Bus stop Beauty (frerard)

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  1. Title: Bus Stop Beauty

    Rating: 15

    Summary : Frank meets a strange girl at this bus stop. But there is something about this girl that isn't right... And why does Frank's best friend's brother look so familiar... ?

    Main Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, 'Gueniffer' Way, Mikey Way

    Genre: Romance, Slice-of-Life, Comedy

    Chapter Index:
    Page 1 --------- Chapter 1 ------- Mysterious
    Page 1 --------- Chapter 2 ------- Bragging
    Page 2 --------- Chapter 3 ------- Beautiful
    page 3 --------- Chapter 4 ------- Immature
    Page 4 --------- Chapter 5 ------- Musical Lies
    Page 4 --------- Chapter 6 ------- Truthful
    Page 5 --------- Chapter 7 ------- Gerard
    Page 6 --------- Chapter 8 ------- Amity Proclivity
    Chapter 1! :)

    "Hurry up will you?" I mumbled to myself.
    I was sitting at the bus station. On my own. I was late for school, so all my friends- Mikey and Ray and some others, were already in school. I heard the tapping of heels, followed by the vibration of someone sitting on the same bench as me.
    I turned my head. Sitting next to me, a least 2 feet away, was a girl. She had silky black hair in pig tails either side of her head, and wore a denim dress and black leggings. I noticed she had a rather large looking misfits jumper laying over one arm.
    She was slightly strange looking, with skin like a ghost, and a not very feminine figure. Her chest was almost flat, and she didn't have exactly 'child
    bearing hips' either. But, she was pretty. Well, to me she was
    I’m Bi you see, and being honest I go for guys a lot more often than girls. Maybe her slightly masculine, but feminine face was why I thought she was hot.
    She must have sensed me looking at her, turning her head to face me. She stared me, and a tiny smile crawled up her chubby face.
    "Hey. Am i that shocking you have to stare?" She laughed.
    "Erm, no sorry, er..." I mumbled.
    "No, it's okay. You must be bored. I could see you sitting at this bus stop from up on that hill" She pointed to the hill in the part that over looked the town "And that is a 20 minute walk away!"
    "Yea... The bus is late, and i need to get to school."
    "I need to go to my boyfriends" Said the girl "Break ups are bad, dude..."
    "I know. I've experienced one, but I bet you've had loads..." I said, before re-thinking "I-I'm not saying you like a bad girlfriend, I meant, like, you're pretty and stuff..." I panicked.
    The strange girl giggled. It was an unusual laugh. You could clearly hear the ‘ha ha’ in it, but it was obviously not false.
    "Guennifer. Spelt with G and U and not a j." She said holding out her hand "What’s yours?"
    "Frank" I said shaking it.
    "Nice to meet you Frank"
    We sat in silence for a second, no sure on what to say.
    "So... What’s your phone number?" I asked.
    poop, Frank! You hardly no her! Too fast...
    Guennifer giggled
    "Cheeky child... How old are you?"
    I had forgot she must have been about 5 years older... poop!
    "16" I said proudly. She smiled at me
    "Well, you'll be happy to know, that I’ve just turned 18" she giggled again "So, I’m not old for you"
    As she spoke, a number 51 bus turned up at the station. Guennifer stood up, but not before getting a piece of paper and pen out her purse.
    "This is for you darlin’" She said, handing me the paper.

    ' G.Way - 01234456789'

    I smiled.
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  9. Chapter 2

    That Cyanide Monster: I'm a complete saddo with nothing better to do, thats how XD
    Kadoodle: Weird now, but later you either think it weirder, or not weird at all XD
    Prufrock: Thanks for reminding me! XD and Like i said before - Saddo XD
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    Chapter 2 :rockon:
    "What, and this chick just gave you her number?" Asked a disbelieving Ray
    "Yep!" I beamed
    "... You can see why we find this so f**king hard to believe, righ'?" Said Bob with one blonde eyebrow raised.
    "Yeah, I can see. But it's not a lie! Look-" I insisted, pulling on the paper with her number on it.
    "WAY?!" Questioned Bob
    "What? You know this girl?" I asked
    "No, but doesn't Mikey's older brother's name begins with 'G'?... and their last name is 'Way'..." He said, scowling at the paper.
    "Yeah, that is creepy actually..." mumbled Ray "You sure it was a man?!" He questioned.
    "Yes I'm sure! SHE was wearing a dress and heels!!! Had long black hair and was wearing red lipstick!!! It even LOOKED like a girl!!! Not a man!" I yelled
    "Calm down, calm down. We're just teasing, don't stress to much! Anyway, isn't Mike's older brother's name begin witha a J?" Laughed Ray.
    "I'm not sure. Its either G.E.R.A.R.D or J.E.R.A.R.D ...." mumbled Bob, still scanning the girls messy hand writing.
    "I would have though a J. Unless his name is like the George and Georgina thing..." I replied, snatching the paper out Bob's hands and back in my pocket."
    "Well... It atleast you got a fit chick's number! Now, to get you out of the friend zone..." Ray smiled evilly
    "Friend Zone? Since when was I in-" I began before being cut of once again by the 'fro dude.
    "From what you have told us, she is flirting SLIGHTLY, but it may be out of play. We need to get her to WANT you! So this is what you do-"
    For the next 10 minutes, Bob and Ray gave me they crap, I mean 'great', dating advice. I nodded and pretended to be thankful, but to be honest, I though it was a load of-
    We jumped slightly as the bell for the start of school ran through the halls.
    "Well, we'll carry on our lesson at break. Meet us behind the school by the bins. That's where Mikey told us to meet him." Ordered Bob.
    I nodded and said my 'See ya's and ran to my tutor class.
    10 minutes into tutor, and Mikey still hadn't arrived. I took my phone out of my pocket and hide it under the table. I kept one eye on Miss Coste, me and Mike's tutor teacher, and the other on my phone screen.

    Oi Mike! where r u? Hurry up! got sumfin 2 tell ya. ​

    I hide my phone back in my pocket, and laid my head on the table. I hadn't slept well the night before. Or that night before that. Or the night before THAT to be honest. For some reason, even though my body feels so sleepy, I still can't fall asleep! I'm just restless! Tossing and turning!
    I guess worries are one reason I'm not sleeping.
    Worrying that won't see my dad in a while since him and mum had a row on the phone again last week and haven't spoken since.
    Worrying I'll fail some big tests in a few weeks that my teacher keeps stressing about.
    Worrying that I'll be just some big loser who can never get a girlfriend...

    The first worry I can't solve. Solving the second will result in more sleepless nights AND becoming more tired.
    The third... I might just of found a way to solve. Maybe solving that one might be enough to let me sleep...

    I felt my pocket vibrate violently against my thigh. I plunged my hand in my pocket and opened the text. Mikey.

    HEY!!! Soz i had sumfin i had 2 deal wiv b4 skl. b in tutor in 5 mins.

    I sighed, and rested my head back on the table. So tired.... So very tired... tired... ti -
    Just I was about to fall asleep, I was shocked back awake as someones hand wacked down on my back.
    "Frankie! Wakey Wakey!!!" Laughed Mikey, taking the seat next to me.
    "Hey Mike..." I yawned rubbing my green eyes.
    "So what this you have to tell me about?" He asked "Lose you virginity?!" He roared with laughter, almost falling off his plastic school chair.
    I ignored his mocking, and searched my pocket for the number. I quickly folded the words 'G.Way' over twice so it was out of Mikey's view. I didn't want him freaking out. That boy could have a panic attack over anything, including something as stupid as me having a love interest in a girl with a some what similar name to his brother.
    "Check it out!" I said handing it to him.
    Mikey took the paper and began reading it.
    "and this is..."
    "A girl's. I met her at the bus stop earlier today..."
    "Serious? Nice one, man! What she like?"
    "... Awesomely beautiful..." I sighed.
    Mikey raise an eyebrow but said nothing, and handed the paper back to me.
    "Shes got black shoulder length hair and brown eyes... she was this tight dress that was just.... god... she looked... awesome..." I breathed out, smiling to my self and staring into space.
    Mikey smiled and folded his arms.
    "Sounds like Frankie-Boy is in love. So... when will I, or will I even, meet Miss Awesomely-Beautiful?" He asked
    I paused and thought. "You may do... You just might "

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  14. Chapter 3 :halo:
    "So... want to meet up some time?" I asked nervously.
    I was lying on my bed after school. Talking on my mobile/cell to the girl from the bus stop. Guennifer. I tried my best to laugh in all the right places, and kept on giving her compliments.
    "You’re like a little dog who wants his bone! So desperate!" Laughed Guennifer. I laughed with her
    "Answer my question, woman! Want to meet up?!"
    "Yeah ok. do you know Starbucks in town?"
    "Meet me out side there in an hour" I agreed, a smile creeping up my cheeks.
    I had a date… a real date!
    Okay, so she wasn’t my girlfriend or anything, but she was super pretty! Incredible, really! I loved how she didn’t look like all the other girls on the block! So original in every way! Her looks, her laugh, her smile… Even the way she spoke slightly out the side of her mouth!
    I began to get ready, attacking my wardrobe. I pulled out my Green Day t-shirt and my misfit jumper. I kicked off my black school shoes and school clothes. I pulled on the t-shirt and jumper, before searching for my jeans with the rip knees. I found them and pulled them on. I ran out my room and down the stairs to the kitchen. I dived under the kitchen table and pulled out my Ed Hardy converses.
    I was desperate to impress this girl.
    Imagine me! Little Frankie! With an older woman.
    I stood still for a minute. How tall was she? poop. I racked my brains. She must be 5ft 5. She must have been 5 ft 6 or 7 in those huge heels she wore today.
    So… she wasn’t too tall! I’m only 5ft 2… Oh god.
    Maybe I can find converses with thick soles to add an inch or two. And get her to not wear heels around me…
    Yeah… this could work! No… This is going to work! For sure!
    I tied my laces and crawled out from under the the table, before running to the door before quickly yelling -
    "Bye mum! I'm off on a date! be back later!!!"
    I ran down the path and up the road. I wasn't going to stop for anything! I want that beautiful girl! Nothing is going to stop me!
    As soon as I thought that I stopped running... If I get there on time or earlier I'll look eager... Make too eager... No one likes clingy people! Certainly not me! So why would she?
    She tucked my hands in my jean pockets, flicked my fringe/bangs out of my face and began to slowly walk to starbucks. Nice and calm. Calm and cool. Cool and rad. Rad and.... sexy.
    Ok maybe not sexy. When you look 10 you can't look sexy.
    I started to day dream. If I got Guennifer I'd treat her like a princess, No! A queen! I bet we'd spend hours talking about rock music. Wait, I don't know if she even likes rock music! She might be into rap! Wait... Oh yeah! She had a Mitfits T-shirt! And I think she was clinging to a Green Day jumper under one arm. Yes. Yes we would defiantly spend ages talking about music! maybe Greenday! I wonder if she can play a instrument or do vocals?
    I'm ace at guitar, and I can play drums! Drums in my blood, both my father and my grandfather were drummers. I can do vocals too! I'm better at screamo, but I can sing. I don't think many like my singing, it is kind of strange in a way. But my voice is defiantly better then that Britney Spears poop...
    I carried on my daydream and wonders as strolled casually to starbucks. When I got there, I saw one person standing outside. Black hair, going slightly past the shoulders, tight Azure-Blue dress that just covered her sweet butt. She has a scarf, or atleast a bit of shimmering black material tied round her waist in gypsy fashion. Her covered the whole of left side from her waist down to just past the hem of the dress. She wore black net-tights with black trainers with some awesome laces with skulls printed on them. She had a leather jacket draped over one arm and a mobile/cell in her other hand. She was texting excitedly, but her face looked annoyed. Guennifer.
    Was annoyed because I was 10 minutes late? I took a deep breath and strode over.
    "Hey Guennifer!" I beamed at her.
    She looked up from her phone and stared wide eye at me.
    "Frank! I was beginning to think you weren't coming! But your here. Awesome!" She smiled dreamily at me.
    I had a big smile stretched across my face. I must have looked so stupid and dim....
    "Come on Frank! Lets get some coffee..." She giggled.
    She got our coffee and took a seat right in the corner of the cafe in the brilliant comfy sofa-seats.
    "So... Frank..." Sigehd Guennifer, after taking a long sip of her coffee "What is it about little strange me that you love so much?" She asked, for laying down and placing her head on my lap. Her eyes sparkled and danced beautifully as she stared at my slightly alarmed face.
    "I-i don't know... It's just... I don't know. You're gorgeous! Your hair, your eyes, your voice, your personality, the little way you speak at the side of your mouth. Its just ... Pretty." I said nervously. Would you be a bit nervous if a girl you had a crush on was lying her head on your lap, close to your crotch. God, this would be one awkward moment to get a boner...
    I tried to think or my repulsive, fat great aunt Gertrude naked... Ew... Now if i actually saw her naked, I probabley would never be able to get a stiffy again in my whole entire life...
    "Thank you. Your pretty cute too. You've got the most adorable face ever! God and your eyes...." She closed her own eyes as she sighed deeply, as my eyes were the most beautiful, precious thing in the world.
    "You into comic books?" I asked. STUPID QUESTION! God! I bet I madd my self look like a right dork! How many people read comic books out our age? I don't think there is many saddos like me.!
    "Hell yeah! Batman, Catwoman, Superman, blah blah! Theres a shelf in my bedroom full of comics! I'm also sad enough to have fugurines as well!" She laughed, blushing slightly
    "Me too!" I smiled.
    Other them my friends at school, Mikey and Ray, I knew no one else who still read comics! Well, I heard Mikey's brother did! Apparently he, like Guennifer, had a stack load in his room.
    "Can I ask you something, Frank?" She said suddenly serious.
    I nodded in response, worry growing inside me.
    "Are you Bi?"
    I froze. What did she mean? Oh god, was she hobophobic?
    "Don't look so afraid! I'm Bi myself, I was just wondering about you. Since you fancy me you must be straight or bi..." She said, placing her hand on my cheek and stroking it lovingly.
    "B-B-bi..." I stuttered, as her cold, but soft hand petted my cheek.
    "I'm happy to hear that." She smiled, ruffling my hair before letting her hand slide down. Down my cheek, down my neck, down my chest, down my stomach, before stopping as she got close to the thing I was trying to control. She placed her snowy hand in her chest.
    "WHy are you glad?" I akse confused.
    "I just preffer Bis..." She whispered.
    I gulped, and grabbed my coffee and downed it nervously. She giggled. She sat up and adjusted her clothes before turning to me.
    "Lets get out of here, yeah?"
    "W-why?" I asked.
    She slid closer to me, and slowly bought her lisp close to my ear. I could feel her warm breath against my neck.
    "I thought we.... better get to know eachother better..." She whispered.
    I stared at her for moment. Before smiling evilly and nodding. Guennifer grabbed my hand and rushed me out of the cafe. She pulled round a back alley, before turning a corner and forcing me to a wall.
    "Frank... You... you are THE most amazing person I have ever met..." She puffed.
    I smiled as catched my breath. She bought her head closer to me and layed her precious lips on to mine in a sweet, loving kiss. We twisted out heads. I licked her bottom lip with my tongue, begging for her to open to me. She moaned and opened her mouth. Our tongues danced like beautiful ballerinas, twisting and blinding together. I wrapped my arms round her waist, she wrappered hers round my shoulders.
    She wasn't that much taller then me really. Maybe half an inch? hardly noticeable, really.
    I felt her to start shaking in my grasp. I released her my kiss and looked at her.Tears ran down her rosey cheeks.
    "Honey... What's wrong?" I asked
    She placed a hand on her mouth.
    "I-I can't do this... I-I I like you, more then like you, but that's why I can't do this..." She sobbed, trying to push away.
    "shhh.... come here..." wrapped my arms tightly round her bought her head to my shoulder. she wrapped one arm round my neck, the other clung to my t-shirt.
    "I-i don't want to hurt you..." She cried.
    "Then let me kiss you tears away. Because its your tears that are hurting me..."
    It was so corny, but it worked. SHe lifted her head from my shoulder and looked at me, before placing her lips back on mine. The kiss mas magical. But it scared me. From just one kiss, i disolved all her feelings into my body. Her lonelyness, her fear, her worries, her tears, everything. She was so delicate to me, yet to others she'd just be weird. Not to me.

    My Bus Stop Girl is beautiful in my eyes...


    "So, are we, er, like, erm-" I rambled.
    "Going out? I guess so... As long as you want to..." She smiled, her raven haired head resting on my shoulder.
    "Yeah. I would." I grinned at her.
    I now offical have a girlfriend. A beautiful one at that. God, I can't wait to tell the others tomorrow...

    I haven't updated in so long! So i thought it was about time :')
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