wasn't very interested."
    "You have a brother?" I asked with intrigument.
    "Yeah... Michael. Real cute kid. A proper geek too! Like, he always wears his glasses on the end of his nose! It's so odd!"
    I stared at her. I sat up, removing my eyes from her placing them at what was directly infront of me.
    "I have a friend called Michael. We call him Mikey. He wears his Glasses on the end of his nose too. Hes a proper geek... Actually Guennifer, he the exactly same name as you too" I told her, my voice shaking.
    I felt 'Guennifer' go still next to me.
    "But, h-he hasn't got a sister. He has a brother called Gerard."
    "Oh, er..." mumbled 'Guennifer', but I was beginning to wonder if that really was her name.
    "Yeah... Oh, er, eh Guen?"

    DUN DUN... DAHH!!! Whats going to happen now? Not even I know and i'm the writer...
  13. Cliffhanger.... -le crazy eye twitch-
  15. ~Toxic-Bliss~

    ~Toxic-Bliss~ Member

    *New Reader* well not really, been reading a while but only just commenting...
    Anyway this is awesome and I cant wait for another update! suspense kills! >.<
    Lol Gerards little secret, love the idea ;)
    Update soon? :p
  16. Chapter 6

    "Gerard is my other brother!" Blurted out Guennifer quickly.
    "Really? Well, then tell me Guenny,Why didn't you mention Gerard before? And how come MIkey doesn't mention you?" I asked, placing my hands on my hips.
    Mikey didn't speak of Gerard that much. Almost never, and when he did it was often a drug or alcoholism reference.
    "You see Frank... Me and Gerard, we aren't that close. And Mikey is kind of ashamed of me." She said sadly, turning away.
    I stared at her. Was she telling the truth or was she making it all up? It didn't appear as she stared at her lap in depression.
    "What is it that he's ashamed of?" I asked delicately, sitting down next to her.
    "... He's ashamed of..." She took a deep breath "Who we are" she said quickly, wrapping her round her self "Gerard both do self mutilzation... and dabbles in alcohol and drugs" she told me sadly.
    She suddenly rushed her round to face me, before falling to the floor and grabbing my hands with hers.
    "Don't judge him please! And if Mikey disses him at school please stick up for him! he's....He's... not that bad...really..." She placed her forhead on my knees and took a big breath. "I didn't mention because... Because I hardly know him now! I-I I hardly see him. He doesn't feel real..."
    I stroked her hair fondly.
    "What why does he hate you?"
    She froze under my touch.
    "I'm just... weird. I draw strange pictures... and I... I don't really get out all that much. I only ever leave the house to go to college and see you..."
    I was touched. She had admited some thing really deep to me, something she was obvious very hurt by.
    "Your right Guenny, you are weird. Your beautifully weird. I mean, who wants to be normal? Normal is boring, weird is awesome!" I told her, gripping tightly on to her hands. "And dont let anyone, not even Mikey, tell you different!"
    She looked up from my lap and gave a weak, teary smile.
    "Thank you Frank. Your amazing, you know that." she giggled slightly "I love you" She stopped wipping her eyes, her hand freezing in mid movement. "I-I... I''m sorrry"
    Guennifer quickly got up off the floor, and darted out my bedroom door and down the stairs. For a second, I just sat on my bed, replaying the last few seconds in my head. Had she really said she loved me? No girl had ever said, except my mother and grandmother, but they weren't girls, they were old biddies!
    I ran out my room, down the stairs and to the open front door, but she had gone. I ran to end of my front garden and looked out. I could see a sillouette of her in the distance.
    "I LOVE YOU TOO!" I screamed out, praying that she had heard...
  17. *new reader* hi :) i love this story, its really original in my opinion! your an awesome writer :) and...i wanna know what happens so badly!!!!!!!!
    I made you a frankie cookie for being so awesome :) <Offers Frankie cookie>
    god i feel awkward :) i hate being new...anyway, great story! please keep up the updates and brilliant work!

  18. 1) Thank you! You've made my day with that. Update tomorrow so dont fret! :D
    2) Thank you!!! I love Frankie cookies they taste yummy! Like Frankie! For being so awesome, Heres a Frank-flavoured lolly pop! @---
    3) WELCOME NEWBY! Lol...

    Sorry, i've very hyper at the current minute. -Belle
  19. :) im glad i made your day then! Oooh! Frank flavored lollipop! My favorite :) lol <takes lollipop>
    And thankyou, i most definately feel welcomed now :)
    Looking forward to your update belle! And lemme guess...your at home from your foot thingy still? I cant comprehend how you managed to fall out of a tree, no offense :)

  20. Haha! Well I managed to fall out of a tree because I am an idiot!
    Yes I'm still stuck with cracked or chipped or whatever foot. Oh well, it's an excuse to write more! :')

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