Any other drummers?

Discussion in 'Musician's Corner' started by mywatercolorromance, May 30, 2009.

  1. :D

    Anyone else one here play drums? I looked and didn't see any other threads..

    I recently started taking lessons, and I am hopefully getting a full drum kit soon.

  2. bachillerata

    bachillerata Active Member

    I play the drums! :D It's the most awesome instrument
  3. Alice!

    Alice! ублюдок

    I play the drums. :D
    Drums are a very fun instrument to play.
  4. Yay, cool!

    They are fun, really. I pretty much adore drumming..

    Ever since I found out the drummer for The Velvet Underground was a girl, I was like "Uh, yeah. That's me."

    And then Meg White of the White Stripes was just added inspiration.
  5. smallfryb1

    smallfryb1 New Member

    I tried once and it was fun
    im gonna start taking drum lessons sometime soon
  6. Jenn

    Jenn Active Member

    I'm jealous of any girl who plays drums. x]
    I've always wanted to learn.
    But a drum set doesn't even fit in my place.

    One day, day.
  7. Well at the moment I only have a snare...I tend to use binders on my bed in my spare time. xD But really, all you have to do is know how to count and listen. All the rest is just practice.
  8. DearEnemy...

    DearEnemy... New Member

    Twas the percussion person in band.
    Totally kicked butt.
  9. xCirclesx

    xCirclesx New Member

    i bought a drum and im currently trying to teach myself. i bought a theory book and hopefully ill be able to teach myself. any suggestion on songs that i could start with?
  10. Steph<3

    Steph<3 Guest

    I so want to learn to play the drums, they look so fun.

    P.S. Why is the title Drummer Chicks? Isn't that a bit sexist? Or is there already a thread for male drummers?
  11. The.End.

    The.End. Guest

    I played drums since I was 13. I think.

    But my drumset is destroyed, In an act of anger I threw it, kicked, just f**ked it up.

    So i'm saving up for a new one.
    No chance in hell my parents are buying me one. :roll:
  12. Oh...stephanie<3, you are probably right. I was sort of aiming it at girls, since we are usually the minority in the drumming field, and I was wondering if there were any other girls that played drums here. But I'll change it. ;D

    And I'm saving up for my first full kit right now..I only have a snare. *headdesk* I'll hopefully be getting a high hat from my drum teacher, though, and I am saving up for my favorite--the bass.
    Do any of y'all have a favorite peice[?]?

    edit: Oh, I forgot. Um, I started out learning Venus in Furs by the Velvet Underground, which is quite easy, and then I learned Killer Queen by Queen, which is also simple, and easy to pick up on.

    If you aren't familiar with those, or want something you know already, "I Don't Love You" is a good song to start out on. It has a repetitive and fairly novice beat, and the fills are pretty easy. Good luck!
  13. Oh dear...I feel like such a n00b. Could somebody help me change the thread title? *feels helpless*
  14. bachillerata

    bachillerata Active Member

    Maybe if you edit the first post you can change the title, if not only a member of the staff can...

    I'm gonna play a song for the talent show, but I don't know which one -.-
  15. Yeah, I tried that...But no luck. Um, I'm pretty new here, who are the mods?

    and what are your choices?
  16. bachillerata

    bachillerata Active Member

  17. MySweetRevenge27

    MySweetRevenge27 New Member

    I play drums a bit, love drums now.
  18. Thank you Lokoriel for fixing the title!
  19. mollyxmadness

    mollyxmadness Active Member

    I've been playing drums for a little over 8 years now.
    I'm a drummer in a band, and I love it, but I'm starting to like piano more.
    But I'll always still love drums too.
  20. tomwilleatbluesface

    tomwilleatbluesface New Member

    I just got my first kit, I love it. I've learnt a really basic solo but Im still kinda proud.

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