Bleeding Through The Neck [Frikey]

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    That was really good.
    I thought the pointless interview with myself is funny.
    That actually sounds like something I've done.
    More please!?
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    this is amazing!! I'm luving the fact that frankie's a vampire! A sexy vampire *evil grin* I think you deserve these *hands bag of skittles and a bag pink marshmellows* xoxo
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    *takes bag of skittles and bag pink marshmellows and gobbles half of everything*
    yayzers !
    thankies. =]]
    im FINALLY going to update now.

    Chapter 4 - The Devil Breaks Loose On Halloween

    "Hey Frank! Where do you want- Whoa!"

    I caught my 17-year old step-brother before he hit the pavement.

    I giggled. "Try to be a little more careful Andrew. You don't want to twist your ankle. We have a lot of Trick-Or-Treating to do tonight. And... I think the pumpkin should go over by the tree. Here, I'll get it."

    He handed me the pumpkin and dusted himself off. "Thanks. And I already know about the whole Trick-Or-Treating thing already. You're not only my brother, but you're truly my best friend. It's like tradition for us, you know? I think that it's a nice way to celebrate your birthday. And also, you don't have to worry about anyone being the life of the party. Because everybody's dead."

    He motioned his head towards a group of kids dressed as zombies. I laughed at Andy's little 'observation'. Then came an awkward pause.

    "You know something Andy? I've been thinking lately. Don't you think that we're getting a little too old for this? I mean, this is mainly for kids."

    "Aww come on. This isn't just for kids. It's for everyone. So that we all can have fun. You're just thinking that way because you mostly see kids out here on the streets. And why are you thinking that you're getting too old for this? I thought that you didn't want to grow up yet."

    I thought about his last sentence. "I don't know. It's just that, normally, people my age should be ready to leave the house and move into their own. Or at least in a different location. Then live the rest of their lives. And I may have turned 18 today, but it doesn't mean that I'm completely ready to make my own decisions, I think. I'm just... stuck in the middle."

    Andy lowered his head and thought about it. He felt the same way. He led me back up the front porch then onto the bench.

    "It's okay to feel like that. I think it's normal. I mean, there are billions of people all over the world. You can't just be the only one. And don't feel like you're the only one in the family. You're one year older than me. I'll have to go through that too."

    I gave him a sympathetic smile. "Thanks. I guess you're right. I'll just do whatever I think is right. Then I'll just go with what life gives me. Like when life gave me you when I first saw you at that old building years ago. I accepted you as my brother, and life has been the greatest thing in the world ever since."

    He smiled and gave me a big hug. He's given me multiple hugs before, but this one was extra special. What would I do without him?

    "I think it's time for us to get going now Frankie. I'm seeing less kids walking around. And this Dracula costume is getting itchy. You're lucky that you get to wear the better-looking cape." He glared at the large, black and ruby cloth that was pinned to the rest of my vampire costume.

    I laughed then we released each other from our hug. "Alright let's go."

    We stood up and walked down the steps. Before my foot hit the sidewalk, without notice, an ice-cold gush of wind brushed against my skin. It was so cold that the feeling jolted up my spine and froze me on the spot. I suddenly realized that the streets were now completely abandoned and deathly quiet.

    Scream in silence.


    Before he could answer, a dark figure landed right in front of our faces. I couldn’t make a sound. All I was able to do is make out the color of the creature’s eyes. It eyed our costumes and snorted. Then it spoke.

    “What is this? A mock?!”

    My mouth started trembling.

    A twisted smile crept onto his rather pale face. Then he started pacing around us.

    "You know what kids? I'll tell you a lil' story eh? I used to be a vampire hunter, 94 years ago. Protecting the world from those demons. Until the prey ended up sinking his fangs into my neck before taking off as one of those flying rats!"

    He stepped closer and revealed two little holes on the side of his neck.

    "The only safest places is the chapel, and your own home. Ya see, you should never invite a vampire into your lovely 'palace'. Unless you'd want an unexpected visit from a creature of the night. Leaving nothing but a bite upon a victim's neck."

    He gave out a cold laugh.

    "Now tell me, are you afraid of death?"


    "Hmm.. Vampire's are not afraid of death. Because they're already dead!"

    He kicked a pumpkin as he said the last word.

    "Now I have to live the rest of my never-ending life as the creature that I despise! But I can't continue my mortal-life's work. Because what I used is now a threat to me. And because I'm stuck with this curse that gives me endless cravings for... blood."

    He suddenly started coughing violently. Then he eyed my brother.

    "Now tell me! Do you fear death?!"

    Andy struggled to find words. "I-I don't know. I've n-never really thought about d-death."

    The vampire cackled.

    "Well then." His fangs started to grow in length. "Let's find out."

    He started towards my brother. I grabbed him before he could get to him. We both started running for our front door. But before we could reach the door handle, our feet stopped moving. I looked back, and by the position of his arm, I could tell that he was controling us. I started to panic, and we both screamed.

    I cried out at the top of my lungs. "Mom! Dad! Open the door! We need help! Now! f**kING OPEN THE FRONT DOOR! There's a va-"

    Before I could finish my sentence, my voice disappeared and my mouth stopped moving.

    The creature laughed out loud.

    "After those actions, you'll never see your loved ones again!"

    I tried to say something, but I was still under his control.

    The door quickly opened.

    "What's going- OH MY DEAR GOD!" I heard my mom say.

    The creature must've through something hard at my head. Because everything went black. When I awoke, I saw three figures lying on the dark pavement... covered in blood. I found the creature with his mouth at my brother's neck.

    A tear ran down my cheek.

    Then he stood up.

    He spoke. "Do you not like what you see? This is what those foul creatures do to innocent people. And they can't control themselves at all. Just look at me."

    I couldn't look at him. I was too busy staring at my brother, who wasn't moving... nor breathing. I desperately tried wishing to God that he wouldn't leave me here alone.

    I started making muffled sounds.

    "What? Do you want to have a little smell of this wonderful scent?"

    The wind blew against my face. I winched at the scent of the blood. It was so strong that it stung. My head started to hurt. The pain rapidly grew and all I could do was pass out once again...

    I opened my eyes realizing that it was all a painful dream. A nightmare. Just a dark memory that relives itself constantly.

    I looked at the clock. It was 11 in the morning. That dream lasted longer than it did last time. What happened yesterday at the fest probably affected my mind. I wiped away my tears and got up to wash my troubles away.

    **oh my guts. im finished with that chapter. dang it was hard to come up with the nightmare. so anyways... comments ?**
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    Me likeys it.
    I think its safe to say that you're the best 13 year old writer I know.
    Great jobbb
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    aww thanks !

    then that means we're each other's best 13 year old writer that we know.

    did that sound right ?? :>_<:
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    ^ur welcomes.
    very very much.
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    OMD i missed an update!
    that was an amazing chapter!
    made me cry :( *sniff sniff*
    oh well it was absolutely 100% awesome :D
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    ^thankies x100 !
    i think i'll be able to update soon.
    but soon can mean tonight or tomorrow.
    soo yeah.
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    Chapter 6 - The City Is At War

    I stepped out of the bathroom still feeling uneasy. I decided to look out the window to see if anything interesting is happening outside in Belleville today. I slid the glass screen and popped my head out. Nothing's happening. Nothing's there. No Sun - just the way I like it. Everything's almost deserted. No gunshots. No sirens. Not even the slightest hint of a person passing by. Then I remembered, it was just another Sunday in October. Everybody's probably gone or still sleeping in - ignoring the fact that it was 15 minutes past 11 a.m. I decided to skip brunch. Then I sat on my bed and mentally planned out my typical day.

    Get changed.
    Take a walk.
    Enter the "busy streets."
    Try to find a job. Again.
    If I finally get hired, go to Ray's and celebrate.
    If another failed attempt, call up Ray and get wasted at a bar to just forget about it for the day.

    Yeah, that didn't take long.

    I got up, switched shirts and wore my black sweater with the hood up. My jeans are still clean. I can still wear them. Nobody would notice. Besides, I still should wait until I find a way to earn money before I start spending too much on laundry.

    I slipped on my Etnies and sped down the stairs. Before I knew it, I was outside walking down the front steps, not even thinking about locking the door that kept almost nothing special inside. I reached the sidewalk and started my usual mini-adventure towards the nearby city. I looked up at the sky. It doesn't seem like the weather would change anytime soon. Of course, this was the perfect time to think about... well, my thoughts.

    Alright, where did this Mikey guy come from? And what does he want from me? Why does he want it?

    Every question I asked myself led to another question and another. I shook my head. This Mikey guy really knows how to make a guy think.

    I decided to try to think about other things besides him. To the city, to the city, to the city. New job. Mikey. Halloween. Pumpkin pie. Mikey. Dehydrated trees. Coffee. Mikey. Breathing. Mikey. Falling. Mikey. New Jersey. WHAT DOES THIS MIKEY WANT???

    Plan obviously not working.

    I groaned. When I looked up, I was already close to the entrance into the small city. I wasn't surprised. I'd spent my usual thinking time and didn't realize that I was already almost there. When I reached the tall buildings, I began my search for a sign that goes along the lines of "HELP WANTED" or "HIRING" in front of any stores.

    45 minutes went by and I still couldn't find a suitable work place. A car on the road honked. When I turned around, I realized that the driver honked at me. The windows rolled down and two heads popped out.

    The guy in the front seat not driving the car was dressed in a red and white-striped collared polo. His dirty blond hair was combed back and looked greased. The guy on the seat behind the blondie wore a solid-red polo with a baseball cap set upon his light brown hair. He shouted out to me. "Hey kid! Why don't you stop sulking and run back to your mom. Queer!" They bother started laughing and gave each other high-5's.

    The blondie then spoke. "Or did you mom already leave you behind 'cause you started turning emo?" I never stopped walking, until he said that. I couldn't stand people mentioning anybody from my forever lost family and use them as an offence to get to me. Before I could say anything back, I heard someone take a few steps toward me. It was him. MIkey.

    "Just leave him alone." He said to them with a death glare that froze me on the spot. "Why don't you all just keep going to your destination. Talking to this guy will only make you miss the game that's about to start." He looked towards the direction of a stadium. Then he looked at the guy in the backseat. "By the way, you're wearing a baseball cap. You're about to see a football game. I was expecting paint. Or maybe even a helmet. It's nice sticking to tradition." He gave a fake smile.

    The guys scowled at him and eyed me. Then they just left. After a few moments, Mikey spoke. "It only took that much just to get rid of them? Weak. Oh hey, I have so-" When he turned to face me, I was already gone.

    I'd just remembered that he was the Mikey guy. The one that knows that I'm a vampire. Before he could turn his head to different directions to try and find me, I had already turned a corner. Now, was he here to hunt me down? The answer is maybe, but he helped me get rid of those guys in the car...

    Without warning, I was snatched out of the streets and pulled into an alleyway. I tried screaming, but a hand was covering my mouth. And I tried jerking my way free, but an iron grip kept me from accomplishing that. I struggled until it was hard for me to breath. Using up a lot of energy with your mouth closed does not feel good at all. I stopped moving so that I wouldn't suddenly faint because of the lack of oxygen.

    I slowly turned my head to see who it was that cut my walk off. I was surprised to see who it was.

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