Bleeding Through The Neck [Frikey]

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    Bleeding Through The Neck [Frikey/Vampire]

    Bleeding Through The Neck

    Rating: 15+
    Main Characters: Frank Iero, Mikey Way
    Pairing: Frank Iero/Mikey Way

    My Disclaimer:
    I don't own any of the members of MCR, nor do I know them personally. Although I wish I did xP. This is ONLY a fiction. All of this is happening in my head. This fic is an MCR slash version of my story on Mibba, Crimson-stained Fluid. So I'm kinda writing two storys at once :>_<:. Anyway, I hope you like it. It's my first MCR slash ever.



    Chapter Index

    Chapter 1: Why Me? – Page 1
    Chapter 2: Ticket #51250 - Page 2
    Chapter 3: Welcome To Paradise - Page 4
    Chapter 4: The Devil Breaks Loose On Halloween - Page 5
    Chapter 5: The City Is At War - Page 6
    Chapter 6: Still Waiting For Your Reason - Page 7


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    Chapter 1 - Why Me?
    Frank's POV

    I looked at the guy standing behind the podium on stage. I still despise him. What does he want from me? Why does he want it? I thought among the audience.

    Just three days ago, I walked down the street and saw him pass by. Then later on through the day, he appeared once again, at a forest-like park where I usually go to. It might have been a matter of coincidence that we ended up at the same park. But I live in a large urban area. It pretty much reminds me of New York City, a city that I hope I will someday visit. The guy, he seemed to be peering at me over his book when we were both "coincidently" at the same park. Maybe it was just because I'm slightly paranoid. But the feeling was a bit stronger than usual. I looked up from my notebook and looked toward his direction. He was spying on me.

    The day after that, I went to my favorite coffee shop - Starbuck's Coffee. I felt like relaxing that day. And the bittersweet smell of coffee always calms me down. So I sat down at a table by the window that had a pleasant view of the bay. I looked around the shop to see if any of my coffee-obsessed friends were there. Nope, no one- No, it couldn't have been. It was that guy again. I know that I've felt paranoid before, but not like that. I felt scared, cornered, trapped, in another word.

    On the third day, I still felt the same fear as the day before. But he was nowhere to be found. I felt relieved. But I shouldn't have convinced myself that he was out of my life forever, because there his is, now, standing behind the podium, looking at me, in front of these people. And nobody knows that he is my follower.

    Of all the people in this city to haunt, why me ?

    **comments are welcome. if i get enough, i'll post the next chapter.

    EDIT: if u kinda dont know what's going on, u'll find out as the story progresses. and unfortunately for me, my chapters are unbelievably short...**
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    thats horrible... i would hate that... poooor frank .. thats made me all edgey :S

    anywho..... great first chapter :):):) loved it... rather a lot... even tho it creeped me out slightly
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    ahh !!
    ummz... welcome back. hehe.
    but im still not too sure of myself..

    ehh wait i need to edit something...
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    you will be more sure of yourself wen more people start to read it which they probally will cos they'll get the link from kissing spent cigarettes.. anyways most of them dont come on till later cos they live in diff places :)

    but trust me... the first chapters good :) your confidence just need boosting :D
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    ^kk thanks.
    that cheered me up a lot.
    u da best. =]
    and ive always had a confidence problem.
    so.. i guess its pretty normal for me.
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    poor frank. i need to read more now lol.

    this is the first Frikey I've read btw XD
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    i feel special.
    i guess im kinda glad that this is ur first frikey.
    i would post the second chapter, but im not finished with it.
    even on the original. sooo..

    oh and this isnt like KSC.
    im not going to be able to post 2 chapters a day anymore. =/
    i actually have to think about this. lol.
    glad u like it so far.
    i'll probably update later on tonight.
    if not tonight, tomorrow for sure. =]
  8. I like it.

    Poor Frank!

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    this is my first Frikey as well actually :)
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    *calls #2 fan spot*
    poor frank
    hes getting all paranoid and all
  11. DAMN.

    I forgot... number 3 fan spot!
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    I like this. A lot. :)
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    -#4 fan spot-
    I love this so far. Poor Frankie. More when you can
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    This is awesome, ACDC!!!!

    I call #5!
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    I <33 itt
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    im FINALLY finished typing this chapter.
    wow. it took me hours. honestly.
    well, enjoy. =]

    Chapter 2 - Ticket #51250

    "Welcome, everyone, to the 6th annual Autumnfest!" the guy said into the microphone with a friendly smile on his face.

    The audience gave an enthusiastic cheer. Aww come ON people. We already know that.

    "I'm Mikey Way. I'm pretty new to the volunteer group. I just signed up yesterday in case you're wondering. Anyway, it's right about 10 o' clock p.m. right now. I don't want to keep you all waiting. Time to see if the tickets I passed out by the ticket booth will win you the big prize, three-thousand dollars! Get your tickets out. Time for the raffle!"

    A last-minute volunteer that just signed up yesterday. That explains why he wasn't anywhere to be found yesterday. I guess this is a part of his little plan into 'knowing me'. Then I shook my head and groaned. I took my ticket out of my back pocket. I could use three grand sometime.

    Mikey pulled a ticket out of a box. He smirked. "The winning ticket is... number 51250!"

    I heard a lot of 'aww's and whines. I looked down at my ticket. I couldn't believe it. The raffle, I SWEAR, was rigged! Then I thought back...

    When I got my ticket from him by the ticket booth, he smirked at me. Then he gave me a ticket from one of the two ticket rolls. I watched as he gave the others their tickets. He gave them tickets from the other ticket roll and not any from the one where mine came from. I was very suspicious, but I didn't mind it then.

    He must've had another ticket with my ticket number on it hidden with him! Talk about having an evil trick up your sleeve. Ugh. I no longer want to win this prize... No matter how 'big' it is.

    But I sped up the stairs anyway. Then I hesitated while I walked on the raised stage towards Mikey. I had a somewhat blank expression on my face. Too freaked to tell my racing mind to put on a happy face for the audience. Oh my God. What the hell to do want with me? We're finally here standing face to face. Why did you rig this? AHH!!!!!!!! Calm down, Frank. Calm down. And would you just shake his goddamn hand already and listen to what he's saying! You have plenty of time to talk to yourself later.

    "Congratulations on being the lucky winner." Mikey said quiet enough so that the audience couldn't hear as we shook hands. "All you have to do is read this note." And here comes that disturbing smile again.

    He handed me the note. It said:

    I know about you and your kind.

    My eyes opened wide in shock. f**k. I looked back up at Mikey. The expression on his face told me that he knows. Then I made a run for it. Jumping off the stage and into the tree-infested park.

    Just go home and forget that this ever happened. Just go home!

    "Where are you going? You forgot about your prize!" I heard him shout out to me from the stage.

    I don't want my f**king prize! And if you don't want to give it away to another audience member, leave it at my door! You should already know where I live, Shithead!

    **just in case any of u are wondering, the words in italics are coming from frankie's thoughts. kk ? okee !! and yes, he talks to himself a liiiittle too much x]. frankie's personality in this fic is based on mine. sooo...

    comments are always welcome.**
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    amazingly amazing, ACDC
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    Interesting and very amazing!! Update soon pwease!!
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    thankies to all that likes that chapter !!
    i worked on it for like 5 hours in all... i think.
    but thanks again.

    i'll probably be able to update tomorrow.

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    Loved the update. Wow, Frankie does talk to himself a lot. Loved it. More when you can.

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