Bleeding Through The Neck [Frikey]

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  1. FrerardLove5

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    OmGee I loved it!!
    And it pisses me off when people use 'queer' or 'fag' as an insult.
    Just sayin =]
    I love it so much!!

    Question; when are you moving?
  2. 0punkrocker0

    0punkrocker0 Member

    ^im reeeally glad u love it. =]]

    i hate it when they say those too.
    but i had to find some reason for mikey's entrance into the chapter.
    and dont worry,
    cuz mikey helped him out a bit.
    though i still hate any kind of insult..

    like dec. 12 or something.
    then there goes my internet time...

    i have an idea for the next chapter.
    i just need to write it down.
    i'll prolly be able to post it in a few days.
    depending on how busy i am.
  3. FrerardLove5

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    Homophobia is gay.

    Are you saying you wont be able to get on the internet anymore?
    Or just when you're on your way to WA?
  4. 0punkrocker0

    0punkrocker0 Member

    ^just on my way to washington[thank god].
    but it would take me days to cross the country by car.
    so... i'll be gone for about a week maybe ?
    i'll ask then i'll tell u when i have the answer.
  5. 0punkrocker0

    0punkrocker0 Member

    just so i'll stop worrying,
    here's an update for whoever reads.

    Chapter 6 - Still Waiting For Your Reason

    I sighed in relief when I saw who was nearly strangling me. Mikey. I stood still and his arms went limp. I took one hand and uncovered my mouth.

    "Mikey, do me a favor will you?" I turned to face him, still trying to catch my breath.

    "Sure. What is it?"

    "Don't... don't do that again. I've had enough strangling in my life. I don't want any more..." I looked down at my feet.

    It was quiet for a moment.

    "Sorry I nearly... killed you," he said, uncomfortable.

    I shook my head and looked up at him. "What do you want from me?" I simply asked. I stared at him as he searched for words. A truck passed by and made me realize that we were still in an alley.

    He was hesitant. "I'm really sorry about-"

    "Don't say you're sorry. Just tell me why you're always around me wherever I go."

    "Okay." He put his hands out in front of him as if he was motioning me to calm down. That's probably it, because I was close to beating the living poop out of him. "I'll just- Please just give me some time. Would you mind if... you would come with me to go get some lunch first?" His eyes were pleading.

    His offer caught me by surprise. I still kept staring. But I answered hesitantly. "You'll have to promise me that you will tell me before this day ends. If you don't, I'll know where to find you." f**king stalker.

    "Okay, fine. Let's go to my car and look for a place to eat." I followed him out of the sidewalk. When we reached his black car, he unlocked the doors and opened the front passenger door for me. I stepped inside still unsure and he closed the door and walked around to get inside. Then we were off.

    The awkward silence was making me nervous. Finally, Mikey broke it. "Alright, why don't I just tell you now? So that can get this off my chest."

    I nodded, signaling him to go on.

    "If ever you feeling like screaming at me, do it afterward. It'll make things easier. Oh God. Here I go..."

    **...i really dont think i should continue this story. :mmm: unless u want me to. im just not getting enough comments.**
  6. SamLovesGee

    SamLovesGee New Member

    no no no no no no no no no no no no dont stop writing!!!

    I love this ff!!! its 1 of the only ff i actually can be bothered to read anymore!!!

    please please please carry on cos i love this fan fiction! otherwise i will hav to turn to bribe! :D

    love the update btw
  7. StillChaos

    StillChaos New Member

    Don't stop this fic!
    I would have to go find another one!
    Which means a ginormous journey
    which takes forever
  8. FrerardLove5

    FrerardLove5 Member

    Dont stop, ACDC.
    Its amazing and you know it. More people will start reading it.
    Just... give them some time, mkay?
    Only quitters quit.
    And you are not a quitter.

    And I really love this story.
    Just like I love you.
  9. 0punkrocker0

    0punkrocker0 Member

    okays then.
    but only cuz u all want me to.
    im really unsure about this fic.

    oh and welcome new reader.
  10. Dropthedaggerxx

    Dropthedaggerxx New Member


    it's given me inspiration to go and start writing mine again!
    please update soon im gaggin for it wot's up with mikey?
    is he a vampire too?
    or a vampire killer?
    arggh see your driving me insane!!
    *gives maasive hug and skittles!!*

    much luv xoxo
  11. tinyrox

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    *new reader*
    this fic is the shizzle-nizzle-fer-rizzle and a nickel!
    i love it!
    and awww...i think mikey might like our wittle frankie pie.
    i MUST know what happens!
    update again when you can!
    and fer the awsome-ness... YOU GET A COOKIE WITH FRANK ON IT!
    *gives a frank cookie* :p
    thanks.... ^_^
  12. FrerardLove5

    FrerardLove5 Member

    *nudges ACDC*
    People like you ;]
    Now you have to update.
  13. tinyrox

    tinyrox Active Member

    you must!
    people do like you! ^_^
  14. 0punkrocker0

    0punkrocker0 Member

    i feel glad that this gave u inspiration to start writing urs again.
    and u'll find out more about mikey on the next update.

    aaand shizzle-nizzle-fer-rizzle and a nickel ?
    where did the nickel come from ??
    [the US mint !!!]

    the next update will be up on friday or saturday.
    sorry for the lack of updates.
    things have been going uuuggghhh lately.
    but dont worry.
    im hoping that things will be ok after i come back home on friday.
    in the meantime,
    look forward for the next update.
  15. Yoshi.

    Yoshi. Nerdfighter

    -new reader- I looove this! I can't wait till you update!

    *gives a cookie*
  16. xXFazXx

    xXFazXx New Member

    new reader
    What he going to say??????????
    love this more soon
  17. 0punkrocker0

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    hey ummz..
    well, it might be a while until the next update.
    im rethinking about the chapter.
    im trying to think about what should mikey say. x]
    the rest of the story depends on what he says.
    so yeah..

    but just so u all know,
    i updated my other story.
    so u can check that one out for now.

    if i didnt have such a busy life,
    i'd be writing like crazy right now.

  18. Snot.

    Snot. Member

    a nice part to stop writing O_O
    haha, but that fic kix arse
  19. Hildxx

    Hildxx New Member

    *new reader*
    please update! I need to know!
  20. love this :) totally awesome

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