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Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Skeleton_Crew27, Sep 24, 2006.

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    gah I love AFI.
    Only seen them once, but it was great. Great live band [I don't say that easy] Lush set, nice mix of albums. Just great.
    and they played death of seasons. Favourite song ever? I think so. Love the funky bass..
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    Yaay, I'm gonna see them in may too


    Last night was amazing! xO
    The songs they played were;
    [let's see if my memory loves me]

    They started with Prelude 12/21
    then Girls not Grey
    and then Kill Caustic
    and after that The Leaving Song part 2
    I don't remember the exact order
    but they played also;

    Bleed Black
    Days Of The Phoenix
    Death Of Seasons
    Love Like Winter
    Midnight Sun
    Miss Murder
    Paper Airplanes
    Perfect Fit
    Silver And Cold
    The Boy Who Destroyed The World
    The Prayer Position
    This Time Imperfect
    Dancing Through Sunday

    it was sooo great xD
  3. I'm going to revive a dead thread right now, and talk about CRASH LOVE!
    It came out today, and I think it's an absolutely brilliant album. I've been listening to it all afternoon. What're your thoughts on it?

    Also, personally, I really liked Decemberunderground. I like later AFI (Sing The Sorrow, Decemberunderground, Crash Love...) better than old, hardcore-esque AFI.
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